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Quote note (#238)

A Fernandez classic (concluding):

In seeking to become the masters, the Western political elite has become the slave of ideas they can’t even name, yet which oppress them like a dream weight, holding them down, making everything impossible. In an ending filled with irony, a Western Left that declared that nothing was out of bounds, which boasted it would achieve its goals by any means necessary, finds itself in a strait-jacket of its own device, unable to lift its own feet, quivering in fear before third-rate desert bandidos and a Russian thug.

Today, the Western heritage is being stripped by a dying left to pay for a lost wager for the soul of history. Yet, however hard it plunders the Western left is going down and the only question is how much else goes down with it. If the current crisis corresponds to the tremors that heralded the demise of the Soviet Union, it may only be a few preference cascades from interesting times.

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