Chaos Patch (#5)

This is pretty much a naked attempt to divert attention from this blog’s temporary impact with a rotary neural de-cultivator. (But that’s not a serious challenge for you guys, is it?)

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  • John Hannon Says:

    Inhuman, futuristic and brutal (exactly how admin likes it apparently) – drum & bass is rarely any of these things to this extent.
    If you’re pushed for time, just skip straight to 30 minutes: Raiden & Proket – Skafandr, dropped at almost twice its original tempo.


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  • John Hannon Says:

    Intelligence – a celebration.
    What better thing to optimize for?


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  • Manjusri Says:

    Anybody read this little classic before (from 1974):

    Seems to be groping in the same place as Moldbug- three decades earlier.


    admin Reply:

    That’s going to take some digesting …


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    The meat of this is fantastic, Manjusri. It reads like a (slightly) poor man’s Ernst Junger, but, still, it’s well done.


    Manjusri Reply:

    Interesting history behind it… it was written by a member of Anton LaVey’s “Church of Satan” in the early 70s; LaVey himself was a big fan. It came recommended to me by LaVey (and Raghavan Iyer) protege Michael Aquino, who himself has a new book out that he’s been working on for decades, “MindWar”, which looks VERY interesting (though I have not yet tackled it)-


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    Whoever the guy was, he was definitely influenced by Max Stirner. His view of the human condition (egoistic), and the mention of ‘spooks’ reminded me of him.

    nydwracu Reply:

    Dammit, that reminds me, now that I’m out of college I need to brush up my German… I’m half tempted to retranslate Stirner, since the only translation available online annoys me. Terrible idea or no?

    I could also do Nietzsche; I have some in hard copy. But that seems like it’d be much harder, and Kaufmann’s already done it, even if he is A Nietzsche Scholar and therefore probably terrible.

    Manjusri Reply:

    From Aquino on his book:

    “MW does not pretend to be a utopian fix for this [situation described in OToP]. It allows the power/money structure to continue its self-perpetuation. MW’s objective is simply to replace physically violent and destructive war with a mental version, in which impasse situations, not people, become ‘the enemy’. Beyond that it does open the door to the [re]construction of better societies if people are in the mood to do so; that’s the ParaPolitics aspect. But my immediate interest is dialing down pointless, useless bloodshed.”

    Echoes of formalism applied to the battlefield…


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    My father just randomly bought this for me on mentioning it to him. How nice of him. Looking forward to reading it. Any links worth look at as background/after-thoughts?

    Thales Reply:

    Looks familiar, like passages I remember seeing on Usenet and WWIIInet back in the 80’s.


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  • Thales Says:

    More classic 70’s literature.

    “I gather the operation was a success,” I said. “I want to go see my brain.”


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  • Muad'Dib Says:

    Another golden oldie:
    The World Power Foundation: Its Goals and Platform [Ed. Harold Thomas]
    Some postulates:
    “Excitement is more important than equality.”
    “Might and right are not exactly the same, but after a few years no one will know the difference.”


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  • fotrkd Says:

    Having briefly toyed the other week with the idea I might get stuck being a planetary body and feeling that might be somewhat restrictive (I value the illusion of legs) [this is a chaos patch, right? yes..] I thought this chaos patch might be well served picking up on Alrenous’ new religion and admin’s own spiritual confessions (from what I recall: neo-Confucianism with a triple somersault, one and a half turns and double tuck twist).

    So a little while ago I was looking at UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme, purely for amusement value. It is:

    [A]n international initiative launched to safeguard the documentary heritage of humanity against collective amnesia, neglect, the ravages of time and climatic conditions, and wilful and deliberate destruction.

    But here’s the kicker – I was also exploring the ‘Remains of pagan Saxondom’ (Akerman) at the same time:

    Now, making ample allowances for the energy and activity of the evangelising priests who followed in the train of Saint Augustine, we cannot suppose that they succeeded in destroying every purely Saxon idol. The mutilated and defaced remains of Roman divinities have reached our times, but nothing of the kind in which we can recognise Teutonic art. If these had been of stone or metal, some fragments would surely have survived; we are, therefore, left to conclude, that the images worshipped by our pagan Saxon forefathers, unless otherwise exotic[?!], were of wood in which case Time would complete the work of the iconoclasts, and obliterate every monumental trace of Teutonic heathenism.

    I’ll let everyone else draw their own conclusions from this – I just love the juxtaposition.


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  • Mark Warburton Says:


    I found the book edition of the ego and its own to be fine? Quirky but fine. What don’t you like about it?


