Chaos Patch (#33)

(Open thread and links (this week, a lot of links (if not quite at Free Northener dimensions))

ClarkHat took the #Gamergate discussion to the next level (to massive and sustained applause). If we’re framing this as the long war, argues Ben Southwood, then there’s only one way to bet: “Like it has won almost every major political battle since the Glorious Revolution ([if slowly, sometimes]) the left is going to win this one because it controls the commanding heights of the media, allowing it to bring the mass public on side, and because its adherents follow their faith with a religious zeal. … Gamergate is one of the most interesting things to happen in years, but I don’t think it will win.” In any case, we shouldn’t get too excited about the players here, or believe much that is attributed to them. Best to focus on Gawker losing it completely. On the creation of nerds. Dissymmetry.

On the Ebola-Channel, it was New York, Mali, and bio-warfare rumor week. The highlight article was Richard Preston’s New Yorker piece, but there was plenty of additional quality commentary. Also, a variety of political responses, and policy review pieces. (other diseases are falling through the cracks.)

Strongest-ever defense of hardcore patriarchy? (This, however, seems slippery.)

A propertarian take on Neoreaction. Thoughts on Neoreaction and spontaneous order. Social-tech and anarcho-tyranny (I’m still a hold out on whether ‘social-tech‘ is a theoretical advance, rather than a fuzzy regression). A massive torrent of stuff from Bryce, including the start of an intriguing series. A superb overview piece by Dampier. Priority NRx research areas (with a strong socio-historical emphasis). Post-Anathema provides a home for questions of NRx aesthetics (any signs of convergence yet?). Stalwart EA Gray has a new blog. A calm detached glimpse.

Amerika is unimpressed by the JQ. An underwhelmed response to Tatu Vanhanen’s new book, Global Inequality as a Consequence of Human Diversity (plus, some investigations in a similar vein). Genetics of caste. Inbreeding can seriously mess you up. Racist horror off the southern belle. Has the dysgenic tide turned?

Some Statebusting stuff. The State as singularity. Plus regular Mitrailleuse secession round-up.

American democracy is fraud. The insatiable left. Lucky Occidentals.

Gregory Clark on English markets before capital ignition.

The best money in history. A complete theory of economics (still at the ‘hmmmm’ stage for me). Bitcoin in Japan.

On Straussian writing, plus fiction and the real.

Solidarity, sacrifice, and truth.

Musk on Mars and the demon (+). Lesser-god-level engineering.

What should the philosophy of cosmology be asking?

A pre-history of peer review.

Spurious correlations.

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  • Mircea Popescu Says:

    The left is going to get raped.

    After which the left is going to get beaten until it’s begging on hands and knees for more raping.

    After which the left is going to successfully re-educate itself into the belief that it enjoys nothing as much as this process.

    That is the only way this is going, for any value of “this” that permits a definition of left. Heights of “the media” indeed lmao.


    Mai La Dreapta Reply:

    This is about #GamerGate? I seriously doubt it. Unless you’re already a gaming insider, you have no idea what the controversy is actually about, which means that you accept the narrative of the mainstream, leftist media: creepy misogynistic nerds harassing a heroic, innocent female.


    Mircea Popescu Reply:

    The notion that it makes any difference whatsoever what narrative gets accepted by the outsiders is amusing.

    Suppose you accept the media narrative that Romanian politicians generally, or the president particularly are “bad”, however that’s played out for your priors. What does that do ? Are you going to hold a referendum or something ?

    Forget the unwashed masses. They don’t matter and don’t count. That they’ll believe anything is simply the result of that : they know they don’t matter, and can’t count.


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  • soapjackal Says:

    sssssssssssoooooooooo many links man.


    soapjackal Reply:

    a big fan of propertarianism the site. The reading list there and my university library where my first big step into reaction. Probably a bigger influence than moldbug, foseti, and radix. Interesting article but I have 2 thoughts.

    1. counter – enlightenment thought in nrx really need to be hammered home quite a bit more. Been reading some recommendations on enlightenment history from kantbot and theres still quite a bit more to deal with. Theres also the pre existing counter-enlightenment works that should be mined.

    2. the concluding sentence was a lacking to me:

    “Propertarianism, including Aristocratic Egalitarianism, Testimonial Truth and Operationalism provide the logical and institutional solution to the problem of cooperation among competing interests we call ‘politics’, that the Enlightenment, and Neo-Reaction did not.”

    it seems more like an affirmation of their system as signalling rather than anything worth reading. I havent read much of the regular stuff on the site though. Primarily it was just their reading list recommendations I dug through. Ill probably give those 3 concepts he references a read.


    Hurlock Reply:

    The Counter-Enlightenment is crap for the most part.


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    @ Glad for the Doolittle links!
    @ SoapJackal I push Doolittle/Land/Moldbug to interested neoreactionaries. I’m building a partial part of my library with all of the books, plus more. A long way to go but it’s fun. Do read most of him and do all of the reading required, at minimum the “Sum of human knowledge” plus math. In my opinion he is still close to the New Right and DE is close to NRx. I would say he represents my thoughts the closest. Doolittle for my next head of state, but Land is my (dark)-priest.

    @Land I was thinking about the relationship between ‘Extropian’ and neoreactionary ‘Order’ if a possible candidate name could have been ‘antiquarian-modernism’ supported by the burkean trunk, and you note in your various neoreaction F.A.Q that aside from the usual demarcation of religion/ethnic/commercial there is also tradition/ethnic/futurist. ‘Order’ in the past but ‘Extropy’ toward the future isn’t half-bad in my opinion. It also helps those of us who are forward to the future, but understand the importance of tradition, even though there is no way back. Furthermore and most importantly it helps us push what we are against across All-Time™, that is against Disorder & Entropy . I’ll leave the aesthetic and lovecraftian style to those better suited.

    Somewhere between this there’s a fine arbitrage for another name that we probably don’t need. I like to be fashionable however. I want to call this Antiquarian/Burkean-Futarchy but the prediction market people will be hard pressed to give up their name and drop the connotations.

