Chaos Patch (#69)

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Leprechaun Holocaust edition.

Suggested topics from this end (to be freely ignored):
* The second brain, fermented food, bacterial insurgency … (the China connections — soy sauce, stinky tofu, and congee pickle matrices — stand out). Bonus points for getting to Pickle Zombies.
* Crawling roots, which slither from the edge of Abstract Horror to the Mind of plants. Vegetable ‘intelligence’ appears to operate at a lower sentience frequency — which bounces attention across to the other end of the spectrum (into zones at least equally beyond us).

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  • Chaos Patch (#69) | Neoreactive Says:

    […] Chaos Patch (#69) […]

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  • Free Ulsterman Says:

    Interesting blog. Found you via twitter & reddit (New Right). Regards,


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  • SVErshov Says:

    2015 American Renaissance conference, veteran British activist Matthew Tait draws lessons from the meteoric rise and fall of the British National Party.


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    Mr Tait appears to be pulling figures out of his arse. 1/4 of people certainly don’t support forced repatriation for immigrants who were ‘born here or not’. What a ridiculous thing to say. Seems White Nationalist gatherings aren’t fussy who they host, as long as they’re singing from the same hymn sheet.


    Joe) Reply:

    I’d be surprised if the percentage of indigenous Europeans who supported forced repatriation was that low.


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    Forced repatriation avoids the ongoing disaster that is multiculturalism. I think you’ll find more people support it than you think, but are afraid to speak up because of the ostracism punishment for un-PC speech.


    Zimriel Reply:

    Agreed that his 1/4 statistic is gay. Statistics are always gay unless backed up with a citation.

    I like his tie though. I wore the exact same style of tie when I was a public-school house praefect.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    “Vegetable intelligence” could be a game-changer. The more humans realize we are not the substitute for God that we crave, the more we may back down from our arrogant broad-reaching rules derived from very little data.


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  • Chaos Patch (#69) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:

    Just these quick links and short cuts tonight (more coming tomorrow) –

    Someone is going to need to construct a Turing-complete Zombie Detector: ‘…The conclusion of the argument is that zombies are not possible. I believe that we have two reasons to reject the conclusion. One reason stems from consideration of the conceivability of zombies. The second reason stems from consideration of the nature of Anton’s syndrome.’ –

    “Bacteria have a huge repertoire of responses including: Swarming motility, ‘Wolf pack’ hunting and deceptive signaling, e.g. M.xanthus lures E. coli within killing range.” – “The total number of ST systems has been likened to ‘bacterial IQ’ and the predominant type (1CST or 2CST) as reflecting ‘introversion’ or ‘extroversion’.” -

    On ‘Cutting Into The Present’: ‘the “caesura,” the pure and empty form of time, which breaks naked repetition and opens the way to a novel future, repetition with a difference.’ – Timothy Murphy

    An academic clarification on Deluezian difference by Protevi: ‘difference is crucified by the fourfold structure of representation: 1) identity in the concept; 2) opposition in the predicate; 3) analogy in judgment; and 4) resemblance in perception. These are what is to be avoided in discussing the differential theory of the faculties’


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    “Leprechaun Holocaust edition. ”

    I’m not in Shanghai having [for the time being] sahib expat life with full internet access and all modern conveniences and that’s “Holocaust?”

    They’re lucky they’re spared the Internet, the first Biblical visitation since the Vikings Ireland has been spared.

    Send the town I’ll actually put that on my list as places I’d actually run to…


    An Fomoire Reply:

    Be worried then, Mr. Kenny is planning on bringing the all-bran-fibre-power wideband to the small towns, especially in Connemara. Seems to think its a necessity.


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  • First Bayes Says:

    An AI that evolves from a wide spectrum recommendation agent based on big data would have the same time preference as a plant intelligence, but with a higher sensory resolution. Viewed this way, the animal kingdom, including the human species, appears to be merely a coolie for a planet wide intelligence to evolve from the biosphere to the noosphere. The anti-Gnon perhaps..?


    Mechanomica Reply:

    “same time preference as a plant intelligence, but with a higher sensory resolution”

    This is neat.

    In what sense would it be anti-Gnon, though? Out to change the nature of nature?


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  • Henk Says:

    I’d be interested about how adherents of the Ultra-Calvinist conception of the Cathedral would retcon prediction of the rise and victory of Gay Marriage, backdated to, say, 1975 and assuming availability of Molbug’s corpus back then.

    (Full disclosure: My current evaluation of the Ultra-Calvinism hypothesis is that, while it was a very nice attempted troll of famously anti-Christian Progressives, it’s a dead end as a serious explanatory theory. I’d love to be surprised by your explanation of how the theory would have predicted the Gay Marriage story.)


