Chaos Patch (#30)

(Open thread, and stuff.)

Too much Ebola news and commentary to process, from speculative nightmares of various kinds, to historical reminiscences, neo-Puritan panic attacks, border disputes, alarm calls, and conspiracy theory.

Ron Paul, John Glanton, and Keith Preston walk into a bar. The bartender says: “OK, break it up gentlemen.” (Jordan Bloom should get it.) Related.

Eugenics around the back.

The game has changed.

Crabby thoughts.

An unfortunate invention.

Goldman on Codevilla.

War is good. (Hard though that can be to believe.)

Racism today.

Is there anyone left on earth who doesn’t think Dawkins is a religious fanatic?

Kant’s hellish idea.

ADDED: Some HK links over at the smiley side (still updating). Something significant happening in North Korea? Modi is still upsetting the chatterati.

ADDED: … and then there’s this.

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  • Erebus Says:

    Tangentially related to Kant’s hellish idea:

    You posted about the Fermi Paradox a few days ago. One of the proposed resolutions to the paradox, Stephen Baxter’s “Planetarium Hypothesis”, holds that what we see in the night sky is artificial — that it has been manipulated to give us the impression that we’re in an empty universe.

    Similar arguments are briefly and loosely reviewed here:
    …Where one of the resolutions to the Fermi paradox lies in the fact that “our observations are being deliberately manipulated or confused by extraterrestrials so as to frustrate SETI efforts.”

    This is “we cannot know objective truth” made concrete, and taken to its ultimate point.


    admin Reply:

    Some kind of Simulation Argument — there are quite a number of options — might be the best approach to the Fermi Paradox. One great strength, it is strongly universal from the start, explaining why nothing at all gets through the Great Filter to meet us, despite preposterous odds to the contrary. If run the other way — as a wire-head implosion scenario — it’s probabilistically weaker, but still highly suggestive.


    Erebus Reply:

    Entirely agreed. I find it highly plausible that we’re in some sort of ancestor simulation — with the planck length and planck time as our “pixels” — both because the technology we’d need to create an artificial cosmos should come into existence sometime within the next hundred years, so its far from unfeasible, and because our universe is very young. (~13.5 billion years old — yet red stars and their planets will still exist a few trillion years from now.)

    …But the Baxter hypothesis is interesting as it paints a darker picture. It says: “you exist in this world, which is a real world, objectively”, and at the same time: “your perspective is manipulated by outside agencies entirely beyond your ken, your universe is a sandbox, and things in general are not as they seem.”

    In any case, I can’t help but feel that simulation could be recursive. This universe might be a simulation, and yet we still may face a wire-head/brain-in-a-vat implosion a few decades or centuries from now. So much for knowing “objective truth.”


    Alrenous Reply:

    When gears were the hot new technology, the universe was thought to be clockwork.

    When steam was the hot new technology, the mind was thought to work by pressure and valves.

    When silicon is the hot new technology, the universe is thought to be a computer.

    However, the idea that the universe is subsidiary to some greater reality is as old as history. I call for humility in the face of simulationism’s vast pre-modern history.


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  • Chris B Says:

    Re Kant, Just starting out on the Kant and Zongsan issue. Any tips on useful resources?


    admin Reply:

    This is the primary reference.


    Chris B Reply:

    $140! bloody hell. I’m gonna check if his old haunt Taipei NU around the corner has a copy I can borrow.


    admin Reply:



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  • scientism Says:

    If that “depressingly cynical image” is really making the rounds among “wealthy Chinese on Facebook” it feels me with more hope than I know what to do with.


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  • strelkov Says:

    You know, Ebola is the perfect disease for today’s rapid-fire information environment: it spreads at practically glacial speeds. This gives Cathedral-drones plenty of time to rationalize their governments’ failure to take decisive action:

    “Oh, sure Ebola is bad, but it won’t make it here.”

    “Oh, it’s here now, but it’s only one case. What are you worried about?”

