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This is posted as a special open thread (requested by Nyan) — consider it a Chaos Patch with turbo-charged chaos. (Given my utter outsideness to the mysteries of 4chan, it can scarcely avoid teaching me something.)

There’s apparently been a brouhaha of some kind. Jim comments on the episode here (his post comes up first on a “4chan purge” Google search). I couldn’t find anything else that was helpful quickly.
This strikes me as far more also fascinating. It’s actual 4GW in the guise of a media prank.

Anyway, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law (with the understanding that sovereign Admin spanking rights are always conserved).

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  • nyan_sandwich Says:

    General background:

    Gamergate, obviously.

    Also recently in the rumor mill was that 4chan had been compromised and all the mods replaced with sjws. I thought it was bullshit, as did most others. We were wrong.

    Then last night gamergate threads and mod corruption threads and anyone trying to figure out what the fuck was going on were getting deleted and banned en masse by said sjws. Then I had a hawt date so I was out of the loop for a while.

    Today, the fall of /pol/ is complete, it’s an astroturfed sjw circlejerk, narry a “kike” or “nigger” to be seen anymore, though they were still present this afternoon.

    Most people seem to have bailed out to http://8chan.co. Feel free to invade and participate and investigate there.

    I have to get back to work now so can’t participate too much, but I want to know:

    1. what the fuck is going on
    2. how we save /pol/
    3. who’s behind all this

    Also would like to see some heads rolling, but we’ll leave that to ISIS.


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    Seems to have passed peak shilling. People are openly discussing the Happening on /pol/ again. Still expecting to be b&. Have not yet seen any deleted threads.


    Alrenous Reply:

    They’re using perma-saging and ‘archiving’ now. As of timestamp related, I diagnose a lull rather than a peak. Will prospectively test my hypothesis with http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/36065507#p36065765


    Alrenous Reply:

    Still using deletion too.


    Obakeinu Reply:

    As best I understand it, apparently one of Zoe Quinn’s boy-toys got his hands on a 4chan moderator slot; I guess he unlocked the back door to let all the SJWs in…


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  • Hattori Says:

    It’s funny that threads about journalist corruption in the gaming press of all things would result in mass bannings on 4chan. Robert’s second law illustrated perfectly:
    There where already sjw infestations especially on the comics /co/ board and obviously on the literature /lit/ board, being the most academic.

    This on the same site whose users have been attempting to engage in witchcraft assisted ethnic cleansing for about a week now.
    More of the chaos altars here:

    Also, feminists go full Orwell


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  • Chris B Says:

    “It’s actual 4GW in the guise of a media prank” – 4chan trying to stoke backlash against white prog doctors in Africa to help the spread of ebola? 4GW? couldn’t agree more.

    Also see Sandwich’s tweet – “We black magic nazi death cult now” said one anon, while posting the entire sequenced genome of Ebola.

    4chaners are like a primordial ooze from which a reactionary lifeform is generating from. They are all the worst nightmares of the progs.


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  • Implying Implications Says:

    I don’t even know what to think, anymore. I remember I showed up here to refute this very notion; specifically I think it was that screencap that Jim now has up on his post, where someone claiming to be a 4chan mod claimed that Nick Denton’s niece threatened to kill herself over some stupid bullshit related to the Tumblr raids, and that subsequent pressure resulted in a change of mods. It seemed completely unsubstantiated to me, and I still think that particular story was just bait, but it now appears that for some unknown reason 4chan’s mod’s have gone completely apeshit and moot doesn’t even care.

    Thanks for convincing Land to have this thread, Nyan, for whatever good it’ll do. If you want to learn anything from this incident, techpriest, I suggest you go and look for yourself. You’re smarter than most people to whom this clusterfuck is happening; perhaps you can foresee the role and destiny of thousands of wandering Chan-ese refugees. We’re more of an ethnicity than a site community at this point. We’ve got our own culture, language, folkways, traditions…and for what it’s worth we’re generally receptive to reactionary ideas. Now we’re reeling from the results of head-butting the Cathedral, and the seeds of a greater awareness may have been sown.


    dagenhamblonde Reply:



    Implying Implications Reply:

    …well, shit.

    Moot not caring about the site anymore is entirely believable, in fact I’m pretty sure there’s not a single anon who doesn’t realize by now that that seems to be the case. But the infiltration of SJWs…if they can get to 4chan…dear god. I’m not worried about us channers, we’ll find a new home and resist. But I fear for all the other internet communities out there, and for any as-yet-unmolested communities and organizations IRL. It appears that the Cathedral’s hipster cunt footsoldiers are going full Cheka on society.


