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Pedal to the Metal

Japan accelerates into Keynesian fiscal singularity. This one is for our honored commenter ‘Kgaard’, who is sure to have some problems with it. (From David Stockman, this blog’s candidate for the most based economic analyst on the planet.)

Let’s not mess around:

Prime Minister Abe is proving himself to be a certifiable madman.

It could all be over a lot sooner than I’d expected.

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Politics on the Job

A bunch of charts breaking down occupations by ideology are flying across the Internet at the moment. Perhaps Robin Hanson started it? (Linked by Cowan here.) Hanson includes a link to this NYT article, which focuses upon the Left-orientation of tertiary education, but that’s a huge, perennial topic in itself.

Hanson has his own theory on the subject, based upon differences in risk orientation, but my favorite analysis was provided by commenter adrianratnapala:

Most of the data on those plots can be explained by a rule that says “People who who tell other people what to think for a living lean left. Nearly everyone else leans (nominally) right.”

Bonus (indirectly related) chart dug up from the web:


(The site it’s taken from looks like a gold-mine for this kind of stuff, if rather popcorn-heavy.)

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