Chaos Patch (#124)

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Late, straggly … chaotic.

Dark reformulation (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8). Secrets of sex. Holiness (plus). Dampier interviewed. Consequences. Decolonization. Loose women. Leftist lies (1, 2). Daily Moldbug. The weekly round, and outliers.

Libertarian insight and blindness, plus the border question. What the Alt-Right gets right (also). American Nazis today. Ideological rotation. Equality and madness. The persistence of bad ideas. Dugin on Junger. New Man.

Against Edenism. Christianity and the current crisis. Why we can’t talk about Islam (like this, or this). Peace propaganda. Catholics against ethno-nationalism (or not, plus). Citadel at the Orthosphere.

Gold facts. Debt trapped.

Borders matter. Insecurity make-work. Racialized anarcho-tyranny and political polarization (1, 2, 3). “It would be nice if policemen didn’t tend to be divas who sulk and slack off when political leaders demonize cops as racist murderers and encourage black rage, but that’s the way they are.”

“If there were a contest for the most stupid idea in politics, my choice would be the assumption that people would be evenly or randomly distributed in incomes, institutions, occupations or awards, in the absence of somebody doing somebody wrong.”

Geopolitics of shale. Forked Europe. The Far Right’s recruiters. Death of the French Republic (plus). Jews in Sweden (and Amerika, 1, 2). Catalonia votes to split. Ebb-tide of globalism. “What is wrong with 2016? When will it be over?” Luanda tumbles.

Trumpenführer panic report (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). Forgotten men. Racialization of American politics. Quiet. The peace and post-constitutional candidate. “… there is in fact a good argument that Trump is Hitler” (plus 1, 2). Trump voters. Fair and balanced. Trump is right on NATO and on crime. What Krugman did. Awkward questions. McMullin.

Poor whites. Rough stuff. What’s wrong with Hillary?

Apocalypse Corner (1, 2, 3).

Race and ideology. French dysgenics. The IQ taboo. Chinese super-baby watch.

Evolution of general intelligence. Kin markers. Mass extinctions.

“Nature, it turns out, doesn’t like to be told what’s presumably natural.”

Scalable technology is the key to historical change. Schism today. The Ethereum hard fork. What Intel does. The Tesla Gigafactory. AI on the way (plus). WeChat. Back-up people. The Internet breaks things up.

Beauty as compression. Iceworm exposed. The Collatz conjecture.

[There’s still more in the in-tray …]

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  • Mark Citadel Says:

    Thanks Nick. Best of luck with the presentation to the London gallery by the way.


    admin Reply:

    Yes, that happened (Sunday). How did yours go?


    Mark Citadel Reply:

    I have yet to hear how it went down. Alex seemed impressed by the speech, but I guess I’ll know soon if his assembled audience felt the same. Here’s hoping.


    admin Reply:

    I found the whole ‘NRX as a transgressive art-exhibit’ context fun (but that’s probably because I’m a degenerate).

    SVErshov Reply:

    it easily can become much worse .

    Mehrdad lravanian. the Iranian architect once suggested. ‘In order to study architecture. one must first investigate necrocracy.‘ But we should go further: One must practice the art of exhumation too. If archeologists. cultists, worms and crawling entities almost always undertake an act of exhumation (surfaces. tombs, cosmic corners, dreams, etc.}, it is he«Cause exhumation is equal to ungrounding. incapacitating surfaces ability to (literate according to topologies of the whole. or on a mereotopological level. “Exhumation, the distribution of surfaces is thoroughly undermined and the movements; associated with them are derailed; the edge no longer belongs to the Periphery, anterior surfaces come after all other surfaces. Cyclonopedia p51

    apocalipto Reply:


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  • Rasputin Says:

    Do we know who writes Dark Reformation?


    admin Reply:

    I’m usually the last to know.


    Axel Mckibbin Reply:

    Dark Reformation reads like he is either hyped up on bipolar mania or pep pills. Too many scare quotes. Too jerky writing style. Too many phrases like “my idea is to do blah blah bla.” He speaks in the first person. As usual someone discovers Moldbug and has to write a book report on it.

    These things need to be done from time to time. People need to be introduced/Moldbug needs to be summarized to bring new people in in order to fight attrition. But it seams like the quality gets worse and worse every year. Can we get a new Bryce please?

