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Scrap note (#16)

Strung out among airports for the next couple of days, with — likely — minimal signal emission.

If anything vast, trawling through the deterritorialized waiting lounges of the world, reaches down from beyond the stars to set my neocortex aflame, I’ll try to let everyone know. Otherwise, carry on …

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Scrap note (#15)

The XS command-core has been shifted to NZ for a couple of weeks. Sense already is that Yule-effects could turn time quite ragged somewhat earlier than expected … so I won’t be fighting the fragmentation. Any ‘stay-on-topic’ rules for comments are hereby lifted for the interim, because the topic is likely to be dismantled, blurry, and soaked in alcohol.

I have to do a Chasm plug:


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Twitter cuts (#26)

This is here for the AoS links.

I’ve been meaning to do a house-keeping post on commenting, and these remarks say most of what’s necessary. It obviously applies mostly to people who are the least likely to read it, so it’s necessary to be emphatic about the extreme appreciation I have for the core commentariat here, as well as many irregular commentators who make the blog what it is. That said, I’ve been acutely aware of my tendency to excessive liberalism in blog management recently, and also killing / gibbeting more abusive idiots than usual. That’s not going to stop, and will quite probably intensify.

As Ace remarks:

Your problems are your problems, and your problems alone; your emotional problems and angry outbursts will no longer be acceptable blog fodder here. […] If this blog is too fast for you — if people making arguments you might disagree with is just too painful for your mind to take — well, there’s lots of other blogs on the web; I suggest you try one that’s more your speed. […] We here are pretty good commenters, and pretty good at discussion and at repartee; we’re not going to be dragged down to a sub-moron level simply because that’s the only level at which a sub-moron feels he can participate … […] These are the rules, and they will be enforced. Adjust your behavior accordingly.

Disneyland with the death penalty” is the administrative model.

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Heading back …

… into some kind of triple cyclone system. Assuming that doesn’t keep the entire Outside in Supreme Executive Council locked-up in Doha for days, normal service will be restored in the near future …

As an aside: The political culture of the UK has deteriorated so absolutely into consensus socialism it’s scarcely comprehensible. The fact that certain automatic social mechanisms are keeping things (very approximately) on track only adds to the despair. This isn’t a society within a light-year of ‘waking up’. All memory of what waking up might be was burnt out long ago. Hitting bottom is the only imaginable way this ends.

ADDED: Probably should have noted, on the Zack front, that the whole of London was paralyzed yesterday by a tube strike. For UK residents that’s irritating, but understandable. Only a bizarre history of systematic capitulation to organized labor — i.e. communist social infrastructure — can make the situation intelligible.

ADDED: 14 hours on a standing-room-only train tomorrow should polish off one of the most delightful travel experiences in my relatively sheltered life.

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Irish Disconnection

Internet access out here (somewhere so at the edge of who knows where that it doesn’t seem to have a name) is — unsurprisingly — terrible. The torn thread of continuity is going to depend upon scrounging bits of crummily-networked tech on an opportunistic basis. It’s more than likely, over the next few days, to get very dark.

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The fact that exhaustion is so obviously the negative of cognitive capability has to contain an important lesson, but I’m too jet-lagged to begin piecing it together right now.

Since failure to produce an XS post off even the most dismally nominal kind counts as the supreme expression of discipline collapse here, it made a good model for a festival of collapse. At the last minute, the attractions of a nonlinear-ironic self-subversion proved irresistible, and so the Cretan thing happened.

(Arrived in the UK, so Zombie activity reports forthcoming at earliest practical opportunity. Right now, unfortunately, it appears that introspection would be the most effective way to generate one.)

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Vanished Liberty

Administrative note:
Somehow while attempting to add Captain Capitalism (link) to the Outside in ‘More Liberty’ roster, I obliterated the whole thing — still no idea how. Mentioning this in apology to all blogs listed there, with assurance that it does not represent a moment of sudden communistic fervor. To be rectified ASAP.

June 20, 2015admin 1 Comment »

Going Dark

Well that was massively entertaining.

Carry on …

(There really doesn’t seem to have been any need for this shut-down. XS confidence in its webhost has been seriously undermined. They can’t even manage a warning mail? The sooner a move onto Urbit can take place, the better. Any more of this nonsense, and it will be time to try out these guys, who have been highly recommended.)

Also: XS is no longer interested in any political order than doesn’t include capital punishment for spammers, or at least a plausible system of micro-payment incentives that will reliably exterminate the vermin.

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At Changi Airport trying to get reconnected. Try my UF_blog twitter — won’t let me without entering a code, sent to my work email, which is a nightmare to get into outside the office, and simply impossible from here. Never mind, Outsideness will work. Of course, no. Security code sent to my hotmail account this time — which is a little better. Manage to enter my id and password OK, after some fat finger aggravation. “Strange activity alert — to confirm your identity enter the code we sent to your gmail account.” What unspeakable cybureaucratic Kafkatatrophism is this?

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Thanks to the incomprehensible virtual wizardry of Mr Archenemy, Outside in now has permalinks attached to comments* (among some other wondrous stuff yet to be explored). The function of this blog as a Micro-Neocameral Cyberstate thus enters a new phase. (Anybody operating a theme-compatible multinational enterprise from the comments section here can confidently anticipate the world’s most competitive tax rates.)

* Nested comments still resist the new regime at this stage.

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