Chaos Patch (#51)

(Open thread + links)

City-state innovation and its obstacles. Zioreaction? (Also relevant.) VDare does Spandrell. Venezuela lights the way. Can’t NRx be a little nicer? (See also.) Doing the impossible. ‘Kill the Kulaks’ (audio version). Sexual divisions. “… the so-called Neoreaction” (was well introduced). Fleeing distraction. Round ups.

Left auto-cannibalism watch. A far superior kind of cannibalism. How liberal and conservatives differ. Dark policing. Biafra and the left (from 1969). Long and short of the Greek mess. War readiness. Culture clash. The Dragon rises.

Alan Greenspan: Horrorist. The theater of fiat.

Who lost the Internet? The blockchain is Bitcoin. Subtleties of the Firewall.

The problem with ethnic genetic interests (don’t miss the comments). Malthusianisms. The Seneca cliff. The S (or socioeconomic) factor in China (some background). Historical speculations on Ashkenazi kinship. More on wheat-versus-rice farming (gateway drug to HBD crime-think?). Tribe building. African genetic diversity. Cliodynamics.

Puritan roots of republicanism. Old style Confederate Austrianism. Strossian futurology. Medieval modernists.

A (wide-ranging) West Hunter reading list (from December). Kek.

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  • little hans Says:

    ‘Cliodynamics’, trying to posit a cyclical theory of collapse.


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  • Rasputin Says:

    The BBC is right wing:

    And here with dodgy “science”:


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    Check your email!


    Rasputin Reply:

    Thanks for the nudge!


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  • Chaos Patch (#51) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:

    I’ve been throwing this around on twitter but I’ll repost it here, let’s use Land’s Moral Terror points as a background.

    Pretty much what if homosexuality is pegged to having a high I.Q.? So now you have to make some sort of decision and what your residues want immediately is just not gonna cut it. I was always going to keep them around but I’m interested in what every one else thinks.

    “A possibility that might be worth looking into is that the genetic component of homosexuality may at the same time contribute to personality features leading to creativity and achievement, thus providing an evolutionary advantage to the (heterosexual) carrier. In particular, mental ability — intelligence — seems a candidate, being the most adaptive trait of all. It is not suggested that this is indeed the case, but there are interesting arguments for, as well as against it. The taboo or politically incorrect nature of some of these arguments may explain why this possible solution of the paradox is so rarely discussed, even though the possibility is self-obvious once one sees the pattern.”

    “Homosexuality has been found (by anthropologists) to be virtually absent and even unknown in hunter-gatherer societies, which are the most primitive human societies that have existed. Average I.Q.’s of such groups have been estimated to be in the 50s to 60s; even if those estimates are inaccurate, at least the tested I.Q.’s are the lowest of all ethnic groups. On the other hand, Jews, who have the highest average I.Q. of any ethnic group, are (self-)reported to have an unusually high incidence of homosexuality (around 10 %, which would also be about the highest of any ethnic group).”

    team turing & thiel rejoice


    Hurlock Reply:

    Somehow this explanation sounds a bit too progressive to be true.

    Although probably worth looking into, I am skeptical.


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    That’s an odd way of looking at it, cooijmans is the opposite of progressive.

    It doesn’t even matter if it’s true you have to consider a reality where it could turn out to be true. There is nothing in the book of nature saying stuff like this cannot exist. Things like high I.Q. causing progress but being homosexual causing ‘social decay’ could both turn out to be true the idea is to be prepared for such outcomes.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    Keep degeneracy in the closet, if it’s suppressed in public it’s no threat to society. If there are talented people with a predisposition to degeneracy it keeps them productive without disruption. Occasionally produces hypocrisy but that’s just part of managing perceptions, hypocrisy is only a problem for people who think everyone needs to play by the same rules.


    Mark Yuray Reply:

    I find this connection exceedingly likely. On the other hand, perhaps predisposition to homosexuality is evenly distributed among IQ groups, but high IQ is just what lets one rationalize, justify, act on it and then label and proselytize it. Bubba over at the State Penitentiary isn’t homosexual, he just fuggs puddy azz bishes, nomsayn? Shlomo Steinberg, on the other hand, is a proud LGBT individual and you need to check your privilege.


