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Be Warned

At least one of the 10,000 anonymice at 8chan definitely has my number:

Given that you linked the site, now would be a good time to drop some info.

‘Xeno’ obviously means from without; alien. Nick Land, author of Xenosystems, frequently compares capitalism to a kind of impersonal superintelligent force, a bit like some Lovecraftian intelligence stretching back from the future to manipulate petty humans en mass. And he longs for the antihuman genocide these intelligences, once ‘taken off’, will inflict.

It might sound crazy, but this is the clear landscape of his inner thought, if you go through the posts and study them. He constantly references Lovecraftian gods (think about it: Xenos, aliens, Xenosystems, alien-systems) and sometimes his attempts to darkly invoke them. He’s also into Kaballah and Eugenics. And he wants his cold lovecraftian capitalism to take root in some ‘exit’ nation like Singapore and implement a eugenic program under the guidance of a capitalistic-monarchical elite.

It should be clear to you by now that he’s an early-stage NWO stooge to get a movement of people begging for their own enslavement going. He is an ex-Marxist primarily inspired by a malignant Jew. He thinks he’s a super-clever occultist with his games and finds it funny laughing at all of you fools who think he actually cares about degeneracy and all the wrongs this big mean society has done to your little plebian selves.

If you knew Spengler, you’d be able to predict this. Winter phase. If you knew history, you’d be able to predict this: Jesuits being jesuitical, plebs being plebian. Agents causing, and the masses being cut up, re-crafted, and stuffed into new, tighter boxes.

Does anybody else out there expect the NWO to be this cool?

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Moron bites (#1)

Time for a new occasional series here — devoted to persistent minimum-intelligence memes unworthy of serious attention, except as socio-cultural symptoms. To be exhibited in this series, an ‘argument’ has to be strictly beneath contempt. It’s sheer zombie thought — which means it isn’t thought at all. (Recommendations will be collected, with gratitude.)

To initiate Moron bites, it would surely be difficult to improve upon this:

It is obviously essential to the genre that its instances are inter-changeable, and familiar. They do not rise to a level of sophistication consistent with significant differentiation, and the moron reservoir from whose shallows they flop out onto the bubbling ooze, is thrashed by a ceaseless ritual of zombie generation. This one is of course a classic ad hominem argument, the laziest way to bury a provocation beneath a slur, and the refuge of the half-wit throughout history. Michael Anissimov has already done a sound job of incinerating it, noting its roots in infantile projection. Nothing further is really necessary (if, in fact, anything at all was).

Still, there is something that can be added, and it is articulated very clearly by Hans Hermann Hoppe in this talk (about 29 minutes in). Aristocratic privileges are not difficult to acquire today, by anyone of even very modest natural capability. They are distributed lavishly in exchange for services to the Cathedral, even of the most nominal kind. One need not rise to a position of special prestige within the academy, media, or state bureaucracy to enjoy a complacent sense of spiritual superiority, it suffices merely to identify with the Elect. Linking this (again) is irresistible. When you feel entitled — as a white person — to denounce white people in general without the slightest concern that such derision might be mistaken for self-criticism, you are not socially positioned as a revolutionary, but as a degenerate aristocrat. Your assumption of impregnable moral and social advantage is so great that it has become entirely invisible to itself.

NRx is formalist. Insofar as it obsesses on questions of aristocratic hierarchy — and this is far from a prevailing syndrome — it does to in order to draw attention to the conservation of social rank even (if not quite especially) in those social orders which most tediously flaunt their demotist credentials. Those reiterating moron bite #1 are unlikely to be the new nobles, but more probably low-grade flunkies, who nevertheless esteem themselves through the spiritual bond with their (academic and media) masters. In other words, they are scum posing as members of an aristocracy. Their facility at projection is remarkable.

ADDED: Classy (and then ‘interesting’) response from Matt H. —

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