Chaos Patch (#69)

(Open thread + bring-your-own links)

Leprechaun Holocaust edition.

Suggested topics from this end (to be freely ignored):
* The second brain, fermented food, bacterial insurgency … (the China connections — soy sauce, stinky tofu, and congee pickle matrices — stand out). Bonus points for getting to Pickle Zombies.
* Crawling roots, which slither from the edge of Abstract Horror to the Mind of plants. Vegetable ‘intelligence’ appears to operate at a lower sentience frequency — which bounces attention across to the other end of the spectrum (into zones at least equally beyond us).

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  • Chaos Patch (#69) | Neoreactive Says:

    […] Chaos Patch (#69) […]

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  • Free Ulsterman Says:

    Interesting blog. Found you via twitter & reddit (New Right). Regards,


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  • SVErshov Says:

    2015 American Renaissance conference, veteran British activist Matthew Tait draws lessons from the meteoric rise and fall of the British National Party.


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    Mr Tait appears to be pulling figures out of his arse. 1/4 of people certainly don’t support forced repatriation for immigrants who were ‘born here or not’. What a ridiculous thing to say. Seems White Nationalist gatherings aren’t fussy who they host, as long as they’re singing from the same hymn sheet.


    Joe) Reply:

    I’d be surprised if the percentage of indigenous Europeans who supported forced repatriation was that low.


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    Forced repatriation avoids the ongoing disaster that is multiculturalism. I think you’ll find more people support it than you think, but are afraid to speak up because of the ostracism punishment for un-PC speech.


    Zimriel Reply:

    Agreed that his 1/4 statistic is gay. Statistics are always gay unless backed up with a citation.

    I like his tie though. I wore the exact same style of tie when I was a public-school house praefect.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    “Vegetable intelligence” could be a game-changer. The more humans realize we are not the substitute for God that we crave, the more we may back down from our arrogant broad-reaching rules derived from very little data.


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  • Chaos Patch (#69) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:

    Just these quick links and short cuts tonight (more coming tomorrow) –

    Someone is going to need to construct a Turing-complete Zombie Detector: ‘…The conclusion of the argument is that zombies are not possible. I believe that we have two reasons to reject the conclusion. One reason stems from consideration of the conceivability of zombies. The second reason stems from consideration of the nature of Anton’s syndrome.’ –

    “Bacteria have a huge repertoire of responses including: Swarming motility, ‘Wolf pack’ hunting and deceptive signaling, e.g. M.xanthus lures E. coli within killing range.” – “The total number of ST systems has been likened to ‘bacterial IQ’ and the predominant type (1CST or 2CST) as reflecting ‘introversion’ or ‘extroversion’.” -

    On ‘Cutting Into The Present’: ‘the “caesura,” the pure and empty form of time, which breaks naked repetition and opens the way to a novel future, repetition with a difference.’ – Timothy Murphy

    An academic clarification on Deluezian difference by Protevi: ‘difference is crucified by the fourfold structure of representation: 1) identity in the concept; 2) opposition in the predicate; 3) analogy in judgment; and 4) resemblance in perception. These are what is to be avoided in discussing the differential theory of the faculties’


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    “Leprechaun Holocaust edition. ”

    I’m not in Shanghai having [for the time being] sahib expat life with full internet access and all modern conveniences and that’s “Holocaust?”

    They’re lucky they’re spared the Internet, the first Biblical visitation since the Vikings Ireland has been spared.

    Send the town I’ll actually put that on my list as places I’d actually run to…


    An Fomoire Reply:

    Be worried then, Mr. Kenny is planning on bringing the all-bran-fibre-power wideband to the small towns, especially in Connemara. Seems to think its a necessity.


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  • First Bayes Says:

    An AI that evolves from a wide spectrum recommendation agent based on big data would have the same time preference as a plant intelligence, but with a higher sensory resolution. Viewed this way, the animal kingdom, including the human species, appears to be merely a coolie for a planet wide intelligence to evolve from the biosphere to the noosphere. The anti-Gnon perhaps..?


    Mechanomica Reply:

    “same time preference as a plant intelligence, but with a higher sensory resolution”

    This is neat.

    In what sense would it be anti-Gnon, though? Out to change the nature of nature?


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  • Henk Says:

    I’d be interested about how adherents of the Ultra-Calvinist conception of the Cathedral would retcon prediction of the rise and victory of Gay Marriage, backdated to, say, 1975 and assuming availability of Molbug’s corpus back then.

