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Doom Horizon

Malcolm Pollack has been on the dark wave recently. This is where it leads:

Why is the American nation so inert in the face of onrushing calamity? The signs, after all, are there for all to see; in particular, what should attract everyone’s attention is the collapse of great urban centers such as Detroit and Baltimore. That major port cities in a nation of imperial power should fail so utterly in a mere half-century is almost without peacetime historical precedent — while for such cities to collapse at all is, without any exception of which I am aware, a sign of impending general disintegration.

As I said in the previous post, I believe the answer is that it is increasingly clear, to more and more of us, that nothing can be done. It will be for future historians to say just when we crossed the “event horizon”: some may pick out the Wilson administration, while others may look at the Depression years, or the Sixties; others yet may move the Schwarzschild radius all the way out to 2012. (Some already look farther back, all the way to the beginning of the Enlightenment.) But it is plainer and plainer that it’s been crossed, and that all future timelines take us, at accelerating velocity, through the singularity. It may take years, or even a generation, to get there — but already the tidal forces have begun their irresistible work.

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Extreme Games

Greece’s Varoufakis doubles down on the Bart strategy.

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Quote note (#166)

Elizabeth Price Foley @ Instapundit:

Pope Francis has been dogged by accusations that he is sympathetic to communism. The Pope doesn’t help allay these concerns when he meets with Raul Castro, reinstates a Marxist “liberation theology,” vocally anti-Israel Nicaraguan priest who won the Lenin Peace Prize, invites a Peruvian liberation theology priest to speak, and hosts the World Meeting of Popular Movements, where he said attendees must unite ”against the structural causes of poverty, inequality, the lack of work, land and shelter, the denial of social and labor rights,” and confront the “empire of money.”

At a minimum, it seems Pope Francis is becoming very cozy with liberation theology, which is essentially a progressive/Marxist vision of Catholicism. A top Soviet bloc defector recently claimed that liberation theology was created by the KGB.

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Moron bites (#4)

Social Darwin Awards contender ‘Comix Experience’ [sic]:

We’re for a living wage, for a minimum wage, in principle. … But I think any law that doesn’t look at whether people can pay may not be the best way to go.”

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Quote note (#163)

William M. Briggs on the morbid backdrop to Britain’s electoral circus (among many other things):

England … will soon have an election in which one of the candidates, Ed Miliband, promises that, if elected, he will make “Islamaphobia” a crime. Rather, an aggravated crime, a state of mortal secular sin. It is already a venal sin.

Now Islam is inimical to Western, in particular British, values. Which effectively means Miliband will make it illegal to uphold those values. No imam could do better.

Suicide is always an ugly thing to watch, no?

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Quote note (#162)

Robert Tracinski on ‘The Paradox of Dogma’:

If I were to come up with one idea for how the left could cripple itself over the long term, it would be: teach your young adherents that ideological debate is an abnormal trauma and that it is a terrible imposition to ever expect them to engage in it. It is a great way of raising a generation of mental cripples. And that is exactly what they have set out to do.

(Congenital conservative optimism aside, that seems right.)

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Either Europe is absorbed into Africa or at some point it learns, pitilessly, to say ‘no’. Neither alternative is likely to be remotely pretty.

The 21st century would probably be a good time to be somewhere else.

… two years ago the United Nations Population Division released a shocking update to their population projections, revising the forecast for the continent of Africa upward to 4.2 billion in 2100 from 1.1 billion today. […] That is about a half dozen times greater than the population of Europe. […] Africa is almost certainly not going to add over three billion residents over the next 85 years. Something else will happen instead …

For an example of how ugly it looks — in the eyes of polite opinion — to get anywhere close to realism on the topic, try this. It’s unthinkable! So, by far the most likely outcome is that Europe buries its head in the sand until it is already deep into existential crisis, then lurches into some new and even more hysterical version of its traditionally-favored fascist ‘solution’. Quite probably, it will get to lose another World War before the complete extinction of its civilization.

(If there’s a positive spin to put on this glacial catastrophe, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments.)

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Kicking the Can

It’s difficult to keep track of all the ways in which the hyperbolic explosion of time-preference is expressed in the present world economic order, especially in its Western core, where the rot is deepest. From insensate looting to exponential debt expansion, and from sugar-high stimulus programs to insolvent, culturally-ruinous welfare systems (cooked-up for a succession of short-term political head-rushes), the entire economic machinery is locked into virtual apocalypse accumulation. Never deal with anything today that can be added to the mountain of woes due tomorrow. As historical time collapses into sheer orgiastic spasm, it converges with the frothiest media attention span, hurtling towards the edge of the precipice where nothing remains but news.

Here‘s the latest dimension of kicking-the-can:

… if US inventories, already at record high levels, and with the inventory to sales rising to great financial crisis levels, had not grown by $121.9 billion and merely remained flat, US Q1 GDP would not be 0.2%, but would be -2.6%. [Emphasis in original]

Systematic unreality has a face, and it’s that of a talking-head telling you that the end hasn’t yet happened.

Nemesis is not mocked. When she arrives, it’s going to hurt.

ADDED: The popcorn version. (Think I linked this before as an Outsideness Strategy classic.)

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Sentences (#18)

Steen Jakobsen sounds the abyss in the final sentence of this short analysis (embedded video):

… a big fat zero in terms of hope for the future.

ADDED: Jakobsen talks to Chris Martenson on ‘the biggest margin call in history’.

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Shrunken Brains

Gregory Cochran brusquely dispatches what might be the most incompetent piece of ‘scientific’ reasoning in recent years (although the competition for that honor gets ever more intense). The discovery — brains of poor children are statistically smaller. The insane leftist inference passed into the public realm as a logical conclusion: poverty shrinks brains. I’m not going to insult XS readers by laboring over the mistake here (Cochran does it succinctly enough, and with appropriate biting contempt). It’s utterly horrifying, from any remotely objective viewpoint, that such blatant stupidity could ever borrow the robes of science, even momentarily. This is what collapse looks like (and most probably our brains are shrinking).

(I was aiming to do some kind of April Fool’s thing here today. Sadly, this isn’t one.)

ADDED: Thompson patiently picks through the mess. “The paper and the comments will lead readers to believe that lack of money is stunting the brains of poorer children. This is possible, but not proved by this study because of obvious genetic confounders.”

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