    Hattori Reply:

    I think 4chan might be the event horizon for leftist singularity in big internet outlets.

    There will remain pockets of resistance obviously. Aside from the tamed conservative media and the plebeian stormfronts there will be communities like the manosphere and neoreaction etc… but will we ever see anything like 4chan again? A huge aggregate of popular culture truly free from political correctness? I dont think so anytime soon.

    Cledun Reply:


    There are many, many Chan sites.


    Most aren’t nearly as trafficked as 4chan but a mass exodus of users could change that.

    nydwracu Reply:

    It won’t be dead until they conquer AutoAdmit.

    Porphy's Attorney Reply:

    This is like deja vu all over again in ways that are well worth studying by NRxites.

    I want to emphasize that strongly!

    Why? Well, the Cathedral has always been the Cathederal. However it has gone through itterative change. Take Universities (please): yes, they have always been the cornerstone of the Cathedral.

    However – up until living memory it was possible to find more than a few non-Progs at them, even (especially?) in disciplines with relatively little inate political content. I.E. most English Professers were not ideologues (they were probably FDR voters, but except for the occasional few, you *really* *wouldn’t* *necessarily* *know* *from* *their* *teaching*).

    All this started to transform (again – there have been stages of this; the era around 1900 being another) with the rise of the New Left.

    So quote from “Implying Implications” post: “how did these new SJW [m]ods get in power?”

    Of course, same way as always – infiltrative entryism, maskirovka, “they get their broom and hot pockets. . .largely from nepotism” – then they close the door behind them (I remember reading a piece on the internet ~16 years ago now, by a old emeritus professor describing what happened to the universities. The pithy line about the-then-and-still-state of things there was: “We let you guys in and you closed the door behind you” – and gradually purged out the vast majority of the non-prog faculty from many disciplines. c.f some of the work Haidt that quantitatively reconstructs some of this).

    Yes, yes, I know we all know about “entryism” in the abstract, as a general thing. But rarely do we get opportunities to “see it” work itself out in this way, with our own eyes, explosively as things that were working under the survace breach it like a whale.

    And as Hattori says, the implications of this are large. If 4Chan can be blatantly purged, well, what can’t be? We have a somewhat charmed life here in NORPy venues at the moment. Well….


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    Yeah seeing this in action has been eye opening. You can believe it but you never really get it.

    That they got to 4chan is pretty big. It was literally the biggest stronghold of non-Cathedral narrative there was, and it was getting more so.

    Alrenous Reply:

    The proper philosophical reaction is to generate alternative hypotheses and then get to falsifying. Focus especially on hypotheses opposite to your own instincts, and then intentionally look for supporting evidence for those hypotheses.

    Kassie Washington still seems to not exist. Come to think, perhaps you specifically can add to this. I only troll by stating my real views. Trolling by adopting an entirely foreign personality is itself entirely foreign to me. Is it in 4chan’s culture to troll almost habitually? Would the reporter have made up some details just for keks, even though it was broadly true?

    Another possibility is that the ‘gamers are faggots’ idea isn’t entirely shill. /pol/: “It’s vidya, not politics.” /v/: “It’s politics, not vidya.” Gaming is (often) degenerate, there’s a real point in saying it doesn’t belong on /pol/. As a result, mods started banning. Problem is, once you start banning, you can’t go back. Especially on 4chan where it’s easy for users to overwhelm the mods and janitors. It breaks the illusion of mod control; caving to users is not going to be better, and this is something humans instinctively grasp. The way out of that bind is an appeal process, but mods are so shadowy there’s no way to appeal, which means this kind of failure was inevitable. Eventually they were going to take the wrong stand and not be able to back down.

    (I kind of think OPs should have to mod their own threads.)

    Mods aren’t SJWs. However, being in direct contact with moot, they have far more accurate threat models for what can actually damage 4chan, and gamergate has them legitimately worried.

    Mods aren’t SJWs, but are intentionally Streisanding the issue. /pol/ has raided the crap out of every board, including itself. Despite ridiculously fast modding, there is a gamergate thread on /pol/’s frontpage at almost all times. While I’m skeptical of raising awareness…awareness has been solidly raised. If they try to SJW /b/ – which they would, SJWs do not have self control – there will be hell to pay, because once again /pol/ is always right. (Will have been always right.)

