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Kicking the Can

It’s difficult to keep track of all the ways in which the hyperbolic explosion of time-preference is expressed in the present world economic order, especially in its Western core, where the rot is deepest. From insensate looting to exponential debt expansion, and from sugar-high stimulus programs to insolvent, culturally-ruinous welfare systems (cooked-up for a succession of short-term political head-rushes), the entire economic machinery is locked into virtual apocalypse accumulation. Never deal with anything today that can be added to the mountain of woes due tomorrow. As historical time collapses into sheer orgiastic spasm, it converges with the frothiest media attention span, hurtling towards the edge of the precipice where nothing remains but news.

Here‘s the latest dimension of kicking-the-can:

… if US inventories, already at record high levels, and with the inventory to sales rising to great financial crisis levels, had not grown by $121.9 billion and merely remained flat, US Q1 GDP would not be 0.2%, but would be -2.6%. [Emphasis in original]

Systematic unreality has a face, and it’s that of a talking-head telling you that the end hasn’t yet happened.

Nemesis is not mocked. When she arrives, it’s going to hurt.

ADDED: The popcorn version. (Think I linked this before as an Outsideness Strategy classic.)

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