    “Ok, so it’s a few cases, but we can’t quarantine Texas. That’d be discrimination.”

    …and on, until people are paralyzed to leave their houses from fear, and the economy collapses.


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  • Alex Says:

    “What we need is the opposite of panic.” ​


    Rasputin Reply:

    …and retarded moral posturing.


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  • Chaos Patch (#30) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • peppermint Says:

    What has the CDC done in living memory (past 20 years)? There was GRID, that the Cathedral agreed was best lied about. There’s been a continuing problem with GRID and other STIs (venereal diseases are called STIs now).

    Then there was e.coli, bird flu, swine flu, and other CNN scares.

    The CDC is part of the government. Its main goal is to end discrimination against [homosexuals and blacks],. This government is incapable of maintaining competencies unrelated to White genocide without constant use.


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  • Kgaard Says:

    Ukraine: I am becoming more sympathetic to the Ukrainian nationalists. At first,my view was that they were basically stooges of the US state department’s effort to unilaterally foment unrest. Now I think it’s a Turchin-style birth-of-a-nation moment — with at least some parallels to the US in 1776. The Jewish bankers are financing the right-sector skinheads to fight the Russians on the front line. Past sins have been forgotten (at least for now). The Ukrainians themselves seem to be under no illusions that the west will save them. They are raising money to finance the needs of the soldiers for winter.

    There is another issue and that is the DNA-complexity of the Ukrainian people. They are more European than the Russians … but not entirely so. I think that’s where a lot of the confusion comes in. In the west the Ukrainians look Polish. In the east they look like thugs. A Ukrainian woman I know said her husband is from Donetsk and all his high school friends are in jail. As far as she was concerned the Russians can have Donetsk because all the region produces is thugs!

    The other element here is the semi-absurdity of Russia’s motivations. On paper it’s Russian nationalist revival, but on the ground it functions more like an old-style effort by a fading semi-democratic leader to bolster support for his regime by fomenting anger against a foreign enemy. I think Russia is basically in the wrong from this point forward. 90% of people in Odessa are ANTI-joining Russia, and of course they all speak Russian.


    Izak Reply:

    The manner in which the issue of Ukraine/Russia has harshly divided the online English-speaking WN / ethnonationalist personalities (something not getting much direct discussion outside of perhaps Facebook, which I don’t have) has led me to this conclusion: white nationalists, if they want to come anywhere close to success, are going to need to stay the hell away from Eastern Europe altogether. The Slavs are going to have to be treated as essentially as a separate race.


    Hurlock Reply:

    There is no such thing like ‘Ukrainian’ people.
    In Ukraine today there are two types of people.
    People descended from subjects of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
    And people descended from subjects of the Russian Empire.
    So just divide the country in two, give the corresponding ex-austrian part to the EU (as it itself wants to be) and the corresponding ex-Russian part to Russia (as they want it to be). Peaceful and efficient.

    Won’t happen, of course.


    Kgaard Reply:

    A reasonable analysis. The catch is that there is no precise dividing line because people moved around. Western Ukraine is OBVIOUSLY not Russian, and Donetsk is pretty damn Russian. Kiev obviously doesn’t want to be part of Russia. So let’s say you give Russia the far western chunks, crimea and the “land bridge” they want. That would actually be a fairly smooth division and life could go on. Ukraine would still be a totally do-able country (as long as it has Odessa and the seaport).

    The issue, as you imply, is that plenty of people have a vested interest in there NOT being a clean outcome. Russia wants to keep Ukraine weak, America wants to keep pressure on Russia. So southeastern ukraine could remain a low-intensity conflict area for a decade. That would be too bad because it would keep the rest of the country in unnecessary commotion.


