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Subsequent to the Matthew Opitz post at LW (linked yesterday), Leon Niemoczynski asks: “I am wondering if there is room for ‘bleak theology’ within the NRx framework, or whether theological NRx would just be ‘bleak theology.’ (See HERE and HERE.)”

A memetic analogy: “… burning children alive was an effective means of making people into Canaanites. The Canaanite memetic system reproduced, while Canaanites did not, just as progressivism reproduces, while progressives do not.

Arnold Kling on Gregory Clark.

Beyond the spectrum.

Occidental religion — we’ve come a long way baby.

Kristor on moral hazard.

Decline goes mainstream.

ISIS’s enemy is Saudi (and boredom).

Go Scotland.

Do we really have to talk aboutgamergate‘? (Given that it’s so obviously an engineered distraction from this stuff.)

The nine timelines of the Primer plot. (Even if you don’t think you give a damn about Primer yet, you do in the future.)

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  • Bryce Laliberte Says:

    From the Fukuyama piece:

    ”Finally, liberal democracy is almost universally associated with market economies, which tend to produce winners and losers and amplify what James Madison termed the “different and unequal faculties of acquiring property.” This type of economic inequality is not in itself a bad thing, insofar as it stimulates innovation and growth and occurs under conditions of equal access to the economic system. It becomes highly problematic, however, when the economic winners seek to convert their wealth into unequal political influence. They can do so by bribing a legislator or a bureaucrat, that is, on a transactional basis, or, what is more damaging, by changing the institutional rules to favor themselves — for example, by closing off competition in markets they already dominate, tilting the playing field ever more steeply in their favor.”

    In other words, the democratic theory that voice is equal between individuals, and never augmented by their access to material and institutional resources is false. Furthermore, it cannot be made equal; any measures taken to prevent inequality only reduce us all to poverty, and there is no point in having an equal voice if it means equal misery.

    This seems the fundamental problem with every liberal theory of society: it begins with an ”if only…” and never concentrates on what establishing that condition would cost in terms of how the rest of society must be structured to preserve that value. A monomaniacal vision which induces practical blindness steeped in ignorance warded by traditional signs of erudition which necessarily obscures what is the case. Quite literally, intelligence becomes a handicap inasmuch as it fails to recognize its ignorance.


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  • max Says:
    a wonderful explication of primer


    admin Reply:

    That’s great — thanks. The time-loop text technique is fantastic (but still “fries your brain like a freaking egg”).


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  • Rasputin Says:

    As admin stated so eloquently in a recent post, NRx is dark because the truth is dark. Always and everywhere, life is predicated on death. Progressivism is set up directly in contradiction to the truth, so to its followers it appears light, but in truth it is dark – darker than NRx – because you ignore reality at your peril. Everything is based on lies, sweet little lies you could lose yourself in unthinkingly forever, it’s little wonder that the vast majority of people do.


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  • Darth Imperius Says:


    Agreed. Which is why if neoreactionaries create an Endarkenment school, it should be something like a “Sith Academy”, and if they found a religion, it should resemble Sithism.

    This is also why the Axis powers were ahead of the curve on most of the important issues, and “National Socialist” China probably is too. The question then becomes the same one that vexes the Muslims: if the truth is on your side, why can’t you WIN? Are lies more powerful than facts, or is Yahweh just not on your side?


    admin Reply:

    “… if the truth is on your side, why can’t you WIN?” — It’s impossible to recall that question too many times. For harsh surgery on ideological fantasy it’s truly invaluable.


    Hanfeizi Reply:

    Indeed, this is the problem with nihilistic religions, whether of the western or eastern variety. Ultimately, altruism achieves it’s apotheosis at the level of suicide.

    Even Jesus Christ recognizes this, however, which is why he said to be as wise as serpents, and as gentle as doves. Call that Christian “reaction”, if you will. Buddhism found it’s own reaction in the form of Zen, which was where it was melded with Taoism.