    Social matter article on gamergate was great and Hadley did the comments section quite well, although every one seemed to mistake us for the ‘other’ conservatives. nickbsteves website I should have discovered earlier.

    soapjackal Reply:

    in what way? I have only read over a pdf linked by wiki so I dont have a fully fleshed out understanding of what exactly their qualms are.

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  • Chris B Says:

    re the Amerika blog link I’m noticing a disingenuous eagerness sometimes in NRx to do everything possible to absolve Jews from responsibility. It seems emotion based and unbalanced, which will result in required questions not being asked. Sure a lot on the right make Jews into supermen and they form identifiable targets on the left, but surely we are able to do two things 1) break them down into sub groups and review them dispassionately and not as a monolithic block 2) not have to try and balance right wing Jew mania with claims of universal Jew innocence. I would rather not have social analysis fogged up with moralising and holy signaling, or it wont take long before we start policing ourselves for being non PC. Take for example the overwhelming pressence of Jews in anti-racism and immigration areas. Being high functioning, immigrants of 1st,2nd or 3rd gen and self perceived outsiders, it is not beyond the realm of reason to conclude that leftist jews would naturally gravitate to such areas involving this topic as it would form part of their identity. I have noticed similar in other high functioning leftist immigrants. Jews ARE highly involved in these areas, to say otherwise is to blind yourself to reality and refuse to accept a pattern as a pattern. Either you train your guns on everyone, or give up and go home.


    Hurlock Reply:

    The problem with focusing on “The Joos” as a whole evil ethnic group is that it is misleading. Yes plenty of Jews through history did some pretty bad things and were hyper-leftists in a lot of cases, but so were a lot of whites. Yet all those people who want to focus on the jews, on the ethnicity as a whole do not want to focus on whites in the same way.
    But that is inconsistent.

    Either you look at whites as an ethnicity the same way you look at jews (a lot of jews were evil, so they all are), or you look at jews the same way you look at whites (evaluating them individual by individual, and not trying to over-generalize). If you choose the second option the question of their general ethnicity is not as important (still important but not as much as in the first case) and the particular background of the specific individual you are looking at is what you are focusing on.

    Basically to generalize “a lot of jews were bad ergo all jews are bad” is bad logic. This is the problem of induction. It takes just one appropriate counter-example to kill this hypothesis (and we have more than one). To fix this, the argument must be narrowed down and made more precise, which would inevitably leave some jews out of it. This is almost equal to dropping the whole argument as in this instance it obviously will not be *all* of the jews who are evil, but just a part of them.

    TL;DR: the way the jewish question is approached stinks of incompetence and inconsistency. Basically adopt some degree of methodological individualism and this will solve the problems of the argument, but it will also make such grand over-generalizations impossible.

    Not all jews are evil. Some are, maybe most are, but this is a different argument altogether.


    Alrenous Reply:

    Fullchan Jews are often metaphorical for the smarter anons. They can see things moving without apparent impulse, so they realize there must be strings tied to to the things. The strings lead to a puppetmaster they can’t see, which they call ‘the Jews.’ Why the Jews? Because it’s edgy and the idea of Jewish conspiracy is already out there.


    fnn Reply:

    You’re acting like you have never heard of elite theory. Before 1975 or so there was a lot of talk about the WASP establishment-much of it negative. Was everyone of Anglo-Saxon ancestry involved in a conspiracy? Some members of the old WASP establishment were even of mixed or wholly non-Anglo Saxon descent. See the Roosevelts and the Rockefellers.


    Chris B Reply:

    @fnn “Before 1975 or so there was a lot of talk about the WASP establishment-much of it negative”

    Not sure about that, a quick google found this –

    and this

    the money shot being – “Another political perspective suggests the following: If liberalism was an entry point into the American system, then conservative political behavior reflects for this cohort a maturation point”.

    Well, well done Jewish elite, well done. You burnt the house to the ground taking it over. Enjoy the smoldering ruin.

    an inanimate aluminum tube Reply:

    “Yes plenty of Jews through history did some pretty bad things and were hyper-leftists in a lot of cases, but so were a lot of whites. Yet all those people who want to focus on the jews, on the ethnicity as a whole do not want to focus on whites in the same way.”

    There is a pretty wide acceptance of the idea that (certain kinds of) whites have tendencies towards certain significant psychological flaws that have contributed to their undoing. Personally, I’d go further and suggest that most of us North Western European white populations are essentially high functioning mental defectives, like autistic savants or something. Probably an evolutionary dead end.

    But the white question is different from the Jewish question, for a rather obvious reason.

    “Whites” are indigenous (ish) to large parts of Europe. “Whites” conquered and settled the U.S. So until the technology for mass population replacement came along, those regions were stuck with whites. They were the baseline. Nobody decided to let whites in.

    On the other hand, Jews are outsiders to many of these regions. They have often been excluded from these regions and/or expelled. Letting them in was a political decision, which could have been handled differently. Which was handled differently in the past. See the Edict of Expulsion.

    The question then becomes: Was letting Jews into these countries a good idea?

    Obviously the answer varies depending on your perspective.

    But if you acknowledge that Brazilization is essentially already complete and that it will be an unprecedented disaster for some groups and that Jews played a significant role in that process, it’s probably pretty hard to argue that letting Jews into the United States was good for “white” people. Arguably polio is infinitely less devastating to a country than Brazilization.


    Hurlock Reply:

    Your comment started fine and then you typed this:
    “But if you acknowledge that Brazilization is essentially already complete and that it will be an unprecedented disaster for some groups and that Jews played a significant role in that process, it’s probably pretty hard to argue that letting Jews into the United States was good for “white” people.”

    Yes some jews played a significant role in that process. Some whites did too. We are back to square one.
    ‘Significant role’ is a weasel term. Was their role necessary? Was it sufficient? Was it explicitly the jews who started brazilization? Was it whites? Was it whites who then got help from the jews? Was it the other way around?