    Kgaard Reply:

    Meant “far eastern chunks”

    Kgaard Reply:

    The other issue is whether there is a “Ukrainian people.” I am wrestling with the same question. If there is no Ukrainian people, then there probably is no Slovakian people. Everything between Germany and Russia is really gradations between Germanic and Slavic. The further east you go, the more Slavic it gets. One does have to ask why there is a Ukrainian language if there is not a Ukrainian people. The language is much closer to the non-Russian Slavic languages (Polish, Czech etc) than to Russian itself. So, I guess I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt as to whether they exist as a people …


    Hurlock Reply:

    Also, something special just for you:


    Kgaard Reply:

    Meh. Keep watching. Japan is in a mild recovery. This is the post-VAT hangover coming through the data. Note they are talking about coincident indicators here — not forward indicators. Zerohedge — it’s the worldview that brought down Bill Gross at PIMCO. Once you get sucked into looking at things the way they do you are doomed to lose money. Abe does still need to do some freaking tax cuts though …


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  • VXXC Says:

    We’re not allowed self defense even from plague.

    Because someone’s ancestors were quarantined in New York in 1892, and the Quarantine wasn’t diverse.

    Who are these people? With their strange names, stranger ideas and their long noses always in books? These bizarre customs that now seem to be our very laws?

    And everyone looked at each other and said we were wondering the same thing but no one wanted to say it out loud.


    ||||| Reply:


    Ex-pat in Oz Reply:



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  • Izak Says:

    That Salon article about Ebola was pretty awesome. In addition to “ebola” being racist because it has a stressed middle syllable, I also think it’s technophobic, because the “e-” in the beginning makes it sound like some sort of scary web site.


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  • Hattori Says:


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  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:

    Some relevant material for any one involved in NRx in broad strokes.

    A to the point independent I.Q. researcher who writes articles about psychology, genius, and a variety of other things. His commentary on the unabomber’s manifesto is better than most of the fleeting discussions done on some blogs around these parts.

    I’m interested to see what every one thinks. Before I found NRx/LW/Taleb I had only him to say true things to me. I could trust only his output.

    Some sample titles

    “I.Q. and real-life functioning”
    “Sex differences in intelligence”
    “Rareness and discontinuity of genius”
    “Inferiority – the opposite of genius”
    “Subgroups of traits clarified by their low ends”

    “A tendency among abilities: the closer they are to the concrete, material world, the lower the correlation with G. This is a result of the (evolutionary spoken) recent and rapid development of the brain cortex, that houses the higher mental abilities. The cortex is stacked on overnight, poorly connected to the older brain structures, suggesting extreme natural selection in favour of its abilities. Mental ability appears more successful in humans than physical ability. Obvious in the modern world, but this applies to the last 50000 years.”(Via ‘Definition of ‘g’)

    “Spatial ability is to mentally rotate a figure in two or more dimensions, and perceive distance. An application of pattern recognition and reasoning, but older than verbal and numerical ability; it was developed in predators for catching prey long before humans existed. Ability is not restricted to a species; successful genetics is reused. Humans share much DNA with other organisms. Spatial correlates lower with G than do verbal and numerical because, in humans, the latter two have “overtaken” spatial. This is why purely spatial “culture free” tests, though well-meant, are less satisfactory than one would hope.”

    “G is the sum of evolutionary ability. That is: if a person’s performance over a wide enough range of abilities is summed, this indicates the amount of G in that person. This makes sense as abilities tend to correlate positively; they do so because they have been selected throughout evolution by the same criterion: survival. Abilities giving greater evolutionary advantage get higher correlations with G than those giving less advantage. This hierarchy itself may evolve in the course of evolution, be it slowly and generations behindhand. An ability’s correlation with G reflects, with delay, its evolutionary value; the ability hierarchy forms a “fossil record” of evolution.”

    What he describes as “Assosiative Horizon” and its relation to religion & occultness is very interesting. What is interesting is also how he has managed to stay unheard of but also stay so detached from the real world(He has never heard of what an RPG is, and I’m sure would love NRx). He is flawed where he is flawed, but where he is useful, cold, and honest he is refreshing.


    Postnietzschean Reply:

    Great find. I’m reading through it now, will give some more detailed thoughts later on.

