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Chaos Patch (#10)

I’m seconds away from embarking upon True Detective — highly psyched. [First episode was — indeed — awesome. So far, in the running for the best TV show ever.]

Much other chaos (including shoggoth, crypto-currencies, and child management).

So Chaos Patch …

ADDED: How about telling me what we’re not talking about enough?

ADDED: Among the things provoking thought at my end right now, are shoggothic modernity, and block-chain governance. (I’m trying to keep them from running into each other too much, too quickly.)

ADDED: Hugely enjoyed butting in on the PAF event — not a vast amount of shoggothism, but a delightful opportunity to chat with some thoughtful people about time, capital, artificial intelligence, and what the hell is this neoreaction bullshit (?).

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Suey Park Unplugged

Some instant-classic comedy at Salon.

(via @CineRobert)

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