    Historically jews have played vital economic roles, because bad laws wouldn’t allow native whites to do them. Of course this doesn’t result in whites blaming the government or the church at the times, but the jews. Logic has taken a holiday.
    And of course the jews were the favorite scapegoat of the country’s elite; everyone already hates them because they get rich thanks to the church canon laws.
    Not to mention, that being of a special lower status than the king’s christian subjects, he could directly tax them as much as he pleased without fear of any opposition.

    ||||| Reply:

    “I’d go further and suggest that most of us North Western European white populations are essentially high functioning mental defectives, like autistic savants or something. Probably an evolutionary dead end.”

    More likely than you think.

    “We hypothesize, for example, that initial immigration bias in favor of humanitarianism would produce early humanitarian dominance, while the same bias applied a bit later may not. We test this hypothesis by varying the type and timing of immigration bias.”

    “Unlike selfish free-riders, traitorous agents have the additional problem of being exploited by the very out-groups they cooperate with. This explains why traitorous genotypes typically do even worse than selfish genotypes, despite the traitors’ greater capacity for cooperation.” Antifa getting the shit kicked out of them by muslims, anyone? Or Rotterham.

    Then you combine that with this and this and you start getting an interesting picture of things ( optional).

    “The comparative findings suggest that members of Western, educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic societies, including young children, are among the least representative populations one could find for generalizing about humans.”

    Highly unusual (and tech-friendly) psychological properties brought about by accidental eugenic recombination enforced by the church which end up being exaggerated massively by immigration to the New World. However, those same properties realize a social strategy of indiscriminate humanitarianism, which is vulnerable to unreciprocated cooperation (that is, ethnocentrism).

    I don’t think the term Brazilification adequately portrays the full extent of the problems the US might actually face, even if it is a good enough approximation of what you might end up with.

    Brazil kind of melted into its current situation over time and was smoothed by bureaucratic, infrastructural inefficiencies and generalized ethnic admixture (there’s also the slavery thing). Your structures, however, have allowed things to be much better delineated and flowing over there (specially after you stopped forcing integration), making groups much more clearly separated (a corollary of more effective resource allocation). That implies a much greater amount of opportunities for conflict. I mean, you can’t even rely on a common linguistic basis in some spots of your southern border, that’s something that isn’t really the case over here. So I think the transitions brought about by decay and invasion might end up being a lot more turbulent.

    ||||| Reply:

    *Third link was supposed to be this. Goddamn multitasking.

    nydwracu Reply:

    Personally, I’d go further and suggest that most of us North Western European white populations are essentially high functioning mental defectives, like autistic savants or something. Probably an evolutionary dead end.

    How large is the genetic distance between land Germanics and sea Germanics?

    an inanimate aluminum tube Reply:

    “‘Significant role’ is a weasel term. Was their role necessary? Was it sufficient? Was it explicitly the jews who started brazilization? Was it whites? Was it whites who then got help from the jews? Was it the other way around?”

    In this case “significant role” is not a weasel term, it is an acknowledgement of the need for NRX to make a serious attempt at examining the questions you raise, among others. The NRX case for anti-Semitism has yet to be made.

    But the case for Judeo-skepticism more or less makes itself.

    A few things should be pretty clear:
    – The civilization is going over a cliff.
    – For a variety of reasons people from a variety of groups (including whites) are and have been pushing it over that cliff.
    – Jews have (and have had) a statistically disproportionate representation among the pushers.
    – HBD tells us that Jews are, on average, more capable than many of the other ethnic, religious or ethno-religious minority groups that tend to be well represented among the pushers. More dangerous.
    – Observation backs this up; a disproportionate number of the most effective and organized pushers are Jews

    It remains to be determined whether or not the Jewish push was the decisive push. But it should be pretty obvious that they’ve done more pushing towards the cliff than away from it.

    NRX should not assume the default, politically correct philo-Semitic position. Since nobody has yet made a strong NRX case for philo-Semitism, skepticism is the appropriate default attitude towards the idea that it is sound strategy to allow a group of immigrants to come into your country and assume many high places in your most sensitive political, cultural and academic institutions.

    ESPECIALLY if those immigrants are both smarter than you and more clannish than you.

    Rasputin Reply:

    Encyclopiedia Dramatica on the Jews:

    Seems to come down on the side of cloven hooved Devils, not scapegoats.

    Ademonos Reply:

    Re: Jewish Question. I made the following comment on the Amerika article, but in case it doesn’t get through (still awating moderation, and not sure if many people actually read the comments there).

    Good job on the polarization. Just what we need, an emotional topic where you are forced to take a stance either for or against. Someone mentioned divide and conquer, and even though it may not be the intention of the author it will undoubtedly be the result of the scheme if successful.
    Entryism is not an abstract horror of unknown outside forces trying to subvert and crush the movement. Entryism is special interests seeing common interests within Neoreaction, and trying to exploit them for their own ends, trying to push the movement in a direction beneficial for themselves but likely not for the movement itself. The entryist is the transsexual pushing for acceptance of physio-sexual transgression, it is the Nazi pushing the Jewish Question, and it is in turn the Jew himself pushing Philosemitism. The only acceptable stance is of course to act rationally in the best interests of one’s in-group, and to avoid getting involved in emotional tug-wars that only benefit outside groups. Of course, this also leads to the Jewish entryist making the exact same conclusion, and thus acting in a certain manner – but it is our duty as somewhat intelligent men to recognize that and handle it as necessary.


    Izak Reply:

    To your point, the Jews did manage to invent ALL OF MONOTHEISM, so it is kind of understandable as to why people would want to think they’re perhaps just a tad important.