    (Full disclosure: My current evaluation of the Ultra-Calvinism hypothesis is that, while it was a very nice attempted troll of famously anti-Christian Progressives, it’s a dead end as a serious explanatory theory. I’d love to be surprised by your explanation of how the theory would have predicted the Gay Marriage story.)


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    You’re partly correct for it’s not just a Troll, it sucked into self-loathing a new generation of young whites who were tending right out of simple disgust and rebellion.

    Now they’re self-loathing Whites who believe in Fantasy societies like their parents, just right wing fantasies.


    Bill Reply:

    I think you’re exaggerating Moldbug’s personal influence. I don’t think he convinced many people of his Ultra-Calvinism genealogy idea, and of those he did, most are likely of various American Catholic and Jewish backgrounds, who already had a history and tendency to blame WASPs and Protestants for things, rather than being self-loathing Protestants or Puritan descendants. The neoreaction/NRx brand and label is now far removed from whatever Moldbug was writing about almost 10 years ago, and is adopted primarily because it’s a fresher label and less publicly associated with certain things than more traditional right wing labels, not as an affirmation of the Ultra-Calvinism idea.


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    Henk, I tend to take your view. I thought Moldbug was trolling at first. But I don’t think your retcon challenge is fair. It’s like asking how a military historian would have predicted the Battle of the Bulge. You could have predicted that Hitler wasn’t going to surrender, and that the allies weren’t going to offer generous terms, so you could be confident that there would be fighting, but you couldn’t have predicted where the Germans were going to choose to make a stand.

    Similarly, you can predict that the new and the old “Minotaurs” (described by “Faré” as M.42 and M.41 in the comments in How Dawkins got pwned, pt. 1) are going to fight, and who is going to win. You could also predict that traditionalist opposition to homosexuality was likely to be seen as a vulnerability from a “moral scientism” standpoint. But if a charismatic black-ish presidential candidate had not emerged, who could take black support for granted, I could just as easily imagine that gays might have been thrown under the bus in order to appease wavering blacks.


    Chris B Reply:

    @Henk You are conflating two things. First the Ultra-calvinist idea is that the superstructure of the current dominant thought system is protestant derived. This second is that the Cathedral a the super bureaucratic entity which has grown and promoted this thought system by virtue of it being exceptionally suited to growing it. This is derived from De Juve’s observation on the complex manner in which anti-capitalist, anti-local oppression, pro-low sections of society are drawn to central power and assist its growth. De Juve provides a lot of historical examples of central powers naturally approving low church rabble rousers against the near powers (such as nobility.) This is how it differs from “it is a giant Jew conspiracy”

    Given the above, you could have made the observation from 1975. You could have made it earlier. Is Gay sex decriminalized in the west ? yep! are intellectuals making a fuss about homosexuals as being oppressed and generating holiness ( yep. Have unis and the civil service begun creating departments to help the gays? not quite yet really but it is now only a matter of time since the future posts of America (unis) have started deciding it is holy. Fast forward to the 90’s and those graduates that learnt it was holy have the thing in full swing ( and now there are jobs being created, and power is being created by it.


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    Also worth looking at how fast Ultra-Calvs degenerated into libertine humanists with a streak for human perfectionism (except as involves those hurtful/inconvenient matters of free love.) This is prior to any direct Jewish influence, though it certainly can be condemned as being Judaized proportionate to the normal levels within other Christian groups. But from the start this was the choice of these sort of people (not even starting with Luther of course.)

    The same cultural attitudes and preferences are in force, they have just evolved to drop useless features like ‘sin’ and ‘God’ – useless from the standpoint of viral replication and corruption of the entire body and soul of mankind.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    I now what Admin is doing, he’s practicing going off the Grid!

    dunno doesn’t seem to treat you that well. Don’t pet the Irish bears, and don’t eat the berries.


    An Fomoire Reply:

    Hah, don’t scare the man. In honesty, most of the berries are fine to eat (but not the red ones!)


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  • SVErshov Says:

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Honduras, one of the poorest countries in the Americas, has agreed to use a Texas-based company to build a permanent and secure land title record system using the underlying technology behind bitcoin, a company official said late Thursday.
    Factom, a U.S. blockchain technology company based in Austin, Texas, will provide the service to the government of Honduras, the firm’s president, Peter Kirby, said. The company is doing the project with Epigraph, a title software company that uses blockchain technology, also based in Austin.
    Factom would not reveal the cost of the project. Honduras would become only the second government to use blockchain, which increases transparency in a transaction, to manage government data, after reports that the Isle of Man would test a government-run blockchain project


    Kgaard Reply:

    Thanks for this. Very interesting.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    On the Other Hand Admin may want to stay in Rural Ireland for we have long experience at successfully enduring not just genocides but the downfall of civilizations…

