Chaos Patch (#111)

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UR death squawk. Patched (delicately) into the NYT. Universalist error. Passivism pro and con, also indispensable (1, 2), and a grim reminder. Balkanization is hard. Echoes of Innsmouth, and Snowcrash. Cashless. Deep State signal. The black pill. Ever higher holiness. Horror (1, 2). The weekly round, plus outliers.

The Alt-Right at Vox (more here, and here). Creepy but fabulous.

China’s resilient Legalism. The South African slide (1, 2, 3). Those twentyeight pages. Submission. Badly oiled. A UN plague. Paris under auto-occupation. Midlife crisis in Singapore. Geopolitical switcheroo. Zbigniew Brzezinski’s world, and Dugin‘s.

Austrianism and civilization. Diasporic neocons and smug liberals. Jackson on the chopping block. Space commies. American monarchists and Texan secessionists. Squashing sanity. Cops on the leash. The human zoo. Concept creep. Hashed crypto-politics. The Islamophobia card (also). Mormon transhumanism. Satanic Revolution.

Inheritance reduces wealth inequality. Two monetary regimes. Hard landing.

Trumpenführer panic report (It’s baaack.) Trump and simulation (plus 1, 2). The Silicon Valley Frankenstein monster. Supportive voices (1, 2). Trumpism breeders. The don’t-put-your-hand-in-hornet-nests candidate.

Conservative media hackery. “Triggering is real.” Silicon Valley, academia and the sacred. Red-on-red. The digital branch.

Racial reality and its discontents. White death. Third world flood. Cuckoo extravagance of the week. Opinion in Israel. Ethnic cleansing in SF. Leftist racial lunacy watch (1, 2). Amerikan Jews (1, 2). Racial mysticism.

“When the cult dies, the culture dies and when the culture dies the civilization dies, and when the civilization dies the people die, and that’s what’s happening to western civilization.” Apocalypse cometh. Pulitzer-wreathed tectonic terror.

The trajectory of eugenics (plus 1, 2, 3). CRISPR crispened. Life history strategy theory (relevant). Serial killers re-profiled.

Loss of evidence. Crisis in climate science (1, 2).

History of AI players. AI crafting (also). Soft robots. Robots and racism. Fast flexible transistors. The coming VR wave. What will Bitcoin become? Individualism and smart machines (audio).

Fascist architect of the week. A mapped Mandelbrot set. Evolutionary skepticism. Scott Aaronson interviewed. Hot politics.

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  • Chaos Patch (#111) | Neoreactive Says:

    […] Chaos Patch (#111) […]

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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    Gene modification will become as ubiquitous as vaccination, that to not do it would be considered unethical

    not buying the story about the decline in IQ points. Not sure if reaction time is the best test of IQ (otherwise baseball players would be the greatest geniuses ever), and how do you test or ascertain reaction time for people that have been dead for 100+ years. Also, the good news is it’s it’s still possible to have some dysgenic effects but still greatly more intellectual output overall, as the vast yearly output arxiv directory shows.


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  • admin Says:

    Apologies to Kshatriya, whose helpful (little) comment I just killed in the spam filter through drunken incompetence. (Link fixed.)


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    San Francisco style “whitening” will produce the type of populations that we see in Italy and Israel: mostly white, then Asiatic, then a little bit of everything else.

    It means death of the original however, and a loss of that potential.

    When the far-right whines about Jews, its main message is that the white population is converting itself into mischlings like Jews, Russians, Arabs, Indians, Italians, Spaniards… and with that, the chapter ends and no more is written.

    One wonders if it is worth striving to save such an individualistic population.


    Y. Ilan Reply:

    Those who do not strive to save themselves are not worth a whit of pity. The individualism of Western Europeans created Empires and then made them fall; encouraged art and science, but also the self-destructive, universal cult of Progress. It’s a package deal. Of course, many of those who call themselves reactionary will choose to ignore the inherent problems of the Western spirit, choosing to babble on about purity, the desecration wrought by the Jews, so on and so forth. Yet if I were not a Jew in Israel and had to face the reality of European decline it would be very easy for me to blame the Jews.