    Mods aren’t SJW, are intentionally Streisanding, but actually doing it too hard and successfully grasping the nettle, as per Moldbug.

    Anyway, you get the idea.


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    Explain the fact that the other 9/10 threads on the front page are abnormally blatant SJW apologia and shilling.


    Alrenous Reply:

    See? Falsification is easy. The whole process is easy. It’s just not usually done for whatever reason.

    With Moot, you lose Reply:

    Kassie Washington doesn’t exist, because there is a group of SJW trolls on 4chan (from FYAD and weird twitter) who are trying to poison the well. I’m not naming names here, because they have Google Alerts on their ‘nyms. See this (and then compare the link down below): https://o.twimg.com/2/proxy.jpg?t=HBgeaHR0cDovL2kuaW1ndXIuY29tL1MzV3VySDMucG5nFKJJFJQfABYAEgA&s=uz-fp9Sm-vs4e1XFRem74fv0nOYkDBh70BIw2EOkIQk

    Think about it. How do you get rid of /pol/? Moot won’t delete it. Arguably it is a containment board, but the forbidden political knowledge is spreading to other boards. So how do you get rid of them? You create several bullshit conspiracies that induce moral distrust and psychological panic. This is classic John Boyd / Sun Tzu stuff, attacking plans and alliances through psychological and moral disruptions.

    Whether this particular aspect is tied to some greater SJW conspiracy involving infiltration of mods I’m not sure, as that is hard to prove.


    Wilhelm von Überlieferung Reply:

    If the mods aren’t SJWs, then why is this 4chan mod, one who tweeted that he polices 4chan for 30+ hours a week, giving a Cultural Marxist speech. This is the same 4chan mod who was outted as being friends with Zoe Quinn yesterday.



    Porphy's Attorney Reply:

    It’s all part of a subtle reactionary agitprop jujutsu effort cleverly designed to discredit SJWering.



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  • Simon Fortescue Says:

    I’ve been on /pol/ non-stop the past two days. Mods have stoked the fire incredibly out of control by cracking down on #gamergate threads. Streisand effect went into overdrive and they have been utterly overwhelmed and undermanned to deal with the sheer volume of threads and posts calling them out. Officially #gamergate threads are banned, but it is possible to discuss it. We had a bullshit explanation from moot saying it was because there was “raiding and doxxing” and that “gamergate has grown beyond 4chan a la Chanology” but no explanation other than that.

    Conspiracy theories abound. The purported SJW-mod “@alexlifschitz” is not in fact a moderator, yet the mods still persist in holding the line for reasons unknown. The anger and sense of betrayal felt by Anonymous towards moot and the moderators currently is nothing like anything I have witnessed before, and talk of a boycott is ever present. Gamergate is not going to go away and moot will be forced to respond properly soon, it feels like 4chan is having a mini Tahrir Square moment. Watch this space for now.


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    Keep us posted with what you’re able to learn. This is definitely a historical moment, at least in chan culture.


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  • j. ont. Says:

    This sort of thing is always just under the surface on the chans. I remember some years ago a fledgling chan—I think it was called “infinitychan”—was targeted by some sort of post-flood script kiddie type attack, and the site wasn’t effectively prepared. Next thing you know the mods have gotten fed up, they post a sticky saying they’re out, and the site becomes, for a few days, a complete shitshow of wall-to-wall gore, disturbing porn, and much worse. 4chan was always the most stable of the chans—things could get crazy on /b/, but not like on the outer limits.

    “This is definitely a historical moment, at least in chan culture.”

    I guess so, though I think there’s a tendency to overestimate the importance of a controversy when you’re in the middle of it. Honestly, this could blow over and in a few days, and then most users will simply forget—if they ever noticed at all.


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    You might be right. Maybe we’ll all be back to shitposting about ebola-chan and gamergate tomorrow.


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    lol nope


    dagenhamblonde Reply:

    I think this is like the deletion of /new/ squared, and marks the end of the first age of 4chan. What rises out of its ashes will be something terrible that won’t last a year, some horrible combination of digg and canv.as. While last time moot vacillated and reinstituted /pol/ and /r9k/, this time he’s on the opposite side of 25 and is more concerned about his career future than staying true to whatever he thought 4chan was when he was creating it at 14 years of age.

