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The worst thing about this, we’re told by all responsible authorities, is what it looks like. (It might upset people, in the wrong way.)

The scale of the attacks on women at the city’s central railway station has shocked Germany. About 1,000 drunk and aggressive young men were involved. […] City police chief Wolfgang Albers called it “a completely new dimension of crime”. The men were of Arab or North African appearance, he said. (XS emphasis.)

Beside Cologne, “Women were also targeted in Hamburg. … Some similar attacks were reported in Stuttgart.”

However, there was no official confirmation that asylum seekers had been involved in the violence. Commentators in Germany were quick to urge people not to jump to conclusions.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone really believes the approved narratives are going to hold together for much longer. The orchestrated media-political conjuring operation is already stressed beyond its functional tolerance.

(Additional links in the last Chaos Patch comment thread.)

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