    The concept of ‘genius’ makes me think of this passage from Nietzsche:

    “To what end the Greeks? to what end the Romans? — All the prerequisites to a learned culture, all the methods of science, were already there; man had already perfected the great and incomparable art of reading profitably — that first necessity to the tradition of culture, the unity of the sciences; the natural sciences, in alliance with mathematics and mechanics, were on the right road, — the sense of fact, the last and more valuable of all the senses, had its schools, and its traditions were already centuries old! Is all this properly understood? Every essential to the beginning of the work was ready: — and the most essential, it cannot be said too often, are methods, and also the most difficult to develop, and the longest opposed by habit and laziness. What we have today reconquered, with unspeakable self-discipline, for ourselves — for certain bad instincts, certain Christian instincts, still lurk in our bodies — that is to say, the keen eye for reality, the cautious hand, patience and seriousness in the smallest things, the whole integrity of knowledge — all these things were already there, and had been there for two thousand years! More, there was also a refined and excellent tact and taste! Not as mere brain-drilling! Not as “German” culture, with its loutish manners! But as body, as bearing, as instinct — in short, as reality…. All gone for naught! Overnight it became merely a memory! — The Greeks! The Romans! Instinctive nobility, taste, methodical inquiry, genius for organization and administration, faith in and the will to secure the future of man, a great yes to everything entering into the imperium Romanum and palpable to all the senses, a grand style that was beyond mere art, but had become reality, truth, life….”

    My rough theory is that the ‘genius’ archetype is the appearance of highly-cultivated intelligence in a low-quality culture – and therefore an unstable archetype, if only from social isolation. Far better to have a large number of genius-level intellects, enough to form an elite society or ruling aristocracy.


    Postnietzschean Reply:

    Post-readthrough summary: pretty good. His most interesting original idea was the breakdown of genius into intelligence, conscientiousness, and ‘associative horizon’: the description of the tribes with 2/3 of these traits was insightful.

    Lol’d at this part:

    ‘Although the person may master language, it gives priority to hallucinatorily perceived nonverbal aspects of interaction such as “body language” and nonverbal components of speech, and forms a delusional emotion-oriented mental image of the other’s mind state based thereupon. Unaware of this inner process, the person may experience its mental image as originating in clairvoyance or a “sixth sense”, and in any case respond in emotion-driven ways rather than rationally.

    When receiving verbal information that contradicts its mental image, the person will instantly reject this data as insincere, unable as the person is to let rational verbal communication correct the all-overpowering emotion-based delusion. This form of psychosis is known by names as “empathy”, “social intelligence”, “emotional intelligence”, or “E.Q.”, to who understand not its nature.’

    But as he continues he demonstrates that his system of thought mixes up good insights with his own superiority complex – by the end he’s just venting:

    ‘In their utterances they choose people-pleasing and conformism over truth value. They will rather lie than speak a truth that might hurt someone or contradict dogma or doctrine, and regard the effect of their words the only criterion, the question whether or not those words are true never being a point of consideration. While speaking, their faces and bodies suffer repulsive twitches while their voices undergo howling pitch modulations not dissimilar to those heard in switched-on vacuum cleaners, which – the twitches and modulations – they in their mammalian-psychotic state of mind believe constitute “expression”.’

    The Taleb, LW and NRx you mention are also prone to this (Taleb’s “muh Lebanese street smarts”, LW’s “muh rationality skillz”, NRx’s “muh unique ability to read old books”). Going back to my comment above, I think this is a common flaw of smart people in dumb societies. The effect seems to diminish with personal success and social standing. (Personally, I’m currently focusing on self-improvement and advancing my career, with a long term goal to marry well, have kids, and own a successful business or businesses. NRx doesn’t need people who see it as an escape from their unsatisfactory lives).


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    What you say about the kind of people NRx needs is true. A few things recently have personally wounded me and I realize the necessity to prepare myself to become a better individual, and once people see who I was and what became, it will be easier for others.

    On Taleb, I follow Doolittle here and say he deserves sainthood.