    Bryce Laliberte Reply:

    Jews are just neurotically degenerate.


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  • RorschachRomanov Says:

    To add to the chaos patch, my latest video upload:

    At 2:48 it features the “True Detective” theme song by The Handsome Family, which I thought Mr. Land might appreciate. I even thought of titling the video “True Democracy” after the probably never to be equaled show.

    Also, I recently ordered and am about a third through Christopher A. Ferrara’s “Liberty, The God That Failed;” it seems a woefully unappreciated work that, thus far, strikes me as every bit worthy of the “NRx canon” as Hoppe’s work. Thus far, it’s damn good.


    Hadley Bennett Reply:

    I’ve had that on my Amazon wish list for a while, actually, but I haven’t yet picked it up. You should think about doing a solid review and submitting it to Social Matter.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Interpret America as damage and route around it.
    So obviously won’t I should be slightly embarrassed to even bring it up; why, less obvious. Idiocy? Everyone attempting to seize the slop trough first? Sycophancy?


    Alrenous Reply:

    I guess, the telecomms are already unofficial bits of USG. Foreign telecomms won’t be stupid enough to piss off USG by competing with its pseudopods.

    I wonder how long the unprincipled exceptions will last on this one.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    private blockchain can be used by by neo-cameralists government to distribute shares as pre-mined coins. Means they can distribute coins as a shares.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Interpret America as damage and route around it.

    I think Alerenous is speaking in response to net neutrality.

    If this were phenom that was American instead of alien meddling he’d be correct. As it happens other nations already meddle in or control heavily their internet traffic.

    I would suspect if anyone is the winner of net neutrality other than the scum gangsters who put it through it will in truth be the UK – if it allows it to happen. This follows the pattern of Financial Regulation but *also* the UK has the worlds most deregulated telecom markets.

    Now that’s only potential for the UK to profit from this madness. What happens is up to the UK.


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  • an inanimate aluminum tube Says:

    In their March 2nd post Global Guerrillas mentioned something that is relevant to neo-cameralism.

    After discussing the ISIS threat to kill the CEO of twitter for banning pro-ISIS twitterers….

    “If that occurs, we are going to find out very quickly that the corporation is a particularly bad organization for warfare. It is simply too centralized. In particular, the institution of the CEO is a grave weakness (a systempunkt in global guerrilla lingo). The CEO’s centrality to the corporate network makes him/her a single point of failure for the entire organization. Worse, executives in most of the western world are very soft targets. Easy to find (Google and Google maps), easy to isolate, and easy to kill.”

    Updated “why I am not a neocameralist.txt”


    Chris B Reply:

    Yes, I saw that. He points out that personalizing the fight and removing the veil of corporation is a effective tactic. The issue is, I doubt they would get with 50 miles of Eric Prince. Other corps operate on basis that the state will protect them – it wont.


    Erebus Reply:

    Speaking from limited experience, I have to disagree on both counts. Executive protection at most large multinational corporations is, as far as I know, actually really decent; they don’t passively rely on the government/police for security. About a decade ago, a little while after I left the Army, I interviewed for a position as a bodyguard for the CEO of Starbucks. It was an internal, corporate position. Although I didn’t end up taking the job, as my wife was opposed to all of the travel involved, I was very favorably impressed with their security setup and attention to detail. I was also led to understand that the situation is similar at most other corporations of comparable size and scope. (Never bothered to check, though. Went into chemistry & materials science instead. Less boring.)

    …At the same time, if folks like ISIS really want to get you, they’re probably going to get you. The attackers only have to succeed once, they only need one lucky break — and there’s no such thing as an always-perfect security detail. Besides, even if a target like Eric Prince is in a bunker somewhere, I’m sure that the target has a family, or that there are other ways for ISIS operatives to tighten the screws & get their message across. Those guys don’t seem particularly scrupulous…

    The Global Guerrillas position is fundamentally correct, IMO.


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  • Mark Warburton Says:

    Check again – robot ethics conference in April!


    Posted on March 4th, 2015 at 12:36 am Reply | Quote

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