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  • mobius Says:

    Man, they are really doing it. I thought him a charlatan.


    Thales Reply:

    A sufficiently advanced charlatanry is indistinguishable from visionary entrepreneurship.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Regular space travel would be an amazing thing. Then the only question is whether we:

    (1) Explore the stars with our best and brightest, or

    (2) Send our least desirable people to a moon colony, or

    (3) Assume that resources mined from space will keep the whole sick show afloat for another few centuries.


    Erebus Reply:

    With respect to Option #2, they wouldn’t survive five minutes. It would be gentler and more humane to annihilate them via some other means… not to mention cheaper, as getting them out of this gravity well would cost an impossibly huge fortune. (We have too many undesirables.)


    Pseudo-chrysostom Reply:

    Offloading your criminal under-class to duke it out with savage indigenes in some far flung colony is a time honored imperial tradition (and respectful of the ordinals of conflict!)

    Ahh, if only europeans had made the whole globe european first before engaging in their little world war.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Here’s yr daily poke in the ribs:

    Capital, more like lowercase.


    Wagner Reply:

    Land, you may be obtaining great power soon. If you slip up, if you betray what is true and just, your folly will be repeated in the 21st century version of GIF for all eyes to see, infinitely. If you betray philosophy philosophy will betray you.


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  • AMK Says:

    The ethereal beauty of exit.


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  • R7 Rocket Says:

    Praise Prophet Musk (PBUH)!


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