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How to understand Trump’s core constituency:

The white working class and evangelicals know that ‘political correctness’ is not just about ‘treating people with respect’ as some suppose, but is a whip to keep them in line, a calculated means of stigmatizing certain viewpoints, excluding challenges to liberal orthodoxies from public conversation, and imposing a set of tendentious ideological values upon the public in a manner that precludes serious contestation. Rather than appeal for a more respectful and open civil society, political correctness takes meddlesome, officious, and censorious measures to stigmatize or root out speech that it finds objectionable, often resorting to force and authority over persuasion where possible.

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I’m not saying the election was rigged. I have no evidence of such a thing, and I’m sure the good people of Iowa are honest and competent. […] But just for fun, watch me build my case for a rigged election.

Since a lot of enraged Trumpenproletarians* are going to be talking about this, I should add some minimal local framing. This blog is:
(a) Loftily detached from Trump enthusiasm, and
(b) Unable to morally discriminate between fixed democracy, and ‘clean’ democracy. (Though, perhaps, the latter is ultimately slightly less depraved.)
Still, this story is already out there, and it isn’t unimportant at the level of popcorn-positive political disintegration, regardless of the final — and probably irrecoverable — facts.

* See this (+) persuasive introduction to early 21st century American class war. (Plus.)

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