    Of course, who am I to complain? I can’t even spell.



    rocraft Reply:

    Is NRx more amateur psychiatrist than the left? Surely.

    sækraft Reply:

    Altho I think that´s a good thing! — so far as the mediocre aren´t able to make great use of it against what the word ‘understand’ doth hardly apply to in a conception of their relation to it.
    (Is this sentence too complex for ya? >muh gibberish >muh public education taught standards >my dad´s typology)

    I never agreed with the exclusion of traditionalists of the Freudians & Jung, et al, indeed the whole of psychologia (altho Evola couldn´t help but cite such). Even their denouncement of theosophy seems *too* demarcating (all due respect, dear Terminus), as opposed to appropriately demarcating (here´s the respect, Terminus), but then again I´ve always been somewhat of an omnivore on cultures, subcultuses, traditions & subtraditions. An overseer. Not much of chad.

    Some NRx were on Twitter saying that DMS doesn´t ‘add’ to popular understanding. That may be, but psychology & psychiatry strengthens philosophy, & theology — if handled by not the lower grades.

    As a technocommercialist into Buddha & Jesus, but not vain devilish priests; into Marcus Aurelius but not some anarchotyrannist debaucher, I am wary of the lenience of some supposed right wings on the Schwarze Pädagogik.

    Axel Mckibbin Reply:

    You’re right. I’m just pissy cuz I right slower.

    Arian Cryptochrist Reply:

    No, I value your criticism, that he writes with ‘too many scare quotes. Too jerky writing style. Too many phrases like “my idea is to do”‘.

    I however used the opportunity to comment on NRx relation to psychiatry.

    At the same around the same time @rec0nciler had tweeted that ‘This kind of mess is what happens when you start labeling everything you don’t like with a DSM diagnosis:

    The chadness I refer to, to mention one case of it, is that ersatz macho tendency is to ‘drive out [e.g.] transexuals from the movement [sic]’ as if this is a White Nationalist movement that needs to guarantee the 14 words.

    I have an idea of what Michael will say of that.

    My prediction of NRx is that the synthesis of the technocommercialiat with the most ingenious of the ecclesiarchy will come out on top. The rest will continue with their veneration of the past for its own sake.

    Mercury, the god of trade, is one of Gnon´s gods.





    apocalipto Reply:

    Christopher Gerard, Junger wrote: “XXI century will be the century of Titans, and XXII – the century of Gods.”

    So much for the human.

    The all too human.

    Trampled &


    Axel Mckibbin Reply:

    FYI. I’m working on Chapter 3 of my thesis that you might enjoy.

    a Reply:

    Like the title, and at first glimpse it looks like an enjoyable read. More later.

    Anyway, on a tangent: Did anyone ever look into the angle that Feminism & contraceptions were fostered on those receptive to it actually by Capitalists? The C.I.A., aka. the Company, sponsored a lot of that stuff. Such as Gloria Steinem. It makes sense because if women are not on the market there are fewer productive workers and buyers. Then you just import more consumers & workers from ‘fertile’ r-type nonwestern populations to replace the new consumer who´d otherwise be born from noncontracepted homemaking women. It would look like Capitalism eating up its foundations, but as I say: they´re importing the third-world instead, who do want to consume, and work-for-less.

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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    colatz conjecture is fascinating

    Interesting new blog. From what I have gleaned , the problem is he’s using democracy/cathedral’ to blame for everything..he’s caving into populism

    Prisons that are crowded, that are training centres for criminals. That are also, increasingly being used by “terrorists” to indoctrinate more terrorists.

    what is the alternative? the reality is countries that have more lenient justice systems also have more crime. For example, muggings and burglaries are very common in Britain

    Small business owners being prayed upon by organised crime.

    they are preyed upon by lack of sales..too much competition and weak profit margins.

    People are failing because they are not smart enough, don’t have the skills, or the economy is too competitive.

    I think he tries to hard to resist and instead should put more emphasis on adapting. Too much idealism and wishful thinking. He’s using anti-democracy a conduit or panacea bring about some right-wing version of utopia that is not possible. The solution is to buy stocks and hold them


    Arian´s Apothecary Reply:

    the alternative is actual correctional facilities.
    these will attain more salience when the state backs out of education & prison affairs.


    reichcræft Reply:

    or alternatively a favorable state (there´s always a state) reforms educations & prison affairs, giving them firm liberty. do what works, & is profitable, but do it it with the right values (do you value mere totally enslaved prison workers who go out to society worse, or do you value more productive workers who rejoin society more productive). if you want to correct psychosomatically disfunctional members of society (many of the criminals) you will have to use sciences which cost money but get cheaper with demand and production.

    a doctor who´d previously done nuclear physics did tests on criminal inmates. found out that they all had too much of some metal in their brains.

    can´t fix the society member without fixing the brain.


    heiligecræft Reply:

    It´s more profitable for daylight society to have people functional.