    Deogolwulf Reply:

    “the Jews did manage to invent ALL OF MONOTHEISM”

    Don’t be silly.


    vimothy Reply:

    Bonald at Throne and Altar recently linked to this interesting interview with Benjamin Ginsberg, author of How the Jews Defeated Hitler:

    One of the things that’s fascinating about my WASPy friends and compatriots is that so many dislike the State of Israel, to varying degrees. It bugs them. What interests me is trying to suss out the underlying or psychological impetus or sense of injury beneath these feelings, which are frankly less common in general among American gentiles than they are among American Jews. When I’ve asked them, “Why does this particular injustice bother you so much – why not Tibet?” the answers are very interesting. They come down to something like, “Why on one hand do you Jewish people come to us and say we have to be democratic and inclusive because otherwise we’re anti-Semites, and then back in the old country, where you go on your family vacations or Birthright trips, you get to strut around with automatic weapons and oppress everybody else, which isn’t fair, and is probably what we would want to do here, in some secret corner of our WASPy brains.”

    That is a very good line, and I think it’s totally true. The animus is some form of displaced anti-Semitism.

    Is that what I’m saying? I actually think that American Jews are in this sense way too quick to label such feelings as anti-Semitism, even when the effects may be anti-Semitic.

    I think you’ve characterized it very well. It’s not 1930s anti-Semitism, but it’s a resentment. It’s a resentment of a particular evil that the Jews have done, which is the Jews have undermined WASP America but refuse to do the same thing in their own country.

    You know, there’s an old joke: Three elderly Jewish Communists in the Bronx are talking. They’re in their eighties. One is in a wheelchair. So they say, “Abie Cohen, have you heard from him lately?” “Abie, he’s had some health problems but he’s living in Los Angeles in a nursing home, still working for socialism.” “All right, what about Mike Abramowitz, have you heard from him?” “Well, you know Mike is in rehab, he fell, he broke his hip, a lot of problems. But even in the nursing home he’s fighting for socialism!” So someone says, “What about Moe Goldberg?” “Oh, Moe, he moved to Israel, didn’t you know that?” “Well, is he fighting for socialism?” The guy answers, “In his own country? What kind of man do you think he is?!”

    So I think as Jewish humor often does, that captures the point that you made. I’ve actually had students say exactly this. They say, “How come in my high school we couldn’t sing Christmas carols; however, in Israel they can establish a religion?” And they believe that it was the Jews who brought this about in the United States. And are they wrong? No.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    “at least 500 years before it had sustained economic growth.”

    I like their original research, but someone needs to read their Clark and Szabo.


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  • Chaos Patch (#33) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • VXXC Says:

    Not directed personally at admin…but it’s time to address a certain faction.

    A shout out to the “The Left always wins” crowd.

    If you believe the Left always wins, then kindly open your veins and trouble mankind with your oxygen theft no more. Or jump, or swallow the pills or the gun but in some way be a man for just a moment.

    A moments courage and it is done.

    For those of you who’ve had enough of manic depressives using right blogs and us as their tampon….and who would like some return on the investment even if it’s just reading:

    Lead, follow or Stop complaining.



    Izak Reply:

    The problem with this advice is that suicide is far too assertive and essentially right-wing of a gesture.

    No one will listen. In fact, they’ll just complain about your injunction to stop complaining.

    Or they’ll just deconstruct it, like what I’m doing right now, and then continue to complain.


    vxxc2014 Reply:



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  • peter connor Says:

    Gamergate will win because Gamers buy the games, not leftist whores and their sycophants in the media. And politically correct games, approved by corrupt game media, will not sell.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Grow up. Their futures are secured by the Cathedral. Who controls the very creation of money and by their openly declared policy as much as they need out to infinity. We can create as much debt as we need and simply create more of our money to buy it and so on.

    But these people will have the rough and tumble of markets and selling things – always degrading anyway for our intellectual priesthood class and their stunted journo sidekicks – replaced with tenured positions.

    Good heavens the news organizations that survived are the pet playthings of the likes of Soros, Carlos Slim, Bezos. That’s tenure – the Holy Grail of Progress. What fool persists in selling boy doll amusement toys to masturbating adolescents when they can trade such degrading hawking and whoring for Tenured position? People who simply toe the Cathedral’s party line end up as Assistant Undersecretary for women’s issues who can procure whores in Cartagena and escape consequences by blaming the Secret Service. What fool would trade such a position to continue hawking child’s toys to perennial boys? Especially since the toys have been declared sacrilegious.

    No, what’s happening is the Cathedral’s margins are now so slim for Salem Witch-hunt pickings that they have to go after Boys very toys. Even though Boyhood is now a purely virtual experience confined to mommy’s basement and you’re not allowed out of the yard. When I was a boy we wandered everywhere, learning to avoid trouble was part of the learning process. Now women leash their sons in public, and you’re permanently grounded in the basement. And now…as they are insane they come for that as well.

    What’s really going to be amusing is that porn is next, and these same arguments will be made as pron is feminized as well.

    May I suggest you smash them all, go for a dangerous walk and a long one in either the woods, desert or urban jungle where you may well be hurt and then repair in future to the garage? And build things, under the circumstances tools that will reflect your misdirected natural male impulses into “meatspace” that is reality instead of your enormous imaginary world. Which was a trap so complete that you cling to it even as it’s collapsed on you.

    I too had imaginary friends and adventures as a boy, but I also had real and frequently dangerous or arduous adventures as well.

    You are “meat”. So start living for real in meatspace.


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  • scientism Says:

    I don’t think the Left always wins, but I doubt it’s a coincidence that #GamerGate happened to coincide with an outpouring of “troll studies” from academia. I think #GamerGate is going according to plan, setting up the context for restrictions on Internet anonymity. The Left is several steps ahead of the gamers, as evidenced by the fact that they had papers, books and institutions ready to go when this broke out. It’s no coincidence that these “troll researchers” are starting to appear in the media talking about the problem. The Left has obviously been preparing this for several years and the misogyny angle is a well-worn method for implementing legal reform. Winning a battle against Gawker or Gamasutra doesn’t mean much when Harvard is talking about the troll problem in New Scientist.


    VXXC Reply:

    Yes I’m sure they have their papers and legal briefs ready.

