Chaos Patch (#31)

It’s going to be a challenge cranking-up the chaos level this week, but away you go. First, in accordance with the emerging ritual, a few miscellaneous links.

Moldbug mainstreaming watch. Also (quickly) from in and around the reactosphere: Triune critique. This post captures the quintessence of Anissimovite new reaction. An almost-equally characteristic overview from Nydwracu. Another IQ shredder? An 8chan podcast on NRx. “They woke up confused from fractured dreams, then groggily dug through memories to remember only a strange hooded figure, a brief pinch near the neck and then blackness …”

Over in the more traditional New Right, there’s some spectacular internecine conflict taking place. This is the best guide. Sample commentary from Counter-Currents and Alternative Right, who are both fully pitched in (on approximately the same side — here‘s the other). It seems to have been ignited by this preposterously entertaining series of events, embarrassments, apologies, and discombobulations. Simply noticing this has your brain curving back towards /pol/. … then there was the whole Budapest brouhaha, which seems to have driven the usually level-headed Jared Taylor into WN Utopian race nuttiness. (If you managed to save a little of that popcorn, you’ll be glad you did.)

As Ebola gets increasingly terrifying (*ahem*), it has begun to provoke an ever wider range of political commentary. (I like Gary North’s prediction: “An Ebola pandemic will create a ‘distrust in government’ pandemic.”)


On Jaynes and ancient mythology (from 2010)

IQ and autism (some facts).

Boltzmann Brains.

Galton’s awkward legacy. Also, Byron Roth on Immigration and Dysgenics.

Some critical guidance for qabbalists on the mind-traps of small numbers.

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  • Reactionary Tree Says:

    I already asked _Hurlock_ about the Jared Taylor article but what do the other Europeans out there think of this call for a Pan-European brotherhood?


    Jane Doe Reply:

    Best response I saw is “Only an American could come up with this.”


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  • John Says:

    Reading the Popehat piece, I’m beginning to suspect that American Progressivism’s greatest feat was convincing the Scots-Irish (and the European immigrants that followed) that all Whites are part of the same ethnic group.

    Down with the Roundheads!


    Thales Reply:



    nydwracu Reply:

    German and Scots-Irish alliance against the Anglo roundheads. Make it happen!

    (Actually-existing expressions of whiteness separate from mainstream partisan politics are almost entirely German — not just the Iron Pill stuff, but all the way down to hippie subcultures and organic food and vegetarianism and so on. Steve Sailer has written about this before, but I realized just how far it goes at the organic market today: they didn’t have labneh [dammit], but they did have quark. Who the hell carries quark in this country? — and there was hardly anything ethnically-marked with origins anywhere past Bulgaria, except the wide array of Japanese food. See also: hot dogs and hamburgers.)


    subforum Reply:

    See also: hot dogs and hamburgers

    Beer, too. (Before German immigration, founding-stock Brit descendents drank whiskey or hard cider.)


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  • an inanimate aluminum tube Says:

    Nurse in Dallas got ebola, despite wearing full protective gear during her contact with Ebola-bringer.

    Remember this next time they say ebola is difficult to spread.


    Kgaard Reply:

    I am still convinced it’s difficult to spread. I’ve been working on this all morning because it’s a critical thing for various stock market sectors. Here’s a good post from a virology blog about why this is all overhyped:


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  • Postnietzschean Says:

    Here’s a very interesting independent discovery of Moldbug’s caste system:

    In this schema, Dalits become the Underclass, Vasiyas become Labour, Brahmins become Gentry and Optimates become Elite. What makes it interesting is that each class has 4 sub-levels, with some status overlap between the ladders. Highly recommended for this reason alone — the NRx conversation about class will be greatly improved with the additional nuance.

    Interestingly, despite having discovered the same caste system as Moldbug, the author is a massive prog and sees the Gentry/Brahmins as the self-evident good guys.


    Postnietzschean Reply:

    Actually, the author is basically a left-wing Moldbug, even sharing the obsession with functional programming. (There seems to be a strong correlation between functional programming, high verbal IQ and producing grand sweeping theories of society — some shared quirk of cognitive architecture?).

    The weakness of his theory to me is it implies the mysterious international E1 group calls the shots. The NRx analysis would remove this group, making the two most powerful groups G1 (cultural elite) and E2 (old money aristocracy). Since G1 is far more driven and co-ordinated, they have true long-term control over the direction of society, down to the ideas within the heads of E2’s children.


    Erebus Reply:

    If we start with the assumption that E1 doesn’t exist — it doesn’t, and I’d argue that his ‘old money’ E2 class doesn’t exist as the author supposes, either — then the author’s extended analysis collapses in spectacular fashion. In blaming a very vague and poorly-defined ‘elite class’ for society’s ills, by painting them broadly as cultural and societal malefactors, he might as well be blaming the Jews or the Illuminati.
    …It’s a fundamentally flawed hypothesis. Structured, presented, and arranged in an interesting way, though.


