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As a symptom of things hitting the buffers, this Michael Walsh article is vaguely encouraging. It speaks unreservedly about the “collaborationist Republican Party” but eventually loses itself in the pseudo-conundrum:

How a political party cannot sell Freedom and Liberty and Leave Me Alone to a formerly free people is beyond me …

Could it perhaps be because democratic party politics has exhaustively demonstrated its incompatibility with “Freedom and Liberty”, “Leave Me Alone”, and a “free people”?


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  • C. Y. Chen Says:

    He has a photo of a statue of Marx with the caption calling Marxism “the god that failed”. Right after that, he has one of a minuteman statue with a caption saying “yes, we did”. I find this unintentionally hilarious.

    One unexamined premise Walsh should really question is the concept of America itself.


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  • VXXC Says:

    @ Ah but Mr. Chen [I presume] there is the matter of the Americans to consider…


    admin Reply:

    [“C” is “Clare”]


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  • VXXC Says:

    Jeffersonian or Toquevillian Democracy in America [1830-1933] complemented the Constitutional Republic of 1789, instead of destroying it. It could have destroyed it, but it didn’t, the elites destroyed it with the New Deal. .

    Not letting the crisis go to waste the New Dealers seized power slowly and bloodlessly. FDR summoned the American Army always in waiting – The Dissenters. [probably to actually protect elite interests].

    We don’t have democracy we have administrative government, that being the “Deal” in The New Deal. Which was hardly how it was sold, indeed it was done mostly through Judicial Decisions such as Humphrey’s Executors, Milburn et al. The Administrative Procedures Act of 1946 was the one thing done through the legislature.

    I have made this point over and over again, Moldbug himself fears the People greatly. However his own invaluable service in demolishing official history vitiates the argument the people destroyed democracy in America. He’s afraid of the People because he – and most neo-reactionaries – fear the peoples just wrath. Also ah..well…ah…they work for the Cathedral and really just think the entire thing would run fine if they had the corner office, with Hail FreddyGreat [it’s America, he’s FreddyGreat] in charge.

    Now of course we have 44 million government employees if one rightly includes academia and health care, one should now include finance as well. We also have 100 plus million dependents [some overlap] the largest being pensioners. Yes, when you see the end of the checks are near you vote for the next check.

    Finally we have an utterly captive token opposition in the Republicans. They can’t sell it because you see no figure of stature or strength will get near the upper levers of power by election – see Sarah Palin. The Cathedrals court assassins in the media see to that.

    Democracy didn’t do this, it’s been out of power for 80 years. Usually the argument then becomes “well it WOULD HAVE done it anyway.” Perhaps. But it didn’t.


    admin Reply:

    Whilst the New Deal marked an especially calamitous lurch into ruin, it cannot be seen as the beginning of the problem. Even those who consider Lincoln’s regime defensible need to remember Wilson. In retrospect, the place to have put up a fierce fight was the Articles of Confederation.


    Contemplationist Reply:

    Doesn’t Moldbug consider the Constitution to be the product of a ‘Thermidorean reaction’ by the monarchical Federalists? And therefore, I suspect he doesn’t have much positive to say about the AoC. Not that you have to agree with him of course, but just wondering what you thought about this.


    admin Reply:

    He’s far more of a Tory than me. (I think, coming from America, he doesn’t fully see the extent to which the British aristocratic establish deliberately encouraged the development of socialism as a way to punish the Whigs. In the Old Country, democratization was almost wholly a Tory enterprise. So I cheer on the 18th century secessionists in the New World — quite unreservedly. As Burke did too, I might add.)

    Puzzle Pirate (@PuzzlePirate) Reply:

    “Democracy didn’t do this, it’s been out of power for 80 years. Usually the argument then becomes “well it WOULD HAVE done it anyway.” Perhaps. But it didn’t.”

    You or Moldbug are correct on this, which ever one is correct then we need to realize that democracy either allowed the failure state to happen, caused the failure state to happen, or could not prevent the failure state from happening. Knowing which of these is the problem is certainly important but it still shows democracy is part of the problem.


    VXXC Reply:


    To say Democracy in America caused the Failure State we have now is simply incorrect, Democracy was absent power and the scene of the crime for 32 years in 1965 [the year it really happened, and I don’t necessarily mean the Civil Rights Act].

    To say democracy is still part of the problem: Human Nature is the problem. There is no fail-proof human organization or certainly polis.

    I advocate a restoration point of the last working government, in fact our heyday.
    This is a basic premise of most sane, well run human affairs. You return to methods tested for your own area, in this case land, people, polis. That’s not a King, Dictator, Corporation.

    Remember please it wasn’t a pure democracy. It was a democracy that complemented a Constitutional Republic.

    Moldbug is a programmer and engineer, he wants ….A reactionary state with Pax Dickinson as CEO.

    Pax could not defeat Gawker and Anil Dash. Pax is defeated by no-talent gossips. Further he then publicly begs for mercy from Anil, who has none of course and further publicly humiliates him. Pax was the baddest ass bad boy nerds have to offer.