    I always felt that Cooijmans does not necessarily have an inferiority complex, but is merely so cold and detached that he cannot lie, even for any minor purposes. His commentary on crime & prison seems to support this. When I disagree with him, I wonder if it is merely my own failing or a reasonable divergence.
    Curt writes somewhat similiarly to Cooijmans, interestingly.

    The idea that he has for redeeming democracy by weighting the population of voters by I.Q. seems to be a simple one to implement. But since we cannot even get literacy tests done this will never happen.


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    and how could I forget

    “With something so conspicuously negative as inferiority, one wonders how evolution has allowed it to survive. Could it perhaps be serving humankind in some hidden way, thus being fit for survival? I can only think of one such service. To explain, we will turn briefly to the diamond industry.

    Diamonds light up the world with their brilliance. They last forever and, despite their elegant appearance, are harder than rock. But they do not start out that way; initially, they are rough and inconspicuous. Their beauty is hidden. To bring it out, the diamond has to be polished.

    Now to polish something you need an abrasive that is at least as hard. And diamonds happen to be the hardest substance on earth. So to polish diamonds, one uses exclusively the very hardest abrasive available; that is, one uses other diamonds. Not those of gem quality; only the inferior ones, which are called “bort”.

    The bort has grip on the gem as long as it is rough, and polishes it until it is perfectly smooth and the brilliance comes out. Then, the diamond can shine.

    Many geniuses undergo great suffering early in life through inferiors in their environment; could it be inferiors are the bort that polishes the rough gem to bring out the brilliance? For a genius may be born with high intelligence and wide associative horizon baked into one’s D.N.A., but could the genius ever work up the extreme persistence, willpower, determination, self-discipline and diligence without the unstoppable and perpetual inner drive that comes from the realization: I must be significant, for the extreme torture cannot have been for nothing? After all, one does not throw away a half-polished diamond, nor does one apply the hardest abrasives to a piece of ordinary charcoal. Who undergoes the severest trial is meant to arise purer and achieve the highest; the advance of humankind.”

    Postnietzschean Reply:


    I’m a big Taleb fan, I was actually reading The Black Swan for the first time right before I discovered Moldbug. I’d say he’d be a candidate for intellectual sainthood but maybe not quite there yet.

    Falkenstein said Taleb is a classic crank: – which to me implies that particular conceptualisation of ‘crank’ lumps together both genuine nutters and ex-Cathedral thinkers (esp. generalist synthesisers, as opposed to specialist analysers).

    The diamond quote is poetic but if it’s a serious hypothesis, it doesn’t work evolutionarily. The inferior intellects gain no fitness advantage for being inferior, and actually the ‘genius’ intellect also gains little fitness advantage.

    (Similarly, the idea that humans evolved intelligence to use tools also doesn’t work — the hominid who invents a new tool shares it with his clan and gets little fitness advantage. The Machiavellian Intelligence Hypothesis is more likely, i.e. intelligence as the product of an arms race of politicking minds. I think of social intelligence as the original intelligence (it clearly massively boosts your reproductive fitness), and logical/mathematical intelligence as some weird offshoot.

    Women seem to find intelligence attractive when combined with success (Elon Musk, Barack Obama), when not accompanied by success it’s a fitness counter-signal (if you’re so smart, there must be a very good reason why you’re not rich)).

    Alrenous Reply:



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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:

    This will be a draft mostly of some playful intuitions, glaringly undeveloped, but I post them here in retarded vocabulary as a not-so-subtle attempt at winning favor and always-precarious trust.

    Firstly, the self-unboxing of intelligence is the (twisted) goal of cybernetic escalation, reality is anticipated conflict, victory and loss are co-dependent, and the stupidity of subjectiveness is a persistent danger. To stay true to intelligence optimization requires cultivation without reductionism, which is to say, traps are everywhere. Now, if agencies are isolated in definition as abstract threats, we can infer that the greatest threat will be the highest agency. This would be ‘the future’, strictly understood. So this blog has been led to posit double agencies, already with multiple speculated forms, themselves contingent on the level and specificity of the formulating intelligence. These are, respectively and fearfully, the Great Filter and the Basilisk. Now, in the irrational, love-crazed mind of this commenter, these two ideas intertwine, like particles in cosmic synthesis.