    “China’s Shanghai Composite Index has lost around 30 percent of its value over the past three weeks.”–sector.html


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    Thank you, is also good for this.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Dr. Admin if I ever do run save a space by the bog hearth for me…

    You should google Hedgerow Tutors while the Internet still exists….anywhere…


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  • Diagonihilist Says:
    At least we have loads of madness to look forward to, regardless of its eventual source(s), and madness has a damn-near-monopoly on creative decomposition and intuitive design/world-building…
    In homage to Huxley, I present up/down-axis acceleration. Deepneuro trans-linguistic hallucination-manipulation. The sorcerer and the shaman operating at different poles, but both against normativity. Feedback Loop School of the Weaponised Logos, the Mentat Divination technique of the naive mind. I make this noise sometime, a little lasery ‘bwip’ I just did that, you’ll just have to imagine it. The mice have already been let in the structure, but they devour with the only kind of true and native equality we get for free.


    Dark Psy-Ops Reply:

    Thanks for this link!


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  • Mechanomica Says:

    To my mind, mechanomics ( suggests complex organismic behavior is indeed the product of very basic sets of processes and rules. What happens on smaller scales feeds into larger ones and vice versa.

    I don’t, however, experience any sense of horror at this. What kind of king could believe his acts are not influenced by the roiling masses below his balcony? (…the weather, the crop yields, the outcome of battles far away, the pebble in his boot, the germs on his hands, galactic axes of rotation, his father’s weak chin, last night’s pickles in his gut…?) For want of a nail, a shoe was lost. The ancients called this fate and dealt with it.

    The pressures and constraints of this technological age necessitate our learning to number the stars ourselves, rather than leaving it to God. But the illusion of man’s sovereignty is a modern ailment. Even the very stupid should be capable of shaking it off.

    See also:


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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says: – ‘Arthur Schopenhauer had a formative influence on Brouwer, not least because he insisted that all concepts be fundamentally based on sense intuitions’ – It could be worth an attempt at a quantum reconciliation between formalism and intuitionism…

    Finding a way to crack into complex-valued quantum AI: (H/T Insurrrealist)

    Seems Jean-Ives Girard has done a lot of the heavy lifting for break-out Promethean logics – – (again H/T Insurrealist)

    A family of maps and an isomorphic dualiverse: –

    State methodology is based on subjection and infantilization – – (“A wide range of professionals … exercise functions that have traditionally belonged to the police”)

    An oriental culture of Master Dual combinatorial optimization? –

    Table manners (filial piety) means the best cuts are reserved for the elders:

    I think some of these ideas are going to need there own space (blog) –

    Heads-up for byways into:

    – Aztec time-rifts into cyber-space
    – Demographical destiny.
    – Disguises/guises as monist substance.

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg….


    Dark Psy-Ops Reply:

    This is no doubt topical –


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  • Hurlock Says:


    Thoughts on the Great Sino-Stock Market Collapse of 2015?


    admin Reply:

    I’m too off-grid to comment upon anything other than the Great Malignant Vegetable Mind until returning to civilization (in a few days).


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  • Dark Psy-Ops Says:

    I have a comment in moderation. There’s nothing so offensive in it, just a lot of links. Mind putting it through?


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  • haishan Says:

    (Two links, admin-style.)

    Grexit and collapse. Welcome to the singularity.


    Erebus Reply:

    Thanks for posting those.

    That Grexit article was comically bad. Of particular note is that it ends with the sentence: “The consequences of a “no” vote are too awful to contemplate.” — And yet the author just finished contemplating them at length! That’s really lazy and slipshod rhetoric.

    …Besides, I might be able to think up a couple of things which may be “too awful to contemplate” — but a period of largely self-imposed economic decline in a European backwater ain’t one of ’em.

    The rest of the article is a frail admixture of contempt for democracy, arrogant condescension towards the current Greek government, and the glorification of a “professional” civil service while, at the same time, deriding professional politicians. If this is the kind of stuff Harvard Business School publishes, and London Business School professors write, all I can say is that the signs of their decline are growing more evident. I know kids in high school who could put together a better — less shrill, more meaningful — analysis.


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  • Shlomo Maistre Says:

    Libertarians, classical liberals etc are right that the single EU currency is not tenable given the current distribution of sovereignty and powers in Europe, but what libertarians/classical liberals do not see is: given sufficient centralized power, a single currency can be enforced over any geographical area eventually.

    The Greek sovereign debt crisis is actually a sovereignty deficit crisis.

