Chaos Patch (#66)

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Spandrell is on a roll (1, 2). The case of Kansas. White zombies. Questions for a young programmer. Mitochondrial memes (1, 2). Strategy. Weapons and social order. Left parochialism. Friday fragments. The weekly round-ups.

Directly on the heels of #Moldbuggate (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, “You might be unsurprised to find out that free speech is not valued on the left or among ‘SJW’ groups.”), comes #WrongSkin (it’s Milo’s moment, 1, 2, also see this model exercise in tone control). “Yes, I do consider myself to be black and that’s because … you know, that’s how I identify …” Institutional blackface. The constructivist pretzel. Assorted extras (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

The rationality of the Reddit crackdown. Another one bits the dust. An unmet demand for dangerous ideas?

The Deep State.

Wealth vaporization (pointing here). Economics of immigration (relevant from Hoppe). The next stage in coercive diversification (in action). Narratives of capital. Permissionless innovation. “The natural tendency of democratic societies is gradually to accumulate barriers to international trade.”

Climate sense. Briggs at Heartland, Day 1, 2, 3.

Racism porn. The distribution of empathy. An overview of African economic history. Intersectional.

SoBL reviews Blood Meridian. Interesting times. A Magna Carta appreciation.

The R’lyeh anomaly.

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  • Chris Says:

    Thanks for the linkage. And fuel for more reading.


    Posted on June 14th, 2015 at 5:55 am Reply | Quote
  • Chaos Patch (#66) | Neoreactive Says:

    […] By admin […]

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  • EvolutionistX Says:

    I, too, would like to thank you for the link.

    IMO, #WrongSkin has been a much needed exercise in levity. I at least have had a few good laughs out of it.


    Posted on June 14th, 2015 at 8:35 am Reply | Quote
  • Henk Says:

    I like the direction Peter Frost takes in his latest (linked) article, starting to identify affective-level hooks into the decision making process of certain populations that open them (us) up for exploitation. Being pwned at that kind of deep instinctual level really leaves only one direction for Cthulhu to swim.


    Posted on June 14th, 2015 at 9:45 am Reply | Quote
  • Chaos Patch (#66) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Hegemonizing Swarm Says:

    That R’lyeh anomaly paper is simply perfect.


    Posted on June 14th, 2015 at 11:05 am Reply | Quote
  • spandrell Says:

    The reddit bit is very interesting. Certainly Twitter, Reddit, 4chan, Tumblr and all these massive sites are a complete money drain, and having a reign of terror might potentially work to coerce the members into buying stuff. Free discussion takes bandwidth without spending a dime.

    So hey, thanks capitalism.


    Posted on June 14th, 2015 at 11:13 am Reply | Quote
  • The Index Says:

    >there’s no tipping

    Knowing your audience.


    Posted on June 14th, 2015 at 1:04 pm Reply | Quote
  • Erebus Says:

    I find it interesting that The Spectator article doesn’t provide a single example of what the author might consider a genuinely dangerous idea. The Wikipedia link he provides is, frankly, pathetic — anybody who considers such lines of thought “dangerous” should have their heads examined. I think that if one makes students sign a waiver in order to discuss ideas as trite as “does the soul exist?”, one does nothing more than (further) infantilize students and make a mockery of the University establishment. (That idea might have been dangerous in the heyday of the Inquisition.)

    …I’ve got some better questions for ’em: “Is HBD real?” (Yes.) “What is Northern Europe going to look like in 50 years, if current political and demographic trends continue unabated?” (I don’t even want to think about it.) One could also question modern democracy… which might indeed be dangerous, and would certainly be interesting to see. But what are the odds that these things are ever discussed in a modern classroom setting?