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  • Uriel Alexis Says:

    gee, that’s a lot of reading



    6=4638 – 4444 = 194
    6=6 DEGREES
    6=A.D. 1153


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  • Dark Reformation Says:

    Hello. I am Dark Reformation.

    I was surprised that you discovered that blog.

    It is still “under construction”. I was planning on writing the last two parts today, but since it has been discovered I have changed course. (It was kinda not “ready” I put it up early to force myself to work and give me that boost.) I had not started promoting it. I read lots of you NRX guys and was going to start commenting — but I enjoy reading your work.

    My new post concerns a brief overview of reaction and lots (and lots of sources. I was worried about being called a plagiarist because I did not cite my sources. I was planning on setting it all out clearly, but have now done so quickly. Virtually nothing I say is new. I like to coordinate infrimation and build systems.

    Some background:

    I am working on a book, but I discovered Moldbug four months ago. I read him, and others, with obsessive speed. I am still trying to process this new information, and the blog is partly an attempt to organise my thought.

    Furthermore, it is an attempt to connect what I read in reaction to other information (my “web of belief”.)

    I intend to post more stuff in the future. I am planning to post two very long posts.

    The first is an “open letter” to the Queen Of England

    The second concerns the “theory and practice” of Islam. (First chapter of my planned book.)

    In any case, great site, I read it every day, and the comments (love it.)

    In the end, I think, there is no real hope.

    Lenin would say “the worse it gets the better it will be.”

    And it will.

    Total collapse and anarchy or some kind of staged war.

    The King or the Caliph.

    The West’s Choice.

    BTW Admin China is awesome.




    Axel Mckibbin Reply:

    Letter to the queen? Please don’t.

    Happy you found neoreaction. Now slow down and process what you have learned please.



    John Hannon Reply:

    A letter to Prince Charles might be better as there’s a chance of a personal reply. Apparently he really likes writing letters.


    frank Reply:

    A couple of suggestions.

    Drop the “should”s and terms of deception like “social contract”. You can’t engineer a political system using “should”s and fairy tales.

    Utilitarianism and determinism parts are weak. Rethink what “good” means (hint: only morality is civilization). This will help you get rid of the “should”s.

    Think deeper about formalization. The core problem is a special case of this. Understanding this will help you avoid colossal confusions like your proposed peace deal between the West and Islam. Also what’s up with the $20 million figure? Do you grasp the consequences of unleashing $100T into the world, let alone gifting it to millions of illiterate, 80 IQ fanatics?


    Erebus Reply:

    The negotiations begin at $20M. Are projected to end at $80M. (?!?!)


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  • John Hannon Says:

    “Nature, it turns out, doesn’t like to be told what’s presumably natural.”

    From the article –

    “When I look at the data what I see is that … the use of naturalness as guidance, and the trust in beauty and simplicity aren’t working. … We’ve maneuvered ourselves into a dead end by relying on aesthetic guidance to decide which experiments are the most promising.”

    Seems like physicists need to adopt a less human, more Nietzschian attitude –

    “The total nature of the world is to all eternity chaos, not in the sense that necessity is lacking but in that order, structure, form, beauty, wisdom and whatever other human aesthetic notions we may have are lacking.
    How can we venture to reprove or praise the universe! It is neither perfect nor beautiful nor noble, and has no desire to become any of these; it is by no means striving to imitate mankind! It is quite impervious to all our aesthetic and moral judgments!”

    (from The Gay Science)

    Nature may not only be more inhuman than we imagine, but more inhuman than we can imagine.



    I can imagine.


    John Hannon Reply:

    Yes, we can all imagine, but how do we know that what we imagine bears any resemblance to whatever nature is? Obviously by experimenting – but then, as the article wonders, what guidance do we have in deciding which experiments are the most promising?
    BTW, been re-reading Ram Dass recently, and this was his response when asked the ultimate question of nature – why did it all begin? –

    “That is the question which is the ultimate question, and Buddha’s answer to that question was, ‘It’s none of our business.’ Which is not a facetious answer. He’s saying our subject-object minds can’t know the answer to that question. It’s an answer which we can be, but we can’t know; because in order to know that, we would have to be that from which it started, but we aren’t it as long as we’re asking the question. It’s one of those absurdities that we get caught in. There are a dozen different answers, all of which are equally real and unreal. We might say God took form in order to know himself, that he had to become separate in order to see himself. Or it could be said that since there is no time at another level of reality, nothing happened anyway. That’s a real answer too. These are all valid answers within one level of reality or another. Every level has its own answer to that question, but in truth, the answer is not knowable because every answer we give is just feeding our minds from one level or another, and they’re all only relatively true.”

    “As a man is, so he sees.”

