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Twitter cuts (#49)

The Internet is a formalism engine. It will engineer consistency, overwhelming all Cathedralist efforts to maintain ‘nuance’ (Left-oriented asymmetry).
(a) “Hey, we want out Prideā„¢ too!” or
(b) All “X Pride” is evident retardation.
Choose one, unless you’re running a grievance studies program at a Cathedral institution (in which case, disintermediation is coming).

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Doom Circuitry

This is what XS maintains:

There is perfect philosophical integrity between the tragic foundations of Occidental Civilization and the cybernetic industrialism that defines its ultimate limit. Within this neoreactionary frame, reaction is never regressive enough, nor modernity ever advanced enough. Something more comforting — less distant — will be seized upon in both temporal directions. That is the minor theme of fate. No effective constituency could ever want to push far enough in either direction, to the point where the circuit of time closes, upon doom (coldly understood). It does not matter, because politics does not. Doom matters. The rest is pitiful species vanity, tragedy, and control malfunction. It will burn, without comprehending why.

From the perspective of doom — only glimpsed, slowly, after vast disciplines of coldness — everything you are trying to do is a desperate idiocy that will fail, because humanism (hubris) is the one thing you can never let go. The drama dictates that. There’s no point flagellating yourself over it. The cosmos is not so poor in flagellation that it requires your meager contribution.

“Yes we can!” is everything Neoreaction is not. Perhaps you even see that. Yet you repeat it with every measure you propose. Take your favorite ideological slogan and attach “Yes we can!” as an appendix. If it works, you now know the epoch to which you belong.

Only doom can (and will).

Carry on, though. You will, in any case. It entertains the gods.

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