Chaos Patch (#18)

So weekly Chaos Patches are still happening for the time being (in case you hadn’t noticed).

Zizek! (Plagiarism exposed, tormented by Steve Sailer, publicly humiliated in Newsweek and The American Spectator, ‘apologizes‘ by blaming a ‘friend’ … plenty of mileage left in this, I believe.) Despite the brutal Schadenfreude, this blog has a soft spot for Zizek, partly because of the whole CIA agent thing.

Automatically generate Tumblr ‘arguments‘.

How to get suspended from Twitter.

Interstellar Decopunk.

This is way too partisan to endorse, but also way too witty not to share:


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  • prog-trad Says:

    Much approval for the Decopunk link. Reminiscent of the Oankali of Xenogensis fame (which I’m currently reading, following from its mention at the end of TDE). What’s more interesting for me would be the Earth-related developments such a radical technological/cultural shift could bring about.


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  • Chaos Patch (#18) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Hypothetical Says:

    Plagiarism from Zizek isn’t much of a surprise, really; considering his history of contrived critiques (of films he never actually watched) and admitted pseudo-theory. But if it stands to serve as a sobering reminder of the impotency of much contemporary leftist theory, then perhaps it fulfills its purpose.

    I find it useful to separate the man “Zizek” from the texts that bear his name, since I no longer have any reason to believe he means what he writes.


    prog-trad Reply:

    May I ask what gives you this suspicion?


    Hypothetical Reply:

    That Zizek doesn’t mean what he writes?

    Only that his attitude toward many topics has shifted and morphed over the years. There is of course no problem with this, but it makes it difficult to reconcile some of what he writes in _The Sublime Object of Ideology_ with his more militant comments made regarding violence and revolution; and, furthermore, it becomes difficult to reconcile his militant attitude with his more recent sobered demeanor toward the new radical Left, whom he seems to regard as immature children throwing bricks through windows.

    I’m simply never sure which presentation to take seriously, so my conclusion is that none should be taken seriously as the belief of Zizek “the man,” but rather as various productions from a single repository of information that we call “Zizek” for simplicity’s sake.


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  • nyan_sandwich Says:

    If that’s decopunk, then I’m the king of France.


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  • RorschachRomanov Says:

    Will Mr. Land be weighing in on Sarah Perry’s contention(s) on the decline of fertility rates? ‘Twas mentioned over at “More Right,” and jimmies are certainly being rustled. I would be highly interested in your thoughts. (please excuse the randomness…but this is a chaos patch after all)


    admin Reply:

    Did you catch these remarks by Emmanuel Todd? They point to some rather counter-intuitive fertility patterns (from the reactionary perspective). But still …

    While recognizing the centrality of this topic, it leaves me conflicted because the things I like — intelligence, cities, and capitalism — all seem to have definite negative correlation with fertility. Thus the tormenting phenomenon that the closest places to Tech-comm NRx paradises, i.e. High-IQ East Asian Authoritarian-Capitalist City-States, are — in Spandrell’s words — ‘gene shredders’. Beyond the distress, right now I’ve got nothing.


    RorschachRomanov Reply:

    I suppose this makes reactionarism all the more relevant- as Joseph Schumpeter well knew, capitalism, and the society engendered thereby, survives in part b/c of “pre-capitalist sources” of social order…the very sources capitalism tends to either erode or devastate outright.



    Anon Reply:

    Schumpeter’s thesis is fairly foreboding if you connect it with Ernst Nolte’s idea about Fascism being anti-Marxism.

    Capitalism gives rise to its own destruction (Schumpeter), especially in the form of intellectuals who try to undermine it. As left wing movements arise, fascist movements also ascend and form a bulwark against the left (Nolte).

    So no matter what happens, Capitalism always leads to a left singularity, which in turn leads to a possible fascist uprising.

    Blogospheroid Reply:

    Genuine healthspan extension (, is one of the possible ways out. The effects are multiple.

    High IQ women can give birth later. There are many women who will not reach the absolute top of the corporate ladder. They can choose to have children when they miss out on the promotion. Lesser idiocracy is better for everybody.

    Greater need for saving due to a longer expected life and all the positives of the lower time preference.

    Serial knowledge built up in existing people is of much greater value than the same knowledge parallely loaded in multiple people. Important from an intelligence explosion point of view.

    A lot more people with an entire life’s savings and the body of a 25 year old – huge boost for entrepreneurship.


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    In the interim, the obvious solution is to switch temporal priority of childbirth and career. Women try to establish career before kids, even though the uterus expires much faster than the mind.

    Nathan Turner Overdrive Reply:

    Singapore fights the poz:


    scientism Reply:

    As far as I can tell, he’s wrong. Britain is below replacement. Fertility had been rising, thanks in part to the higher fertility of immigrants, but peaked in 2010.–england-and-wales/2011–final-/sty-fertility.html


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  • RorschachRomanov Says:

    There is undoubtedly an irony here- my swirling, disjointed thoughts turn to the infamous article by John Dolan (the absolute master of sardonic pessimism):

    “For the first time in the history of organic life — the first time in over three billion years of “birth and copulation and death” — the pitiful animals crawling over the surface of the planet have the power to choose to exist or to cease to exist.”

    Recognizing that Azazoth has been the “I AM” of the universe for a few billion years now, is there not a sense of tragedy that this strange, uncanny, paradoxical thing called “man” is exacting his revenge on Azazoth through indirect parricide, ie low fertility rates…as if, just when the possibility condition for the defeat or at least subjugation of Azazoth emerges in the perhaps teleologically irreducible structure of consciousness, “man” is checking out, as it were, of the game entirely…like Frodo on Mount Doom, unable to finalize his quest.