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  • Akira Says:

    Don’t miss:

    America the “Green Country” | Alexander Dugin

    This is what Dugin actually thinks about America:

    “That disturbing and sinister country on the other side of the ocean. Without history, without tradition, without roots. Artificial, aggressive, an intrusive reality completely devoid of spirit, focused only on the material world and technical efficiency; cold, indifferent, glowing with neon advertisements and senseless luxury, shrouded in pathological poverty, genetic degeneration, and the rupture of any and all connections between people, things, nature, and culture – the result of a pure experiment by the European utopian rationalists.

    Today, America is imposing its planetary domination the triumph of its lifestyle, and its civilizational model upon all peoples of the earth. Upon us. America sees in herself and only in herself “progress” and the “norms of civilization,” thus denying everyone else the right to their own path, their own culture, and their own system of values. How accurately does this all precisely recall the prophecy of the coming of the Antichrist…the King of the “green country” of the dead rising from the abyss of ancient crime…

    Burying America is our religious duty.”


    admin Reply:

    The Seapower / Landpower war goes deep. (Far too many dissident rightists have anti-Atlantean tendencies.)


    Alan J. Perrick Reply:


    It will be interesting to see which side wins if the technology maintains at its current level, facilitating communication as it does today in 2016


    Alan J. Perrick Reply:

    Maybe there will be a patchwork that doesn’t require that all or nothing that is often seen, though.



    admin Reply:

    Several alls and nothings and various not-all-or-nothings would be best.

    TheDividualist Reply:

    Well, I am pretty much on the beach and can understand where he is coming from. Seapower culture lacks certain highly romantic topics, like the kind of patriotism that is not only to a people but also to a geographic location, thhis “our sacred dirt” kind of thing is just not there. Seapower economics and game theory takes it for granted that people want to take advantage of their country and not sacrifice themselves for it, and the behaviors it describes would strike a Landpower type as the most disgusting kind of treason against the Motherland. From that kind of angle even NRx would look misguided as it is about how to motivate high-ranking selfish people to pursue their interests in a way that is beneficial for their country, they would be more into shooting all high-ranking selfish people and replacing them with self-sacrificial patriot-saints. Part of the reason anti-semitism is still pretty high there is that it is assumed taking advantage of ones country is a jewish thing, a gentile is automatically a patriot who sacrifices for his country.

    The real problem is that most people are actually selfish, Dugin is trapped in one specific kind of holiness-signalling escapade, one that is closely linked to the Orthodox church. Fails to notice that the best kinds of patriots, like Peter the Great, were usually after a specific kind of selfishness, such as glory and memory and making history. It is pretty obvious that any plan that does not build on human selfishness fails. But it is extremely hard to sell Mandeville’s bees east of the Hajnal Line.

    Even east of the Rhine, I think, if you remember WWI German propaganda, Kultur vs. Zivilisation, I think Anglo-French Civilization meant precisely the acceptance of calculating selfishness while Germanic Kultur meant some sort of of a self-sacrificing attitude:

    I think this all pretty much reduces to Mandeville’s bees. The problem is, Mandeville was right, but it is extremely unpalatable to any culture that takes Christianity truly seriously.


    TheDividualist Reply:

    Thinking this a bit further, I think it is and has been fundamentally wrong to describe the left-right divide within the Anglo culture as the divide between individualism and collectivism. Despite the fact that about every other day a clueless young libertarian reinvents this idea. Anglo leftism has never ever been collectivism. Collectivism is sacrificing yourself for the community as a reified ideal. Anglo leftism has rather been a redistributive, centralized and heavy-handed kind of individualism: equalizing the “chances” of individuals and that sort of thing. E.g. taxes have never been levied for the sake of the collective – the collective means Idealist concepts like Nation or Volk – but for the sake of the “disadvantaged” i.e. individuals.

    admin Reply:

    [*Much nodding along*]

    TheDividualist Reply:

    Then you’ll like my latest post.

    admin Reply:

    Mostly nodding along to your analysis of the Hyperborean mind (but will devour your post with interest, nevertheless). My tendency is to be deeply skeptical of the reactosphere’s regular attempts to peel the right away from anti-collectivism, but maybe you’ll convince me there’s something to it.