    Conclusion: Dear Sirs if Anil and Gawker intimidate you…you cannot govern, never mind restore.

    And as I also keep saying, one must not ignore the matter of “The Americans”. Who aren’t going to accept a government that ignores their history, culture, needs, wants, who they are, and a say in self-governing. The Ducks you know have GUNS.

    Their arming at now Arms Race speed [faster than the market can meet it] for 5 years, the actual arming was The Beginning of Reaction in 1968 when the 1st gun control acts were introduced.

    Mock the Rednexx all ye want, they got going with the NRA 45 years ago, when it morphed from a sleepy marksmanship training and hunting tips club into an effective policy organization.

    I mean compared to the NRA*, what can for instance the Republicans point to? Or the Tea Party [which is only 4 years old at this point].

    Moldbug can of course de-construct this I’m sure, but he doesn’t have anything to offer as alternative that will be accepted.

    Moldbug fears the People. He’s right, they’re justly pissed. But these things have to happen every so often.


    Puzzle Pirate (@PuzzlePirate) Reply:

    “To say Democracy in America caused the Failure State we have now is simply incorrect,”

    One of the other possibilities is that it allowed the failure state to happen. That means democracy didn’t have the strength to resist the failure state when it appeared. Which also means democracy failed.

    “Moldbug is a programmer and engineer, he wants ….A reactionary state with Pax Dickinson as CEO.

    Pax could not defeat Gawker and Anil Dash. Pax is defeated by no-talent gossips. Further he then publicly begs for mercy from Anil, who has none of course and further publicly humiliates him. Pax was the baddest ass bad boy nerds have to offer.”

    Are you kidding me? Have we been reading the same neoreactionary blogs?

    Lesser Bull Reply:

    Well, democracy failed. By itself, that is not that damning a judgment to pronounce. Everything human fails at some point or another.

    admin Reply:

    You calling yourself a democrat is exactly like me calling myself a liberal. Those words have gone down the sewer, regardless of the sense they once had. Isn’t the neoreactionary insight most centrally: the calamity that befell these ideas can’t be comfortably bracketed-off as extrinsic misfortunes. The rot goes deep.

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  • VXXC Says:

    I have just returned from personal visits to Maryland. Maryland would now properly be called Potomacia.

    A land beyond redemption.

    Everyone there is screwing each other and the Tax Serfs. All the government employees hate their existence and fear the gossip of the court. Micro-Aggressions and Passive-aggressions and counter-moves with social media postings consume great amounts of time, energy, and sap life of joy.

    Many Canadians in MD. Including the Ice Canadians. I notice that lately the Ice Canadians skin markings art culture is cross-polinating to the Canadians. They gave IC crack, we have given them tattoos in return.

    Really I saw only miserable Cathedral functionaries, Canadians and White Trash.

    Truly a state beyond redemption.


    Puzzle Pirate (@PuzzlePirate) Reply:

    Thank you for posting this. I lived in the People’s Republic of Maryland for most of my life and fled for these very reasons, among others.

    Crazy thing to me was how no one else seemed to noticed how fucked up the whole place was.


    VXXC Reply:

    Maryland is a glimpse of how the Cathedral would structure America, although constrained money and resources will mean more Detroit’s. For those of you outside the United States, you wish by far to live in Maryland and not Detroit.

    So here is the Great Question: No serious man would willingly live as the slave of tyranny for long if there was any choice, certainly not anarcho-tyranny. So the question is: will you share power in a Constitutional or some other power sharing arrangement, or do you wish to be part of the Tyranny?

    Most in Dark Enlightenment have made their choice, the Tyranny. However seeing the encroaching anarchy this tyranny means, wish to form a more perfect Tyranny.

    Do correct me if I have it wrong.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:


    You do have it wrong. I think mostly we’re a bunch of Aspies who see a looming catastrophe, but don’t agree on the details and don’t see a solution. We don’t want a piece of Barack Obama’s action.

    I also think you’re mistaken about the numbers. You seem to be trying to practice “the politics of mobilization”. What I think we need is “the politics of persuasion.” I keep hearing about Obama’s popularity bottoming out, but it bottoms out above 40%, and there is no consensus among the opposition about what his replacement should do differently. Americans who self-identify as “conservative” may outnumber those who self-identify as “progressive” or “liberal”, but any politician who tells a group of “conservatives” that he wants to reform Social Security is likely to be crucified by them.

    I also disagree with your claim that the US isn’t a democracy. I interpret your statement as meaning that my friends who voted for Obama have no moral responsibility for him being in power. I don’t accept that.

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  • VXXC Says:

    Walsh answered it: “The Minuteman: Yes, we did.”

    And in some form yes we will.

    The Articles of Confederation were not defended because they were indefensible. However so was the democratic chaos that existed in the vaccuum they allowed.

