Chaos Patch (#27)

(Open thread, perhaps with some frayed lead in …)

Stuck in SZ airport (which is a very cool place, but short of accessible computer hardware for blogging purposes) waiting for a delayed flight back to Shanghai. Will try to add some stuff when conditions improve. In the interim, feel free to carry on …

ADDED: Too much commoditronic burn-out to try and salvage this prompt post, but I like this (a lot):

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  • Chaos Patch (#27) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • max Says:

    Anyone seen Utopia (the Channel 4 show)?

    Without spoiling much, I’ll just say it’s really wonderful how many people refer to the main baddies as “morally ambiguous”.


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  • spandrell Says:

    Shenzhen airport indeed is a beautiful building. At least from the inside.


    admin Reply:

    Yes, quite stunning.


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  • Izak Says:

    This is probably the most ridiculous and amusing thing I’ve seen in months. “These are some special stones. Alright?” I could see some angry WN writing a foaming-at-the-mouth fire-and-brimstone article about the symbolism of this clip. POSTMODERN DESECRATION OF A PAGAN CATHEDRAL.


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  • Kgaard Says:

    One thing about this devolution of power push in Europe … Who wants to go back to having to show passports and change currencies every 150 miles? I’ve been on a car trip in central europe (eastern bloc, austria) and from an administrative standpoint the euro and Schenghen area are both godsends. If I lived in, say, Slovakia or Slovenia or Austria or Benelux there’s no WAY I would want to go back to the old system. I can see where it makes sense for the UK (island nation, already have their own currency) to split off. But even those in Scotland … Do they want to have to show passports every time they cross the border? If the whole point of the devolution of power trend is to increase freedom, that’s a pretty drastic reduction of freedom right there. Ditto for the Catalonians, who would give themselves three new borders to aggravate themselves with: Spain, France and Monaco.

    One solution to the monetary issue might be to split the Eurozone across the middle and have a strong “northern” euro and a weak “southern” euro … but even there, I’m not sure that would work.


    Michael Reply:

    cant you just use your amex


    Hurlock Reply:

    Don’t like constantly changing currencies?
    Want to hold money that will be accepted everywhere, everytime and by anyone?

    Then GOLD is the money for you!

    Fuck the Euro. But don’t go back to the old (new) system.
    Go back to the old (OLD) – school gold standart system.

    Or just collect bitcoins and wait until you can pay for everything with that.

    (fk the euro)


    VXXC Reply:

    Second. Fk all that noise, back to gold.


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  • Prog-Trad Says:


    Oh, I have! Not seen series two, but it was very, very good.

    As ever, I found that I sympathised with the ‘baddies’ a helluva lot more than the drippy heroes. It’s an Ozymandius, ‘Watchmen’ situation, the ‘villain’ is clearly acting in the right. The Network aren’t committing mass-murder, they’re not building concentration camps and gas chambers, they are simply removing the…potential for exponential population growth, shall we say? And even then it is in the ‘gentlest’ way possible.

    Following on this train of thought (i.e. infertility etc.), anyone read ‘The Children of Men’? It’s interesting the contrast the book, which is of a VERY clearly conservative tone, with the overt Leftism of the film.


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  • Rasputin Says:

    Can we all have another go at Sovereignty? I have made a half-hearted/assed attempt to get the ball rolling again over here:


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Your site doesn’t display any content. Is there some reason why I have to have javascript turned on? What for?


    Rasputin Reply:

    @ Peter, apologies for the delay in my reply – I was at work and never comment on anything from there in case they link pseudonym to me (it’s a small outpost of the Catherdral, in which being seen to go off message would be… problematic)

    I have checked the link from three different Mac computers (I don’t have access to a PC) and it works for me. As you suggested, it’s probably that you need Javascript (it does a weird thing at the beginning when it loads the text, which is probably why it won’t load for you).

    There’s another link here if you fancy trying again:


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:


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  • Peter A. Taylor Says:

    Burnistoun – Lovecraftian sketch, 3:07 (hat tip: Samizdata):


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  • hSanguineEmpiricist Says:

    I think we might need to keep writing guides to simplify stuff, because aside from regulars who sort of ‘get it’ every one else seems to be making casual mistakes in their interpretation and keep getting lost. They are unable to synthesize the wide variety of thought and put it together without distorting it. Other than that, does any one know any group NRx assosiated blogs or writing platforms that accept outside writing? I don’t want to fragment the existing ecosystem any more.

    Also to any one that doesn’t already getting a feedly or an RSS reader to keep up is a good idea in general.


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  • JCB Says:

    Apropos of nothing.


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