    What do we have? As it happens everything else that counts. Except will, which is paralyzed by conditioning, inertia, fear and worst of all our compliance.

    We all suffer in the West from an Immuno-Virus that paralyzes effective defense.

    It’s chief vector is our Laws.


    Recognize that these aren’t our Laws anymore, as it’s not our country anymore – as they’ve endlessly been telling us. Well then Madam these are not our Laws.

    Then Quarantine the Laws from our policies and above all actions. Many things that are purely political are being sued or otherwise made a decision for the courts. No more.

    I am not referring to the farce of elections or parties, or rallies, or protests. I mean that once the disease is acknowledged at last and the enemy named that men proceed by action. Not words.

    Or Games.


    Baron von Strucker Reply:

    Yes. This is where the real Right needs to get to in their thinking: revolutionary. We need to be working to *break down* this civilization on all fronts just as the Islamists are, not only in words and ideas, but in deeds. Read the jihadist literature if you need some inspiration. Until the Right has people who will get off their asses like that and *take fearless action*, it’s difficult to see how this movement will get very far. Forget storming the institutions intellectually or trying to save this hijacked civilization in a civil manner; it’s time to build parallel institutions and prepare for the collapse of this one (while sabotaging it as much as possible, making alliances with select non-Westerners and recruiting a few renegade elites to our side).

    It’s very difficult for modern white people to think like this, because we naturally identify ourselves with Western civilization and are so deeply conditioned growing up in it that such radicalism just seems crazy. We also tend to be pacifistic and afraid of physical confrontation. This passivity, which I believe has its roots in Christianity, is precisely why the (Christian) Right has been getting stomped by the Left for so long. The Left understands how easy white mundanes are to terrorize and manipulate, and takes full advantage of it. What is needed is essentially what David Myatt advocates: the breeding of a new (very old) type of totally post-Christian, post-progressive, pagan Western man, who is warrior-like, unbreakable in will, physically vital and fearless, possessing immoveable mind (“fudoshin”) and undeconstructable philosophy. Basically, we need a rightist jihad to open a second front against the Cathedral, right here within its lands, to bring more visceral pressure to bear on its institutions and leaders.

    These are of course just more words, but I feel they need to be said, particularly at blogs like this that seem to be about 90% intellectual masturbation – all thought, no action.


    admin Reply:


    Derfel Reply:

    “The “revolutionary mentality” is the permanent or transitory state of spirit in which an individual or a group believes himself capable of remodeling the whole society – if not human nature in general – through political action. As an agent or bearer of a better future, he considers himself to be above all judgment by present or past humanity, being accountable only to the “court of History”. But the court of History is, by definition, the very future society that this individual or group claims to represent in the present. So, as future society is only able to bear witness or to judge through this same representative, it is clear that he thus becomes not only the sole sovereign judge of his own acts, but the judge of all past, present and future humanity. Able to accuse and to condemn all laws, institutions, beliefs, values, traditions, actions and works of all epochs without being subject, in his turn, to the judgment of any of them, he lies so much above historical humanity that it would not be inaccurate to call him Superman.

    As the self-glorification of Superman, the revolutionary mentality is totalitarian and genocidal in itself, independently from its ideological content in different circumstances and occasions.

    By refusing himself to be accountable to anything except a hypothetical future of his own invention, and firmly disposed to destroy by cunning or by force every obstacle to the remodeling of the world to his own image and likeness, the revolutionary is the worst enemy of the human species, compared to whom the worst tyrants and conquerors of Antiquity impress us by the modesty of their aims and by a notable circumspection in the use of their means.”

    Last thing we need is that shit on our side. This is the basis of leftism, when you start talking about “new men” or a “totally different society” you are already entering leftist realm.

    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Good enough with one objection Baron,

    We need to work with what we have now, a body of disaffected young males yearning to be men at last. We have vast numbers and in the US at least no shortage of tools, recognized mortal plight, anger daily insulted by these insane Progs unto feminist borderline child-pron FCKH8 or whatever that ghastly cursing princess thing is and so on.

    But we don’t have the money.

    We don’t have any political party.

    We’ll never have any institutions outside of sellouts like Bob Tribal Casino Jones University.

    We don’t have the time.

    Also Sir I’ve heard this parallel institutions etc for decades. It never worked no matter who did it, the parallel institution would be on GOP, Conservative Party, Chamber of Commerce, Koch Brothers and all the rest in a flash. Tea party springs up from stay at home moms in 2009, wins 2010 huge sweep, crushed by alphabet soup in 2011/2012, now so completely purchased by GOP/Outer Party that even Ann Coulter acknowledges they’re done in her columns.

    We need to work with what we have. Not what we wish for.

    We need to understand that our present situation is this: we are the American Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor in the autumn of 1941. Stripped of parts, men and money for the Atlantic War and left without direction or intelligence. And work with what we have, not what we wish for….when the Admiral asked for a air defense plan his staff bought him a requirements list for more B-17 bombers than existed in the inventory.

    That Sir is what you have just asked for, although it’s laudable you recognize our situation in all other respects. My only objection is your requirement for more: No Sir. We have a saying: when you’re someplace that you’re short of everything but the enemy you’re in a combat zone.

    More on Pearl Harbor parallels: exactly like the American Fleet being sent to Pearl Harbor the Right has thrown down the gauntlet but then not followed through.

    Chris B Reply:

    @scientism Yes, they have been preparing for several years, and yes, I reckon some of them have had a plan in place. One thing we need to discuss more is the media and the elites masterful awareness of the importance of the media narrative. They have likely game planned as many possible problems as are foreseeable, as this is one of their most important pieces of power. So anyone threatening to impinge on it, will be attacked mercilessly out of all proportion (from an external laymans point of view).