    – William Blake


    apocalipto Reply:

    This is virtually the same (about the origin of the uni) which I did quote Heinz von Foerster as sayyunng. Re cently.
    That century child.
    Like Junger.

    Lucian Reply:

    Imagine no progressives
    It’s easy if you try


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  • ashv Says:

    is Peter Thiel a melonhead?


    Posted on August 11th, 2016 at 12:08 am Reply | Quote
  • Chris P. Michael Says:

    Bitcoin not kosher


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  • Peter A. Taylor Says:

    Joe Bob Briggs is back!

    By the way, Dark Reformation, I have a similar story. I was about 2/3 of the way through writing “The Market for Sanctimony” when I discovered Unqualified Reservations. It set me back about 6 months.


    elkræft Reply:

    > «The Market for Sanctimony»

    Great title. But it isn´t real sanctimony*, but a pseudosanctimonia.

    * “sacredness, holiness, virtuousness”,

    i.e. opposed to hypocrisy.

    Call it, ‘Imitation Holiness.’

    Nothing is virtuous if it does not work. Nothing is virtuous if it is mere ideal.

    Thus for all their gospel of humanity, the USSR were a song of misery.

    Don´t give the left any words that belong to us. No inch. No point.

    A superior man, in regard to what he does not know, shows a cautious reserve. If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success. When affairs cannot be carried on to success, proprieties and music do not flourish. When proprieties and music do not flourish, punishments will not be properly awarded. When punishments are not properly awarded, the people do not know how to move hand or foot. Therefore a superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately, and also that what he speaks may be carried out appropriately. What the superior man requires is just that in his words there may be nothing incorrect.
    — Confucius, Analects, Book XIII, Chapter 3, verses 4-7


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  • Mark Says:

    The mythos around the new Deus Ex game reminds me of the Garris and his Artilect War stuff:

    Mechanical Apartheid, ha.

    Also, eye technology for the game:,32433.html

    Exciting stuff!


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  • SVErshov Says:

    AI on the way and entry point into AI business is very low. Building your own AI never been so simple. just use some of these free SDK kits and get your AI running in days.
    With a lot of attention to AI from venture capital that can be seriouse thing to consider, at least on Monday.


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  • Dark Reformation Says:

    I check this site every day, and have spent a good deal of time going through the archives, but I rarely comment on things.

    But I will reply.


    I understand completely were you are coming from. Is/ought….

    I wrote a little bit of metaethical background on DR, but in short, I think that “there are no unassumed duties.” morality to most people is more “properly felt than judged.”


    Of six kinds of power, moral power is one of them. And you need to convince people of some idealism (at least a little.)

    Furthermore, (and I need to make myself clearer) there are:

    1: Categorical prescriptions.
    2: Hypothetical prescriptions.
    3: Prudential prescriptions.

    I reject 1 (Kant and the dominant view of morality.) every suggestion is really 2/3.

    I need to make that clearer (thanks for the criticism Frank.)

    On Islam……… Peace proposal…..

    On the 2d face it seems like pure idealism and silly nonense……

    But on the 3d side it can have real utility………..

    A good technique in philosophy is to reduce things to their ultimate consequences in order to reveal the absurdity. So, if that won’t work, what will……..



    Hey John.

    I lived in China for a good few years and it gave me a new perspective on life. I was watching what was happening in France (terrorism) and then the migrant “crisis.” I was like “WTF.”

    I read a lot of philosophy but I also keep my eye on realism (strategy, persuasion, military practice, terrorism, crime.)
    Most people, even smart people, are trapped in 2d morality games, but any system can be gamed, infiltrated etc etc.

    What I started seeing more and more, was a pattern….. Leftists and Islam working side by side.

    And I knew a little bit about the history of communism and liberals going “weak in the knees” for Stalin and Mao……

    Moldbug provided (De Jouvenal’s power) a logical theory of what I was seeing.

    And the I started putting it all together……. And I started seeing the pattern in a new way.

    For example, the other day, I got an email from the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. In the email was a piece virtually gloating about the fact that white Christians would become a minority.

    Now, I’m not a Christian, I have Christian friends….good people.

    And I think about the future……

    I know about what Mao and the “Red Guards” did in the Cultural Revolution.

    I know what the left did to Catholics in the Vendee region of France after the revoultion.

    And I know what the Muslims have done many times in history.

    And I watch these SJW(s), I watch these Islamists.

    So yes:

    Civilisation is the only morality.

    So John, I understand, I had to do some so major rejigging of “web of belief” when I read Moldbug. Good luck on the book.

    A point of civilisation and morality:

    Civilisation requires constraing the selfishness and stupidity of men and women by competent men and women.