    John Reply:


    It was a compelling analysis up until the description of E2 (which has many holes) and then proceeds to drive off a cliff with E1, which the author equates with “people who burn peasants’ faces off because it amuses them”.

    The author describes well the people he has actually seen in day to day life, but when he reaches the uppler-class-out-of-sight his left-tinged imagination runs wild and projects a Hitler-Dr. Evil lovechild into the void.

    Ademonos Reply:

    I think he is essentially projecting a taxonomic view of the social hierarchy that is not only flawed due to the author’s (lack of, above G2) exposure to it, but due to the fact that labelling specific social classes requires arbitrary divisions which depend on factors which are very difficult to isolate. The more general and classical class system (three sections with only two ‘soft’ sub-sections within each section, and fairly open borders between each subsection) is much more useful, even though it’s still flawed (especially in modern times, due to the massive changes in social dynamics). If you want to get more specific, you will need a model that is *way* more complex than the one that the author used.

    Postnietzschean Reply:

    @John FWIW, the author is a programmer at elite hedge funds. In his other articles he talks about career trajectory differences between middle/upper-middle class (G2/E4) and true upper class (E2) professionals, and mentions that he knows individuals from both groups.

    That said, he has a massive chip on his shoulder, so one needs to add one’s own salt.

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  • an inanimate aluminum tube Says:

    I’m not saying it has gone airborne, I’m just saying that it has managed to infect a couple nurses using full protective gear in modern first world* hospitals in low stress situations where they’re only dealing with one or two ebola patients at a time. Near ideal situations, still getting infected healthcare workers.

    Those nurses obviously have the potential to infect more people, although we can hope that some lessons will be learned. Still, it’s easy to see how it could overwhelm and destroy West African medical systems, even if they weren’t quite as bad as HBD might lead us to believe.

    * Well, at least we’re pretending they are first world.


    Kgaard Reply:

    Yeah the nurse thing is strange, I agree. But if it were really that virulent the number of infected would now be in the 100,000s rather than the 1000s, I would think. And vastly more doctors and nurses would have died than have in fact done so. The key figure is infection ratio — ie how many people get infected from each person who has it — and it’s under 2. So if you do a better job of containing the people who have it — which they will because this outbreak is in a new area where it hasn’t been seen before — you get that number under 1 and you’re in the clear.

    By the way … this is another opportunity to knock Zerohedge. I read that site for a couple of years and got a bit sucked into their worldview because it paralleled my own at the time re gold bullishness. That was an EXPENSIVE couple of years. As a general rule whatever Zerohedge says you might consider doing the opposite. Remember Bird Flu? That was a huge buying opportunity.

    People talk about this becoming the next AIDS. Well two thoughts. First, AIDS isn’t as bad as an airborne ebola because if you are not getting boned in the ass or sharing needles you don’t get AIDS. Second AIDS was deadly but Ebola wouldn’t be in an airborne form.


    Alrenous Reply:

    I don’t find the nurse thing strange at all.

    Why would a modern educated woman understand biology? Much safer to assume they don’t. Given this, the sanitation rituals are just that to them – social rituals. People cheat on social rituals, usually on the inconvenient parts. Only, in this case, it wasn’t just a ritual, it was a carefully designed scientific procedure, so their cheating has gotten them killed, and likely at least one other.


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  • Kgaard Says:

    So this new book is awesome: The Fourth Revolution — The Global race to Reinvent the State.

    The authors’ thesis is that the pro-big-government tide has already turned and that technology is enabling all kinds of entrepreneurial changes, mostly in Asia but some in the west. It’s really a fascinating tome. I may have referenced earlier an article based on the book. Now I’ve been reading the book itself and it’s living up to expectations. Could be book of the year (unless one wants to make Diversity Illusion the book of the year for two years running, as so many of the things it talked about last year have really blown up into headline news this year).

    The authors argue that Baumol’s Disease (government growth can’t be stopped) is actually a misdiagnosis and what really has happened is simply that technology is being applied to government with a huge time lag. Some of the data on Indian healthcare delivery are fascinating. The Indians are doing things for 1/50th the cost of how we do them in the west.


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  • jatli Says:



    guaro Reply:

    An interesting religious experience.

    First, the British host talking about “the issue of race in America”. The fact that she’s black (10% euro, whatever) is actually incidental. As we’re all aware, the British have a proud tradition of being snarky about American race troubles from 3000 miles away, just as Northeast Corridor SWPLs over here have a proud tradition about American race troubles 500 miles away. Must be a Seed of Albion thing.

