Chaos Patch (#38)

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In and around the NRx (highlights): Steel anarchism (and response). This opaque but intriguing stuff is also, probably, relevant. An epic delve into global complexity. The Gutenberg shock. A Watsoned world (background), further comment. The propertarian alternative (more, and more). Democracy on display (plus a reminder).

Race war round-up: between two worlds (more tightrope walking). Integration from the left: “It’s impos­si­ble for a white per­son to believe in cap­i­tal­ism and not believe in racism,” Mal­colm said in a 1964 dis­cus­sion. “You can’t have cap­i­tal­ism with­out racism.” — which simplifies things. Cut the riot shaming. Blame the cops, or Obama, or leftist race politics, or black family breakdown, or befuddlement, or idiots. “The real message of Ferguson: we are [seeing multiculturalism itself] go up in flames. A polity where the Chief Executive has to address the people over a local law enforcement matter is fatally unstable.” Let it burn. The unsaid. The anti-MLK.

America’s half-hidden welfare state. Bubbelology.

Sanity in Thailand, India (+), and HK. Insanity in Sweden, and Venezuela. Spandrell does Japan.

Anti-corruption (for example).

Faustian restlessness. World’s cutest minorities watch: Gypsies, and Somalis. Asians need to whine more. Demopocalypse. Criticizing goofy communists is probably antisemitic (relevant). Sperg power. Some bonus wind-up material.

Sex realism. Gender-bent Berlin.

The end.

Reviews of Swift and Lind.

Time is running out.

Talking transhumanism (includes Anissimov). Omohundro on the blockchain.

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  • fnn Says:

    The DM has just now discovered Weimar?


    scientism Reply:

    I think it’s slightly more interesting than that. Weimar decadence has gone from something you downplay in mainstream historical accounts of the Nazi’s rise for fear of making their cause sound sympathetic, to something you can openly boast about.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    To be fair, Ferguson is no more a local matter than Rotherham.

    In reverse order,

    It seemed like democracy distilled down to its purest form: a retard trying to remember who he was meant to vote for but not quite getting it right.

    There was a retarded guy there trying to vote, but he couldn’t remember how. He was trying to get his mother involved, but the officials wouldn’t let her actually go in and help him, so the guy and his mother had some sort of back and forth, round about conversation that culminated with her telling him to just vote for the guy she had told him to vote for.


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  • Chaos Patch (#38) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:

    When the psychiatrist told me there was no ‘right or wrong answer’ it scared the shit out of me. The questions clearly had proper answers. Question: have you wanted to harm other people recently? Right answer: no of course not. Wrong answer: See you in hell bitch. Sanity is a game, you can be totally psycho but if you know how to pass you walk free. Unless one defines madness as not being able to play the game… but then, who gets to make the rules? In the mental health profession, they still talk simplified concepts of ‘balance’ and ‘normality’, not being too ‘intense’ in your thinking. Basically be the right kind of stupid, and if you’re not, we have some nice tranquillizers to get the job done. The market allows a more complex game to emerge, and if you can’t play it, you’re not mad just broke. There must be an ‘edge’ of sanity, or notions of sanity, like there’s a sense in which everything has meaning for *you* alone. Think about it as hierarchical selectivism by the cybernetic Thing, or beast X, someone has to be THE reader. Dissolve the Other into the estranged Self, bring about the emergence of the unconscious, Dionysian submersion, no longer mediate through
    the illusory collective Other, but see the words, the meaning, directed at YOU. Except if you think it has meaning that’s what they call madness. Nihilism is the only sanity in democracy. They don’t let you talk of ‘nihilism’ though, it MEANS too much. So yeah, this website was made for ME, so was every newspaper article, oh and this figurine angel, it was placed on the mantle to look upon ME, and only me, cause no one else will ever see it and think it means a thing. And yes, the aliens, their coming (from the deep space within the world), and they’ve chosen me, and if you think it’s madness, then you’ve been abandoned. Let them have their sterilized sanity, I want to be in communication with all possible Gods. So don’t be afraid of madness, because the meaning to which the soul responds is a kind of madness, let them who hath ears hear.

