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Chaos Patch (#88)

(Open thread + links)

This happened (sigh). Science and NRx. Pillars of NRx. Nostalgia for the future. The Idaho Project is still on. The weekly round, in doom.

Europe’s ominous migration crisis: video, welfare crash, and Raspail references (1, 2). Chaos in Germany and Sweden. Double-plus chaos in Paris (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), plus left responses (1, 2), thoughts, and reflections. Cultural diversity. The ways things could go.

Rough triangles in Syria. Beirut in the Islamic Vortex. Saudi goes for broke. ME futures. Burundi genocide watch.

Exit Tax. The deep state and secret war. Queer fascism.

Revolting students seek safe spaces (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), with additional right (plus) and left commentary. Gender sensitivities (sub-link). Victim conquerors. Nazi-Jew twins. Emoji microaggressions. Racism for kids. Leftist evil.

“The extraction of the humiliating public apology is one of the media‘s most powerful weapons. Someone becomes famous, we dig up dirt on the person, we rub it in his or her nose, and then we demand that the person get down on bended knee and beg forgiveness. … […] The subtext is always the same: If you want power in this country, you must accept the primacy of the press. It’s like paying the cover at the door of the world’s most exclusive club.”

Pilgrim heritage. Sola scriptura. The new church (full). Esoteric roots of Mormonism. Obscure French occultists. “… through Deleuze’s work we can gain insight into how, specifically, the simulacrum functions as part of the metastatic DNA of the anti-Christ.”

Junction boxes. Unstoppable Airbnb. Uber and urban governance.

Ritual epistemology. Master and slave. Lovecraft demoted (more). Feynman and the bomb. RIP Andre Glucksman.

Rat food. History of the human microbiome.

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ISIS on Paris

The ‘Daesh’* statement on the attack (in full):

In the name of Allah, the all merciful, the very merciful Allah the great said: and they thought in truth that their fortresses would defend them against Allah. But Allah came to them from where they weren’t expecting it and launched a terror in their hearts. They were demolishing their gomes with their own hands as well as from the hands of believers. Take a lesson oh you who are wise. Sourat 59, verse 2. […] In a blessed attack which Allah facilitated the causes, a group of believers from the soldiers of the caliphate to whom Allah has given strength and glory targeted the capital of abomination and perversion, the one who lifts the banner of the cross in Europe, Paris. […] A group divorced from this life taking a step toward their enemy, looking for death in Allah’s path, rescuing its religion, its Prophet and its allies and wanting to humiliate its enemies. They were true to Allah and we consider them as such. Allah acquired from their hands and through the fear in the hearts of those encountered on their own land. […] Eight brothers carrying explosive belts and assault rifles took for target places that were carefully chosen in the heart of the capital, in the French stadium during a game between two countries, France and Germany, which the imbecile of France [President Hollande] was present, the Bataclan, where hundreds were present in a party of perversion as well as other targets in the 10th, 11th anf 18th districts simultaneously. Paris is shaking in their shoes and its streets have become very narrow, the death count of the attack is a minimum of 200 and even more injured by the will of Allah. […] Allah facilitated our brothers and gave them what they hoped for, (martyrdom), they activated their explosive belts in the middle of the infidels after they ran out of ammunition. May Allah welcome them among the martyrs and allow us to meet them. And France and those who follow its way must know that there are still principle targets left for the Islamic State and that they [France] will continue to smell death for having taken the lead in the crusade [in Syria] after having insulted our Prophet, after they’ve flaunted their fight against Islam in France, and beaten our Muslim brothers in Caliphate land with their planes that were useless in the smelly streets of Paris. This attack is only the beginning of the storm and a warning for those who want to ponder and learn a lesson. […] Allah is great, the strength belongs to Allah and His messenger and believers, but the hypocrites do not know it. Sourat 63, verse 8.

(Source, with French original.)

* Conflicted here on whether to switch over to that name. Any suggestions?

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Right and Left II

Bill Whittle and Stefan Molyneux work through the Anonymous Conservative r/K model of ideological polarity in a compelling video. XS prediction: This analysis is going nova. It sets the gold standard for definition of Right / Left difference.

As a darkening vector for the mainstream right, with at least significant truth value, it’s hard to beat.

ADDED: Reminded to link this, which I was too lazy to do yesterday.

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Quote note (#198)

Spengler (Goldman) at his sanest (“Why do Americans persist in believing that they can remake the world in their own image, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary?”):

Writing in the New York Daily News, former Forward reporter Ira Stoll gushed, “To me, Chalabi was Iraq’s Samuel Adams, its revolutionary leader who inspired, agitated, persuaded, and persevered in the face of overwhelming odds and when others lost hope.” The notion that some countries do not have a Sam Adams and never will have a Sam Adams simply doesn’t occur to the neo-conservatives. Like the last academic Marxists, they will die convinced that the theory was right and the failure lay in the implementation. Somehow they managed to gain the confidence of George W. Bush and did more to undermine America’s power and credibility than all of America’s declared enemies.