    Manjusri Reply:

    In case you’re reaching back- I just saw this notification now…

    … about Aquino, well, I can do no less than recommend the writings on his own site:

    The (long) essay Black Magic is quite important to understand Aquino’s thinking; it’s a very coherent explanation of his philosophy and theology. His long histories of the Church of Satan and Temple of Set are filled with gems, but best if you skim. 😉

    It’s also essential to remember that Aquino isn’t only an occult crank who followed Anton LaVey, but an orthodox academic political scientist who did his Ph.D. under Raghavan S. Iyer, author of “Parapolitics” (who was, himself, also an academic and an occult crank, though of a Theosophical bent), and a military officer deeply involved in psychological operations. Of course, this combination of factors has made him a magnet for the dumbest elements of online conspiracy theory, though most of it is pretty easily debunked… most of it. (Note: being long in the study and an occasional correspondent with Aquino, I can tell you that the reports of him being a neo-Nazi are entirely false. It is true that he performed a ritual at Wewelsburg castle in full SS dress, but the purpose was to understand the initiatory psychology of the SS, not celebrate Nazism. This should be obvious from his writing in Black Magic and MindWar. I’ve gathered, over the years, that he was DE decades before it was cool- he sounds a bit like a Ron Paul libertarian at times, metapolitical traditionalist-theorist at others. A lot like Moldbug.)

    He has a very clear, organized way of writing and thinking, which I’ve always appreciated. I was briefly a member of the Temple of Set 13 years ago, when I was 18… and deeply unprepared for it. I walked away, but in later years found myself returning to Aquino’s work again and again and finding that it filled some forbidden holes in the orthodox records- not unlike Moldbug and Land. He was also my introduction to many other writers in half a dozen disciplines. I highly recommend everything he writes. Even his fanfic. 🙂


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  • nydwracu Says:

    Scrolling back to the latest chaos patch so I can dump the transcript of the Western Maryland secession initiative guy on a Russia Today talk show.

    Given that this is undoubtedly the logical conclusion of what is supposedly the creed that the creed-state of America is founded on, it can’t be what it’s taken as having been founded on anymore. The governing philosophy must have been subtly replaced; America is still unmistakably considered a creed-state, not a thede-state. But what is it now founded on?


    TH: I’m not sure about Maryland, but for a long time I’ve been saying… we have two senators representing states like Vermont and Wyoming, where you’ve got 600,000 people in a state. And there’s more than 600,000 people in New York City. Really, New York City and New York state should separate, become two states, Northern, Central, and Southern CA should become two states, Texas should become two states, Florida should separate into South Florida and Miami, and if every one of those places had two senators, we’d have a much more representative senate.

    SS: You’ve said it well, and in fact that’s what we talk about. We look at representative government and the consent of the governed. We don’t need a big, one-size-fits-all policy here. And after decades of what I would call oppressive and abusive treatment from Annapolis, MD, the people in the five western counties are sick and tired, and in fact we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. We can’t…

    TH: What’s the population?

    SS: It would be about 653,000, so both Vermont and Wyoming would be smaller.

    TH: So actually you are a region that is state-sized.

    SS: That’s correct. And in fact, even geographically, RI and DE would be smaller. So it’s not unheard of. And I think what this boils down to is something germane to the national discussion as well. When everything gets pushed up nationally… if the Rs get into power the Ds aren’t happy, if the Ds get into power the Rs aren’t happy, so you have people doing this all the time with every issue, brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor. The way you solve that is to have more states and more choices. So if you happen to be very far left on the political spectrum, go live in a state that governs that way, and if somebody’s very far right, go live in that state, and you can have all kinds in between. So more states give you more choice, just like competition.

    SS: But there’s also a group down in Tucson that would call themselves progressive that wants to leave because they think Arizona is much too conservative. And we fully support that. Consent of the governed and right to self-determination and self-governance is precisely what this country was founded upon.

    TH: And if the threshold is Vermont or Wyoming, with 600k people, it doesn’t sound all that unreasonable to me.

    SS: And I think it’s up to the people. The government ultimately, if you think about the question of what is government, government is really people coming together associating themselves to form a political society. So some groups that say, “we’d rather be governed this way,” I’m all for that, I think that’s fantastic and exactly what we should be doing.

    TH: I actually don’t disagree with you. And you want to live in conservativeland, I’d want to live in liberal land.

    SS: I don’t know that I would call it conservativeland, since I don’t consider myself a conservative. In fact, I think that’s a term that can mean anything, everything and nothing … it depends on who you talk to. But I think it’s up to the people to decide how they want to be governed?

    TH: So what’s the response from Annapolis? What’s the response from the state of Maryland?

    SS: Well, I haven’t heard a lot out of Annapolis, and I’m not looking to Annapolis yet. We will have to go there at some point, because of Article 4, Section 3 of the Constitution, there’s a legal constitutional process to do this and we will need approval from the legislature and then we also need approval from Congress.

    TH: Right, so first you go to the state legislature, then go to the congress. Do you have any allies in the state legislature?

    SS: Well, we probably have some allies in the five western counties. But here’s the problem in Maryland. We have 24 jurisdictions. Four jurisdictions make up 25 of the 47 state senators. It’s been so badly gerrymandered. So even through the normal election process we can’t fix this problem. Gerrymandering is a huge problem. It would make Eldridge Gerry blush, it’s so bad.


    admin Reply:

    Oh yes — thanks


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