    My greatest concern is that no other chan will have the moderation and resources necessary to handle the user exodus. At its best, 4chan moderation and development is very conservative and very opaque. Changes are minor and incremental and when anything is done you don’t know who is doing it. Meanwhile, on every other chan the admins and moderators follow the forum format and are active and known. When there’s one guy for the userbase to both love and hate, it works. When there’s a whole cabal of names and faces, it will fall apart because of favortism and infighting.


    Roi Reply:

    It seems to have worked on flashback.org. 10+ years and now a user base of 900 000

    It works because the mods can call eachother out really easy. Harder on a chan where everything disappears.

    Wrote about it here http://www.groin.com/index.php/topic,272.msg1541.html#msg1541


    Obakeinu Reply:

    Somebody probably said the same thing about the Hugo’s… and the scifi community at large.

    Look where they are now; don’t believe me? Pop over to Larry Correia’s site, or look up the essay/blog post ‘The Logic of Illogic’ by John C. Wright.

    Beware lest the Memory Hole becomes the last thing your thoughts and opinions ever see…


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  • re/a/ctionary Says:

    I’m pretty sure this is just 4chan’s immune system kicking in and the posters riling each other up to fight back. 4chan’s been through mod vs. userbase conflicts before, and the userbase typically wins (a while back a mod tried to purge all mention of lolicon content, even stuff that wasn’t actual porn, from /a/. loli stuff is still there, the mod in question isn’t.) It wouldn’t surprise me if the Cathedral did capture some mod positions, but it won’t matter. Controlling the moderator positions isn’t how you control 4chan, if there is a way to control it at all. After a few days to a week of constant >he does it for free spam things will be back to normal.

    4chan will die when the Cathedral gets anti-trolling legislation passed and not a minute before. Without serious real-life consequences for open defiance of the entryist mods there’s nothing they can really do. Shaming doesn’t work because everyone’s anonymous. Banning people doesn’t work, because they’ll just reset their routers.


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  • nyan sandwich Says:

    Seen on 8chan:


    Wait a sec

    What if what happened to 4chan happens to america?”


    Obakeinu Reply:

    News Flash: too late, sport.

    This what happens when you *aren’t* playing attention to the world around you.

    Be a proud Thought Criminal… stand up to the SJWs.


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  • 4chan Furor | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • anonymous reaction Says:

    It really surprises me how connected neoreaction is with “chan culture”
    On one hand we have an orderly philosophy wishing to impose strict rules and impress. On the other hand we have pure expression of chaos. And they’re intertwined.


    Antisthenes Reply:

    Nobility lives in strange places, sometimes:



    C. Y. Chen Reply:

    I like to think of ‘chan culture’ as moreso a societal immune response to progressivism being pushed too hard. An expression of spontaneous order of sorts, I suppose.


    anonymous reaction Reply:

    Perhaps there is something in the idea of incorporating chaos into the rigid order of western culture.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    I’ve never been to 4chan and am quite well warned on LessWrong. [ewww GROSS].

    This isn’t the fall of the West. It’s shutting down TALK. Hmm. Since you can’t GRUMBLE what will a PEASANT to DO?

    Perhaps as all the channels for even complaints and grumbling are shut down, PRIMAL Homo Sapiens Male Apex Predator/Murder Monkey will reappear?

    Truly the evolutionary advantages of the voice-box are presently outweighed by the disadvantages.

    Thus remains the opposing thumb.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    4CHAN is populist in nature. Name one time in history populist violence has done the right any favors. Having a disciplined army of soldiers do conquest on behalf of an existing hierarchy is right wing violence, calling a militia to defend territory under their control is right wing violence, (news flash, reactionaries don’t hold any territory, if they want territory they need to establish a hierarchy and then take it by conquest) mob violence is pure left wing drivel. Raising a disciplined army or defending controlled territory is fine and dandy, but general calls to violence are the enemy of the right. Please adjust yourself accordingly.


    Cledun Reply:

    I don’t see him calling for violence anywhere. He is hoping for the reemergence of a Primal Man willing to engage in the disciplined violence you speak of. Right now He doesn’t exist.


    Izak Reply:

    Mob violence is apolitical.

    Your post is like saying that the waves crashing on the shoreline are left-wing.