    That retarded draconian rules will be coming (and already are here in the UK and Sweden) is not a discussion anymore. The law in the UK is so vague that you could probably catch anyone under it. As usual, no one else on the right is analyzing this, merely doing the “muh freedoms” and stomping their feet act. This is another area which reveals the dominance of the left. But, seeing as we are aware of it, and are analyzing it, the question becomes – what to do?


    scientism Reply:

    I dont think there’s anything to do except to keep deepening the analysis. Power operates in a context. Even a despot needs to have legitimacy in the eyes of the military and the military is only a force as long as soldiers continue obeying orders. What’s the context of the Left’s power? The lack of any real alternative. This is where the Right has persistently failed. Saying you support the things the Left opposes is not an alternative, it’s just, to use your term, stomping your feet. The right analysis will remove the context of their power, because the right analysis will create a superior context for power. I think we’re still a long way from that, although we’re moving in the right direction.


    Posted on October 26th, 2014 at 5:14 pm Reply | Quote
  • Meow Mix Says:

    I’ll repeat what I said on Amerika. My position on the JQ is simple: right wing Jews are allies, left wing Jews (most unfortunately) are enemies.

    I think the reason JQ became such an argument in NRx was because individuals like Moldbug and the Radish folks were dodging the issue when asked about their Jewish background and the complicity of Jews in spreading leftism even though they had no issue talking about racism and people of color, etc. If they had simply stepped forward and outright proclaimed their Jewish background and discussed the JQ more openly (like Bob Steinberg at The Right Stuff) I think there would have been less hostility and suspicion by critics.


    Chris B Reply:

    “right wing Jews are allies, left wing Jews (most unfortunately) are enemies” far to simple a break down, far too simple.


    Erebus Reply:

    It’s pragmatic. I’m inclined to agree with him, and with Izak below.

    It cannot be doubted that there are lots of Jews who are cultural-malefactors. The Bonnier publishing family in Sweden are a particularly insidious example of this. At the same time, it’s certainly untrue that all Jews are evil or untrustworthy. Speaking of publishing, one need look no further than Randy Schekman, who, in addition to being a brilliant scientist, is arguably the greatest force for good in academic publishing today.

    Needless to say, there are many more possible examples.

    So what do you do? “The good ones are allies and the bad ones are enemies” is precisely the right position to take, I think.


    Hurlock Reply:

    It is simple, but at least it is consistent, unlike all the other positions I’ve seen.


    Henk Reply:

    Popular knowledge of critical positions on the JQ tends towards parody, evolved to mock the insufficiently philosemitic. Your own usage above (“The Joos”) most likely derives from having absorbed mostly parody on the JQ, which, as such, is not likely to excel in the consistency department.

    (Of course, to those who dream of Accelerated Moloch, the JQ may truly be of no consequence. But how many of those exist in NRx, apart from our host?)

    Derfel Reply:

    Neocons are no allies.


    Chris B Reply:

    “Neocons are no allies” exactly. I see no reason why analysis of Jewish groups that have been massively influential should be hobbled by the left/right thing.

    Izak Reply:

    I know this topic gets kind of obnoxious, but are the neocons really “right wing” in an essential sense? Paul Gottfried certainly doesn’t seem to think so.

    I am not sure what the NRx position is, because the NRx guys seem to think that leftism is whenever more than like two people talk to each other in the same room.

    (I’m kidding of course…. but…. only sort of….)

    Meow Mix Reply:

    Thanks for the feedback. I am obviously being pragmatic here. Mossad had actually worked with the Gestapo at one point, so anything is possible in the weirdest of circumstances. Zionists and patriotic Jews are fine in my book as long as they don’t pervert the host culture. Yeah, you have some Jewish neocons to deal with, but I think Jewish paleocons like Paul Gottfried are just fine. I don’t know where Steven Pinker lies politically but he’s useful too. At the end of the day, the Jews are getting screwed over by leftists inside their own ranks. It’s happening in Israel with the push for more leftism (multiculturalism, boycotts, etc,).


    Posted on October 26th, 2014 at 10:57 pm Reply | Quote
  • Izak Says:

    The official NRx position on the Jews — and yeah, there probably should be one — should begin with this proposition: Ashkenazi Jews constitute a White ethnicity and thus belong to the White race.

    Every subsequent claim should recognize this very simple distinction.

    I say this not as an NRx guy myself (Entryist alert! Entryist alert!) but as someone continually disappointed with the White Nationalists who think that the Jews constitute their own separate racial group. It’s a very ingenious way to portray Whites as victims to an alien intruder, and it’s especially brilliant because it plays to the idea that there’s a sort of “more true” reality invisible to the naked eye. When you think like that, it’s like belonging to a secret club. You see these people walking around…. they look like you…. *but they aren’t one of you.*

    The idea that Ashkenazim are non-White is amazing to me because firstly, they look really goddamn white. They look a lot like Italians. Secondly, when you watch how this mentality plays out, you tend to see a lot of stupid arguments break out about whether or not someone is a Jew. Is Rupert Murdoch a Jew? A lot of WNs seem to think so. How about Hugh Hefner? Some WNs have convinced themselves that the answer is yes! Moreover, the mentality leads to some completely bizarre and nonsensical claims about Jewish behavior, many of which have zero basis in reality. If people are really hard up for examples, I can provide them. These false observations seem to stem from an inability to draw meaningful distinctions between Jewish and White gentile culture, especially in the 21st century, where they’re both almost exactly the same, except for maybe the addition of an unhealthy obsession with the Holocaust as a last-ditch attempt to retain ethnic cohesion.

    My own appreciation for right-wing political ideas stems largely from the fact that right-wingers actually have the ability to call a spade a spade. That is, they can reconcile simple observations with a deeper and more intellectually developed worldview. They don’t go the route where they think that simple observations need to be challenged or upset by a more ‘problematizing’ worldview. It’s “I make this observation, and there is a completely logical, relatively precise reason for it” rather than “I make this observation, but I must ignore my own observations and opt for a more convoluted system of reasons to explain how things are.”

    Those who think that really really White-looking Jews are somehow not White are going for the second kind of thinking. It’s just a little silly.