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  • Blogospheroid Says:

    About the interstellar spaceships link, isn’t it a weird thing that no one has actually thought of funding a repeat of the biosphere experiments?

    To wannabe space dwellers and common environmentalists alike, isn’t the idea of finding out the minimum required biosphere for human existence, of any interest?

    We like assuming cycles of birth and death, overshoot and collapse. Is it too much to expect some data about how wide these swings will be?


    Alrenous Reply:

    See also underwater colonies. Much easier to iterate and debug than interplanetary, still learn a lot about living in a hostile environment.


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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    I thought the link said Interstellar Decoupage.

    It was a disappointment.


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  • Tryptophan Says:

    “While recognizing the centrality of this topic, it leaves me conflicted because the things I like — intelligence, cities, and capitalism — all seem to have definite negative correlation with fertility. Thus the tormenting phenomenon that the closest places to Tech-comm NRx paradises, i.e. High-IQ East Asian Authoritarian-Capitalist City-States, are — in Spandrell’s words — ‘gene shredders’. Beyond the distress, right now I’ve got nothing.”

    For a reactionary city state in a universalist world gene-shredding is a rational strategy. (Just a reactionary state living in a Proggy world….)

    Why should Singapore try to breed hard-working proles or high-iq peons when it is costly and they can be imported easily from the rest of the world? In a patchwork there would be competition for serfs leading to real encouragement of breeding.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    I feel my decision to never read Zizek has been vindicated.


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  • Akaki Akakievich Says:

    From Kant and Bataille to Steve Sailer – Nick, what happened to you? Did you get mugged by ‘Italico-Semitico-Mongloids’ back in Coventry in the ’90s?


    admin Reply:

    You know I actually live among non-Europeans, out of choice because I like Chinese a lot (statistically speaking), but the idea that they’re neurologically uniform with Europeans simply requires too much cognitive dissonance to tolerate. If you honestly don’t think Human Biological Diversity is a real thing you obviously have a different sensory-cognitive apparatus to mine.

    Hell, I think Italians and Swedes are (statistically) distinctive people — don’t you? (Honestly?)


    Akaki Akakievich Reply:

    Well, as my nigga Rammellzee once said: ‘I ain’t racial, but I’m racing.’

    He was a bit swarthy, but you might have liked him:

    ‘Rammellzee’s graffiti and art work are based on his theory of Gothic Futurism, which describes the battle between letters and their symbolic warfare against any standardizations enforced by the rules of the alphabet. His treatise, “Ionic treatise Gothic Futurism assassin knowledges of the remanipulated square point’s one to 720° to 1440°,” details an anarchic plan by which to revise the role and deployment of language in society.

    He has stated that his name is derived from RAM plus M for Magnitude, Sigma (Σ) the first summation operator, first L – longitude, second L – latitude, Z – z-bar, Σ, Σ – summation.’

    Cognitively dissonant, or what?


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  • Akaky Akakievich Says:

    So Steve Sailer is some sort of HBD-endorsing film critic, I believe?

    I wonder what he (or you for that matter) would make of the films of Pedro Costa:

    ‘Costa is acclaimed for using his ascetic style to depict marginalised people in desperate living situations. Many of his films are set in a district of Lisbon inhabited by the socially disadvantaged and shot in a natural and low-key way in documentary format.’

    Or Artur Aristakisyan:

    ‘Palms’ was made in 1993 and filmed entirely among the community of beggars, outsiders, outcasts and survivors in Aristakisyan’s home-town of Kishinev, the capital of Moldova. Across two hours of searing, poignant and authentically discomforting images, Aristakisyan addresses his unborn son, telling him and by implication us, to reject completely any system that is detrimental to the freedom of our spirit. As he says, “the system will engulf everything that has sense.” Remorselessly following logic into the abyss, he comes to the conclusion that the only hope for his son to remain untainted in his spirit is to become a beggar.’

    So much pointless footage of valueless, zero IQ, mongrelised human trash, presumably?


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  • Akaky Akakievich Says:

    “Why has Mr Costa/Aristakisyan chosen to spend his time pointing a camera at such a self-evidently useless, low-pedigree mass of cells?”


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  • admin Says:

    You’ll find Steve Sailer has a lot more compassion on such topics than I do. My interest in socially-marginalized Moldovan street people is exactly zero.


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  • Akaky Akakievich Says:

    Nick, check it out:

    The triumph of virginal beggars over capital.


    admin Reply:

    OK, I’ve added it to the demented movie backlog. (There’s this bizarre offering to get through first.)


    Akaky Akakievich Reply:

    Virginal amputee beggars, I should have said. Taking ‘the body without organs’ somewhat literally, perhaps.

    ‘My God, the genius of that! The genius! If I had ten divisions of those men, Capital would be over very quickly.’


    Akaky Akakievich Reply:

    I was quite impressed to see you made it into The Daily Telegraph, by the way. Found myself boasting to my wretched co-workers that you were the bloke who taught me philosophy, somewhere in the Midlands back in the 90s. Not much else to boast about, really. My genes were never up to much. Factory worker father and housewife mother. Not much intelligence to optimise for, you might say. But at least I know my Heraclitus from my Parmenides.

    ‘The way up and the way down are the same.’

    They’re not, you know.

    Anyway, back to the monarchical CEOs of Singapore.


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