    I post this here because my comments on Chaos Patch 30 about Gnon’s prophecy actually came true, and only in a sense I would understand, so we don’t know the adventures we begin, and Outside In is meant to be the portal to the outside…


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  • sobl Says:

    I am impressed with the Thai coup aftermath. The genesis for the coup wwas a widespread belief amongst the party of literates that kept losing due to pure numbers that too much power was vested in the mass of dumdums. There’s been no chaos and anarchy post-coup and no mentions in the US media. The junta earns a polite golf clap.


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  • Izak Says:

    If this hasn’t been linked before, I highly recommend this piece of criticism toward the ENR by my main man Ricardo Duchesne (with a nice bonus exchange between Duchesne and a New Right dude in the comments section):

    I suspect the admin here (and some other NRx dudes) would gravitate toward this quote from RD debunking the possibility for a revamping of paganism:

    “I learned much from Evola’s Revolt Against the Modern World; it offers fascinating ideas about the “higher world” of ancient cultures, how rulers, institutions, and laws were seen as divine in origin and how this divinity ensured spiritual stability with a clear sense of the proper ranking of classes and human activities, higher spiritual functions versus lower materialistic functions, giving purpose and meaning to life, uplifting everyone in the direction of the higher “invisible reality” and conferring a sacred dignity to leadership roles, rituals, and beliefs. His understanding of the meaning of “tradition” surpasses that of any sociologist.

    But Evola is not a practical thinker in tune with the actualities of Western history, what is possible today in the modern world. Just as Spengler called for German conservatives to liberate themselves from Romantic, unrealistic goals based on “dead” programs, the New Right needs to accept and adapt to the realities of international finance, genetic engineering, and robotics. It must not let go of the Faustian ethos.”


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    Please read Curt Doolittle @ Propertarianism if you like RD. He is the necessary extension and he is actually legitimate. The humanities/politics people almost never have enough technical background to legitimize what they are saying. He actually does. That was not a statement about Ricardo Duchesne.


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    The way I wrote this came off wrong. Apologies. I just wanted to recommend him if you like RD.


    Izak Reply:

    Hey man thanks for the link!

    I saw the reading list yesterday; the site is down now. I’ll look at this guy’s stuff some more a bit later.

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  • Frog Do Says:

    IMO, “Moldbug studies” remain one of the more fertile areas of research for the American Outer Right. More interesting info in that “Trilema” piece than anything on Ferguson.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    “Police apologists: if you still think a few looted shops ‘distract from the message’, wait until you see the guillotines.”

    That’s concluding sentence from the Stop with the Riot Shaming.

    There should be no mercy for the Left, none. This Tyler Reinhard punk could pass for white.

    This is the kind of thing that really clears my occasional twinges of conscience, or doubts.



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  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:

    From Taleb

    Watching Taleb win versus every one is like watching a hero in a movie/TV show get better and better and defeat all his enemies. I tried so hard to see if there was ever anything wrong(there wasn’t). Reading him + recommended readings + bibliographies got me so much further than Less Wrong people(They are still stuck with Bayesian vs Frequentist arguments). Thank god.

    “It is also necessary to debunk a fallacy: we simply
    do not have enough data with commonly discussed
    fat-tailed processes to naively estimate a sum and
    make series of claims about stability of systems,
    pathology of people reacting to risks, etc.
    O u observe data and get some confidence that the
    average is represented by the sample thanks to a
    standard magical “n”. Now what if the data were fat
    tailed? How much more do you need? This brief note
    explore points more formally developed in Silent Risk

    I am extracting this piece as I initially underestimated
    how bad the inference problem with fat tails could be.
    What I thought was an underestimation by 40 times
    turned out to be more like 10 4 times.

    The common heuristics in entry level statistics is (for
    some obscure reason) n = 30. Assuming we are con-
    fortable with such a number in the standard Gaussian
    domain, how much larger n does one need for the
    same error under a different process? It is strange that
    given the dominant role of fat tails nobody thought
    of calculating some equivalence table. How can people
    compare averages concerning street crime (very thin
    tailed) to casualties from war (very fat tailed) without
    some sample adjustment?”


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  • Antisthenes Says:

    How is NRx oriented with regard to Pascal Bruckner? I’ve just gotten into the nouveux philosophes, keen to dig into a full-length treatment of the subject of Western ethnomasochism.


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