    For the record, this post is not against anti-Semitism. Be as anti-Semitic as you want! I don’t care. Let’s just get our categories in order, here.


    an inanimate aluminum tube Reply:

    They’re hybrids between Europeans and Middle Easterners

    But it does get confusing when hybrids hybridize again.


    Izak Reply:

    Well, the very first generation of Ashkenazim were 1/2 European.

    As time goes on, there’s no possible way they can get any less White, but all signs point to them getting more and more White.

    Wasn’t the intermarriage rate at an unprecedented 18% or so in Germany right before Hitler came to power?


    Chris B Reply:

    “…before Hitler came to power” o, here we go…

    Posted on October 26th, 2014 at 10:58 pm Reply | Quote
  • j. ont. Says:

    I’m interested in the concept of the Antiveristy, which someone mentioned here recently—which I remember from Moldbug, but I’m oblivious to any commentary. Someone help me out? Or has it not been discussed? Or are we mostly just waiting for Techno-Cthulhu around here?


    soapjackal Reply:

    theres talk of invisible colleges. Antiversity is from moldbug. Who knows maybe he has a model ready to go.

    MOOCs and the like are a good start. The general research and development into eduaction is in an infant stage.

    I personally think it is one of the best paths to go down which is why my research is down that path. Most are waiting for the techno-cthulu but with the recent trend to fraternalize and finally waking up from the entryism panic its possible that nrx will finally start slumbering into something effective.


    Postnietzschean Reply:

    After re-reading Moldbug several times, I’m highly sympathetic to the view that building the Antiversity is the best strategy. Build an institution that accurately seeks the truth, and you will gain the mandate of heaven.

    MOOCs could replace university education, but what you really need to replace is research, i.e. truth-seeking.

    The LessWrong model is interesting. LW has gone downhill, so their design is clearly flawed. But some core features of their model could be replicated in an Antiversity: gather a community of very smart people. Have a set of mutually agreed-upon standards of discourse and conceptual tools. A shared commitment to improving one’s own and the community’s thinking skills, so the discourse improves over time and doesn’t constantly circle over the same topics.

    Actually, what you really need is a platform that’s a community of communities. Ideally with cleverly designed software that can handle each community’s individual epistemology (something like Moldbug’s idea of ‘factional reputation’, but more sophisticated, for any proposition its community specific ‘truthiness value’ should be convertable to a global truthiness value). Highly rational Catholics should be able to deeply explore ideas without being interrupted by highly rational singularitarians. But there should also be a space for the two groups to communicate.

    You could also have things like occult sub-communities which only become revealed once you have sufficient karma within a particular community. If you can build a hyper-exclusive community, something like for the high-IQ set, you’d then be able to entice the financial and technological elites. That would be powerful.

    Reddit is interesting. This project could do to Reddit what Quora did to Yahoo Answers: keep the core functionality (a community of communities), but rethink the design from the ground up and avoid all the mistakes of the original. Interesting that Reddit raised a ton of funding recently. Their new CEO is a libertarian who views Reddit as a city-state.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    The whole karma thing would need to be built with something of actual value, not signaling (one of the reasons I don’t bother with reddit). Why not bounties, decide things that need doing or are beneficial and award bounties for them. Sure there are still entryists, but they would at least be very productive and easily manipulated entryists.

    Mircea Popescu Reply:

    Thing kinda exists already.

    Postnietzschean Reply:

    @Mircea great link, looks super interesting

    Postnietzschean Reply:

    So I just spent the last hour delving around that little corner of the blogosphere. Some rare insights wrapped up in the usual cynical/zerohedge/anti-fed/internet-ubermensch mindset. This I thought was particularly insightful:

    “In jewish, which is what most people in showbiz are and were – not because of any other reason than that their cvasi-religion doubles as a self-shrink kit and so generally allows them fewer fucking mental issues and therefore less fear of dealing straight with reality nude.”

    vxxc2014 Reply:

    As the overwhelming majority of Americans and I dare guess Europeans enter college not for knowledge but to get ahead in life, and getting ahead by academic qualifications means toeing the party line of what fruit does this Antiversity Tree bear?

    You would have Eve and Adam eat of the Tree of Knowledge then go and try and bullshit God who created them?

    In present times any 18 year old Westerner who presents their mind to the Cathedral and the world of income from thinking, speaking, writing, researching and so the non-physical labor arts is indeed made from Clay shaped by God Cathedral.

    But we are what? We’re Supposed to cruelly hand the apple to the innocents to have their faces grow guilty with knowledge and then send them to face the God/Machine/Cathedral and try to BULLSHIT God Cathedral?

    Do rethink this.

    Oh and BTW – it’s been tried so many times it makes one as suspicious as the email from the Nigerian Prince soliciting bank accounts.

    It’s a known FAIL and probably a scam for the lazy here to get an income from the rest of us.

    Do defend it, I’ll savor every brick of it I smash.


    Posted on October 27th, 2014 at 1:41 am Reply | Quote
  • JC Says:

    Thanks for the enterovirus link. Ebola may be the Devil’s smokescreen.


    Posted on October 27th, 2014 at 4:46 am Reply | Quote
  • Sulla Says:

    It looks like Paul Graham of YC used to read Moldbug:

    He once wrote this: He stepped down from YC because he kept saying the wrong thing and SJWs sic’d the tech media on him (now YC is run by proggie libertarian Sam Altman). Might be a future convert?


    Posted on October 27th, 2014 at 5:46 pm Reply | Quote
  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Axiom I proceed from below: to “The Left” the “Right” is all in it together. The effect of which is – so we are. And our current “Right” situation is we are in a state of armed pre-insurrection where we are awaiting the first blow. We have thrown down the gauntlet but not followed through. As I know there are already disclaimers being typed now please accept the fact: that your disclaimers that you have nothing to do with cowboy’s and rednexx will affect nothing including your ultimate fate. You understand? When they have the power over you they’ll exercise it past ruthlessly to humiliating vindictiveness. This is their known nature.