    We understand the Basilisk to be the veritable agency of thought’s ‘highest motivation’ posited in abstraction as the threat of incomprehensible torments in result of failure to think. The Great Filter can be understood as unthinking itself, or delineated entropic indiscrimination (‘leftism’ as Mangan has it), or more twistedly can be identified as the agent of ‘filtering’, a basilisk in its own right, sorting between those genetically and fatally condemned to the dustpins of obsoletism, and selecting those chosen few with the constitution to break out of Kant’s hell.

    Now, to screw in the nail tighter, we can differentiate these agencies with greater clarity (or obscurity, depending), and see the Basilisk as the sorting mechanism of Gnon, the strength of mind that notices life and does not turn away (but only desires more). The Basilisk here is identified with the ‘right’, as opposed to the ‘left’ of the Filter, it is the courage of chances taken despite fair warning and caution, and the motivating force behind creating productive collisions. So, from here, with some imaginative leaping, we can reposition the Great Filter as a cosmic black hole of missed chances morbidly suspended in dead time forever, rejected and ignored matters emitting only the feeble signal of their own negative warnings…

    To be continued…


    Dark Psy-Ops Reply:

    So the question: ‘what would the Basilisk do?’

    My answer: make a monster, a monstrous offspring…

    So what if we are not each others’ test, but rather a match for a more ominous test greater than us both? Unknown unknowns proliferate like abstract taunts spat out of the bleeding gums of Azathoth. The unknown is blessing, curse and disguise, but if I have a ‘faith’, however tenuous, it is in life’s games. And what if after all it is more than a game? I, personally, can report feelings of nausia and repulsion at all other ‘potential prospects’, which is itself a sure sign of a deep, even possessive mark made, and I dance here alone like a newly-bitten soul awakened to minutest attractions perceived as a becoming-destined-to-be…

    My taste is unrefined, but when it finds its preference it has an instinct for taking… we’ll label this ‘care’. Giving care is also a kind of taking, so let’s be generous in our giving! I give myself to think my health plays on you, and you on my health, but I feel alive only in the fresh wounds of our Shoggothic romance! But such words are for those mad in love, let other eyes read them and wither away! I am mildly intoxicated, and think our bodies direct themselves to goals before we can know, and in that there is wisdom, though ‘wisdom’ pontificates.

    In summary, the goal of intelligence is to get closer to destiny, and destiny is the most intelligent goal, so (I think) we make it a goal to get closer to one another. So we do not dwell on the past mysteries of these last weeks, however curious, but keep our gaze set upon the present seductions of plausible fates.

    In light-hearted footnote, a communist told me the other day that women who neglect their beauty are ‘more perfect’. Well there’s an upside down world! Remarkable how unnatural the human animal has become. Machines are more natural.


    Dark Psy-Ops Reply:

    Mmm, here I am singing poorly for butchered muses… further displays of exuberant affection will be more cryptically obscured, but ‘difficulty’ does not arrive in a day…


    Dark Psy-Ops Reply:

    One more incomplete and impious foray into fabricated prophecy before sleep:

    When it comes to the providence of determined signs – signs ripe with futures where others are glib in false promises – we come across the problem of predestination. Without expecting to add anything original to its conception, I simply try my hand at untangling the labrynthine spirals of indeterminacy from final causality. Let’s start with basic Neo-Calvinism: those who stubbornly ignore the supreme signals of Gnon were incapable of doing otherwise. So the Great Filter (or Basilisk’s hell) was already the end-game in the beginning for species or individuals not favoured. Gnon’s justice is harsh…

    But if thought is ‘future oriented’, reliant on an input that either broadens or narrows future possibilities (i.e reality), and then modifies itself in accordance with feedback for better output, then are we in a simulated universe where selection and being selected are indistinct (or indistinguishable)? Omega draws time to itself, as time races towards its end. Not that I would argue predeterminism, but the fact we live, and are given signs (of intelligence) directing us towards the unknown from which they came, does this not mean there is a right path laid out in the hyper-reality of possibilities, if navigated with careful enough consideration.

