Cannon Fodder

The War Nerd instigates a mutiny against Justine Tunney. That has to be worth a few minutes of your time, surely?

Chaos is raised to some indescribable higher power.


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  • Nick B. Steves Says:

    His interpretation of Tunney’s goals seems far more benign than I’d give Tunney credit for. Cannon fodder? Hell no. A genuine private army. (But this is all from February. (??))


    Erebus Reply:

    The difference is one of degree. As things stand today, any small army — private or otherwise — which attempts to confront the US Government on US Government turf is de facto cannon fodder. This would be true of a trained and disciplined militia of armed men; it’s especially true when said ‘army’ is comprised of unarmed drunks and homeless folks.

    I find that it’s very difficult to take Tunney seriously, in any case.


    Chris B Reply:

    If you look at it as if it is a standard conflict as per wars we imagine as wars (two forces fight until one wins) then you miss the point massively. Look at the Bundy standoff. US gov backed off due to PR issues. Take this back pre mass media and they would likely have attacked him.

    cannon fodder has different meanings now. In, say for example, Hannibals tactics in the battle of cannae the troops in the centre were cannon fodder in the old sense – there to die/ take up the enemys attacks so as to allow for an attack from other more valuable force.

    In the Tunney example (as elaborated on by warnerd), they would be cannon fodder for the sake of PR, thus allowing for the victory to be won on the political flank via the media- which always beats the military.

    That’s 4GW.


    Erebus Reply:

    “Genuine private army” seemed to imply that they could meet military objectives of value, beyond getting beaten-on for the cameras.

    That aside, what you’re saying doesn’t seem to apply in this case. You’re assuming that the American media will make some sort of political ‘victory’ possible — which, in this day and age, is not plausible in the slightest. Not when it goes contrary to their own interests and those of their owners, sponsors, etc. To the contrary, they’ll go out of their way to look for reasons to discredit ‘the opposition’ and paint them in the worst light possible, which will be far too easy with Tunney and people like her. They’d be discredited and reduced to ridicule so fast your head will spin. Victory: Impossible.

    Chris B Reply:

    @erebus the recent Gaza episode shows that the media’s ability to control the message has gone awol. Get enough SJW outrage ignition, get enough blood flowing, and social media will take on a life of it’s own. It’s an utterly morbid systemic feedback loop which is built into leftism and democracy.

    State commits violence against perceieved victims = left wing outrage escalation in which each leftist trys to out outrage each other for power points. This mechanism can be seen in anti-racism, feminism etc it’s the leftist ratchet. This system is so far along the leftism descent now, and so degraded, that it is irrepareable.

    If tunney had hired the homeless and filmed the police beating them and started a sjw leftist outrae ignition, the press would have been unable to do anything other than support an SJW chimp out and actual occupation of wall street. Anything else would have been a rejection of liberal democracy.


    Erebus Reply:

    Rhetoric aside, do you believe that what you’re describing can actually come to pass in modern America? What it boils down to is:

    1. Cops beating on homeless protesters. (Let’s leave aside for a moment the facts that they’re paid agitators, just meat-shields for hire, and that police brutality is nothing new.)
    2. Which leads to: A mass SJW chimp-out on social media, which, due to a sort of recursive feedback mechanism inherent to the medium, is very strongly amplified.
    3. Which leads to: The mainstream press/television/radio media, which is still where most Americans get their news, reporting on the protest in a manner that portrays the cops and the establishment as ‘the bad guys’ in no uncertain terms.
    4. Which leads to: ???
    5. Which leads to: “Actual occupation of wall street”?

    And then what? Some sort of bloodless coup? War in the streets? I’m inclined to believe that this ‘strategy’ will fall apart past stage #2. One might get a strong social media response, and some favorable press on the fringes of mainstream-media respectability, but to think that one can topple the cathedral or use its own weapons against it with such a puerile strategy… well… I think that probably wouldn’t end well.

    …Not that I’m unsympathetic to that goal. And it’ll certainly make for some ‘pass the popcorn’ moments.