    Michael Reply:

    populist violence is always what holds civilization together all power is ultimately violence.When a civilization is thriving righteous men hold power when a consensus among men is reached the violence is only indicated.when barren women faggots and all manner of subversives and unworthy gain power through talk and intrigue because violence utility has been forgotten by generations that think nuance is what builds civilization.This does not make violent men unthinking but stalwart unmoved by the emotions of women and children because the wolves are always at the gate


    Aeroguy Reply:

    Mobs are populist in the same sense fire is hot, and populism=leftism. Egalitarianism is the very essence of populism. There is nothing elitist or orderly about a mob.

    Threat of populist violence is what keeps populist governments in power. All coercion boils down to threat of violence, but coercion is just one form of power. Breaking the door down will certainly get you into the building, but very often so will knocking. There is power in consensual sex (a man can rape a woman but he can’t coerce her to love him), there is power in mystery (Ebola-chan, superstition), and there is great power in wisdom (why we respect our elders, and put them in charge over the young warriors). Violence is sometimes the only solution, but sometimes it’s not a solution at all. Knowing what to do when is why wisdom trumps. Populist violence is as foolish as they come.

    Aeroguy Reply:


    Boiling blood helps make good soldiers, but cool heads are necessary for good officers. Ambiguous calls to arms when tempers are high are dangerous, especially when subtleties must be navigated to avoid black holes (a concept that is largely still foreign to /pol/). Discipline and a clear direction must be maintained. It only takes one person to read into the ambiguity and feel encouraged to do something that would set us back. VXXC is a leader, he has a greater responsibility to be careful about what he says.

    The Primal Man exists, make no mistake of that. The issue is that he doesn’t exist in sufficient number and has no banner to rally to.


    Michael Reply:

    @ Aeroguy Reply:
    All your other types of power exist at the pleasure of physical power.even massive wealth or political power always must be translated into physical power actually or implied. Actually the elder is a myth most cultures push grandpa out on a ice floe soon as its safe.I dont open doors to people i dont have to. If you mean wise men can co opt strong men well yes but that only proves my point some wise men may then co opt other strong men or your strong men or more strong men.but when wise men or unwise for that matter run a civilization they are ultimately using a veiled threat today its the cathedral yesterday apparently it was white male christian oppressors, you are not going to talk the cathedral out of their beliefs or argue them out They took over the Universities not with their arguments but with violence against a decadent society that no longer had the stomach to fight physically to the death, this is what happened to our great cities, to our empires and colonies our borders today even our armed forces are being taken over be women transexuals and all manner of faggotry.One day Thor help us we will rise again violent men. If you non violent men wish to be of service as I have said repeatedly then start seting up the infrastructure we will need to co ordinate this battle because the cathedral is fast shutting down communications. you techs should be figuring out how to prevent whats happening at 4chan rather than lecturing the warriors on manners like some faggot lefty


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Your actual enemy in the mirror.

    Your enemy is PEACE.

    Your enemy is LAW.

    You OBEY.

    You are a SLAVE.

    You were made a SLAVE by EDUCATION.

    Your Masters are barren women. What stake have ye in clinging to mortality when they take away even amusements?



    bbq beast Reply:

    >Your Masters are barren women. What stake have ye in clinging to mortality when they take away even amusements?

    Fuck that hurt.


    Kgaard Reply:

    I was thinking the same thing.


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  • Handle Says:

    Having never been on 4chan I don’t have much insight to contribute, however, I will be trying to observe two things:

    1. Recongregation Resiliency: Will the 4chan order and community reestablish itself and its old order spontaneously, and more or less with the same membership and with the same cultural-patterns and principles? And if so, where will that be?

    It seems that these ‘refugees’ all want to look for a new home, but don’t necessarily know what that will be yet, and there will be some posturing and scrambling, but that the obvious Schelling point is “8chan” (or some X-chan), and as soon as people realize one fight is lost and that even a few of their friends have moved to the other place, then you get a preference cascade and a bubble-swap collective-action coordination to settle on the new currency website.

    2. Angered Haters: On the one hand, it’s bound to generate a lot of anger of 4chan-types against SJW-types, and it seems reasonable they’ll start looking for anti-progressive resources. The risk is that one will get a large number of people who like to engage in radioactive-behavior and have very little to offer in terms of insight, to say the least.

    Oh well, pass the popcorn.


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    >The risk is that one will get a large number of people who like to engage in radioactive-behavior and have very little to offer in terms of insight, to say the least.

    This is less of a risk that it would seem by reading 4chan. The upper crust of the 4chan community is surprisingly high-IQ and can be very insightful, it’s just that on 4chan they go into a shitposting battle-trance.