    There are two possible end games with respect to the European Union. Either political structures unravel in accordance with economic forces or economic power is harnessed to tie down/mollify entropic political forces. Neither outcome is inevitable over any period of time.


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  • Rasputin Says:

    #Transrace (Southpark: early adopters)


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  • Shlomo Maistre Says:

    If I may repeat myself/be so bold……

    Moral philosophy is not a matter of data; it’s neither hard nor a problem to be solved. Moral philosophy refers to a collection of sophistries that seek to address what actions and when actions are justified/moral/good.

    Man deals less harm (both absolutely and proportionally) by communicating only insofar as is necessary to identify, contend with, act well based on what is – not what should be. (What should be is realized – by timeless intuition and in reality over time.) The “pure” engineer is a good example of this, since he – roughly speaking – communicates what ought to be only for the eventual purpose of delineating the pros and cons of courses of actions based on the constraints of what is. The sophist, in contrast, communicates what ought to be for any number of (often subconscious) reasons not directly pertaining to the subject of his words – hubris, social acceptance, demonstration of sexual market value, etc.

    Examine human history. What good has ever come of human reason? Of argument? Although to fully answer such a question one must first recognize what is goodness, the disorder wrought by reason is so inherent and consistent that even one who denies the intrinsic value of intuition will notice a most pronounced trend: social order is a consequence of belief and submission, never reason or argument.

    Was Pax Romana the result of reasoning, of experiment, of communication for the sake of communication? Or was it the result of fortuitous circumstances, great leaders, and religion and patriotism taking hold of and forging the very definition of an entire people?

    A note on sophistry. As all action is exercise of power and all communication is action, the mere expression of opinion is not only the seeking of control but also – and therefore – the exercise of it. Thus, works of penmanship are works of swordsmanship and a definition of morality is immoral/amoral inasmuch as it is universally defined and/or meant to apply outside the bounds of the author’s recognized authority.

    Those dogmas that entail thoroughly prescriptive judgments of that which ought to be, but that are sufficiently clothed in the descriptive garb of what is, comprise those beliefs sufficiently blind to stabilize society, for it is by assuming that reality must be as it is that reality becomes closer to what it should be.


    The Index Reply:

    This is exactly why I’ve been looking for pure engineers for a long time. Haven’t found them yet though.


    SVErshov Reply:

    human intelligence is insufficient for any prediction, so you never gonna know in advance what action is good or bad. for example: managers of company in crisis always do an opposite to what have to be done, according to System Dynamics, to get out of crisis. policy makers, in most cases when they are 90% sure, they are 60% wrong. even if you try to implement something based on SD in human society it will be impossible. it will be persived as something very anti social, unpopular, inhuman, anty gay …. humans are hopeles and we all will drown.


    The Index Reply:


    Shlomo Maistre Reply:

    First of all people make bad decisions for all types of reasons. Usually, particularly for example in running a company, this can be properly attributed to factors unknown to the public at large and even stakeholders.

    Second of all, institutions that last are inherently irrational. The Roman Catholic Church, hereditary monarchy, Islam, Shang dynasty, human neurological uniformity – these are institutions, organizations, belief systems that are irrational and bind society together. The key thing to understand is that it’s inherently irrational ideas that bind societies.

    Third of all, human intelligence is sufficient to know what decision is good or bad – at least some of the time.

    Fourth of all, there are types of predictions normally considered scientific that, in fact, involve factors that exist outside the bounds of human comprehension. The predictions in these cases rely on deductive reasoning (belief) rather than inductive reasoning (empirical evidence, so-called). For example, in this debased age one might claim that he predicts a ball will fall based on the scientific theory of gravity.

    Throw a ball in the air and it will drop to the ground. Man observes the law of gravity, but he proves no law by observation or any action whatsoever.

    In boasting that the throwing of the ball in the air and the watching of the ball fall to the ground somehow proved gravity, Enlightenment thinkers claimed for man the power to bestow the crown of cause by his mere knowledge. Scientists are the priests of this religion, which explains why a fact is hopelessly inferior to a scientific one.

    Material forces cause effects by moving across space over time. In other words, matter is only a cause insofar as it’s an effect. Enlightenment thinkers believe they can use science to identify causes in the mortal domain, but nothing man can observe has the capacity to cause without having been caused. The unmoved mover, Paley’s designer, rendering effect without cause, is beyond the material world, since all material forces have themselves material causes.

    Therefore, all man’s observations must necessarily be effects and not causes. For instance, gravity is not a cause of the ball dropping. Gravity is a term we use to describe a phenomenon that we observe.

