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Quote note (#199)

An excuse to link this, by Niall Ferguson, because the next Chaos Patch is almost a week away:

I am not going to repeat what you have already read or heard. I am not going to say that what happened in Paris on Friday night was unprecedented horror, for it was not. I am not going to say that the world stands with France, for it is a hollow phrase. Nor am I going to applaud Francois Hollande’s pledge of “pitiless” vengeance, for I do not believe it. I am, instead, going to tell you that this is exactly how civilisations fall. […] …

ADDED: Article has maddeningly retreated behind a paywall. (I wouldn’t have linked it — or would have quoted a lot more of it — if I’d predicted that was going to happen.) Apologies. And thanks to Nydwracu — in the comment thread — for doing something practical about that …

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The Management of Savagery

Is this strategic guide to Jihad by Abu Bakr Naji the equivalent of Mao Zedong’s On Guerrilla Warfare (link) for our time?

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