    Boilerplate concern documentary on outspoken, public white separatist, Mr. Craig Cobb (in this case an actual white supremacist – with his quip about white DNA). Has every generic skinhead flag under the sun. He mostly stays within the lines but says a few things outside the script, in complementing the multiracial staff and being generally cooperative with the host. Makes a couple of race jokes, some of which that wouldn’t be beyond the pale on an NRx blogs.

    Wheel in mixed race marriage black guy in obscure north dakota town, n=1. Nice White Lady acts shocked, everyone acts shocked, just SHOCKED to hear it. Black guy claims that separatist sometimes maybe talked behind his back. We hear of the mean, hurtful words on the internet that they were chosen to research and read which we are, again, shocked to hear.

    Riposte with black supremacist/separatist (who claims that black people have been on the earth for ’76 trillion years of recorded history’) audience is briefly confused at flipping the script.

    Then the white-facing mulatto guy comes on, it’s full-on struggle session, jumping out of the chair, screaming, ad-hominem attacks flying all over the place. Forceful re-assertion of the progressive narrative to roaring audience applause.

    Then, audience participation, 2 young blacks screaming about diversity and inclusion, even old white guy pointing to his asian wife (F**K HATE, GET OVER IT). More applause. Everyone wins, they successfully re-frame their insecurities about multiracial society and project it towards the targets. All safely retreat deeper into the fantasy – for now.

    Followed by DNA SHOCKER, pretty white girl producer who visited Cobb in his town is in fact 19% black. We never actually hear Mr. Cobb say that everyone in his community had to be 100% pure white, but…

    And then we’re hinted that he’s not totally white. Eventually turns out to be true, HAW HAW HAW.


    jatli Reply:

    >19% black

    Liberals don’t believe in HBD but they sure do like muh statistics when statistics can bear rhetorical force. Even if they’ve already disavowed the epistemological domain that could provide said statistics.


    Thales Reply:

    On Tuesday, Race is important. On Wednesday, it doesn’t exist.

    Izak Reply:

    Finally watching this for the first time. Great stuff!

    It’s been way too long since a good white power daytime talk-show shitfest. This is a great throwback to the wonderful TV days of the 90s.


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  • northanger Says:

    There was a breach in Ebola protocol with the Dallas Nurse, unfortunately.

    HIV is also transmitted by vaginal and oral sex.


    an inanimate aluminum tube Reply:

    “There was a breach in Ebola protocol with the Dallas Nurse, unfortunately.”

    They are *assuming* that there was a breach in protocol because she was infected. But they can’t identify what the breach was.

    According to an AP article from 11:34 AM.


    northanger Reply:

    Correct. What we do know, however, is that, “The protocols work. We have decades of experience caring for patients with Ebola. But we know that even a single lapse or breach, inadvertent can result to infection …we are looking at personal, protective equipment, understanding that there is a balance and putting more on isn’t always safer…”

    CDC Director Frieden


    Rasputin Reply:

    Meanwhile, the British government’s response to Ebola is to *pretend* to do something:

    “Dame Sally, England’s chief medical office and chief medical adviser to the UK government, said any cases in Britain would be “spill-over” from West Africa. She said the screening was “unlikely” to pick up many cases, “if any”. But she stressed the “great advantage” would be that people would be alerted to what symptoms to look for and what to do if they fell ill.”

    So, you fill in a self-assessment form on entering the country and decide for yourself whether you have Ebola or not. Fantastic.

    forkinhell Reply:

    @Rasputin – You underestimate pretending.

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  • Chaos Patch (#31) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Prog-Trad Says:

    Of course the first NRx podcast begins with a Death In June song…not that I’m complaining, though.


    Ademonos Reply:

    Well, it’s not so much a NRx podcast as an 8chan podcast about NRx. I hope that if we do get anything more ‘official’, someone slightly more, *ahem*, professional, might handle the levers.


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  • Izak Says:

    Public WN beefs are fairly routine, and almost always totally histrionic. The drama gets tiresome after a few weeks. Honestly, you’re better off reading gossip about the porno industry, because they at least have no pretense of having feasible goals. Anything with Alex Linder is automatically not worth paying attention to. For him, nothing short of walking into the holocaust museum and randomly shooting people while yelling “Sig heil! Sig heil!” is acceptable — even if the shooter were to wear an adult diaper and an eyepatch, holding a giant novelty baby rattle in the non-shooting hand (or whatever). I don’t know much about Andrew Anglin, but the fact that Colin Liddell has even bothered to address him strikes me as a huge step backward, even despite some of Liddell’s past… shall we say, rhetorical excesses.


    There is one actually important dispute in the WN/American New Right types, and that apparently started over the question of Ukraine and Russia, and it has become sort of a catalyst for a bigger problem: the question of petty small-state nationalism vs. one gigantic Whitemanistan imperium. Richard Spencer interviewed Colin Liddell for his podcast over Scotland secession, and their disagreement on how to approach the big state/small state problem is very clear.