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Ultra-Calvinism II

The XS Inner Council doesn’t get as much time to study hardcore Ultra-Calvinist Theonomy as it would like, but Rushdoony’s Politics of Guilt and Pity (full-text available free online) is looking truly awesome so far. A couple of early snippets:

The reality of man apart from Christ is guilt and masochism. And guilt and masochism involve an unshakeable inner slavery which governs the total life of the non-Christian. The politics of the anti-christian will thus inescapably be the politics of guilt. In the politics of guilt, man is perpetually drained in his social energy and cultural activity by his over-riding sense of guilt and his masochistic activity. He will progressively demand of the state a redemptive role. What he cannot do personally, i.e., to save himself, he demands that the state do for him, so that the state, as man enlarged, becomes the human savior of man. The politics of guilt, therefore, is not directed, as the Christian politics of liberty, to the creation of godly justice and order, but to the creation of a redeeming order, a saving state. Guilt must be projected, therefore, on all those who oppose this new order and new age. And, because the salvation is mythical, and the enslavement real, the hatred of life and of innocence grows, and with it grows the urge to mass destruction.


In the modern state, in the name of democracy, there is the increasing pandering to guilt and to the hatred felt by the guilty for the innocent and for the successful. This then is the full triumph of the politics of guilt and its open enthronement. For the politics of guilt, the order of the day is mass destruction. […] Sentimental humanism asserts that man’s basic need is love, more specifically, a passive need to be loved. Thus, man is seen as a passive creature whose basic problem is not a will to evil but an absence of love, so that a positive agency must be created to supply man’s needs. The result is the totalitarian caretaker state. Man, being passive, needs an active agency in his life, and this agency the welfare state provides.

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Twitter cuts (#34)


SSC meanders thoughtfully (but sensitively) around the topic. Favorite zingers: “… social justice was supposed to be Yale’s weapon against Caltech and Podunk. But now Yale students are using it against Yale professors and administrators, and now it’s a problem.” … “Hillary Clinton’s official list of campaign priorities include ‘ending sexual assault on campus’ … Why not just ‘ending sexual assault’? … Isn’t ‘ending sexual assault on campus’ the same kind of priority as ‘ending murder in gated communities?'”

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Age of Fragmentation

More inflection point material, this time macro-political, and Europe-focused, beginning:

Perhaps the greatest academic growth area over the past twenty years or so has been “European integration studies”, a field that has both analysed and boosted support for the European “project”. Almost all of its practitioners have proceeded from the assumption that the process of integration is – must be – “irreversible”. It is the intellectual equivalent of the principle of the European acquis communautaire by which powers, once surrendered or pooled, cannot be retrieved. Or, more unkindly, one might see it as a “European Brezhnev doctrine”, by which socialism, being inevitable, could not be allowed to fail in any country in which it was already established.

But what if this is not so? What if, as the Croatian political scientist Josip Glaurdic, an expert on the collapse of Yugoslavia, once quipped, what we really need is a school of “European disintegration studies”? …

(Don’t be put off by the leftist publication credentials from reading the whole thing.)

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Sentences (#30)

The latest contribution to an unmistakable realist trend:

any attempt to understand morality, politics, economics or business without reference to evolutionary biology is ridiculous.

(The short Spectator article is plugging this website, which I’m not hugely familiar with yet, but since it has pieces by W. Brian Arthur and Jonathan Haidt there, it has to be worth a look.)

ADDED: HBD Chick thinks there’s something in the water.

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Chaos Patch (#87)

(Open thread + links)

What is neoreaction? (An instant classic.) Plus, order and freedom. The new god. False positives. Inventing the State. Meme wars. Magic dirt theory. The weekly round, in doom, and Cathedral round-up.

Chinese fertility policy. India and Pakistan at the brink. Goodbye Sweden. Crashing the gates. Open borders under stress.

Die off (1, 2, 3, 4). Secession for London (and beyond)? Liberal self-destruction. “I doubt the liberal view will prevail.” “I have no faith at all in liberalism.” Limits of satire.

Antarctic uncertainties. Why distrust of science makes sense. Urban Madness.

The problem with pagans. Brands of Satanism. Why Christians go left. Virtue signaling.

Dim war, and dimming Deutschland. The Iron Law of Intelligence. High IQ genetics (with comment). A schizophrenia spectrum? Nature > nurture, and other signs of narrative collapse.

Submission commentary from Van Creveld, Sailer, Knausgaard, Douthat (and relevant). NPI commentary (1, 2, 3, 4).

Star Trek and scarcity.

RIP René Girard (plus). What Huxley saw.

Automobile obsolescence. Computer blood. CRISPR for humans by 2017.

Coywolves. Zombie physics. Viral dark matter. Where Mars’ water went.

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Sentences (#29)

Charles Hugh Smith:

The net result of the Ratchet Effect and the impossibility of reform is this: it’s cheaper and more effective to let the system collapse than squander time and treasure attempting reforms that are bound to fail as vested interests will fight to the death to retain every shred of power and swag. (Emphasis in original.)

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