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  • Shlomo Maistre Says:


    The above is addressed to you


    SVErshov Reply:

    @Shlomo Maistre
    thanks, I like your stile. one possible constellation you missed. it is when we might have no good choices. at present, civilization does not have any good choices, only bad ones. and why is that, because in matter to have good choice in future you have to do right choices in present. and we missed ALL opportunity to have good choices now and we will not have any of such choices in future too.

    human intelligence insufficient for prediction when you have multiple number of processes of different nature and dynamics influencing each other. Sorry, if I sound too pedagogical.


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  • GC Says:



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  • Wagner Says:



    WAGner Reply:

    Too bad there wasn’t a Chaos Patch 282–

    Or is this it?


    Wagner Reply:

    Maybe THEE best “ouch” of all is that men can’t *truly* love a woman unless she’s a virgin.

    Does that hurt at all?

    I see a few other qds around but I know when you get too smart you can’t be trusted. You are rats too. Why would I want to marry a rat?

    Maybe I’ll play some games with you now but once you get old (in both senses) you’re getting dumped for an 18 year old 🤣



    Wagner Reply:

    Pothead nutcase who I hang out with sometimes was just like,

    “Smells like cologne leave it alone.”


    Wagner Reply:

    Oooh he mentioned “the poison” before, is that a taste of this?…

    Should I go further, with the whole “treatment”?

    You don’t have a choice, do you?

    If you want to know the truth, I fluctuate between “Do I want people to kill themselves?” and “Yes, I do want people to kill themselves.”

    Haha, rats of the earth. It takes a rat to know a rat. But I’m not just a rat, I have some self-transcendence. If you have that, and you’re a filthy whore, maybe you can emulate the virgin Mary and redeem yourself to some extent.

    But the sad, biting fact is that no man who is worth anything is going to EVER, EVER

    Love a whore.


    George W. Bush Reply:

    And we can smell them out in more ways than one!

    Sweet dreams, “””ladies””” 👋

    Wagner Reply:

    Haha, you’re not a virgin, no one will ever love you


    EVERY guy believes this. Only *some* admit it.

    You objectively disgust those who DO admit it.

    We’re like:

    “Clearly a vessel for temporary amusement, nothing I would cherish forever LOL!!!!”

    Yet there’s something about you that is a temptation.

    Not enough of a temptation for anyone who can think future-orientedly.

    You’re all just living in the moment, not thinking of the future.

    What? The cat has its rightful perspective, and so does the dog.

    Wagner Reply:

    I’m not even kidding about the shells that might be unleashed. It would be a group-effort, and I don’t think many would be up for the task. It would be risky if we opened up this dimension of freedom. There’s no doubt that only ruin would lay in its wake. It’s not a “safe” strategy, that is why I suppress it.

    Am I still a cladistic-Christian priest for suppressing it….

    Cesare Borgia is one of my favorite heroes, and I don’t think it would be accurate to call him Christian.

    Wagner Reply:

    It’s your decision to either get revenge on me for sharing these facts or help a generation of girls JUST LIKE YOU not end up JUST LIKE YOU.

    You are miserable. Do you want to perpetuate that?

    Why would you do that?

    Give girls good advice.

    Why do you pretend like your mistakes make you “fabulous”?

    How do I even express a laugh at you anymore?

    I’d have to be in the same room as you. And you know what would happen from there.

    Honestly neither you nor me knows what would happen from there.

    I have a suspicion though, and you really don’t want to admit…

    Wagner Reply:

    I will be glad to have met a whore, esp a meta-whore, but they’ll always be that. I have been in love before with women who aren’t whores and it didn’t work out. But they at least stood a fighting chance. If I was desperate I might pair-off FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE with a girl who’s been with one or two partners, but if we’re talking about the ideal relationship, you have to be kidding if men see dignity in being a whore. It just reveals your bad taste. We laugh at it, we see it, even the numales, we all see it. We have no desire for women like you, you’re like broken machines that can never be fixed.

    Wagner Reply:

    I wonder when the degenerates will ever “come out” and admit that they are the lowliest scum.

    The ONLY reason they hold leftist politics is because they are weak and they hate who is better than them.

    All of these queers on the left in my thoughtsphere, their deepest thought is “Fuck Chad”.

    They all were rejected by their fathers. These faggots.

    They wonder why we call them “faggots”.

    It’s because you get fucked in the ass. You humiliate yourself as an IDENTITY.

    Wasn’t alpha enough for daddy so now you’ve tried to OWN your being-a-bitch.

    The media-academic complex caters to you but I won’t.

    Wagner Reply:

    Having a good holiday season yet? 😼

    In 69 position you can get a really good smell down there…

    That’s why I don’t go down on whores.

