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Sentences (#18)

Steen Jakobsen sounds the abyss in the final sentence of this short analysis (embedded video):

… a big fat zero in terms of hope for the future.

ADDED: Jakobsen talks to Chris Martenson on ‘the biggest margin call in history’.

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Quote note (#161)

Make of this what you will:

Men make up an estimated 96% of the Bitcoin community, which means that if Bitcoin does end up succeeding, as its adherents think it will, and if the people who own Bitcoin see their holdings soar in value, then all of the profits will end up going to what Brett Scott calls the “crypto-patriarchy.” Not many men, to be sure: as Charlie Stross says, the degree of inequality in the Bitcoin economy “is ghastly, and getting worse, to an extent that makes a sub-Saharan African kleptocracy look like a socialist utopia.” But it’s not many men, and effectively zero women.

ADDED: Andrea Castillo responds to Salmon (I’m attaching a ‘massive scowling bitterness deficiency’ warning).

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