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The Fear


Ryan Cooper:

I made the case just a couple months back that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is a sort of fledgling Mussolini, nurturing an incipient fascist movement. As the first primaries approach, and Trump’s lead in the polls is actually widening, his development toward outright fascism is progressing faster than I feared. […] As of August, Trump had most of the ingredients for a fascist movement: the victim complex, the fervent nationalism, the obsession with national purity and cleansing purges, and the cult of personality. He was missing the organized violence, a left-wing challenge strong enough to push traditional conservative elites into his camp, support for wars of aggression, and a full-bore attack on democracy itself. He’s made much progress on all but the last one.

The last one is the only point of NRx intersection, but if he takes The White House, there’s going to be plenty of deranged: “See, this is what the Dark Enlightenment leads to!” analysis (among the upper echelons of the leftist commentariat). No, this is what democracy leads to. It’s called radical populism. (Unfortunately, that’s a message that isn’t going to be heard.)

The Left would rather hand lurid fascism the keys than stop what they’re doing (they’re already doing the non-lurid version). That would count as a perverse moral vindication — cooking up the enemy they always said they wanted to stop. Eventually, they’ll manage it. The Ancients already knew that’s how this thing ends.

It goes without saying that NRx should back away as far as possible, while scattering signs of protection (not that it will do any good).

ADDED: Trump speaks.

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