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PITA Populations

Vice‘s report on the Roma issue in Slovakia has been receiving a lot of attention. Despite the determinedly bleeding-heart angling, it conveys the basic reality of the situation adequately. It’s not exactly ‘the moron problem‘, but it’s not exactly different, either.

[Július Beluscsák] The mayor, a former physician and a coalition candidate from Slovakia’s center-right and center-left parties, rattled off the relevant statistics: there were 1,300 Roma in his town, 75 of whom were employed, “and somewhere around 200 stray dogs.” Ninety percent of the Roma, he claimed, didn’t understand basic hygiene. When asked about administering a district with these kinds of social problems, he sighed and said, “I’m envious of those mayors who have no Roma in their municipalities. The Roma settlement out here in Vel’ká Ida is probably one of the worst in all of Slovakia. The women are having children starting from age 13 to 33. We have a case of a 33-year-old woman who has 11 kids. They’re having children to get social benefits. They have no obligations or duties. The children don’t get vaccinated.”

Markus [Pape], who now works part-time as a human rights monitor, mentioned that he watched the American film Mississippi Burning the night before. “I was shocked by how many things in the movie were the same kind of things that happen here with Roma,” he said, describing how in 2009, he had investigated an attack on a Roma apartment building by neo-Nazis that left a young girl permanently burned. “When I talk to my Czech friends about the Roma, they think it is a problem that will never be solved. Maybe it’s something like the Israel and Palestine issue. For Israel, there is no solution.”

PITA Pops — you can’t live with them, and you’re not allowed to live without them.

ADDED: Derbyshire’s thoughts on the subject.

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It’s On …

Erik Vorhees (to Buzzfeed):

“I trade [BTC] often, just not for USD. I don’t want it. Traditional currency is garbage…”

ADDED: Bitcoin super-gravity sucks in Foseti, AoS. … Jim.

ADDED: A surprisingly reasonable Bitcoin article at the BBC site (with Hayek given the last word).

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Arthur Jensen, quoted by Jared Taylor:

I’m merely interested in the preservation of civilization, regardless of where it is. Some people are so afraid, of say, the Asians taking over in this country. Well if they can take over and do a better job than the rest of us, if they preserve the great things of both Western and Asian civilization, I don’t think the world will be worse off. Race and color and national origin and that sort of thing, don’t really matter much to me at all.

Outside in agrees. If those Chinese eugenics nightmares come to pass, the future is theirs by (natural) right. A people that opts for stupidity deserves to be replaced.

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Maggie, out

John Ranelagh writes of Margaret Thatcher’s remark at a Conservative Party policy meeting in the late 1970’s, “Another colleague had also prepared a paper arguing that the middle way was the pragmatic path for the Conservative party to take .. Before he had finished speaking to his paper, the new Party Leader [Margaret Thatcher] reached into her briefcase and took out a book. It was Friedrich von Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty. Interrupting [the speaker], she held the book up for all of us to see. ‘This’, she said sternly, ‘is what we believe’, and banged Hayek down on the table.”

It was magnificent, but (as we now know) it was nowhere near enough.

ADDED: In 1990, when Mrs. Thatcher was evicted from office by her ingrate party’s act of matricide, the difference she’d made was such that in all the political panel discussions on TV that evening no producer thought to invite any union leaders. No one knew their names anymore.
That’s the difference between a real Terminator, and a poseur like Schwarzenegger.

And, getting all Outide in about it: “A generation on, the Thatcher era seems more and more like a magnificent but temporary interlude in a great nation’s bizarre, remorseless self-dissolution.”


ADDED: The arguments on the right start here.

ADDED: ‘Spengler‘, who admits: “If we [Americans] become a nation of takers, as Nicholas Eberstadt titled his 2012 book on the explosion of state dependency, we will emulate our mother country in its decline. I don’t want to go to London any more. It frightens me.”

ADDED: Zizek (!)

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Teleology and Camouflage

Life appears to be saturated with purpose. That is why, prior to the Darwinian revolution in biology, it had been the primary provocation for (theological) arguments from design, and previously nourished Aristotelian appeals to final causes (teleology). Even post-Darwin, the biological sciences continue to ask what things are for, and to investigate the strategies that guide them.

This resilience of purposive intelligibility is so marked that a neologism was coined specifically for those phenomena — broadly co-extensive with the field of biological study — that simulate teleology to an extreme degree of approximation. ‘Teleonomy’ is mechanism camouflaged as teleology. The disguise is so profound, widespread, and compelling, that it legitimates the perpetuation of purpose-based descriptions, given only the formal acknowledgement that the terms of their ultimate reducibility are — in principle — understood.

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Dark Thoughts

Peter A. Taylor contributes this gem to the comments thread of Foseti’s recent democracy round-up:

Washington is not the dark heart of a pure nation. It is the dark heart of a rotting nation. That’s why the Dark Enlightenment is so dark.

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If only libertarians could get over their “creepy obsession with free market capitalism.”

[via Hotair]

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Bespoke Singularities

When techno-commercial and left singularities seem too damn vanilla, it’s time to branch out. John Cussans (master of the shuffling undead) passed on this selection.

It’s frightening how many of them look almost uncontroversially realistic. The Outside in favorite (predictably enough) was the ‘Bilderbergularity’:

Billionaire overlords throw in the towel trying to run the planet, escape en masse to low earth orbit. People around the world breath a sigh of relief … before falling onto each other like zombie hordes.

[A Governmentularity / Fungularity mash-up would work well for me.]

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Stockman Syndrome

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge relays it superbly.

ADDED: Peter Schiff on Stockman stomping.

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Climate Change

Jim tracks recent ideological adjustments:

… the status of warmists has dropped to that of communists. The orthodox believers in official truth are anti anti communist but not pro communist, and the orthodox believers in official truth are anti skeptic, but not pro warmist. Before 2012 October, official truth was warmist. Now warmists are, like communists, merely another left faction.

Of course any left faction is automatically higher status than any non left faction, so warmists are still automatically higher status than skeptics, even when caught lying, but warmism is no longer official truth.

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