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    You’re partly correct for it’s not just a Troll, it sucked into self-loathing a new generation of young whites who were tending right out of simple disgust and rebellion.

    Now they’re self-loathing Whites who believe in Fantasy societies like their parents, just right wing fantasies.


    Bill Reply:

    I think you’re exaggerating Moldbug’s personal influence. I don’t think he convinced many people of his Ultra-Calvinism genealogy idea, and of those he did, most are likely of various American Catholic and Jewish backgrounds, who already had a history and tendency to blame WASPs and Protestants for things, rather than being self-loathing Protestants or Puritan descendants. The neoreaction/NRx brand and label is now far removed from whatever Moldbug was writing about almost 10 years ago, and is adopted primarily because it’s a fresher label and less publicly associated with certain things than more traditional right wing labels, not as an affirmation of the Ultra-Calvinism idea.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Henk, I tend to take your view. I thought Moldbug was trolling at first. But I don’t think your retcon challenge is fair. It’s like asking how a military historian would have predicted the Battle of the Bulge. You could have predicted that Hitler wasn’t going to surrender, and that the allies weren’t going to offer generous terms, so you could be confident that there would be fighting, but you couldn’t have predicted where the Germans were going to choose to make a stand.

    Similarly, you can predict that the new and the old “Minotaurs” (described by “Faré” as M.42 and M.41 in the comments in How Dawkins got pwned, pt. 1) are going to fight, and who is going to win. You could also predict that traditionalist opposition to homosexuality was likely to be seen as a vulnerability from a “moral scientism” standpoint. But if a charismatic black-ish presidential candidate had not emerged, who could take black support for granted, I could just as easily imagine that gays might have been thrown under the bus in order to appease wavering blacks.


    Chris B Reply:

    @Henk You are conflating two things. First the Ultra-calvinist idea is that the superstructure of the current dominant thought system is protestant derived. This second is that the Cathedral a the super bureaucratic entity which has grown and promoted this thought system by virtue of it being exceptionally suited to growing it. This is derived from De Juve’s observation on the complex manner in which anti-capitalist, anti-local oppression, pro-low sections of society are drawn to central power and assist its growth. De Juve provides a lot of historical examples of central powers naturally approving low church rabble rousers against the near powers (such as nobility.) This is how it differs from “it is a giant Jew conspiracy”

    Given the above, you could have made the observation from 1975. You could have made it earlier. Is Gay sex decriminalized in the west ? yep! are intellectuals making a fuss about homosexuals as being oppressed and generating holiness ( yep. Have unis and the civil service begun creating departments to help the gays? not quite yet really but it is now only a matter of time since the future posts of America (unis) have started deciding it is holy. Fast forward to the 90’s and those graduates that learnt it was holy have the thing in full swing ( and now there are jobs being created, and power is being created by it.


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    Also worth looking at how fast Ultra-Calvs degenerated into libertine humanists with a streak for human perfectionism (except as involves those hurtful/inconvenient matters of free love.) This is prior to any direct Jewish influence, though it certainly can be condemned as being Judaized proportionate to the normal levels within other Christian groups. But from the start this was the choice of these sort of people (not even starting with Luther of course.)

    The same cultural attitudes and preferences are in force, they have just evolved to drop useless features like ‘sin’ and ‘God’ – useless from the standpoint of viral replication and corruption of the entire body and soul of mankind.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    I now what Admin is doing, he’s practicing going off the Grid!

    dunno doesn’t seem to treat you that well. Don’t pet the Irish bears, and don’t eat the berries.


    An Fomoire Reply:

    Hah, don’t scare the man. In honesty, most of the berries are fine to eat (but not the red ones!)


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  • SVErshov Says:

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Honduras, one of the poorest countries in the Americas, has agreed to use a Texas-based company to build a permanent and secure land title record system using the underlying technology behind bitcoin, a company official said late Thursday.
    Factom, a U.S. blockchain technology company based in Austin, Texas, will provide the service to the government of Honduras, the firm’s president, Peter Kirby, said. The company is doing the project with Epigraph, a title software company that uses blockchain technology, also based in Austin.
    Factom would not reveal the cost of the project. Honduras would become only the second government to use blockchain, which increases transparency in a transaction, to manage government data, after reports that the Isle of Man would test a government-run blockchain project


    Kgaard Reply:

    Thanks for this. Very interesting.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    On the Other Hand Admin may want to stay in Rural Ireland for we have long experience at successfully enduring not just genocides but the downfall of civilizations…

    “China’s Shanghai Composite Index has lost around 30 percent of its value over the past three weeks.”–sector.html


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    Thank you, is also good for this.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Dr. Admin if I ever do run save a space by the bog hearth for me…

