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Soap Jackal is foraging:

As fission becomes the major topic of discussion the main foundation of that tangent becomes clear: action. This is strange as NRx hasn’t even begun to crack the shell of true analysis. Nrx has been described as a toolbox (especially in terms of analysis) from which individuals can pick and choose in order to better inform their world view. One of the major areas of the toolbox is the general study of learning as that is required in order to digest the massive amount of information neoreaction has uncovered as worthy sources. The Cathedral has failed at providing these tools and that seems in of itself a major focus worth investigating. My question to you is: ‘Are there any resources you deem relevant to the general topic of learning and knowledge accumulation?’ These can be as exact as nexialism or the Ignorant Schoolmaster or they can be as tangential as Non-Euclidean Politics by RAW. All are welcome in the general trend to get NRx on the path forward.

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Quote note (#117)

Steve Sailer’s remarks on the twentieth anniversary of The Bell Curve make a strong case for his conclusion:

A decade ago, I was interviewing an expert psychometrician who had been head of testing for one of the major branches of the military. He proudly recounted that he had given Charles Murray access to the Pentagon’s National Longitudinal Study of Youth data that makes up the central spine of The Bell Curve. He had only one objection to Herrnstein and Murray’s interpretation of his numbers: they were too cautious, too nice.

That summarizes The Bell Curve’s predictions. While you’ve been lied to endlessly about how Herrnstein and Murray were bad people for writing The Bell Curve, the reality is that they weren’t cynical enough.

(Robert VerBruggen’s more cautious commentary is also surprisingly sane for a comparatively mainstream media channel.)

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Thanks to the incomprehensible virtual wizardry of Mr Archenemy, Outside in now has permalinks attached to comments* (among some other wondrous stuff yet to be explored). The function of this blog as a Micro-Neocameral Cyberstate thus enters a new phase. (Anybody operating a theme-compatible multinational enterprise from the comments section here can confidently anticipate the world’s most competitive tax rates.)

* Nested comments still resist the new regime at this stage.

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