A Disturbance in the Force

Is anyone else beginning to get a little … I think the technical term is ‘weirded out’ by what is happening in the media?

Given that the central convergence point of neoreaction is an analysis of media power as the consummation of the (Anglophone) mainstream trend in global political history, it’s impossible to find this sort of thing simply amusing. Cathedral theory predicts a quasi-stable closed loop in which left-progressive academic self-organization obtains ever more comprehensive social dominion through a conductive media system. When the media strays off message, by allowing things to be noticed that — entirely lacking academic endorsement — cannot legitimately exist, something of profound social significance is taking place.

There might be any number of intriguing opportunities in these (still deeply cryptic) developments. For Mencius Moldbug, however, I suspect life could soon become uncomfortably interesting. The attack dogs of the left have left him alone, in the hope that he would remain unknown and ignored. Once that hope dies, the leashes are sure to come off.

[I haven’t forgotten that I owe Bryce a What is Neoreaction? review — but I hadn’t expected I’d be in a race to complete it before the New York Times gets to the finishing post.]

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  • Puzzle Pirate Says:

    “For Mencius Moldbug, however, I suspect life could soon become uncomfortably interesting.”

    I don’t know about that. Moldbug’s style puts off a lot of people and I assume he did that on purpose.

    “The two publications with the largest circulations, TV Guide (13 million) and Readers Digest (12 million), are written at the 9th-grade level.[5] The most popular novels are written at the 7th-grade level. This supports the fact that the average adult reads at the 9th-grade level. It also shows that, for recreation, people read texts that are two grades below their actual reading level.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Readability

    Moldbug is written considerably higher than that. I assume this was done in part because he knew it would put off the wrong kind of people. Men like Anal Dish who want to run around screaming “raysis” at everything won’t even be able to read Moldbug to be able to criticize him.


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  • Grotto Says:

    The Daily Caller, to my understanding, is not exactly a Cathedral organ. It is a fairly low-brow, low prestige conservative website, somewhere between Drudge Report and the Washington Examiner. It’s a click farm that almost anyone can submit an op-ed to. So I would hesitate in interpreting this particular event with much significance, as the Daily Caller is still on the wrong side of Cathedral awareness horizon. If neoreaction makes a breakthrough – even in a negative attack piece – at something like Reason, National Review, Manhattan Institute, or a WSJ op-ed, then we have crossed the Rubicon.

    To your larger point, I agree completely. The penetration of neoreactionary ideas into mainstream conservative thought is proceeding far more quickly than I would have dared hope. But I believe the main axis of advance has been through Game/MRA/PUA blogs, which openly dance with unchallenged impunity on the idea of human egalitarianism. Having breached the political-correctness firewall, it is fairly easy to then move laterally from sex-realism to race-realism, and from race-realism to a wide-ranging critique of the Cathedral orthodoxy which advocates and depends upon human fungibility.

    I think we will follow the same path as Game, which made its decisive breakthrough in 2010-2011 and is essentially mainstream now. There have even been Hollywood movies centered around game.

    The day is definitely coming when neoreaction will come under the klieg lights, and our arguments and rhetoric had better be ready for prime-time.


    Rob Banks Reply:

    The Daily Caller may not be the New York Times, but it’s not nothing, either. That’s the first time I’ve seen any mention of neoreaction in the mainstream press, under any circumstances. Perhaps matters will snowball from there, perhaps not, but this is likely the first exposure a significant number of people have had to neoreactionary ideas. It’s sure a step up from a handful of blogs with a dozen or so readers.

    As the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.


    Dan Reply:

    It’s not nothing, but I think it would be, without Taylor Bigler.

    Which says something about it.


    Scharlach Reply:

    You mean like an attack piece like this?



    Scharlach Reply:

    Wikipedia on the Daily Caller:

    The Daily Caller is a politically conservative news and opinion website based in Washington, D.C., United States. Founded by Tucker Carlson, a conservative political pundit, and Neil Patel, former adviser to former Vice President Dick Cheney,The Daily Caller launched on January 11, 2010.

    The Daily Caller is in the White House rotating press pool and has full-time reporters on Capitol Hill.[4] Its reporters have appeared on MSNBC, Fox News Channel, CNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS, and radio stations across the country . . .

