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Sentences (#33)

There’s a reason why, when the establishment media is finally dead, people will still be queuing up to spit on its grave, and it’s this (from AoS):

Professional ‘journalists’ are now mandated to hide pertinent facts from you (such as this one) lest you draw unapproved conclusions from them.

ADDED: Islam is levering the Cathedral apart like a rotten crate. There has been no starker lesson from 2015.

ADDED: As EF rightly points out in the comments, the internal link (within the AoS sentence) does not remotely rise to the level of empirical credibility. If anyone has a link to a report with greater statistical sobriety, I’ll post it here. It would be unfortunate if over-excited reactive number-mongering ended up reinforcing a sense of self-righteousness among the Cathedral administrative and media criminals exposed by this horror story.

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