    That question seems to have prompted Jared Tayor to write that silly speech. It also has driven Spencer and Johnson into their feud, the latter preferring Ukraine and petty nationalism, the former being hugely pro-Russia and (somehow) convinced that Russia and Western Europe can merge into a unified power center. I have no idea how everyone gets funded, but I wouldn’t be surprised if ideologically opposed angel donators have something to do with this.

    It’s an important question because it exposes how poorly white nationalists have actually defined themselves as a political entity for so long. As I understand it, Richard Spencer and (I suppose) Jared Taylor see quite a bit of potential in the European Union, they want it to stay strong, they want all small-state secession movements to stop, they want to basically “Americanize” all of Europe 100% completely, and then they want to use the new Americanized Europe as a springboard for a gigantic ethno-conscious imperium, the English language being like how Latin was for the Roman empire.

    On the other side, Johnson and Liddell seem to want a sort of universal small-state secessionism, with a million different identitarian groups all sort of going their own way at once. How they’d expect China to be on board and not wrap their tentacles over the whole world after the big European mutual ethno-secession is unclear.

    Usually, when tensions get high, they happen over whatever is going on in Eastern Europe — and there’s always about a million things going on there, because it’s Eastern Europe. I said this a while back on another thread, but it ought to be repeated: the chief error in all these peoples’ thinking, which keeps them from uniting as a big well-orchestrated movement, is weighing in on anything happening with the Slavs. Richard Spencer might be right to try to use globalization in a productive way, but there is no way in hell that Slavic countries and Western European countries will ever be compatible. It just ain’t gonna happen.


    an inanimate aluminum tube Reply:

    And then there is the fact that Richard Spencer is married to Nina Kouprianova, Aleksandr Dugin’s English translator.


    Kgaard Reply:

    Bingo. As I was reading your (excellent) post I was thinking the same thing: These guys don’t get that the biggest fault line in Europe is between westerners and Slavs. Moreover, the line is quite nebulous because there has been so much cross-breeding between westerners and slavs. Czech Republic is the perfect example of this. Why does the country produce so many supermodels? Because their faces are a cross between Germanic mathematical perfection and Slavic exoticism. It’s also quite evident that the character of people gets more slavic as one moves further east. In Prague people are VERY western in every way. In Kiev they are more eastern — yet they still hate the Russians. In Donetsk they are basically all Russian in look and attitude.

    The notion of one big happy pan-European family is absolutely ludicrous. In an interesting twist on the whole thing, the Russians are basically the Mexicans of Eastern Europe. Blue collar Russians are the maids and cashiers and taxi drivers throughout the Baltics, Czech and elsewhere. They are tolerated but not liked. Even to LOOK Russian is considered shameful. Nobody wants to look too slavic. It’s low-class.

    The irony of the situation is that Americans are a lot more open and welcoming to individual Russians than Europeans are. We just haven’t developed the same biases — and maybe we never will because the Russians who get here for the most part become model citizens.


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  • soapjackal Says:

    TBF its not a neoreactionary podcast its an 8chan podcast about neoreaction.

    It was good fun, for all its faults, and the host wants other in the NRx sphere to discuss on there.


    admin Reply:

    [OK, adjusted.]


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  • scientism Says:

    I just read this interesting interview with Daniel A. Bell on Confucianism and the Confucianisation of China’s Communist Party. It’s a couple of years old by might be new for some:

    Bell’s critical of liberal democracy and what he calls the “one person, one vote” model of selecting (top) leaders and advocates for political meritocracy not just in China but in the West. However, he’s still progressive (see his comments on feminist Confucianism and Singapore’s eugenics) and still makes room for democracy (locally).

    Telling quote: “The principle of political equality expressed in the form of one person, one vote has assumed quasi-sacred status today. In the nineteenth-century, John Stuart Mill could propose extra-votes for educated people, but today proponents of such proposals are considered (in Western countries) to have lost their moral compass. … Fortunately, political theorists are not so dogmatic in the Chinese context.”


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  • Alex Says:


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  • Lurker Says:

    Seeing as you’ve been following 8chan’s NRx flirting and the fall of 4chan, might be interested in this. Looks like the MSM is going to press the attack and roll over hotwheels now that m00t has been pwned.

    “[…] 8chan, which is an extremist group that was actually banned from 4chan […]”
    “[…] these are the people too controversial for 4chan […]”

    Also interesting hints that the supposed doxing may be another false flag, given no-one had ever heard of this woman before she ‘went into hiding.’


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  • Fek Says:

    Just in case anyone missed this:


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  • Lurker Says:

    Sequel, Hotwheelz speaks:

    Note super-subtle ‘hate-chan’ slips. Stay classy.


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  • Ademonos Says:

    There is now also an 8chan /nrx/ board:


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