    The Guardian referred to The Daily Caller as “the conservative answer to The Huffington Post” . . .

    It has also won a Edward R. Murrow Award. So, no, it’s not NYT, like Rob said, but it’s only perhaps one degree removed from MSM.


    Kgaard Reply:

    Grotto … I’ve been thinking about this same issue. The way I see it the support for immigration and the shutting down of discussion of racial differences will continue on ad infinitum, supported by several groups: a) oligarchs (who want the bodies), b) politicians (who want the votes), c) women (who don’t care), d) lefties (who take the stance of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend), e) anyone who wants to avoid trouble or conflict.

    Add that up and you have an overwhelming majority AGAINST any real discussion of racial differences or anything else of substance.

    I think the situation is different in Europe, where they have real histories as ethnic states, and where Islam is clearly an aggressive project of colonization within Europe. But in the US? Weeellll … I think the combination of our unique history and economic system is gonna lead to evolution of a true multi-ethnic state. I’ve been arguing against this for weeks and months but I’ve been worn down. I just don’t see any other way things are actually gonna play out.


    J Arthur Bloom Reply:

    I most certainly will not accept just anything, Grotto. I do try to publish eight a day, so the beast must be fed.

    The only person between the submissions account and the page is me, so the decision to publish Bryce (and now Wesley’s) article is entirely mine.

    We get 9 million unique hits a month now, which is considerably more than the Examiner.

    There are a variety of factors influencing my decision to publish self-identified neoreactionaries, the first among which is my editor’s complete lack of tolerance for politically correct pieties. Honestly, I’m probably more skittish than Tucker is.

    The main reason I published Bryce is because I think he’s a capable writer and I wanted to set off the kind of cognitive dissonance Land addresses in the post above.


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  • Carl Says:

    Perhaps this is the fruit of the shutdown. The ineffectual Tea Party has laid bare the lack of democracy in our “democratic” system. This leaves conventional “conservative” outlets more open to alternative viewpoints.


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  • pseudo-chrysostom Says:

    from my perspective, ever since /pol/ was resurrected, theres been a noticeable increase in crime-think in other forums, popular interest and networking sites, like reddit, youtube, and et cetera. tradition flows from leaders to solipsists, and the internet largely gets its memes from 4chan.


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    /pol/ is full of idiots, but it’s definitely proto-reactionary. I posted Radish’s propoganda posters there once and got a good reception.

    They haven’t quite discovered the full on Cathedral-aware Dark Enlightenment yet. At least, no one says “Cathedral” on /pol/. DE might be too high-brow; 4chan isn’t exactly intellectual.


    Diogenes Reply:

    I’ve been doing my best. They don’t seem to have the attention span for Moldbug and Outside In is too /x/ for them. Interest in Evola has increased recently, but your mileage may vary as to whether that matters.

    At present I’d say /pol/’s centrifugal core is its unconditional distrust of higher education, which potentially leads a few to the blogosphere and DE.


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    > too /x/

    is that just the dark background?

    I think radish is the right on-ramp for /pol/. Radish has lots of punchy propaganda images that work really well for dump threads. Plus his stuff is quite linkable.

    The usual problem with radish is the heavy emphasis on race (being essentially unamusement park in a fancy suit), but /pol/ is at least an order of magnitude more racist, so it’s actually no problem.

    >/pol/’s centrifugal core is its unconditional distrust of higher education

    Sure, if by “higher eductaion” you mean more specifically the cathedralist parts and what “eductated” people believe.

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  • fake_username Says:

    I was surprised to stumble across a post on Neoreaction from a fairly popular right-leaning blog the other day (Matt Forney, I haven’t really read his stuff), and as a result I purchased Laliberte’s ebook. Undoubtedly it was an uncanny coincidence, but I nonetheless think my accidentally finding opinion on neoreaction reveals that it is beginning to penetrate the zeitgeist.


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  • VXXC Says:

    “under the klieg lights, and our arguments and rhetoric had better be ready for prime-time.”

    If I take that literally…have you seen the competition?

    By Prime Time you mean soundbites, cheerleader slogans, bumper stickers??

    I’m supposed to be the populist around here, gracious.

    Sharpen your ends.

    Consider whom you want to reach.

    Then sharpen the message, boil it down. Nothing wrong with short, simple language.