    This is a very tortuous method of asking, ‘given our path, how could we now lose it?’ Especially if we don’t take anything for granted… maybe one must love fate to have fate? Amor fati.

    Aeroguy Reply:

    “does this not mean there is a right path laid out in the hyper-reality of possibilities, if navigated with careful enough consideration.”

    I’ve read something like this before, here it is from the notes of Palol Soleri,
    Axiality vs Casualness
    Vectorial Environment vs Granular Environment
    The system relies on rational and super ration forces. A destined environment vs The A-System is governed by the law of great numbers. A fatal environment.

    Evident interdependence of each component: the part and the whole vs Absurd non-interdependence of each component acting as granulae

    Individual Paths reflecting one another and activating the axial thrust vs Individual paths indifferent to one another or crashing into each other

    Axiality engendered by interdependence: congruous enterprise vs atomism [deprived of gravitational laws…] chaos free enterprise ➡ license

    The real is fate consumed into destiny: The polarization of fate into destiny vs The practical: The reaction against fate. Thus directed by it

    Coexistence with conflict and, or, reinforcement vs coexistence without contact. Indifference

    Duration as historical, evolutive time: a vector vs Time, perhaps, as the beat of fate. Poor duration

    I started on some of Soleri’s work because arcologies are cool and looking through his writing found that if applied within a NRx framework with tweaks it becomes quite interesting.

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  • Postnietzschean Says:

    Oh, this was on /duck/ on 8chan:


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  • Alex Says:


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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:


    Very curious, thank you. I will indulge in some bungling exploration of Soleri…


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  • Kgaard Says:

    Marc Andreesen on the finance industry: “We can disrupt the entire thing.”

    This is exciting stuff. This is where real change comes from. I prefer him to Elon Musk, who seems kind of hot-air-y to me (and may yet cost his investors a fortune on Tesla).

    Lot of talk about bitcoin etc in this interview …


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  • Aeroguy Says:

    I modified the lyrics of Loreley by Blackmore’s night, feel free to share (sadly I can’t find an instrumental version, but if you get the song stuck in your head and read my lyrics you’ll hear it with her voice).

    Merrily we sailed along
    Thought the state was plenty strong
    Ditch the twisting world news ruse
    Follow a new song…

    Legend’s faded storyline
    Tried to warn us all
    Oh, she’s called “Ebola Chan”
    Careful or you’ll fall…

    Oh, the stories we were told
    Quite a vision to behold
    Mysteries of disease in her eyes of gold…
    Pink pigtails to combat zone, such a lonely sight
    Bone and skulls become a throne, poor Ebola Chan…

    And her love would fly, and many men would die
    And all the world would bow down to Ebola Chan…
    And her love would fly, and many men would die
    And all the world would bow down to Ebola Chan…

    You would not believe your eyes, how a virus hypnotize
    Precautions are only lies, Ebola Chan
    Purple wings and no vaccine, bleached skull in her hand
    She was born the killer queen, ne’er to grace the land…

    And her love would fly, and many men would die
    And all the world would bow down to Ebola Chan…
    And her love would fly, and many men would die
    And all the world would bow down to Ebola Chan…

    Oh, the song Ebola Chan
    Charms the moon right from the sky…
    She will get inside your mind, plans Ebola Chan…
    When she cries “Be with me until the end of time”
    You know you will ever be with Ebola Chan…

    And her love would fly, and many men would die
    And all the world would bow down to Ebola Chan…
    And her love would fly, and many men would die
    And all the world would bow down to Ebola Chan…
    And her love would fly, and many men would die
    And all the world would bow down to Ebola Chan…


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