    In politics, it requires some kind of competent authority. (How we get that, well, we all know how hard that is.)

    So, it requires strategy and power. Strategy is the art of creating power.

    Napoleon said something like conspiracies don’t get you anywhere. You must rouse the passions of the people.

    Now, I know what Moldbug said about this.

    And he does have a major data point (The Corporal).

    But, when the stakes get high, when the consequences are clear,

    Great risks can be taken for the rewards.

    After the battle of Pharsulus, Julius Caesar looked upon the fallen republicans and he said:

    “They wanted this.”

    Caesar spent all of his life building up his power. He built a war machine in Gaul. And then he fought.

    Now, consider the health of the Republic….. Donald Trump……..

    Years and years of building up his power — his Ethos (brand and character). And now he is rousing the pathos (emotions) of the people.

    And he does have some logos (but he is no philosopher…)

    Donald Trump is setting a trap. He is setting up confirmation bias (it’s rigged!). He did this before, he did it last week, and now he said “Obama is the founder of ISIS.”

    What will happen if Trump refuses to concede if he loses?

    He will want to “negotiate”

    And what does Trump call himself and built up his ethos as?

    “I’m a negotiator.” The Art Of The Deal.

    Cicero said that Ceasar “valued his dignity more than morality.”

    Trump is a narcissist. He has wanted to be President for at least 30 years.

    It would be the crown and the ultimate triumph of his life (though he will want to fight a Great War to be like his hero “MacArthur”.

    And you think this man will want to lose to woman? To HRC?

    Maybe, but I doubt it. If Trump just becomes a “beautiful loser” then he is finished in America, they will try to ruin him.

    Also, surely top-level people will realise that if they lose and concede this election then they are finished. Clinton will import vast numbers of Muslims and Mexicans…. She has already openly announced her intentions…..(which is the left/progressive intentions Moldbug allowed me to see this clearly.)

    Hi-low strategy.

    Of maybe not. As one commenter said here the other day, maybe “Brazilification” is what will happen.

    Probably will.

    Now, I don’t what this to happen. I don’t like violence.

    Moldbug said that a good political system minimises conflict (more or less.)
    An English Philosopher, G Warnock, said: “the aim of morality is to prevent bad things from happening.” John Mackie said “morality is a device for contracting limited sympathies.” It is a social technology.

    Final Point (Axel I think.)

    Yeah, I wrote that “open letter” two months ago — kept it back. It has nothing about NRx. But about about the systematic rape and torture and enslavemwnt of children in England. It calls for a royal inquiry…..(yeah…..)

    That is the 2d reading.

    The 3d reading is to expose just how “cucked” (literally) people are.

    FEAR and ANGER.

    But I prevaricate, because I have no power. Nothing. And I know they will come for me. And I cannot defend myself (except through argument, humour, satire and persuasion.)

    Plato said there are three kinds of people: lovers of wisdom, lovers of wealth, lovers of honour.

    I would add two more — lovers of power and lovers of pleasure.

    I love wisdom.

    But you need power.

    On this EXIT. I love Elon Musk’s idea. We need (prudential….minimise potential losses from catastrophic existential risks……) to colonise space.

    But we need civilisation to do it.


    Dark Reformation


    Rasputin Reply:

    I’m guessing you’re based in the UK?


    vvectrchrst Reply:

    ‘My’ thought of DrForm´s identity was it´s a mask of Nick Land, but that requires you to believe Nick Land has superpowers. (Which I do believe.)

    Anyw. want to present which HTML is allowed in comments:

    DrForm, your thoughts seem a bit all over the place. Would you formulate the Dark Reformation into one sentence/paragraph?


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  • Pseudo-chrysostom Says:

    Gray Enlightenment

    >what is the alternative?

    Sell into bondage, send into exile, or summary deadification. Zero overhead, anti-fragile. As was the custom in more civilized times before the puritans invented the modern prison system in the 17 hundreds (Due to their erroneous belief that all soul’s had equi-valent beaticity and hence all had the possibility of earthly redemption).


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  • Akira Says:

    Here is a working link for Dugin’s Essay, in classic Web 1.0 style:


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  • a Says:

    @Axel McKibbin, who said:

    ▬ „The nature of technology is to expand at a higher rate than genetic change.”

    This is very interesting.

    Are there any scientific reports?

    Epigenetic changes would seem tho to be coterminous with technoenvironmental change.


    Axel McKibbin Reply:

    “Epigenetic changes would seem tho to be conterminous with technoenvironmental change.”

    Are you serious? Epigenetics is bullshit. Does your genetics evolve according to Moore’s law? You’re mincing words. What horrible truth are you avoiding to make you nitpick? You can do better.