    No one talks us all out of this, so perhaps talk to that which will see us through.


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  • VXXC Says:

    “last acceptable form of racism.”

    Is my only objection….it’s the point of it.

    BUT Bruce is ready for Prime Time!!

    That was well done. Very well done. It sounds reasonable and common sense.
    Exit – look fine. I would not fight to keep anyone under their yoke, or another. Secede by all means.

    I just don’t think it will work.

    If it does I’ll move to TX with my co-workers and clients. Cuz the 1st economy to ashcan the Federal Register wins.


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  • Thales Says:

    Final Girl (looking out window): What are they doing?

    Jock: They’re looking for something.


    Ex-Mil: They’ve found us. Alright everyone, move! Let’s go — let’s go!

    Professor (tinkering with gizmo): I need more time!

    Ex-Mil: We don’t have more time, doctor…


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  • Red Says:

    I very much doubt the cathedral has enough brains left to actually understand Mencius Moldbug. And despite him being the intellectual father of the neo-reaction he isn’t a leading figure in it. He’s become bored with politics and people beneath his level.


    Jack Crassus Reply:


    Is anyone on Moldbug’s level?

    I like what I see so far from this exit guy. No other contenders, really. Annissimov and our host each occasionally have something novel and interesting to say. But Moldbug is Moldbug.


    Diogenes Reply:

    I read Blake, Evola and Devi because they had grand imaginations.

    I read Moldbug because he’s right.


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  • Diogenes Says:

    I wonder how many would be pointing the bone and screaming “white nationalist” if they knew about Outside In’s (puzzling, from my perspective) support for Israel.


    admin Reply:

    Doesn’t “support” involve “bothering to talk about”? Sure, I tilt pro-Israeli in every concrete dispute within the region, but my overwhelming consideration is that the Israel ‘problem’ has been blown absurdly out of proportion by people with bizarre agendas or resentment issues. There are far more important things going on (except from a psycho-pathological perspective).


    Mike Reply:

    What’s so puzzling about taking the higher-IQ side of a conflict?


    Diogenes Reply:

    It’s hard to see how one can simultaneously be a naturalist and affirmatively “for” the most artificial state in history.

    I’m quite indifferent to Israel itself, but if the Jews really are the high-IQ ubermenschen they believe themselves to be, they shouldn’t really need my country’s government to send them any shekels.


    Konkvistador Reply:

    Israel is a colonialist project, where the natives where subdued with a combination of force and being bought off. In one sense it is quite artificial in another it is the most natural thing in the world that has been happening since the beginning of civilization.

    Israel has now been there since 1947. After 70 years the initial artificialness starts to wear off. Indeed Israel was designed to be a Jewish state, had America been designed to be an Englishman’s state it would be far less artificial looking today.

    Mike Reply:

    Israeli median IQ is about 100. Arab median tops out at maybe 90 if you’re lucky.

    Saddam Hussein's Whirling Aluminium Tubes Reply:

    “Israel is a colonialist project, where the natives where subdued with a combination of force and being bought off. In one sense it is quite artificial in another it is the most natural thing in the world that has been happening since the beginning of civilization.”

    Sure, vae victis and all that.

    But it’s also natural for the colonized to want to get rid of the colonizers.

    Optimizing for intelligence isn’t about “taking the higher side IQ side of every conflict” (Nazis had higher IQs than gypsies) it’s about the production of local extropy. Extropy, that’s the opposite of entropy.

    Does Israel produce local extropy? It depends how you define “local”.

    There is a lot of extropy in Israel itself, but there is a lot of entropy in the region as a whole that can be traced to the Israeli conquest and colonization.

    And it has gone beyond Israel fighting for its “right” to exist, to stuff like playing rough triangles and burning neighboring states in the region, so that they can never threaten Israel, even though they weren’t particularly threatening to begin with.

    Supporting the creation of an Al Qaeda emirate in Syria is not optimizing for local extropy, yet that is current Israeli foreign policy.

    Israel might be the lesser of two evils, but it’s not worthy of enthusiastic support.

    Joël Cuerrier Reply:

    Nothing, except when they have managed to control Western governments for the past century and are just doing the same now in the East.


