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Rough Triangles Redux

Is it conventional wisdom yet?

ADDED: Peter Bergen at CNN: “Doing nothing will not be treated kindly by future historians writing in the same vein as Power.” (Every time you read that sentence you’ll get more out of it.)

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Capitalism vs the Bourgeoisie

John Gray makes some telling observations about the debilitating practical paradoxes of the late-20th century right.

Summing up Thatcher’s outlook, [Charles] Moore writes of her “unusual mindset, which was both conservative and revolutionary.” It is a shrewd observation, but Thatcher’s reactionary nostalgia and revolutionary dynamism had something in common: the sturdy individualism to which she looked back was as much a fantasy as the renewed bourgeois life she projected into the future.

Once ‘sturdy individualism’ is dismissed as a fantasy, a horror story of some kind is the only imaginable outcome. If people are really too pathetic to take responsibility for their lives, what else could we possibly expect?

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Quote notes (#22)

SPLC target and DHS infiltrator Ayo Kimathi (AKA The Irritated Genie of Soufeese) going seriously off-message on:

Barack Obama – The First Openly Gay President

Larry Sinclair’s story of his sexual affairs with the Magic Mulatto are finally beginning to resonate with our people. As such, the once deified figure known as Barack Obama is losing favor among Afrikans. We are beginning to see him for the warmongering, “homosexuality” in Afrika promoting, Black genocide in Libya causing, white-sex degenerate mulatto, enemy to the Black Race that he actually is. With our sobering view of this sexually degenerate homophilic, poor excuse for a mulatto, we are better able to see his wickedness and the danger associated with the current push for white-sex among Afrikan people worldwide. This is one of the primary reasons he was “selected” as president. One of his primary jobs is to usher in the most devastating eugenics (the science of racial genocide) breakthroughs in history – the cultural enforcement of white-sex anti-culture among Black people. If successful, the Black Race will be destroyed.  

Selecting Barack Obama as president of the jewnited States of amerikkka was one of the most sophisticated and successful war moves that whites have made in the history of the world. Forget about the impact he had on the minds of the everyday Black people. I am ashamed to say that the “Black Nationalist” community was just as profoundly immersed in smiling Negro shine koonery as any slap-happy Negro on the corner. I know more than one Nationalist Brother and/or Sister who lost “lifetime” friendships because they didn’t support this flaming promosexual, “homosexual.”  This was a true demonstration of who the real committed Racial Nationalists are and who the sympathizers are. The sympathizers are the ones of us who were duped. And now that the truth is staring us in the face, it’s time for our people to do the right thing and organize against white-sex.

Is this what the auto-cannibalization of the Cathedral looks like? It’s a riot (or something).

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Beyond Belief

Sean Thomas on atheistic insanity.

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A Department of Homeland Security employee prepares for the future (via):

The Black Race has made many mistakes throughout the course of history – the greatest mistakes involving our interactions with white folks. We have allowed them to integrate into our societies and destroy almost every powerful Afrikan empire in history. Even today, we foolishly trust this sadistic race of devils who only seek to exterminate us from this planet. In our passionate love for the white race (our historical archenemy) we are desperately naïve and suicidal.  We love the very race that murders our babies, destroys our culture, and commits countless acts of genocide against our people worldwide.

The mistakes and poor decisions regarding integrating with whites are numerous and obvious to the informed, intellectually courageous Afrikan who respects and acknowledges truth.  Integration with whites has literally enslaved and/or killed Afrikan people in every corner of this planet where we exist. As a result of this reality and mounting white racial military momentum, a Black vs. white Race War is inevitable. The 21st century will either mark the return of Black resistance to white domination or global white-on-Black genocide leading to our complete extinction. Warfare is eminent [sic], and in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our christian hearts can possibly count.

(There might be a slight kerfuffle about this site, so I’d catch it while you can. If anything, it goes even further off the deep end as it proceeds, but it’s sane enough for government work.)

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Numbo Zhongo

What’s the Chinese obsession with numbers all about?

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The Shape of Time (Part 2)

Second-stage Greer-probing at Urban Future.

Tangentially related — Greer asks: Why don’t astronomical observatories sell horoscopes? (It’s his distinctive version of prog. trolling).

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Camp of the Saints

Who could have guessed?

(More here.)

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Suicide Express

In an intriguing post on migration and ‘expressive voting’ in Alsace-Lorraine  after the 1871 annexation, Bryan Caplan notes that although “over 90% of the new citizens of the Second Reich voted for … anti-Prussian regional parties” only 5% decided to emigrate back to France. Clearly in this case, migration patterns revealed genuine commitments — based perhaps on economic opportunity — while elections were merely an occasion to express ethnic emotionalism without consequence. As usual in human affairs, microeconomics was aligned with approximate reason, whilst politics was possessed by destructive irrationality, redeemed only by its impotence.

It’s hard to imagine what Caplan is seeing as the politically-correct take-away from this example. What it demonstrates starkly is that even populations characterized by scrupulous rationality in their private economic affairs will exploit electoral opportunities to vote for insanity — as judged by their own revealed preferences. Expect even model immigrant workers to expend their votes signalling an adherence to ethnic zealotry and ruinous economic populism — and in particular, the reproduction of exactly those social pathologies they have migrated away from. Like the French in post-1871 Alsace-Lorraine, they’ll probably vote as if they want to live somewhere they manifestly don’t want to be. (But that’s not supposed to be the message, is it?)

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Quote notes (#21)

A glimpse into the anarcho-capitalism of the dark web:

Despite his caution, [Dread Pirate] Roberts’ personal security remains an open question. But the potential lifetime in prison he might face if identified hasn’t slowed down his growing illegal empire. “We are like a little seed in a big jungle that has just broken the surface of the forest floor,” he wrote in one speech posted to the site’s forums last year. “It’s a big scary jungle with lots of dangerous creatures, each honed by evolution to survive in the hostile environment known as human society. But the environment is rapidly changing, and the jungle has never seen a species quite like the Silk Road.”


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