    Let them fight us according to our ever-shifting rules Reply:

    Sorry, please represent an argument rather than an emotional response or a link.


    Let them fight us according to our ever-shifting rules Reply:

    Epigenetics are already being used in praxis, I´m told. And are you wise about transgenerational effects? Calling epistes ‘bullshit’ is worth nothing.

    a Reply:

    > incentives come to dominate every aspect of our lives. Prior to this, the human animal existed in his natural state,

    Erroneous. Posits a nonexistant ideal natural state without even incentives appearing in his adaptation to the cosmos.

    > with associated incentives derived exclusively from his own biology.

    His incentives would obviously derive from exobiology too.

    Do I need to cite reports about rays from space?


    a Reply:

    Just the claim that at any time incentives derived exclusively from the human* organism is absurd.

    (*’transhuman’ would be a more appropriate term as this refers to to the transitional or adaptive organism before, in and even beyond the ‘human’.)

    It´s a conditional fact of biology that incentive derivation is a dual structure as they originate from his interaction with (adaption to) the environment (which is everything that is not, as it were, him exclusively) — and now the techno-environmental complex.

    Posted on August 12th, 2016 at 7:37 am Reply | Quote
  • Henk Says:


    From Moldbug I can learn how the Unitarians turned the Jews into Mensheviks.

    He’s worthless. I’ve argued with him: reliably wrong.


    Posted on August 12th, 2016 at 7:46 am Reply | Quote
  • Dark Reformation Says:


    Slogan: Reality Rules (someone else in NRx said this and it is good.)

    Key philosophical background:

    All political philosophies are based on assumptions concerning human nature. False, distorted and illogical assumptions produce negative consequences. Thus, in order to have good consequences, one must start with accurate starting assumptions. (General conservative point. See Thomas Sowell Comflict of Political Visions.)

    The main point (which adds a new twist) of Dark Reformation is:

    1: The above assumption.
    2: Radical Human diversity (genetic — pychological — moral— political — theological.) (notice the dialectical and rhetorical implications here.)
    3: Advocate and persuade others to accept 1.2. on grounds of prudence and persuade people to separate into different formalised political/ethical/religious communities for safety, stability and the ability to follow their “telos”. Seperate “turfs” or “patches” or cities. (I have always considered this an interesting idea, seeing China’s Special Economic Zones, reading Moldbug, and seeing how (as Peter thiel says) democracy and freedom are incompatible convinced me that it is a great idea that would be optimal.
    4: 3 is not possible because of ideology, political structure, and individual and group self-interest. (tragedy of the commons, the tribal trap, the thucydidean trap.)
    5: The West is fucked. (DR is then an exercise in reductio ad absurdum. )
    6: Lenin and Trotsky: the worse it gets……transitional demands……..
    7: War is Inevitable. A Hobbesian war of all against all.
    8: The ultimate victor, in the west, will be the king or the caliph.
    (The last three points are not directly stated in the text. It is similar to the idea suggested by Leo Strauss. Philosophers have, according to Strauss, double meanings.)
    9: DR manifesto is not yet finished I am trying to write a summary of it.


    Humans are animals. Animals in the jungle live together were the strong pray upon the weak. Civilisation is a Zoo. An artificial construct that exists to protect and benefit the “group” and individual and protect the weak against the strong or the harmful.

    Practical recommendation: As the Romans would say: “if you want peace, prepare for war.”

    Hope this helps. Thanks for the criticism/suggestions.



    Let them fight us according to our ever-shifting rules Reply:

    Reality Rules, quite in league with my Rethesis.

    Now a counterpose: How much is our society already like that which is summed up in your 9 points?


    a Reply:

    E.g. ▬> #5 ‘The west is fucked.’

    This is observable (contingent on the defining factors) in the whole west. Then the question is, how fucked is it? Relatively fucked. Which is the most fucked up place in the west? Greece or France?

    Is it the place with the least technological derivation or the lowest reproductive rate of hi-IQ whites? Or the place with the lowest reproductive rate of whites and the least technological derivation?

    (Technological derivation means ‘technology comes from there.’)

    Greece, rather than France.

    ▬> #3 Advocate and persuade

    That would seem to be what we are doing. Just by acting you are an advocatus. An agent of what you act for or through.

    I suggest, more of it. Indeed, Roman rhetoric.

    Or as Nick Land suggested, “if promote a law, first submit yourself to it.”


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  • Dark Reformation Says:

    Previous two posters.

    Good questions. I don’t think the issue is either or. We already exist in a state of war. But what I was trying to say is that it will surely get worse.