    Why would I want to smell that?

    Your multitude of sins?


    Maybe there is some balance that could be struck.. Screwing virgins is overrated imo- they’re awkward, and that’s a turn-off.

    But males who comfort you and say Oh don’t worry, you can be loved if you’re a reformed whore.

    They’re lying to you to get into your pants.

    This is the only man you’re going to get.

    You ain’t gettin me! LOL!

    But for balance’s sake… if a Collapse is not too far down the road I probably wouldn’t mind hanging out with some whores, because “fuck it”.

    WAGner Reply:

    You really thought that if there were NO RULES no regulations, no poz-barriers in place, a CAT would win a fight against a DOG?

    *thrashes you around in my teeth*

    WAGner Reply:

    Dogs chase cats, not the other way around. This is the natural order. Or did you forget?

    You think cats can be savage?

    Do you know what dogs are capable of?

    Cats are the underdogs, dogs are the overdogs.

    Do you like being under me? Do you like having your throat gnashed out?

    There are Hells I can put you in that you will never escape,

    And it’s only the beginning. I suggest you stop reading me and read some food blogs instead, since we all know you’re good for nothing at cooking too.

    Wagner Reply:

    “But what do you count as a whore?”

    Do you feel guilty when I say,

    You are a whore


    Do you feel angry?


    Then you’re a whore.

    If you feel nothing when I call you a whore you might not be a whore.

    But there are callous whores so this whore-detection-method isn’t without its 🕳️s.

    Wagner Reply:

    My whore-poisoner mask is one of the evilest. There are pathways I can take with it that would cause “too much pain”. I see these pathways clearly set out before me. Should I take them?

    Or are you going to be a nice kitty?

    Or will you persist in being a bitchcat?

    It’s up to you. Up to you whether you,

    whether you

    Send bobs.

    Wagner Reply:


    I don’t know if I would be fulfilled if I didn’t marry a rat!!!!!!


    I could never truly love a tardwife.

    This is my struggle.

    Thankfully there are chaste rats out there.

    Or are there?


    All we want is love and we all fuck it up somehow. Why is that?

    Wagner Reply:

    All Clydes like me just want a Bonny to USE for agonistic lubrication. To USE to sharpen crimethink. To use AND love.

    Are whores diamonds in the rough? Or is that just quartz? There be fool’s gold in them hills.

    “Shut up rat-dick.”


    Wagner Reply:

    Grrrr I hate “beyond good and evil bitches”

    I’ve lived with a few of these types

    Prone to depression

    Can’t handle the pressure

    These little girls think they are suited for BGE, that makes me laugh.


    Where’d I hit you?

    No, not with that dart. With those 20 or so others.

    But you like my darts you masochist.

    Got some daddy problems do ya????

    Me: 🐶 (spelled backwards)

    You: 🕳️ (without the L)

    Laura BUSH Reply:

    Mm I see you finished the whole chalice. You look a little dizzy. Are you okay?

    😹 (

    George W. BUSH Reply:

    Boldmug Reply:

    *”me” and “Laura” waving bye to you as we board the pink-tipped Ark Rocket and escape before the world explodes*

    GEORGE W. Bush Reply:

    *me hearing that all of the fake news anchors of Comedy Central mysteriously “disappeared” on New Year’s Eve*

    Wagner Reply:

    What was that book you were reading about, GEORGE? WHAT WAS IT ABOUT?

    My Pet Goat

    Why were you reading that book, GEORGE?

    Boldmug Reply:

    @whore d’oeuvres:

    (“Me” whenever qd can’t handle the pressure)

    Wagner Reply:

    How the real me sees some of you:

    Posted on December 26th, 2018 at 10:48 pm Reply | Quote
  • wagner Says:

    The cougar who stalks me showing me the coloring book she made about the 120 Days of Sodom before I was born:


    Boldmug Reply:


    WAGNER Reply:







    Wagner Reply:


    I never remember any erotic dreams, but I must be having them? is what I’ve deduced.

    If I’m “discoursing” about fingering an old lady, I do wonder what kind of dreams I was having before I woke up today 🤔

    Wagner Reply:

    People try to pin me down as one of those people who tries not to be able to be pinned down and I’m like, you don’know me, I don’t try to be unable to be pinned down. They say I’m not welcoming, I’m not “inclusive” enough, and what am I doing in today’s episode???????????? Unironically????????????????? And who else defends the aminals???????? Unironically?????????????