    Chris B Reply:

    lol. You pretty much got it. Again, referring to an actual example, all that stopped the Israelis was the Palastinians purposefully taking casualties then crying on social media. If it bleeds it leads, and if it gets ignition in the social media sphere, the mainstream media has it’s hands tied. That is the essence of 4GW at this point. Here is Lind pretty much predicting the Israeli failure back in 2009.

    I reckon if Steves get the NRx conference up and running, he should hire homeless people of colour as security, so if any antifa come to act like thugs, we can film them beating on black homeless people. #winning


    Aeroguy Reply:

    Since we’re the scary elitist racists, wouldn’t the media just assume we were the ones causing the black homeless people getting beat? Never underestimate the media’s ability to lie and distort things, or that case just report the full truth since it would get their desired result and probably win somebody a Pulitzer. I thought the whole point of NRx included total rejection of populism, including trying to be popular with the masses. I don’t see how social media would carry water for us, I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t touch anything NRx related with a ten foot pole on social media. Call me a coward for hiding in plain sight but my paranoia runs deep, I already lost one career for not sufficiently toeing the PC line, it’s not a mistake I intend to repeat. Even if something does go viral, anything the plebes get invariably gets twisted to suit their Cathedral vetted taste and thus turns to shit. I don’t think it’s possible to get 4GW to work for us short of becoming part of the Cathedral.


    Chris B Reply:

    You fail to appreciate how sociopathic my suggestions are, this is no usage of populism to attain power. The aim is not to capture the media etc, it is to use it’s own systemic weakness to bludgeon it to it’s inevitable death. The aim is to use the viral bullsh*t and crowd based psychosis as a means to neuter the state and the media. The idea is not to use the homeless beating to get the public on our side as a final goal, it’s to present costs of such magnitude that the state backs off, and stays away; a means to an end. You can spin it however you want, but a video of a homeless black man getting beaten, beats your headlines.
    The media is a system that can be fooled and manipulated. It can be programmed. The Palestinians have cottoned on, look at this –>
    This concept is tried and tested. It’s not theory at this point.


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  • chris b Says:

    That war nerd guy knows his stuff, but he is pretty soppy. The mass of the population will be miserable and wretched even if you gave them enough to make them comfortable for life. In fact, we do now, and they are. Dying for some cause a least lends some poetry to their lives. Or would he prefer we all die of diabetes while working our way through the 5th McDonalds of the day?

    Tunney is just ahead on 4GW. He even fill in the gaps at the end with “2 (a): This is the only modificiation needed to update the plan: The second wave will be armed with cellphones, video cameras, and will drag as many TV crews with them as can be persuaded to risk it.”. This is the sort of thinking we should be getting on with.


    John Reply:

    “That war nerd guy knows his stuff, but he is pretty soppy.”

    Yea…I’m a longtime fan as well, but it’s clear that he harbors lefitist sensibilities when he invokes the great American demon of “skin color”.

    Very interesting background on military recruitment: “once the Empire destroyed your culture, it would assess you as recruiting material, and switch to flattery.”


    Amon Khan Reply:

    Gary Brecher/John Dolan is a leftist Jew fag masquerading as a straight right-wing Christian. He fooled people for years with his charade, but not me. These guys are like late-model Terminators or Replicants: highly intelligent, deceptive and can often pass for one of us. The best way way to sniff them out is to test their views on race. When they start spouting platitudes about the evil white man, their true nature is unmasked and the best policy is to terminate them immediately.

    This is why tribalism is such a profound evolutionary strategy: it allowed people to know friend from foe at a glance and never be infiltrated. In these insane times, when mortal enemies live within the same borders and are nominally part of the same nations, the best thing we can do is increase the chaos, accentuate the differences, call out our tribal enemies, break down the bonds of their artificial nations and accelerate the descent into the new dark age, from which new tribes will emerge that will once again understand the wisdom of knowing who your people are, and who the orcs are that need to be slain.


    John Reply:

    Yes, it will be interesting (horrifying?) to see how things develop in the present conflict as battle lines become explicit, more people “wake up”, and the leftist singularity accelerates.

    VXXC Reply:

    I like you, or at least this side of you Mr. Amon Khan.

    Of course I’m Irish so you can imagine how I reacted to that article.

    War Nerd is hmm bit more nerd than War.

    He’s missing quite a bit.

    Like Honor.

