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Chaos Patch (#67)

(Open thread + links)

How reality was lost. Pieces of empire. Roosh gets serious. Amerika versus patchwork (relevant). Acid overdose. Powertalk. Ideology and reality. The fall. Exposed. Friday fragments. The weekly round.

The cancer is strong. Social democracy’s continental redoubt. American anti-politics. Russian Disney militarism. Germans have had enough. Economic Alamos. Just wait.

Killing twitter to ‘save’ it. Bloggers are giving up. How ‘news’ is made at the NYT.

Symmetrical terrors. Assimilation. Peak confusion. Motivated misunderstanding. Cultural terminus.

Gene screening for kids. The biology of slavery. Stix on Slager. Ethnic cleansing in the DR.

Printing the future. Ethereum’s escape plans.

Keith Preston interviewed on the deep state, and more (audio).

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