    I will never defend the kangaroo however. Don’t get me started on the kangaroo, I hate that son of a bitch, literally pathologically… Don’t get me started… There are simply some animals I refuse to “accept”. AH I HATE THEM@!!!!!!!

    Wagner Reply:

    A prophecy of what is in store in the coming days:

    Is.. is QD acting the Duc behind those protected tweets?? Twirling her footlong around??? Or is she too modest for that? Or is she too weak? 😼

    Wagner Reply:

    I’m not allergic to illuminati-mindset but some things about it do not jive with my instincts. Group-sex for instance sounds like it would end with everyone in misery.

    “But it would be worth it.”

    Shut up, don’t say that.

    “No you shut up.”


    *fucks you*

    Wagner Reply:

    Playing the synthesizer 👿 (🤡) role has opened me up to being pelted by decadence-shells. FOR INSTANCE: the other day I jacked off thinking about one of these little maenads… Sticking my cock in her ASS from the front and watching her masturbate, until she cums into my bush… 😻

    Is that degenerate?

    WAGner Reply:

    *laughing like a chukkulfucc*

    Maybe I’m going to start trolling you with seashells, “our little inside joke”.

    There are seaBOTTOM animals that might be worth empathizing with.

    Does anyone feel more like a– searat?

    Or do you feel like one those rats hiding on a pirate ship? Nibbling a crumb in the shadows?

    You filth. *picks you up by the tail and flings you onto the middle of Poseidon’s trident*

    Boldmug Reply:

    How’re the holidays going “my archenemies”? Hangin out with total BORES both offline and on? Wanna do something fun??? At Duc University??? Where we are acephallic, where we are the Ducs of Hazard???

    *Yarvin, stewing in assanger, resenting me*


    What, this?


    Can you imagine why FAMINISTS would wanna take this away from us? “I WONDER WHY”. What could possibly be wrong about VIOLENT CUM?

    Happy New Years- do YOU feel like getting “plastered” at 11:59:59 12/31???? Do YOU??? Just call 1-800-fuck you you lonely whore you’ll never taste my cum. Do you feel like getting “déCOUPaged”, “captured”, “TAKEN”, “INVADED”, this new years???



    Wagner Reply:

    I’m going to FORCE you to LEARN how to be a “good maenad”:




    You better be reformed before this year is over, cumwhores.

    WAGNER Reply:

    Ask me why I’m a Boss Playa gettin’ HIGH
    And when I’m rollin’ by
    Niggas Can’t see Me

    Do you like my high-coups?

    Bit tit roses red
    Your Poor Feelings black and blue
    Nazi came in Jew

    wagNer Reply:

    Hmmm maybe I should… take on an EBONY priestess since the IVORY one SUCKS at her job. “Ya phi’uhd.”

    shnif in a karroteristic dialectical twisht

    ♪ I’m going to fuck a nigger too ♪

    I always liked trees more than elephants anyway. Older. Lindy.

    Ready to call me massuh, bitchslave?


    Oh don’t worry…

    “Ready or not, here I cum!”

    wagNer Reply:

    Oooooh what fun games I could play with a female version of Wesley SNIPES.

    My personal little BAE-BLADE

    Her nickname: David Duc

    My nickname: Pudd’nhead Wilson

    See? I’m not afraid of anything. Are you?

    Maybe she can teach me how to be a panther?

    A panter? If I pantsed her?

    Would she make fun of me, but vacuum up my globs nevertheless?

    *camra cuts Out / me and her laughing together about how all the white girls are jealous right now*

    *Tareeq Nasheed as I walk out of the bedroom buttnekkid voice*

    Miss me with that shit bitch. Betta notta let that Marshall Mathers-ass mothafucka spit his klansmen in you *smdh* *in mocking voice* Hey look, it’s MARSHALL! Miss me wit dat shit.

    *Tareeq Nasheed going APESHIT*


    lol you nigger

    Wagner Reply:

    Mommy help I’m toying with the lives of dark sorceresses again….

    What color do you think comes out when you stab a chimera?

    wagNer Reply:

    This one is so dangerous that I have to be reticent about some things.

    She can have ALLLLLLL of my DNA, and then some. To do WHATEVER she wants with. The reason I trust her is because I don’t trust her. Not many know what a “clown” actually is. Remember how I said that that chihuahua was clowning around with that cat? Nature is full of clowns, and clowns are a type of soul; nature is ensouled with lulz. Still, I don’t trust rats, I open myself up to being hacked.

    This stunt is the height of absurdity. I’ve always been meaning to say that even among bluegums there are bluebloods (bluebloods’ blood is actually the color of phosphorescence).

    She MIGHT have thee best physiognomy-optics of ALL…

    She’s pretty much invincible. Could get FAMOUS if she wanted to.

