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What’s in a Name?

Dubai’s Marina Torch, today:


Much more here.

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Quantum Suicide

This stuff is excellent Frightday night material (a relatively old but appropriately sensationalist link). It’s the Outside in candidate for a conceivable postmodern religion, channeling video game ontology into an off-the-cliff practice of the numinous. It has to be a better place to look than Odinist revival (which it might ultimately eat). QS fanatics would merit an argument, and better still, they’d be immunized against it.

NRx would find a lot to talk about with these folks — until they pulled the trigger. For instance: Exit. Imagine a near-future world in which political disputes were dominated by QS cults. It would be remarkably tolerant of electoral processes, whose defects would have been made a matter of indifference. Divide the social body on the issue of greatest political rancor, and submit the contest to a ‘resolution’ procedure with significant probabilistic input. Whoever loses terminates themselves, in ‘this’ sector of the multiverse. The outcome, from the perspective of the QS religion, would be that branching universes acquired increasingly distinctive ideological flavors. Everyone ends up with the future they selected, in worlds pre-cleansed of dissent. Elections would be OK, but why not just roll the dice? The important thing would be the schism, and from the QS perspective, every true devotee ends up on the right side of it. This is the future you chose would actually always be true.

Replace elections with the flip of a coin, accompanied by mass suicidal auto-selection. On the day this becomes an articulate political program, the Quantum Suicide religion will have arrived.

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In respect to the initial formulation of a question along the rough lines “How is suspension of consequences possible?” there are only three basic options:

(1) It’s not. All deferral of consequences is illusion. The reality is something akin to instant karma. (There’s something about this line of thinking I respect, but I’ve no idea how it could be coherently put together, and then knitted with explanatory plausibility to evident historical fact.)
(2) It’s complicated.
(3) That old problem is over. Haven’t you heard of the Death of Reality? Postmodernism, bitchez. (This is Derrida and Baudrillard — smart, terminally decadent, and radically inconsistent with NRx. It’s also the implicit principle of post-liberal macro-economics.)

Number Two is surely the only path here that is NRx-compatible. Its articulation remains almost entirely unachieved, although this is no great source of shame — the prior intellectual history of the world got nowhere with it, either. It might not be the deepest problem about time, but it is the one with the greatest immediate relevance to generally-acknowledged historical processes, and (perhaps) also the greatest direct practical application. What it explores is the potential for a realistic analysis of the provisionally-functional denial of reality. It crosses almost everything ‘we’ are talking about.

Charles Hugh-Smith writes:

By the time extend-and-pretend finally reaches its maximum limits, the resulting implosion is so large that the shock waves topple regimes, banks, currencies and entire nations.

If NRx seems predisposed to apocalypticism, it is because it concurs — both with the proposal that “maximum limits” exist, and the attendant thesis that some reality-suppressing tendency is reaching them. “Extend-and-pretend” — or radically finite reality denial — is an engine of catastrophe. It enables negative consequences to be accumulated through postponement, without prospect of final (‘postmodern’) absolution. Yes, the coagulated detritus does eventually collide ruinously with the unpleasantness purifier. The fact it hasn’t already done so, however, is a puzzle of extraordinary profundity.

ADDED: Scharlach responds.

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Sentences (#10)

From an unusually realistic essay on the Islamic State, by Graeme Wood in The Atlantic:

The reality is that the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic.

ADDED: ISIS Camelpunk.

ADDED: Also excellent.

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Twitter cuts (#9)

With no idea how long this is going to last …

… I’m seizing it as an opportunity to grab some stuff.

Depersonalization is a goal worth striving for, with the corollary that good sense should be appreciated in itself. These remarks are exceptionally sensible:

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Zero Sum

AoS has a “Fudamental Concepts” post about the zero-sum mentality, which it identifies with leftism, getting a lot of things convincingly right. Unintentionally, however, it exposes the limits of conservatism, and — even more unintentionally — suggests why NRx is something else.

Zero sum games are wars, and market (or catallactic) economics are indeed different. It was by putting war to bed too early, that conservatism destined itself to the ratchet of defeat. Treat an enemy as a business partner, and you lose, over and over again.

The payoff matrix is easy to draw. Re-purposing a prisoner’s dilemma quadrate works fine.


Treat “Stay Silent” as a positive-sum contract, and “Confess and Betray” as stubborn zero-sum antagonism. Searching for positive-sum engagement with a committed zero-sum opponent is the loser’s game that the mainstream ‘right’ has been playing for centuries. It’s the reason libertarians are so often dismissed as smart imbeciles (or worse). There’s business, and there’s war, and only the latter is definitely not going anywhere. In reality, (positive-sum) capitalism depends upon (zero-sum) counter-revolution. Otherwise, the right ‘stays silent’ while the left ‘confesses and betrays’. Our little matrix, and the course of recent global history, equally exhibit where that leads.

Positive-sum is the civilized order at the end of a far dirtier process. In the interim, if it hurts the left it’s worth doing, unless it hurts you more.

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Chaos Patch (#49)

(Open thread + links)

Reclaiming Burke. NRx culture, or tradition. A question of order. The ontology of modernity. Be the trigger (1, 2, 3, no one can say they weren’t warned). White flight (ultimate). Marxism. Fixing America. This could be a lot worse. Angelic machines. Where Urbit’s at. Fragged Friday is still going strong, Secession Lagniappe is back, the Metastasis continues (1, 2, 3, 4).

America’s (unplayed) Gulen card. ISIS buried regime change (it’s not America’s problem). Normalized terror. Camp of the Saints report: “I meet Afghans, Sudanese, Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Eritreans, Pakistanis, Iranians … the list goes on.” Based Blackwater. America and the Ukraine (plus a modest proposal). What India isn’t doing.

The second economy. Tribes and jobs. Expect more of the same. The post-petrodollar epoch. Peak parasitism?

The new conformity (fact free, but can bite).

Historical vicissitudes of guilt culture. Eugenics spelled out. Bred for gullibility? NRO crosses the line (and it’s noticed). Jewish leftism. EthnoBolshevism.

Sun stuff.

Chesterton and Donovan on men and women. Lashed.

Into the deep web. Virtual totalitarian urbanism. Chinese Internet censorship choir.

An alternative universe would help the economy.

Down the rabbit hole (+ (video)).

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The real core of the Chinese tradition?

Chinese Friend: Nobody in this country believes in anything anymore.
Foreign Devil: So what do you think they should believe in?
Chinese Friend: Unless people are punished more severely, they won’t behave themselves.

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Quote note (#149)

Welcome clarity:

It is now clear beyond all reasonable doubt that Hitler and his associates believed they were socialists, and that others, including democratic socialists, thought so too. The title of National Socialism was not hypocritical. […] Hitler’s discovery was that socialism could be national as well as international. There could be a national socialism. That is how he reportedly talked to his fellow Nazi Otto Wagener in the early 1930s. The socialism of the future would lie in “the community of the volk”, not in internationalism, he claimed, and his task was to “convert the German volk to socialism without simply killing off the old individualists”, meaning the entrepreneurial and managerial classes left from the age of liberalism. They should be used, not destroyed. The state could control, after all, without owning, guided by a single party, the economy could be planned and directed without dispossessing the propertied classes.

(They’re not on the Right, and they’re not our friends.)

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Sentences (#9)

Elon Musk: “At this rate, the only thing that will be left will be robots …”

— Less a perfected sentence than an excuse to share the video. Musk earned his sentence-crafting chops last year, with this:

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