    ADDED: Actually still quite a lot of nodding, although you lose me in the final paragraphs (which I don’t think follow from your argument). If Anglo culture — rather than the ideological right — is individualist, which seems very plausible, your recommendation amounts to a call for ethno-cultural (rather than ideological) betrayal. Why would anyone other than an agent of The World Island respond positively to that? (Sure many will, nonetheless, it seems to be the reactosphere default.) I agree, however, that the Seapower / Landpower split resists transportation into ideological terms (i.e. universalization).

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  • Alan J. Perrick Says:

    I can’t read a lot of this “muh holiness” stuff after a while – it seems like so much banal anarchism. NRx should be trying to replace the Cathedral, not complain about the latest intended outrage. After all, the blood-thirsty Cathedralites are nourished by your complaining to great extent!



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  • SVErshov Says:

    some interesting develoment in passivism debates. one sec, sorry … how can be development in something which does not exist and impossible. you cant engage on theoretical ground with something which does not contains any theory. once you on political level and busy fixing outposts, its really does not matter how those outposts was signified and what was those signifiers.
    there is no critique on political level, you campaign against me, I campaign against you. what else esoterictrad and soapjackal expected, how their position is different, – Oh.. there is some good people, but they cant tollerate critique. dont cry baby, we will go shopping on Sunday.

    it is not NRx problem, it is very much common problem. we know what is good and it is not that one, give us a tools and tell us what to do. implementation without comprehensation.

    well … you cant onbviously make omlet and do not broken few egs, right? Not, you can spin that egg and that way mix content inside, then boil it little bit and here is your omlet inside that egg and egg is not broken. think, before offering your valuable critique, please.


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  • Alan J. Perrick Says:

    @If your comment is a serious one, then the all-or-nothings would have to be basic while the not-all-or-nothings should be at higher levels…


    SVErshov Reply:

    my point very damn basic indeed, when nothing can be done, how more basic it can be, perhaps only f101ing nothing, and that is theoretical ground for passivism.
    ‘still you can try and you all will fail’


    Dong Juan Reply:

    Very thin theoretical ground that largely requires ignoring reality.

    Things can, in fact, be done. Rationalizations to the contrary be damned.

    Also, this comment just explodes into obscurant nonsense.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Passivism Con:

    As I pointed out in deleted comments that’s not an option. There is no benevolent Prince Christian [or Muslim-or anything] to protect said WestCiv Christian communities nor does it have unique skills to offer in exchange. The time for such communities in the West or indeed the Muslim world has long since passed. They’ve been ending since Nationalism began to rise centuries ago. Not an option.

    Not to mention we’re the majority in our own countries – why do this?
    Also as this is repulsive to any man the Mannerbund part is going to be tough.

    This internecine quarrel has been conjured at the exact moment when our people are standing up at last and we have a Champion.

