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Sentences (#37)

From The Big Short (2015):

The truth is like poetry.
And most people fucking hate poetry.

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Twitter cuts (#38)

Insanely great:

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Sentences (#27)

Malcolm Pollack capitalizes upon a commentator’s insight:

Our commenter’s observation is spot-on: if we (correctly) understand political Leftism as a movement toward increasing disorder (in evidence of which we can present, for example, the Left’s relentless campaign to flatten and ‘equalize’ human societies, and to obliterate all of the social organism’s essential distinctions and discriminations), then Conquest’s Second Law is just a special case of the more general Second Law. (XS emphasis.)

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Sentences (#25)

Brett Stevens interviewed by Fangorn Forest:

FF: What do you believe is the greatest problem Western Society faces today?
BS: Its imminent death.

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Sentences (#23)

From Tyler Cowan (I’m not sure how much of the humor is intended):

If I were at the Fed, I would consider a “dare” quarter point increase just to show the world that zero short rates are not considered necessary for prosperity and stability.

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Sentences (#22)

Three clotted together is stretching the category, but still. Here‘s Laird Barron:

Lovecraft’s vision interests me more than the particulars of that vision. In the sense that he looked past mythological horrors, and the modern horrors of writers such as Dunsany, I try to look past Lovecraft and into the essence of what provokes our fascination with cosmic horror. We’re all gazing into the same abyss. As it pertains to fiction, the biggest, constantly repeated mistake in contemporary horror is that most writers fixate on Lovecraft, or CA Smith, or Ligotti, and so on, instead of examining that radioactive core at the heart of everything.

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Sentences (#20)

remember that emotion, however righteous, can be the enemy of analysis.

(The wisdom of the analysis in this case confirms the maxim.)

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Sentences (#17)

Another private conversation hack that says so many good things at once it comes close to rendering me insensible:

There are 100,000 VR hardware companies in China right now, but many of them are going to die …

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Sentences (#16)

Zizek hasn’t quite got there yet, but NRx is clearly where he’s heading:

It’s my belief that modern capitalism is developing in a direction in which it functions better without a fully developed democracy.

Some additional snippets: “I think what we are feeling is not a question of yes or no to capitalism, but that of the future of our Western democracy. Something dark is forming on the horizon and the first wind storms have already reached us. … The rise of the so-called capitalism with Asian values in the past 10 years at the very least raises doubts and questions: What if authoritarian capitalism on the Chinese model is an indication that liberal democracy as we understand it is no longer a condition for, and driving force of, economic development and instead stands in its way? … The 20th century is over.”

(Of course, this is mainly trolling by a “eurocentric leftist” — but one who (though demented) is perceptive enough to let things creep in.)

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Sentences (#14)

John Derbyshire cites (with great approval) this sentence from Oscar Wilde:

I have never come across anyone in whom the moral sense was dominant who was not heartless, cruel, vindictive, log-stupid and entirely lacking in the smallest sense of humanity.

(I’d prefer to see the same point made less moralistically.)

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