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Quote note (#236)

In case anyone was unclear about the enemy end-game:

We may like to idealize the Constitution and our Founding Fathers as champions of freedom and equity under the law, but the ugly truth is that the United States was founded by the privileged for the privileged, and, as it is our duty as a society to prevent harm, so it is our obligation to tear down the structures that allow harm to be perpetuated. […] While this is only a solution for the problem of free speech in the United States, it would not be impossible for other nations to follow suit, or to enact their own censorship policies on their own merit, because this is not an issue that is limited to the United States. Because we now live in a globalized culture, we must acknowledge that our contemporary society must transcend national borders, so that we may establish equality for all humans, worldwide. The elimination of unsafe, undesirable thinking is a necessary step to establishing true justice in our time.

‘Must’ incontinence (XS emphasis) is usually a sign that you’re dealing with a frothing maniac who needs putting down like a rabid dog.


A note-worthy corrective, from an unlikely source.

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