    Diogenes Reply:

    Bit of a shame that in telling me off and re-asserting that hey-now-the-Jews-aren’t-the-bad-guys-here, we seem to have passed over the quite innocent point about the irony of Outside In being condemned as “white nationalist”.

    Aw shucks.


    admin Reply:

    From my perspective, this comes in somewhere around point #20 of why I am not a White Nationalist. (If I’m on the list of scolds, though, it’s unintentional — and I’m certainly not wanting to rule the question of USG’s antiquated Camp David welfare system out of bounds.)


    Diogenes Reply:

    No wukkas.

    Michael Reply:

    why does the jews having written documentation of occupying the levant for thousands of years not seen as meaningful.why does might not make right in this peculiar case are we not devo? BTW i have no dog in this race except the enemy of my enemy is my friend . I am surprised no ones commented on last months study purporting Ashkenazim mitochondrial DNA 80-92% European,I thought that was fun fact


    admin Reply:

    You mean this?


    Diogenes Reply:

    It’s meaningful if you have already adopted a stance of unconditional support for Israel I suppose?

    If Neo-Reaction can adopt “the enemy of the enemy is my friend”, it’s with heavy irony.


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  • Jack Crassus Says:

    The American conservative movement is small and generally accessible to young people with a taste for writing and activism, as it’s perpetually understaffed. Outside of the upper echelons of the Republican Party proper, a young and enthusiastic person will find himself welcome in most places. It doesn’t surprise me to see Bryce being picked up by a blog site that accepts outside contribution.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Moldbug’s poison pill strategy seems too good to be true, to me.

    “For Mencius Moldbug, however, I suspect life could soon become uncomfortably interesting. The attack dogs of the left have left him alone, in the hope that he would remain unknown and ignored. Once that hope dies, the leashes are sure to come off.”

    It implies a certain ability to manipulate your enemies. Far more likely it is security by obscurity. E.g. how likely is Ben Bernanke to comment on Unqualified Reservations? Because that’s approximately how likely he is to even know it exists.

    Quick, imagine all the blogs you don’t know about. Count them. Divide the number of reactionary blogs by that number. Next, find the probability that the attack dog’s masters, like Bernanke and Soros, are to randomly look at a long-tail blog. Multiply these probabilities together.

    Or: quick, know what you don’t know.

    If not obscurity, there are dozens of equally depressing reasons for Moldbug’s non-mainstream impact.

    Example two: I’m pretty sure I found Moldbug on reddit, way back in the day, through Two Blowhards. Including the John Law piece about collapsing currencies. Have fun trying to find any Moldbug stuff on reddit now, or even dark enlightenment. If you(plural) succeed, kindly let me know, I’ll want to study the epistemology there. Here’s it’s not randomness and obscurity, the whole point of reddit is to trawl the long tail – that’s how I found this stuff in the first place. Here, it’s something else. Probably something depressing.


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  • Solex Says:

    I’m glad someone else noticed this anomaly! I mean come on: race, the middle east, large-scale geo-political narratives… and no mention of Israel and the Jews? The historical role/story of the Jewish people is surely a huge Dark Enlightenment issue? And Israel, as well as @ Diogenes yes, being such an artificial state, also stands as an interesting example of what a high IQ ethnic state might look like. And to continually ignore the role of Israel in the middle east seems even stranger… especially in relation to nuclear proliferation and many other Outside/In themes. These issues can’t be ducked – if they are really not important themes, then an argument has to be made to this effect at least.


    fotrkd Reply:

    An argument was made when you raised the same matter during the Islamic Vortex series. It was, roughly: Israel(-Palestine) obscures (for the political convenience of many) the central Sunni-Shia conflict narrative in the ME, and it is therefore unhelpful within that context to dedicate unnecessary time to it (as John Kerry was doing at the time). If there’s a valid reason for bringing Israel or Judaism into a discussion then do so. But I’m not seeing that in relation to this particular post.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Are you an American, upset about being robbed blind by the USG?
    Look! A squirrel! Homophobia! And those knuckdragging Teabaggers are going to make Donald Duck wear pants! OMG!

    Are you a Farsi Shi’ite, upset about the incompetence and venality of the Islamic Republic?
    Look! A squirrel! Look how the Joos! The Joos! are mistreating our dear brothers, the Sunni Arab Palestinians!