    You should google Hedgerow Tutors while the Internet still exists….anywhere…


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  • Diagonihilist Says:
    At least we have loads of madness to look forward to, regardless of its eventual source(s), and madness has a damn-near-monopoly on creative decomposition and intuitive design/world-building…
    In homage to Huxley, I present up/down-axis acceleration. Deepneuro trans-linguistic hallucination-manipulation. The sorcerer and the shaman operating at different poles, but both against normativity. Feedback Loop School of the Weaponised Logos, the Mentat Divination technique of the naive mind. I make this noise sometime, a little lasery ‘bwip’ I just did that, you’ll just have to imagine it. The mice have already been let in the structure, but they devour with the only kind of true and native equality we get for free.


    Dark Psy-Ops Reply:

    Thanks for this link!


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  • Mechanomica Says:

    To my mind, mechanomics ( suggests complex organismic behavior is indeed the product of very basic sets of processes and rules. What happens on smaller scales feeds into larger ones and vice versa.

    I don’t, however, experience any sense of horror at this. What kind of king could believe his acts are not influenced by the roiling masses below his balcony? (…the weather, the crop yields, the outcome of battles far away, the pebble in his boot, the germs on his hands, galactic axes of rotation, his father’s weak chin, last night’s pickles in his gut…?) For want of a nail, a shoe was lost. The ancients called this fate and dealt with it.

    The pressures and constraints of this technological age necessitate our learning to number the stars ourselves, rather than leaving it to God. But the illusion of man’s sovereignty is a modern ailment. Even the very stupid should be capable of shaking it off.

    See also:


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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says: – ‘Arthur Schopenhauer had a formative influence on Brouwer, not least because he insisted that all concepts be fundamentally based on sense intuitions’ – It could be worth an attempt at a quantum reconciliation between formalism and intuitionism…

    Finding a way to crack into complex-valued quantum AI: (H/T Insurrrealist)

    Seems Jean-Ives Girard has done a lot of the heavy lifting for break-out Promethean logics – – (again H/T Insurrealist)

    A family of maps and an isomorphic dualiverse: –

    State methodology is based on subjection and infantilization – – (“A wide range of professionals … exercise functions that have traditionally belonged to the police”)

    An oriental culture of Master Dual combinatorial optimization? –

    Table manners (filial piety) means the best cuts are reserved for the elders:

    I think some of these ideas are going to need there own space (blog) –

    Heads-up for byways into:

    – Aztec time-rifts into cyber-space
    – Demographical destiny.
    – Disguises/guises as monist substance.

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg….


    Dark Psy-Ops Reply:

    This is no doubt topical –


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  • Hurlock Says:


    Thoughts on the Great Sino-Stock Market Collapse of 2015?


    admin Reply:

    I’m too off-grid to comment upon anything other than the Great Malignant Vegetable Mind until returning to civilization (in a few days).


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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:

    I have a comment in moderation. There’s nothing so offensive in it, just a lot of links. Mind putting it through?


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  • haishan Says:

    (Two links, admin-style.)

    Grexit and collapse. Welcome to the singularity.


    Erebus Reply:

    Thanks for posting those.

    That Grexit article was comically bad. Of particular note is that it ends with the sentence: “The consequences of a “no” vote are too awful to contemplate.” — And yet the author just finished contemplating them at length! That’s really lazy and slipshod rhetoric.

    …Besides, I might be able to think up a couple of things which may be “too awful to contemplate” — but a period of largely self-imposed economic decline in a European backwater ain’t one of ’em.

    The rest of the article is a frail admixture of contempt for democracy, arrogant condescension towards the current Greek government, and the glorification of a “professional” civil service while, at the same time, deriding professional politicians. If this is the kind of stuff Harvard Business School publishes, and London Business School professors write, all I can say is that the signs of their decline are growing more evident. I know kids in high school who could put together a better — less shrill, more meaningful — analysis.


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  • Shlomo Maistre Says:

    Libertarians, classical liberals etc are right that the single EU currency is not tenable given the current distribution of sovereignty and powers in Europe, but what libertarians/classical liberals do not see is: given sufficient centralized power, a single currency can be enforced over any geographical area eventually.

    The Greek sovereign debt crisis is actually a sovereignty deficit crisis.

    There are two possible end games with respect to the European Union. Either political structures unravel in accordance with economic forces or economic power is harnessed to tie down/mollify entropic political forces. Neither outcome is inevitable over any period of time.


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  • Rasputin Says:

    #Transrace (Southpark: early adopters)


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  • Shlomo Maistre Says:

    If I may repeat myself/be so bold……

    Moral philosophy is not a matter of data; it’s neither hard nor a problem to be solved. Moral philosophy refers to a collection of sophistries that seek to address what actions and when actions are justified/moral/good.