    The Index Reply:

    At no point did they intend to actually open the door to actually dangerous questions. It’s simply a maneuver to create a release valve and distract from what is actually happening. It’s similar to Moldbug’s diagnosis of Chomsky as the one who claims to be leading you out of the cave while in fact drawing you deeper into the darkness.


    forkinhell Reply:

    Don’t get cocky, kid (said to NRx in general). We are the darkness, no? Anyway, what happened to your blog? I was enjoying the succinct commentary.


    The Index Reply:

    If brevity is the soul of wit, what does that make silence?

    vimothy Reply:


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Thanks for the link and the great links, including the highly useful list of mainstream coverage of the StrangeLoop debacle. I think it has raised NRX, Moldbug and alt/new-right visibility, mainly thanks to breaking the narrative: no apology.


    Posted on June 14th, 2015 at 4:39 pm Reply | Quote
  • Alrenous Says:

    Even Haidt’s pro-capitalist narrative is in error. Needs to read more Clark and Szabo. “I’ve been studying morality for twenty years and I’m full time, I get paid to do this, but I still can’t keep up with random assholes on the internet.”


    Posted on June 14th, 2015 at 8:05 pm Reply | Quote
  • SanguineEmpiricist Says: I think you need to really spell out the skepticism of moral foundations in relation to stuff like this. I know you get it but we don’t. The real question is how we are supposed to overcome that when tradition is predicated on well…… moral foundations, because of the apes that are us. We would have to have a supra-traditional moral investigation committee to try to find a way out. IF I get anything related to this at all.

    Durkheim is relevant to this. Reading Durkheim and reading about Moloch, economics, natural order, and reading your stuff about abstract intelligence made a few things click in my head that I didn’t know was missing. Just thought I’d mention.

    I don’t know, it’s definitely worth a spirited investigation(morality without MF). It’ll help us get the occultism back on track.

    Morality as reduction to anti-parasitism is probably best reserved to human on human relations I suppose. Although I will guard Curt’s views as best as possible.


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  • Hattori Says:

    The 192-page document is Pope Francis’ first major teaching letter on climate change and its effects on the planet’s poor


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  • This Week in Reaction (2015/06/14) | The Reactivity Place Says:

    […] Dark Brightness has some apposite thoughts on the matter as well. (HT Land.) […]

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  • freihals Says:

    A bit late on this Chaos Patch but I’ll put the question to the field anyway. I’m keenly interested in reading more about traditionalist/religious branch of neoreactionary thought. A good starting point for me isn’t the beginning but where I find the start empty. Any sources or directions towards higher level reading from Outside in visitors would be appreciated.

    My express gratitude to Outside in for allowing me to post this open question.


    Posted on June 16th, 2015 at 2:40 am Reply | Quote
  • Peter A. Taylor Says:

    I didn’t understand “where I find the start empty”.

    But look at the “Tradition” sidebar. You might like Mangan’s and Steves’ blogs, or you might get a more helpful answer there.


    freihals Reply:

    Thank you for the references in the ‘Tradition’ sidebar.


    Posted on June 16th, 2015 at 3:22 am Reply | Quote
  • northanger Says:

    Szulborski mapped Hyperstition’s 3 elements (Numogram, Mythos, Unbelief) to ARGs. Looking for best answer: how are these three elements mapped by Outside In? [Extra consideration for Woodward: “The question is that of the human and the non-human, not the European and its other”].


    admin Reply:

    (I expect it to take ~3 years to answer that question.)


    northanger Reply:

    {That’s comforting.}


    Posted on June 16th, 2015 at 8:30 pm Reply | Quote
  • Alrenous Says:

    Re: deep state.
    David Talbot is a useless git.

    Scott’s findings are pretty interesting but it’s disappointing how much he’s still dazzled by government theatre. At some point he should have realized that everyone who was making governing decisions was ‘not part of the government,’ and, realizing the standard worldview is off kilter, switched to a new worldview that he previously would have thought of as off kilter. His focus on who POTUS is currently held by, for example, betrays his fundamentally pozzed state of mind.


    Posted on June 17th, 2015 at 8:53 pm Reply | Quote

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