    Jeffersonian Democracy evolved over decades after the ratification of the Constitution. 41 years in fact.

    When Ducks have Guns*, the Ducks get a say.

    Now we could if we had power and wanted to play Reactionary Social engineer I suppose in theory establish Hail FreddyGreat and neo-cameralism. By Power I mean the Ring of Fnargl and crypto-locks on all the guns. Progs actually want the latter, the former would mean you’re willing to use nuclear weapons on your own people. Which is what it would take. I realize DEC fears the People and DEC is right. . Too Bad.

    *more ONION as actual reality. The times we live in.


    Saddam Hussein's Whirling Aluminium Tubes Reply:


    Well, if Red State America magically restores the country to the status quo prior to the New Deal, then reaction is academic and we’ve been wasting our time.

    But one can’t help but notice that Red State America is getting fatter and older and that they’re losing control of more and more of the country. One can’t help but notice that the majority of children under a certain age are minorities. One can’t help but notice that the Churches are already lost and the military appears soon to follow, as it fills up with politically reliable members of the rainbow coalition.

    So if Red State America has a magic trick up its sleeve, it might be a good idea to play it soon.

    And we have to ask ourselves… what do we do if Red State America doesn’t have a magic trick up their sleeve? What if they just keep waiting for the right time, until they’re too old to do anything?

    I’m not asking you to answer those questions, I’m just saying that we’ve been promised a magic trick for a long time and it hasn’t happened, so it’s hardly surprising that people discuss contingencies for the situation where the magic trick never arrives.


    VXXC Reply:

    Don’t take the answers personally. This is a shotgun blast at an area target.

    Who promised anyone , anything?

    “What if they just keep waiting for the right time, until they’re too old to do anything?”

    What if they’re waiting for leadership that is lacking because all the natural leaders are on the Cathedral Payroll?

    What if the the 2010 census doesn’t show the dystopia that seemingly must be surrendered to? Mind you I don’t give a damn about “Red State” vs Blue State. It’s a bit more fundamental.

    What magic trick? It’s not magic.

    And what, you’re helpless?

    Giving it best guess they’re quite ready. However spectators shouldn’t criticize others for not playing up to the game the spectators want. The game being the most dangerous contact sport.

    They certainly won’t restore it with elections. I think they have at least begun to realize this.

    Again not personally, the fighting may or may not be done by fools, but the thinking is certainly done by cowards.


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  • VXXC Says:

    @ Puzzle Pirate,

    Well I don’t know what blogs you’ve been reading. Pax was defeated by Gawker and Anil. And then with full hubris Anil publicly humiliates him.

    Now Moldbug never named Pax as his CEO in Chief of Patchwork, I’m using Pax as a symbol. I had never heard of him until Jim ID’d the issue when it happened. He lost.

    Nerds ain’t beating the degenerative Prog, generation 30.5.

    No human system won’t fail, especially if the systems elites systematically undermine it. Actually it’s a testimony to it’s durable resilience we can have this conversation. Oh, and their pussies too.

    As I noted the Ducks With Guns aren’t going to go for anything other than 1] a solvent and functional version of what we have, both conditions are impossible, and Hate Ducks , or 2] some version of what they lost.

    understand that a very high trust culture was deceived by it’s own elites. It’s not so tough taking candy from a baby. The problem is they get bigger.


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  • VXXC Says:

    @VXXC @ admin – the rot goes deeper…

    The rot you refer to is Human Nature. The Rule of Kings seems enlightened because it’s been gone for centuries.

    Would you like to live in Saudi Arabia? That’s a typical Kingdom, except that it has shitloads of money.

    No King could rule America without ridding it of Americans first. Ask the Progs, they’re trying.


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  • Peter A. Taylor Says:

    Is it human nature, or is it culture?

    “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” — Benjamin Franklin


    Puzzle Pirate (@PuzzlePirate) Reply:

    The quality of the human capital matters. Part of the problem may be that the wrong kinds of human beings left too many children. The civilized didn’t make enough and the barbaric made too many. This pattern was noticed at least as early as a century ago probably earlier. Seriously I am I the only one here who has read “The revolt against civilization”?

    You can get it for free here its a pretty good read:


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  • Peter A. Taylor Says:


    I’d love to hear more about your perspective on Whigs vs. Tories.


    admin Reply:

    My historical competence is sure to disappoint, but the episode of central importance is the 1867 Reform Act (which introduced unconditional male franchise and effectively scuttled the UK for good). Disraeli’s Tories were responsible for this piece of national sabotage — knowing that no explicitly capitalist party could survive in such a radically democratic environment. As predicted, the decline of Whigs into ever more recognizably ‘modern liberals’ ensued, laying the foundations for their eventual displacement by an overtly socialist ‘Labour Party’ … game over.


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  • pseudo-chrysostom Says:

    yes it took centuries for americans to vote for universalist gnostic nihilism, but thats a credit to the american people, not the democratic system of governance.

    the capacity for people to self determine is of course predicated on their capacities.


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