Bespoke Singularities

When techno-commercial and left singularities seem too damn vanilla, it’s time to branch out. John Cussans (master of the shuffling undead) passed on this selection.

It’s frightening how many of them look almost uncontroversially realistic. The Outside in favorite (predictably enough) was the ‘Bilderbergularity’:

Billionaire overlords throw in the towel trying to run the planet, escape en masse to low earth orbit. People around the world breath a sigh of relief … before falling onto each other like zombie hordes.

[A Governmentularity / Fungularity mash-up would work well for me.]

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  • Mark Warburton Says:

    My Branflakes were flying all over the shop. This is hilarious (and at times close to the bone)!


    Posted on April 7th, 2013 at 9:26 am Reply | Quote
  • Handle Says:

    After I was done laughing, I’m starting to think that this particular document is the work of intellectual History of our age. Really. That says a lot. It captures so much of the social evolutionary equivalent of what Kaus calls “undernews.” I wonder if it becomes a third order meta-meme.

    Newscorpularity – “Life as a zombie with a credit card.” Hmm….


    Posted on April 7th, 2013 at 3:28 pm Reply | Quote
  • Mark Warburton Says:


    Its premise is too geeky for undernews/memes in-itself!


    Handle Reply:

    With apologies to Keynes, perhaps today’s ubergeek-only-undernews is the day after tomorrow’s cynosure of Historical understanding.

    And speaking of Keynes and “ularities” – maybe one of the one’s left out (besides Leftist Singularity, ‘natch) was “Quipularity” related to “Retroquipocracy” or rule of today’s elite ideas by past scribblers who were particularly good at turning a phrase resonant in today’s dominant tongue.

    Keynes, whatever you think of his theories, is Lord Excelsior at this, at least in his realm and domain.

    It’s a pretty rare gift. Mention Keynes and many educated folks can quote his most quotable quotes. Now, do the same for Krugman. Um … Stiglitz? Um … You know these men are clever, and decent at rhetoric, and yet …

    Try it for yourself. Google these gentlemen, or any others that come to mind, and “quotes” and ye shall know them by their lames.


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    What a beautiful quote, didn’t know it was Keynes. Certainly have come across it before I think. Ok, understood you on the second go on the “ularities”.I do feel a little out of my depth here. Hopefully I’ll get into the swing of things eventually..! Yes, perhaps you’re right. Krugman is pretty crude, yeah. I’d give him brownie points on his persistence and ubiquity though. That bastard’s everywhere!


    Posted on April 7th, 2013 at 5:54 pm Reply | Quote

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