2014 Lessons (#2)

Horroristic practice: to seize the collapse of the world as the opportunity for an encounter with the Outside. Is this NRx? In all probability, no more than symbiotically. The occasion for tactical alignment, however, is considerable.

There are twin tracks into the gathering darkness, but horrorism is by far the more capable of feeding itself. (The chronic NRx call for ‘action’ is a symptom of malnourishment.)

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  • Alrenous Says:

    Ah. By ‘outside’ you perhaps mean the place where I keep intuiting all the sensible people went. Only, you seem to assume it’s horrible whereas I find it beautiful. (Well, you seem to assume it’s both.) I’ve some messages from that side, they seem nice to me.

    (Do note connotation of ‘intuit.’)


    The Electric Philosopher Reply:

    I read ‘Outside’ as ‘Unknown,’ to put it simply. And, thus, we might remember a remark of the good Mr Land in one of the abstract horror posts- to paraphrase: horror is the only genre to preserve the unknown as the unknown. We might suggest that the Outside, approached with this in mind, can be viewed also as the ‘undecided,’ as potential for novel, daring New Things And Ways which might not make us comfortable. Perhaps the Outside ultimately isn’t suited for us, but for something we’re making way for…


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  • soapjackal Says:

    >The chronic NRx call for ‘action’ is a symptom of malnourishment

    The call for action is actually a good one. Now pressing someone on what that means is very important. Action is “what needs to be done?.” not “what revolution do we need to host?”

    youre right. People are hungry. Its sort of the result of peddling a series of certain intuitions as an ideology. Teaching people to feed themselves would be ‘too difficult.’

    All is well though. NRx accidentally assumed they would be the best thoughts in case a collapse did happen. I notice no one has seriously dwelled on that potentiality. Perhaps 2015 will have that discussion.


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