    Man deals less harm (both absolutely and proportionally) by communicating only insofar as is necessary to identify, contend with, act well based on what is – not what should be. (What should be is realized – by timeless intuition and in reality over time.) The “pure” engineer is a good example of this, since he – roughly speaking – communicates what ought to be only for the eventual purpose of delineating the pros and cons of courses of actions based on the constraints of what is. The sophist, in contrast, communicates what ought to be for any number of (often subconscious) reasons not directly pertaining to the subject of his words – hubris, social acceptance, demonstration of sexual market value, etc.

    Examine human history. What good has ever come of human reason? Of argument? Although to fully answer such a question one must first recognize what is goodness, the disorder wrought by reason is so inherent and consistent that even one who denies the intrinsic value of intuition will notice a most pronounced trend: social order is a consequence of belief and submission, never reason or argument.

    Was Pax Romana the result of reasoning, of experiment, of communication for the sake of communication? Or was it the result of fortuitous circumstances, great leaders, and religion and patriotism taking hold of and forging the very definition of an entire people?

    A note on sophistry. As all action is exercise of power and all communication is action, the mere expression of opinion is not only the seeking of control but also – and therefore – the exercise of it. Thus, works of penmanship are works of swordsmanship and a definition of morality is immoral/amoral inasmuch as it is universally defined and/or meant to apply outside the bounds of the author’s recognized authority.

    Those dogmas that entail thoroughly prescriptive judgments of that which ought to be, but that are sufficiently clothed in the descriptive garb of what is, comprise those beliefs sufficiently blind to stabilize society, for it is by assuming that reality must be as it is that reality becomes closer to what it should be.


    The Index Reply:

    This is exactly why I’ve been looking for pure engineers for a long time. Haven’t found them yet though.


    SVErshov Reply:

    human intelligence is insufficient for any prediction, so you never gonna know in advance what action is good or bad. for example: managers of company in crisis always do an opposite to what have to be done, according to System Dynamics, to get out of crisis. policy makers, in most cases when they are 90% sure, they are 60% wrong. even if you try to implement something based on SD in human society it will be impossible. it will be persived as something very anti social, unpopular, inhuman, anty gay …. humans are hopeles and we all will drown.


    The Index Reply:


    Shlomo Maistre Reply:

    First of all people make bad decisions for all types of reasons. Usually, particularly for example in running a company, this can be properly attributed to factors unknown to the public at large and even stakeholders.

    Second of all, institutions that last are inherently irrational. The Roman Catholic Church, hereditary monarchy, Islam, Shang dynasty, human neurological uniformity – these are institutions, organizations, belief systems that are irrational and bind society together. The key thing to understand is that it’s inherently irrational ideas that bind societies.

    Third of all, human intelligence is sufficient to know what decision is good or bad – at least some of the time.

    Fourth of all, there are types of predictions normally considered scientific that, in fact, involve factors that exist outside the bounds of human comprehension. The predictions in these cases rely on deductive reasoning (belief) rather than inductive reasoning (empirical evidence, so-called). For example, in this debased age one might claim that he predicts a ball will fall based on the scientific theory of gravity.

    Throw a ball in the air and it will drop to the ground. Man observes the law of gravity, but he proves no law by observation or any action whatsoever.

    In boasting that the throwing of the ball in the air and the watching of the ball fall to the ground somehow proved gravity, Enlightenment thinkers claimed for man the power to bestow the crown of cause by his mere knowledge. Scientists are the priests of this religion, which explains why a fact is hopelessly inferior to a scientific one.

    Material forces cause effects by moving across space over time. In other words, matter is only a cause insofar as it’s an effect. Enlightenment thinkers believe they can use science to identify causes in the mortal domain, but nothing man can observe has the capacity to cause without having been caused. The unmoved mover, Paley’s designer, rendering effect without cause, is beyond the material world, since all material forces have themselves material causes.

    Therefore, all man’s observations must necessarily be effects and not causes. For instance, gravity is not a cause of the ball dropping. Gravity is a term we use to describe a phenomenon that we observe.

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  • Shlomo Maistre Says:


    The above is addressed to you


    SVErshov Reply:

    @Shlomo Maistre
    thanks, I like your stile. one possible constellation you missed. it is when we might have no good choices. at present, civilization does not have any good choices, only bad ones. and why is that, because in matter to have good choice in future you have to do right choices in present. and we missed ALL opportunity to have good choices now and we will not have any of such choices in future too.

    human intelligence insufficient for prediction when you have multiple number of processes of different nature and dynamics influencing each other. Sorry, if I sound too pedagogical.


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  • GC Says:



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