    One’s individual personality dissolves in the *chans. You become just another node in the chaotic collective consciousness.


    Cledun Reply:

    Take away their anonymity and they will be far more careful about what they post. I don’t expect they would engage in the same kind of antics they do at 4chan if they became regular commentators on a website like this one. They only do that outside of the *chans when they are doing a raid.


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  • soembody Says:

    /pol/ is the reason that I read your blog, sir


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  • spandrell Says:

    Foseti’s law of anonymity is proved again. Moot was doomed as soon as people knew his name.


    Alrenous Reply:



    j. ont Reply:

    Please excuse my ignorance, but which law is that?


    Handle Reply:

    I think it was actually Moldbug who stated it first, but at F’s place, an example goes, “That’s interesting, because I automatically don’t trust anyone writing under their real name. With few exceptions, they have to lie.


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  • scientism Says:

    The coordinated backlash against the manosphere came after the manosphere started groping its way toward reaction. 4chan was okay when it was anarchy, dangerous when it started to find more articulate forms of dissent. My guess is that any large community that finds reaction will be shut down. Jim has a point that it’s “okay” to be a Nazi and rant about blacks and Jews. That plays nicely into a narrative. It’s when you start to articulate a real position against the Cathedral that they move to silence you. When you start to investigate their methods, especially.


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  • Aeroguy Says:

    /pol/ is the body of the rightwing counter culture, I thought it was the manosphere, but /pol/ is bigger. It’s cadre are resilient and clever as wolves. This experience will only serve to harden the neophyte newfags in /pol/ into reactionaries. Wherever they go, here they are. The cadre of /pol/ are career soldiers of the internet, and they have been blessed with a battle to fight. Some will seek new territory for conquest, others will hold the line at home, I look forward to seeing what they accomplish after this. They have my router for this fight.


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  • nyan sandwich Says:

    The whore is openly celebrating the capture of 4chan.

    These guys are ridiculously powerful if they can take down whole industries and capture 4chan itself. My morale is slipping.

    What can we do? Continue building hierarchies and analysis, I guess. This is only going to get harder on us, though.

    Ironically, the right is reduced to fleeing and resistance, and the left are engaging in highly organized hierarchical military ops.


    John Reply:

    I don’t think it’s so bleak. The more explicit the hegemony of the left becomes, the more its insanity invade the lives of average citizens, the more who are jolted from their slumber to begin stumbling blindly, in search of what amounts to neoreactionary analysis.

    The masses are beginning to comprehend that the leftist agenda is not made of “well thought out common sense ideas from smart people like scientists and university professors” but has a fervent, religious, fanatical character that the patrons of Outside In are all too familiar with.

    The politicization of 4chan occurring in parallel with neoreaction are two components of the birthing of the counter-lefitist memetic super-intelligence.


    Obakeinu Reply:

    Don’t neglect the other aspect of this GamerGate mess: people discovering that the ‘media’ is NOT neutral (with exceptions)… they’re in bed with the enemy, hell, half the time, they ARE the enemy.

    This true in most of the national media, with exceptions.

    Discovering this truth can be the first step to fighting back.

    Time to learn who the truth-tellers are, and who manipulators are, and… who supports freedom.

    Be happy y’all woke up in time to hear the bugle call, the rest is up to you.


    Hurlock Reply:

    m00t just wants the cash, that’s all.
    And don’t pull the, “he isn’t payed for this” as he is definitely earning some favors with this one.

    Anyways, no need to get hysterical, m00t is a faggot, everyone has known that for years, the /b/-tards, /pol/-acks, etc. will just relocate.

    And btw, we shouldn’t get that worked up over 4chan anyways.


    Alrenous Reply:

    4chan has enough asabiyya to pull of ops. You think it doesn’t have enough to coordinate a new base of operations?


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    We’ll see. It also has a notoriously short attention span. /pol/ can sustain the raid on 8chan for a week or so, (make no mistake, the exodus is structurally a raid) but if they haven’t set up a stable economy there in a week, it will fizzle and die.


    Alrenous Reply:

    A short attention span is a reason to think /pol/ couldn’t Samson even if they wanted to. The various ways of being more fanatical than an SJW aren’t feasible. (I.e., everyone posts one mod-bait thread a day.)

    However, going to a chan per se isn’t an attention span thing, and they’re being continually pushed from 4chan.