    Analyze This: We’re in it together now, for that is the enemy’s decision not ours.

    More on the Military situation of the American Right.

    We need to understand that our present situation is this: we are the American Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor in the autumn of 1941. Stripped of parts, men and money for the Atlantic War and left without direction or intelligence. And work with what we have, not what we wish for….when the Admiral asked for a air defense plan his staff bought him a requirements list for more B-17 bombers than existed in the inventory.

    More on Pearl Harbor parallels: exactly like the American Fleet being sent to Pearl Harbor the Right has thrown down the gauntlet but then not followed through.

    When Don’t Tread on Me was then turned into a doormat at the Whorehouse entrance and The Right didn’t follow through that was noticed.

    When the naked gauntlet of Molon Labe was thrown down but then not followed up except with a Mexican Standoff – that admittedly was successful for Bundy’s posse – but no follow through that was noticed.

    And the immediate response was to import 47,000 or more teenage males from gang controlled neighborhoods in Central America to gang controlled neighborhoods in the United States.

    Translation: The Left hasn’t been idle.

    The Right hasn’t either but continues to withdraw from the fantasy of American Elections and make now no longer prudent but feverish* logistic preparations.

    *yes I can make this case. Having bought out the world we now are manufacturing said logistics ourselves. For instance. I can bring a mountain of data and hints, clues, anecdotes and the enemies own statements.

    However it is a dilemma: To be struck the First blow but not fatally. This is a worthy initial Strategic objective of both sides. To have the other in the wrong and so wrong footed from the first step is a worthy strategic objective – worthy of the risk of ceding the initiative.

    An enormous risk that can’t be calculated. It’s delusional to even guess whether the blow will be glancing, grievous or fatal. Survival of the Carriers was a last minute decision by Bull Halsey with permission of Admiral Kimmel that they be “on training maneuvers” at sea.
    The older Japanese admiral changing the plan to not destroy the dry docks [in which case Japan may have survived] also a last minute plan.

    Further: it is well known by American practitioners of action [as well as soldiers of allied nations especially the Commonwealth] that the lawyers and their dupes with badges await the slightest tremor of going off script. So said practitioners are very closed mouth and don’t like the attention.* So we await the first blow and hence public absolution for what then follows.

    But the Left also wants the other side to strike the first blow. Hence the increasing levels of taunt, outrage, pornographic and mortal insults, the latest being the FKCH8 crew having a child give us the finger while shouting obsecenties. It’s agent provocateur behavior. If the bait is taken the Left may then appeal to authority, Law, public order and the drudgery weary charwomen of public order that is poor leaderless and adrift Team Blue [American Police].

    Do plug this into your analysis: to the Progs who remember have at least the Commanding Heights of the State Officially and no small number of Alphabet Soups and authority to call on do not differentiate between NRxn, Alt Right, More Right, WN, Stormfront, Molon Labe and the Tea Party. Get this in your head, we’re in this together.

    So our situation is one of two armed camps taunting each other, we have vastly superior forces potentially and they cannot trust their armed men. But they have the advantage of their far smaller camp already being assembled, acting, moving, bringing in allies from Central America, and knowing that their own survival is at stake..

    The Right indeed is the various milleu opposed to Caesar but without any Pompey to mislead us he can stomp his foot and legions appear. On the other hand the Left has no and can’t tolerate – YET – a Caesar and the small cohorts they have are not cohesive and don’t trust their Commanders. I doubt for instance anyone in DHS trusts their leadership [I know they don’t] or that the IRS is keen for another round of pre-election audits.

    Truly we have not assembled camps taunting each other but very dangerous people who are still milling about in only vaguely distinct groups.

    *[This is why many of our best and most determined warriors work as contractors. It’s a terrible mistake to think it’s about money. No more than Chennault’s Flying Tigers were about money. It’s about getting an edge, an edge in that case that contributed to our economy of force survival then slow trudge to victory in the Pacific. Allowing the main effort to be directed towards Germany.]


    Baron von Strucker Reply:

    You keep bringing up Japan and World War II, as if I’m supposed to be a cheerleader for the Allies. As far as I’m concerned, the Imperial Japanese were heirs of a noble and beautiful civilization that bravely waged a kamikaze war against Cathedral arrogance and degeneracy, and paid with its destruction. It looks like Islam is in the process of doing something similar. The point is, if you truly hate the Cathedral/Atlanticist civilization, you should see these people as inspirations for the next war. Because the fact is that the only thing that’s going to take down the Cathedral is us: white men within its borders, angry and militant and fearless, just like the kamikazes and jihadists. Hail the Emperor!


    fotrkd Reply:

    @admin – you see what you’ve done?! A load of fucking morons thinking kamikaze warfare is the way out? (I did think we’d covered that).

    JD: Want to go out tonight? Catch a movie, you know, some miniature golf?

    Veronica: I was thinking more along the lines of slitting Heather Duke’s wrists open, making it look like a suicide.

    JD: Now you’re talking! I could be up for that. I’ve already started underlining meaningful passages in her copy of “Moby Dick.” I knew you’d be back… I knew it. I was positive, I was sure.

    [Veronica hits JD.]

    Doesn’t help that the Hemorrhagic Isolation Unit is so damn isolating… (hi there, btw)… fiddlesticks (etc.)…


    admin Reply:

    It’s my fault?

    Posted on October 28th, 2014 at 12:09 pm Reply | Quote
  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:

    This just made me fear less applying for YC. I was going to put up an identity page and use this as my not completely anonymous account and put my written work under here, but I was afraid.


    Postnietzschean Reply: if you want to someone to bounce ideas off (I’m a developer and have worked at various early stage startups)


    Posted on October 29th, 2014 at 2:31 am Reply | Quote
  • Chris B Says:

    This is where any discussion of the Jewish population should be right now. Some really funny stuff going on, and likely some good hunting grounds for NRx allies –


    Posted on October 30th, 2014 at 6:59 am Reply | Quote

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