    If Israel didn’t exist, it would be necessary for Iran, Saudi Arabia, et al, to invent it. No points are awarded here for originality.


    Handle Reply:

    Spot on.

    I’ve been to the Mideast a few times. All I can say is that they’ll never run out of the equivalent of Jews, even if they do manage to run out of Jews. They are the most conspiratorially-minded people in the world, which makes sense, since they are the most conspiratorial. But that means they have to ability to stop their imaginations from running wild, usually with sinister delusional hatred. There is always some ‘other’ just other-enough, suitable for the propagandist’s purposes, on which to blame everything. If it’s not the Jews, it’ll be the West, or the US, or Russia, or China, or India, etc. Always, always THEM.


    Thales Reply:

    Likely this was the killer-app of Christianity: the ability to push through the whole issue of scapegoatting in heterogeneous societies (via a story from the goat’s POV), thus lubricating (cautious) mutually-beneficial exchange with those outside their monkeyspheres.

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  • Michael Says:

    “There might be any number of intriguing opportunities…”

    – whats this Magister Ludi selling out? But master I thought we were to just sit in the dark tower and listen for the wimper. Are you saying there’s something to be done , and with those helots and vaisya its too yucky


    admin Reply:

    I’m assuming “master” is meant to be read with an implied Igor accent?

    If you have any practical tips to offer on selling out, they’ll be gratefully received. I’m not exactly seeing the BTC dancing in front of my eyes at this point.


    Michael Reply:

    jes having some fun
    But be careful grasshopper this is where moldbug gets PWND


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  • RangerRick Says:

    @Thales, sure on killer app: with hardware? biological underpinnings? see HBDChick http://hbdchick.wordpress.com/?s=the+church+and+cousin+marriage and Jayman and what the Church did to cousin marriage compare to say status of cousin marriage in Arab and Pushtun cultures….or in our host’s home town.


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  • Peter A. Taylor Says:


    I was thinking that the subtle wisdom of the crucifixion story was that there were reciprocal obligations between leaders and followers. Usually the followers have to bleed for the leaders, but the crucifixion story says that sometimes the leader has to bleed for the followers. But I like your interpretation better.


    Adam G. Reply:

    That’s the Nietzschean version, and it has some merit, but Thales’ has a lot going for it. I’d add that undermining the conspiracy mindset is personally useful too. You have to stop looking to blame somebody for being a screw-up before you can really tackle being a screw-up, and the man on the cross is a good tech for that, especially for down-and-outers.

    It would be hard for us to fully grok all of the Christian killer apps, though, as most of them will just be cultural commonplaces that we take for granted.


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  • Diogenes Says:

    Elaboration of the viral analysis of ideological phenomena is tasty stuff.


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  • VXXC Says:

    I hope Bruce L. and others understand the Cathedral has a lot to defend, so make them defend it.

    Their enemies gain by attacking them.

    Their enemies should think like nomad raiders, with the Cathedral as the established [gag] civilization facing the barbarians. It’s accurate, very effective, and overdue karma.

    Don’t get in the position of defending “truth and beauty”, they have quite despoiled them both, and are in the position of owning the ruined women of truth and beauty. Along with the ruins they made of people, cities, nations, finances, money and the rest. They have a lot of corrupt interests and hypocrisy, privilege to defend.

    Attack. We have nothing but our hovels and weapons. Defend nothing, attack.


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  • J Arthur Bloom Says:

    @Grotto Also, I should say that I wanted to give someone a chance to respond to Kuznicki at the Umlaut. I was the one who suggested he have a look down the reacto-rabbit hole, and wasn’t totally satisfied with what he came up with.


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  • peppermint Says:

    The high-water mark for “anti-racism” was when that woman said on Alternet that the was “grateful for the experience” of being raped in Haiti.

    It took years and years of anti-White propaganda and conditioning, including hiding crimes by Blacks while scurrelously accusing Whites of those same types of crimes, in order to colonize her mind with that false consciousness according to which being raped by a Black becomes a chance to recite the usual whaargarbl about Whites.

    I think that article, even though it was from 2010, really marks the culmination of the 20th century.


    Antisthenes Reply:

    My money says we haven’t reached the high-water mark yet.


    anonymous Reply:

    In a way, the 60s ended the day we sold it…


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