    BTW this is not how the US MIL recruits or what drives us. Yes any research such as into ASVAB will
    back that up. We screen carefully and won’t for instance take the bottom Quintile.

    Honor. What if there were only 2-3 institutions left in your society that still believed in Honor and upheld it? Where would you go?

    Well in America you can become Military or Law Enforcement. You might also become Firefighter/Rescue worker etc. Your Honor will be tested then by inhuman elements, who don’t have lawyers.

    As our society scoffed at Honor for decades while the Dinosaurs upheld it, we attracted those who would have Honor even at Risk.

    That’s one of the good things we still have going for us in America, and I suspect the West. Perhaps even the East.

    Aeroguy Reply:


    You mention Honor.
    That is a word which I fear contains only a fraction of the meaning to even those who value it today like us compared to the meaning it held for the ancients.

    Honor had a lot to do with my decision to go to USAFA, but contrary to popular belief that institution has none (I can’t speak directly for the other institutions you mentioned but I have my suspicions that the institution’s honor is flimsy and not a reflection of the segment of it’s members which are in fact honorable. Similar to how you can find holy Christians but would be hard pressed to find a Church as institution that really should be called holy without corrupting the meaning of the word holy). USAFA has it’s honor code which it pays lip service to which doesn’t even encompass the sort of martial honor you seem to be speaking of. Martial honor is all but eliminated and arguably discouraged at USAFA. There is of course the honor of facing down inhuman trials, but you hardly need institutions to provide that any more than a Christian needs to find a church in order to pray.

    It uses it’s honor code for two purposes, to aid in control over the cadets since the faculty including grads have no compunction about against lying to cadets even while the honorable cadets often forget about the possibility of this insulated as they are. The other purpose is that it makes grads excellent liars, we develop habits of always covering our speech with phrases like, to the best of my knowledge and other weasel words to protect us from being caught in a lie, such that while lying itself may be odd at first, the most subtle deceptions however become second nature and ingrained.

    The cadet “honor officers” who help teach and maintain the legal structure of it are very nearly without exception people who had violated the honor code and been rehabilitated since they believe in second chances (at their discretion of course). Live everything else there, they openly preach that perception is reality. To the extent that the perception of honor is more important than the reality of honor which is why I go so far as to say that USAFA does not in fact have any actual honor to speak off.

    Just as the sacred and holy is supposed to be served by the church and thus more important than the church as an institution which today you often must search outside of to find the sacred and holy. So too is honor supposed to be served by the institutions you mention but honor is more important than those institutions and in the search for honor it is my recommendation that people look outside of those institutions because like all the institutions in the west, they have been corrupted beyond repair.

    R. Reply:

    That war nerd guy knows his stuff, but he is pretty soppy.

    No, he doesn’t.

    He knows some stuff, but he is sloppy. A dilettante, not a historian or someone with actual experience with the stuff he’s writing about.

    The shilling was just symbolic, the actual enlistment bonus was way higher.

    His columns are entertainment, just don’t take them seriously.


    VXXC Reply:

    Yes don’t. He’s not serious, he just has a particular History as entertainment niche.

    History: It’s Authentic. Even Exotic.


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  • chris b Says:

    @Nick b Steves
    Yeah. I only picked up on this couple of weeks ago too.


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  • Porphy's Attorney Says:

    I think the problem some of Tunny’s prog critics have with this is that it makes overt (formal) their actual practice.

    I mean, such patron-clientella relationships are the meat – fodder – of “social movement protest.” Why are Organizers sent from Collumbia to poor neighborhoods in Chicago? So the Collumbia Grad can be on the receiving end?

    I mean, sure, if one is doing a six month internship getting gassed once by “The Man” is a ticket to tail, but once a up-and-comming member of the clerisy gets that block checked off, the ranks of The Movement are filled with untermenchen proles who stand in the front ranks while they hold a bullhorn in the rear and exhort the spearcarriers forward into the batons.

    That’s just how it rolls. Tunney’s problem is that as a good Formalist, she’s making the hierarchical exchange explicit and that’s just not done. Tch!


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  • Cannon Fodder | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • dra Says:

    @Porphy’s Attorney
    A good transsexual would know to camouflage such a thing, wear the cathedral so to speak.


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