    Nick Land said in, I think, premises of NRx, that society “degenerates” the racheting. I agree.

    Greece or France? How about America? Depending on how things break out, it could really hit the fan. If I were to say about a country I think Greece is more fucked with the economy and the “migrants” but France is suffering more from Islamic Attackers.


    a Reply:

    Ask the questions that no body is asking, that will get you ahead.

    Find the answers which no body has found.

    Be a new species of be.

    no zzz


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  • Rorschach Romanov Says:

    New blog post to toss into the Chaos:


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  • New Gothic Nomomancy Says:

    Since it was brought up a few weeks ago (in another thread, but google cannot search the comments here it seems, a flaw) here´s correlation betwixt IQ & skin tone.


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  • atlan ode Says:

    >> Belyaev was curious about the physiological or morphological changes accompanied by the process of domestication. Domestication being commonly associated with dogs, he reasoned that one way to test his hypothesis about how these changes occurred was to choose a canine species which never been previously domesticated and attempt to domesticate it. He selected Vulpes vulpes, the silver fox, and spent 26 years on his experiment, which continued post his death in 1985.

    Belyaev had noticed that many domestic animals had undergone similar changes in morphology and physiology. Body sizes changed, colour pattern of their coat changed, and even tails changed. His hypothesis was that these changes were influenced by the genetic makeup of the animal and resulted from strong selective pressure. Specifically, he was concerned with the idea of selecting for “tamability”.

    Starting with a batch of 30 male foxes and 100 female ones from a commercial farm in Estonia, [2] he conducted his experiment in the following manner. Breeding was only allowed when the foxes were considered “tame” and only the tamest 4-5% of male offspring and 20% of female offspring were allowed to breed. The foxes were untrained otherwise and were simply scored on their tameness evaluated by the metric of friendliness to the scientists. A strict three tier class system was used to categorize how tame foxes were. The friendliest to the experimenters would exhibit behaviour such as whimpering for attention, licking and sniffing the hands of the humans and an amount of docility.

    This is where things get interesting.

    The physical changes in the foxes were quite remarkable and easily distinguishable. They exhibited a fear response to external stimuli earlier than their wild cousins. Their coats changed colour and star shaped patterns on their foreheads were observed similar to certain breeds of dogs. Their ears became floppy which is particularly interesting since it is a characteristic of new born pups which carried over to adulthood. This is a consequence which has occurred in dogs called paedomorphosis or the retention of juvenile characters in the adult. Another interesting consequence was that the cranial morphology of domesticated adult males became “feminized” i.e. their sexual dimorphism decreased.

    ‘Male’ feminists:


    admin Reply:

    Come on, try to stick with a handle. The ID ADHD makes any prospect of conversation impossible. Also, reputational persistence is the only control on pseudonymous online behavior, so disposable handles are inherently trollish. Eventually I’ll be compelled to take out the meat ax.


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    The handles aren´t looked upon from this warp as disposable as much as grafted into kæberspeis forever. A minute crystallization of eternity. Diamond dogs. ‘Got’ in Icelandic means ‘litter.’

    A million thoughts, only a few which make it into the shell which the shot-gun pen marks with in its distribution of what is loaded, (first uploaded,) and then downloaded here. And there.

    Yet the handle is always marked with a WordPress profile, or its affiliate anyway:

    In this light there were no tries, but naming. Nomomancy, as it were.

    But fair enough, this is your realm, milord.

    And thus you set the rules of



    admin Reply:

    Please settle on one you can live with, and stick with it. Even if you’re not abusing this, someone else will, and then I’ll (quite reasonably) be accused of inconsistency when I skin them alive and hang up the bloody residue on the Outside in gibbet.

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Yes, sir. Aside from the cryptic first part, the above is my christian name. Can live with it.

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  • Melanie l'Heuremaudit Says:

    “Chance is the most ancient divinity of the world, and behold, I come to deliver all things from their bondage under Purpose…. The mind is in bondage to Purpose and Will, but I shall free it to divine accident and prankishness…”

    “What if [the sense of self] represents a psychological appendix: a useless, anachronistic pain in the side? – or, like the mastadon’s huge tusks: a heavy, useless and ultimately self-destructive burden?

    What if the sense of being someone represents an evolutionary error as disastrous to the further development of a more complex creature as was the shell for snails or turtles?”

    (The Dice Man, Luke Rhinehart)


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Can confirm this. Ancient Indian, Roman, et alia Indoeuropean world views are littered with concepts of game, play & chance.

    In fact they are the two most important concepts: sacrifice & play.

    With those you can do everything.

    You always need to sacrifice and things never need be boring.

    Once you do too many boring things you´re descending into slave territory.

