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Reaction Points (#7)

It’s been a long time since one of these. Abandoning it seemed a good idea because Foseti and NBS were providing such a rich diet of reactionary and miscellaneous links (there’s also Free Northerner, among others). Now it’s got to the point that I’m drowning in unused reaction points, so the safety valve has been forced open again, for floating odds and ends.

At Handle’s place, are Jews and antisemites caught in a “bad equilibrium”? (From Alrenous in the comments: “The British conquer the entire world, twice, and people are still scared of the Joos.”). In addition, this fished-up piece on the muscular liberal push beyond boutique multiculturalism is an impressive catch.

Jim sees “chaos coming. Power will fall into the street, hot, radioactive, dangerous, and desired, to be picked up first by one group, then another, each new pair of hands slippery with the blood of innocents, after the fashion of the Arab spring.” (Anti-entryism isn’t exit, but a different problem altogether.)

Spandrell has been going microscopic (here,and here), which got Scharlach playing with the zoom control (here, here, and here … so far).

Bryan Caplan revisits Galton’s controversial plan to liberate Africa from Africans.

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