    Just entryism with a Moldbug label.


    admin Reply:

    What “deleted comments”?


    michael Reply:

    it seems everything is waged on the dubious proposition the cathedral is going to “collapse” in any meaningful way, and while a remnant survives.The reason given is resistance is futile.First at this point even buying a decade is worth any effort, both because demographics and deep state tech make it an existential question right now. But the MM/nrx reason is politics is ultimately futile. For starters ultimately can be a long time, but Im not really convinced MM has made the case. First because the other half of his work is describing how our democracy is not really democracy but mind control by an apparatus called the cathedral an open conspiracy cum power market of elites.While i do think he nails the deconstruction its at odds with democracy being the problem, its not that the people want free shit etc its that the elites can control what the people want. the problem is the corrupt elites, not the people voting free shit. corrupt elites are a problem in a democracy they are a problem in tsarist russia today. Theres ample evidence that despite the considerable power of the cathedral for mind control half the people still want to be left alone and good conservative government and the other half mostly just want to be loved and belong and will do whatever it takes whatever they are told. they are no more feminists or nigger fag lovers than my grandfather if the elites told them tommorow to burn the jews in a decade they would. so her you have two groups 85% of the population that either want to be left alone or be told how to behave/ think and a brilliant system to effect that that gives the illusion of western democracy while allowing rulers to do whatever the fuck they want. Now you can wait for this dubious collapse and the world in ashes probably no whites left and try to strt from scratch to build a MM state that no one can agree on how it works or you can simply take the cathedral away from the faggotty elites and put it to good use. Which do you think is harder and more far fetched. And if you really want cameralism /monarchy fine the cathedral has a button for that.Has it ever occurred to you the elites are like some looped out teen that wants to be stopped. If you put half the effort into planning a takeover thats spent on larping. It doesnt have to be a violent thing but violence might be part of it violence could be used at arms length to buy time violence could be used as a good cop bad cop but its besides the point, waiting for Gnodot is just bullshit and i cant help thinking it has something to do with the skillset around here


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  • GC Says:

    >The wages of smug is Trump.

    Quote of the year.


    TheDividualist Reply:



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  • Tentative Joiner Says:

    Perhaps HPL was wrong: you do not go mad inside when the horror is exposed to you, at least you don’t in the conventional sense. (The perception a Lovecraftian hero absolutely must has been made worse by recent interpretations and adaptations of Lovecraft’s work.) When you catch a glimpse of Gnon your mind changes in ways that only make you appear as good as mad to others. Your ability to predict what happens in the physical reality around you, which may as well be called sanity, is, however, only enhanced. In other words, Gnon-exposure allows you to trade your perceived-sanity stock for actual-sanity stock, at an individually calculated exchange rate.

    Speaking of Innsmouth: the parallel is certainly not lost on progressives. Progressive authors have responded by making a Deep One hybrid a misunderstood protagonist harboring racial grievances and portraying the Deep Ones themselves as objects of human desire.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you odd.”
    — Flannery O’Connor


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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    @Alan J. Perrick ditto


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  • AD Says:

    @Tentative Joiner
    “That which does not kill us ,makes us stranger” – Goodchild


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  • Alan J. Perrick Says:

    My comment was to “admin” 4/25 @5:02, still finagyling this commenting system and also seeing a new pic. for my comments which I haven’t set myself…


    admin Reply:

    No pic visible from The Admin Black Pyramid.


    Alan J. Perrick Reply:

    Not on my laptop, only my phone. It looks like a fantasy R.P.G. thief’s portrait. A few others such as “Grey Enlightenment” have it going on, same pic.

    But I was commenting on your comment, which had some affectation of the one that I made in reply to yours. That the all-or-nothings would have to be basic, with plenty of variation for the patchwork parts that would be more complex…Such all-or-nothings would likely include non-aggression, at least to some extent, wouldn’t you say Mr Land?


    admin Reply:

    My cynical assumption is that widely distributed, effective deterrence will be indispensable.

    Alan J. Perrick Reply:


    Alan J. Perrick Reply:

    I wanted to say something about an Artificial Intelligence with long time-preference, but didn’t want to sound too glib on a subject I didn’t know that much about,


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  • Alan J. Perrick Says:

    *Low time-preference

    (See what I mean?)

    Anyhow, I am likely thinking in that direction because of the stuff I see on this blog and Twitter…

    And, I was thinking about the Overseer in the books Mr Orson Scott-Card wrote. Yes, something like that should do the trick…


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