    The wind blows where it wills, and
    you hear the sound of it, but you do
    not know whence it comes or whither
    it goes; so it is with every one
    who is born of the Spirit.

    (John iii, 8)

    >> the first and fun-damental principle of esotericism (i.e. of the way of experience of the reality of the spirit) can be rendered by the formula:

    Learn at first concentration without effort; transform work into play; make every yoke that you have accepted easy and every burden that you carry light!

    This counsel, or command, or even warning, however you wish to take it, is most
    serious; this is attested by its original source, namely the words of the Master Him-
    self: “
    My yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (Matthew xi, 30).

    Let us examine in succession the three parts of this formula, in order to penetrate the Arcanum of “active relaxation” or “effort without effort”. Firstly—learn at first concentration without effort—what is this in a practical and theoretical sense?

    Concentration, as the faculty of fixing maximum attention on a minimumamount of space (Goethe said that he who wants to complete something of worthand of skill, “der sammle still und unerschlafft, im kleinsten Punkt die grosste Kraft“, i.e. that “quietly and unceasingly he directs the greatest force upon thesmallest point”), is the practical key to ail success in every domain. Modern peda-gogy and psychotherapy, the schools of prayer and spiritual exercises —Franciscan,Carmelite. Dominican and Jesuit —occult schools of every type and, lastly, an-cient Hindu yoga, all approaches are in agreement about this. Patanjali, in his classic work on yoga, formulates in his first sentence the practical and theoreticalessence of yoga—the “first arcanum” or the key of yoga—as follows: Yoga citta vritti mrodha (Yoga is the suppression of the oscilla-tions of the mental substance, Yoga Sutras 1.2)— or, in other terms, the art of concentration. For the “oscillations” (vritti) of the “mental substance” (citta) take place automatically.

    First published in French, as «Méditations sûr les 22 arcanes majeurs du Tarot» in either 1967 or 1980, anonymously but by one Valentin Tomberg.
    >>Hans Urs von Balthasar has compared the author to Charles Williams, Hildegard of Bingen and even St Bonaventure, praising (with certain qualifications) the book’s “superabundance of genuine, fruitful insights”.


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  • anonyme Says:

    “un coup de dés jamais n’abolira Le Hasard”

    (a throw of dice will never abolish chance)

    – Mallarmé


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  • Outliers (#18) Says:

    […] Media psychosis. Detoxifying from modernity. Success more sensibly defined. Weekly round: here, there and […]

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  • Melanie l'Heuremaudit Says:

    El espíritu de la colmena

    Yes, and what governs the selection of possible destinies?

    Is it absolute chance? Certainly not.

    What’s involved is neither pure, objective chance nor a determined will.

    Objective chance is merely an illusion, a utopian dream

    To make a bad French pun, the Dé-cision is never as arbitrary as we think (just as automatic writing is never truly automatic), and chance never lies in the choice we make from among chance events.

    Unless, that is, you purely and simply give in to what happens to you – but, even then we know that, in the end, nothing happens to you by accident.

    A kind of paradox distorts things from the outset: the decision to surrender to chance is never taken by chance.

    In this sense, a throw of the dice, countless throws of the dice, will never abolish the initial determination.

    There’s something else at stake in the throw of the dice: it means no longer having any illusions about one’s own will. It means going beyond this and opening up to an objective randomness which might be seen as the randomness of the world itself.

    A way of transferring one’s will, or delegating power.

    It’s impossible to opt for chance but equally impossible to opt for the will, which, as we know, is self-deluding.

    In fact, chance does not exist. And neither does the will.

    The rules governing our lives are to be found elsewhere.


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Truth is paradox.

    Para doxia, literally ‘beyond opinion.’

    Which is not to say that it is merely so. Indeed the world *is* truth. Paradoxically the world is a lie. This is called ‘varieties (or degrees) of truth. Truth is another word for ‘works.’ Things cannot work without truth. So even lies are true. Paradoxical.

    But to equate things with other things is contested. Thus what is contested is workings (formulas). What works best. What is the best (in)formation.

    A person saying ‘this is true!’ is saying ‘this is works in my conception’ (or ‘this scheme is equal — in my equational-abstraction calculation — to being most likely to produce our desired result.’

    Even if it works observably worse than another working, (another truth,) the person may still make the claim. Such is emotional over-investment.


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  • (N) G. Eiríksson Says:

    Thus surely is the absurdest time to be alive.
    (“Allahu Akbar, Europe is ours!” – 100% African, Male and Muslim: The Reality on Europe’s Coastlines)


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  • "The Horror! The Horror!" Says:

    […] The Fear […]

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