    Taoism, of course, advocates neither complete altruism or complete selfishness, and realizes that the path is in the paradox itself.


    Alex Reply:

    “… if the truth is on your side, why can’t you WIN? Are lies more powerful than facts, or is Yahweh just not on your side?”

    Perhaps the devil isn’t on your side. If the dark powers that rule the universe are not elemental forces (sublime and terrible though these may be) but rational intelligences, one might expect their only use for men who aspire to be like them (or who in crude fashion identify with the elemental forces) would be as a decoy to gull generic ‘Christians’ lacking discernment or instruction. Classic conjurer’s misdirection, one might say. Cathedral decadence notwithstanding, perhaps the dark archons’ favoured instrument was always the Atlantean commonwealth whose rulers, their chosen people, possess a magic so potent one can scarce call it sorcery, surpassing as it does all other occult techniques and systems by an order of magnitude, in comparison with which the subtlest, most refined applications of the left-hand path are as but the brabble of children …


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  • Kgaard Says:

    Speaking of Mugabe, there is a very good review in the New York Review of Books of a new book about China’s push into Africa. It’s equal parts refreshing and disturbing what they are doing. I give it points for novelty if nothing else. Here are the first few paragraphs (the rest is under lock):

    China’s realistic attitude toward Africa is diametrically opposed to Hillary’s. I’ve forced myself to read the entirety of her review of Kissenger’s new book, on the advice of a well-meaning foreign policy hack friend. The hack (or hack-ette, in this case) is convinced there is some deeper meaning to it, namely that a new foreign policy consensus is emerging, or wants to emerge, or will be crafted by Hilllary and her ilk/minions.

    In describing her geopolitical vision Hillary pulls out the same tired tropes about human rights, valuing diversity, empowering women and girls blah blah. The thing that really got me was that she has the nerve to refer repeatedly to the US as a NATION. It’s not a nation — and people like her have been doing their best for decades to destroy any sense of nation-hood that existed previously. The US is a state, an empire, a country. Anything but a nation. So, it really flows from one lie to the next. Hillary is gonna be all about keeping the Cathedral-ites in power to push their inanities. ‘Course, I don’t know that Romney would be any better.


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  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:

    There is no necessity to model it after the ‘sith’. Perhaps a reference to Kreia and grey jedi etc. Reference to sith is just a hopeless meme play unless it breaks past the nonsense dichotomy.


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  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:


    Via Moldbug

    “If the Republicans could somehow dissolve themselves permanently and irrevocably, it would be the most brutal blow ever struck against the Democrats. It would make Obi-Wan Kenobi look like Chad Vader. As I’ll explain, passive resistance is not your only option, but it is a thousand million times better than Outer Party activism. Do not support the Outer Party.”

    I have extreme distaste to any memetic affiliations between pseudo-affiliation with traditional conservatives, traditional right etc etc. I only use Royalist because it is far away enough from politics. Burke is far away enough. I prefer Periclean cosmopolitanismn/Moral Smithsian Cosmopoliticanism/Aristocratic Egalitarianism(Dolittle), and then just standard Techno Commercialism.


    Kgaard Reply:

    Yeah you are of course right. Best to write off the whole lot of them, left, right and center. That said, when election time comes around, I viscerally want the better guy to win. In 2012 that was Romney. If he runs again in 2016, it will still be Romney, versus whatever dolt/clown the left vomits forth. Absorbing neoreaction occurs on one, uh, line of being … and absorbing US politics seems to occur along a line that is only partly connected to it. Over time the connection between the two lines gets stronger. Perhaps by 2016 I truly won’t give a shit who wins. That is distinctly possible. Or maybe I’ll be living in Trieste and drinking cappuch’es … just excising myself from the entire situation.