    The SJWs overeagerly overplayed their hand. If they had boiled the frog they might have succeeded. This way, another anonymous imageboard will benefit from winner-take-all dynamics. The 4chan culture obviously stems from the properties of the substrate; as long as the substrate exists somewhere, the culture will have soil to root in. Even if all current substrates were destroyed, it would just bait some russian into making a clone, which would automatically rebuild it, more or less.

    Indeed it will likely benefit the culture overall. The dregs will be left behind due to inertia. Instead of being a Fed honeypot, 4chan will turn into a moron honeypot.

    Antisthenes Reply:

    Please consider this an open question to any and all /pol/iticians:

    Do we remain with the 4, leave for 8chan, or somewhere else?

    nyan_sandwich Reply:



    an inanimate aluminum tube Reply:

    “Continue building hierarchies and analysis, I guess.”

    Hierarchy is great and all but in the current situation it just gives them something to destroy. And something that you have to try and defend.

    At this point the name of the game is leaderless resistance. Legal and non-violent of course. Well, legal as long as red pilling people remains legal in your jurisdiction.


    Nyan Sandwich Reply:

    You always manage to convince me.


    Posted on September 19th, 2014 at 6:46 pm Reply | Quote
  • strelkov Says:

    I popped-in here a few weeks ago sure that the SJW plot was an insane conspiracy, but I was totally wrong. Pol is dead.


    Posted on September 19th, 2014 at 9:00 pm Reply | Quote
  • name Says:

    I find it hard not to dismiss this as a combination of 4chan LLC’s horror at the possibility of high profile legal action, overzealous mods (who, as far as my understanding of 4chan folklore goes, have always had contempt for the userbase), trolls trolling trolls, and maybe a few ambitious young webmasters leveraging the chaos to draw traffic to their own *chans.


    Posted on September 19th, 2014 at 10:25 pm Reply | Quote
  • Michael Says:

    @nyan sandwich
    please techies find a solution russia is vulnerable 4 chan is pwned if the cathedral controls communication the only violence possible is undirected


    Posted on September 20th, 2014 at 12:34 pm Reply | Quote
  • Hattori Says:

    I find it easier to explain it as a the guy who wants to belong to the cool clique of tech progressives for some years now and finally doesn’t mind selling out 4chan to the PC police.

    Let’s be honest here. Moot is obviously interested in stuff like anonymity online but he doesn’t have a single reactionary bone in his body.

    Conquest’s second law etc…


    Posted on September 20th, 2014 at 2:16 pm Reply | Quote
  • Hattori Says:

    More fun:

    Feminist games related conference. “When I put on the glasses”:

    Alleged conversation between moot and mods, take it as you will.


    Posted on September 20th, 2014 at 7:56 pm Reply | Quote
  • Stirner (@heresiologist) Says:

    @nyan sandwich

    Is 8Chan really run by a midget in a wheelchair? Perfection. Better to reign in Chan hell, than serve in prog Heaven for “Hotwheels”.

    Amazing that Nick Denton has ties to the 4chan purge and GamerGate. That, plus developing Buzzfeed and the Gawker media empire makes him truly one of the malign forces in Western culture.


    Antisthenes Reply:

    Could it be that /pol/ itself, in the abstract sense, is spreading?

    The 4chan purge, and the exodus to 8chan and other sites = mitotic division?


    Stirner (@heresiologist) Reply:

    Definitely some sort of biological process at play.

    I am choosing to look on the bright side of things, and viewing this incident as an evolutionary response.

    Spray the field enough with Round-Up, and Gnon will give you roundup resistant superweeds.


    Alrenous Reply:

    @Stirnir, +1


    /Pol/ is spreading like a fungus. Or, ironically, like a Jewish diaspora. The exodus won’t is uncontrolled; the semirandom nature will evenly distribute /pol/lacks everywhere. They won’t dominate every place they land, but they will plant seeds everywhere. Everyone will get a first-hand thread that leads back to anonymous.

    That said they will almost certainly dominate one place, which will suck the rest in a la reverse diaspora.

    Posted on September 20th, 2014 at 9:25 pm Reply | Quote
  • Lightning Round – 2014/09/24 | Free Northerner Says:

    […] and intellectual bullying. Related: An indie developer writes on the diversity police. Related: 4chan furor. Related: Has 4chan been purged? Related: War for the internet’s soul. Related: Gamersgate […]

    Posted on September 24th, 2014 at 5:16 am Reply | Quote

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