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  • Rasputin Says:

    @admin: “Go Scotland”…

    I ‘support’ (not actively in any sense, with very low level emotional engagement) Scottish ‘independence’ because it is potentially and instance of (very low level) succession, and therefore indicative of the kind of thing we would like to see more of. I support it even though I think it may be detrimental to the Scottish, who I expect will end up with a more left-wing (read incompetent) administration as an immediate result (what use is oil / gas if you lack the intelligence necessary for its extraction?). Shifting things leftward is good if it either a) fragments centralised Cathedral power (even a little bit / symbolically) or b) makes the shift leftward patently appear to be a bad thing, or c) both, which I think may be the case here (how can a nation of dependants not realise that they are a nation of dependants? What do they think is going to happen; everyone is going to stop drinking and magically grow an IQ overnight?!)

    Does this match up with your own thoughts on the matter, or do you have a different insight?


    admin Reply:

    Post coming …


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  • scientism Says:

    Take Scott Atran’s article on the appeal of Jihad and add this article about how ISIS is run like a company:

    We can take ISIS to be a company that offers two services: (1) it blows stuff up for its donors (and sends them an annual report) and (2) it provides a “jihad experience” for bored young Muslims.

    Hypothesis: In the wringer of Middle East conflict, where new movements seem to appear daily, Gnon / Natural Selection / Capitalism did its work and produced a lean jihadi organisation that has no other goals beyond those that sustain it – i.e., all it does it attract fighters and donors (and occupy territory).


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  • Postnietzschean Says:

    I just read up on #GamerGate. ( and to a lesser extent had some good links). My take:

    1. New cultural medium emerges, languishes in obscurity.
    2. New medium grows larger, standards improve, master craftsmen appear, yearns to be taken seriously as an art form.
    3. New medium dismissed by cultural establishment, too weird.
    4. New medium grows huge, dwarfs all other entertainment industries, gains mainstream acceptance (but not elite approval).
    5. New medium opens diplomatic relations with cultural establishment (e.g., reviews in the Guardian).
    6. Cultural establishment demands religious conversion for new medium to be accepted into the fold.
    7. Some open-minded tribal rulers of the new medium invite in establishment missionaries.
    8. Missionaries beheaded, dismembered and burned alive by angry mobs of narrow-minded peasants.
    9. Cultural establishment declares war on new medium. “Submit to Hollywood-ification or die”.
    10. New medium blessed with vast hinterland of independent media, youtube vloggers, and millions of suicidally loyal natives. Cultural establishment bogged down in Russian winter.

    Interesting to compare to the general tech startup world of Silicon Valley, which is mostly following a policy of Cathedral appeasement and feeling the obvious consequences.


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  • neo coyote Says:

    crazy and wonderful stuff you (young?) folks are inventing with this neoreactionary bizness. as an old coot who really did drop out long ago from all the “cathedral” nonsense, it is great to see another go at non-participation springing up. the moldbug guy had/has a lot of great insights, but sure seems(ed) (to me) awfully long winded (which i took to mean he must actually be a real, actual, intellectual) so seek further dark enlightenment thru sites like this and others related. the insights expressed above by previous commentaries in re the reality of life ending in death, the reaction of buddhism in zen, etc sure struck a chord within: i visualize that mandala of yin/yang all swollen into the darkness of the female, the circle/balloon slopping off lopsided with the bloated hag demon swallowing all the light until the karmic reaction explodes her ugly face. nice dream.


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  • nyan_sandwich Says:


    Still waiting for you to deliver on your response to my three questions about your anti-orthogonality-thesis position.


    admin Reply:

    OK. I’ll make that a post.


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  • Ryan Says:

    That’s a lovely primer timeline plot. It helps give one a sense of the movie.

    But unfortunately it leaves out the previous timelines in which Abe and Aaron don’t stop their doubles from completing new boxes.

    That’s the best sense I can make of the movie. There is one more Abe and one more Aaron. The Aaron we see at the very end instructing French people to build the giant box they to manipulate the film’s protagonists into ensuring that their doubles don’t build new boxes.


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