    It would be an act of auto-sadism to do so.. maybe that’s why she hasn’t yet.

    Wagner Reply:

    When the Cliffoth are circling around in my head like snarling barracudas with leeches and barnacles covering them as a shield, my eyes start to vibrate back and forth… I feel it EELing into my mind electrically…

    Wagner Reply:

    The Kangaroo… something about the Kangaroo…. smh… I don’t like it…….

    *It* needs to be handcuffed and interrogated.

    I’m not kidding, I’m not kidding….

    Something about it, its legs, its pouch, its face… especially its mouth… something about it…..

    Dirty, despicable creatures… make me frown and grimace.

    The Kangaroo needs to be investigated!!

    It’s hoppin around looking innocent- it ain’t!

    It has secrets in its pouch… you can tell by the mouth…

    spit, no manners, no regard for its appearance

    Seeing a kangaroo at the zoo for the first time a few years ago really “broke” me in a way…

    It made me realize that animals are in forms that they karmically deserve.

    They are filthy, low. They did something wrong to be where they are. They asked for all of it.

    It’s like Augustine confessing about the sleepiness that penetrates his limbs (laziness is a “demon”) “Why Father, why?” And the kangaroo DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT.


    Just like how aliens look at us sickening humans. WE GO TO SLEEEEEP.

    I’d box a kangaroo but I wouldn’t want to touch its face.

    George W. bush Reply:

    Anybody else get this?

    A nun-who-wants-to-be-a-real-nun?

    Just taking a stab in the dark here…

    Throwing an arrow at the dartboard over my shoulder…

    She has a Grandmother that makes her look weak…

    “I can never be like you gramma!!!”

    Look at her squirm in her cage.

    Why doesn’t she try to be a nun?

    Can she flip into nun-in-the-pedestrian-sense?

    What would her superego grandmother say about her

    THAT is what raises my eyebrow.

    What would she say?

    She would make her feel ashamed, I know that


    I know that


    “You little…!!!!!!!!!!”

    I can empathize with her grandmother…

    Imagine me trolling her with her grandmother’s voice.

    Would it make her wet?


    What would happen if I did that?

    I guess that’s for her to decide.

    *her* Why ain’t you brothas messin wit my head like dis..??

    It’s because she wants a taste of the REAL MANFOAM




    Posted on December 28th, 2018 at 12:05 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    @ Literal Dumb Cunts

    Don’t be stupid, be shifty. Don’t directly state or allude to ANYTHING that would get you caught.

    Wait until the time is right.

    There is feminine temperance and there is masculine temperance.

    Worm your way in before you deliver the fatal sting.



    Posted on December 29th, 2018 at 12:14 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Candid photograph that I title

    “The Propeller-Hatted Fly BATtalion and Their Booties I Mean Beauties”

    Haha DATING a black girl is the best possible 🖕🏾 to the shitribbiters who tried to cancel me.

    “Nigga, yo dick look like Kunta Kinte’s foot.” 😹

    Is my MAGNUM cock a Promethean punishment???

    Did we not treat our women right for thousands of years and this is how we pay?

    *starts stretching furiously*

    Heh heh, speaking of shapeshifting.

    BY THE WAY, have any of you “ladies” been doing Kegel Stands lately???

    To fulfill the Kegelian dialectic?

    Need help opening that pickle jar? What, grip not tight enough? 😹🖕🏾


    Wagner Reply:

    Remember back in 2005 when Land and Reza was schizo-qabbalizing?

    “trouble is, among the bursts of shocking cosmic illumination are gnostic elements such as “00237=ELDER FUTHARK” – how many lifetimes (the pitiful nick puppet asks) would be required to thoroughly hack such pronouncements?

    >>> so at least one of us has survived

    Although survived after a brief personal visit with the Old Ones but still feel terrible (posted this note to just say: i’m alive, nothing more) … we can’t escape these ever-mutating asiatic viruses.”

    Ever-mutating african VIRUS…

    See boys that’s why you don’t want to “fly” around on this plane.. the shells, the shells…

    The “horror”, the whoror.

    How many times can you say

    She sells seashells by the seashore



    That is your lucky number for today.


    Wagner Reply:

    Oh boy I’ve got a doozy, a reeeeal evil one.

    Eugenically speaking, objectively speaking,

    Wouldn’t the world be a better place if all the black girls were impregnated by white men?

    *black guy who knows deepdown it’s true voice*



    “Nigga you just isn’t very CREATIVE.”

    “But muh dig.”

    I bet that gets reeeeeal old.

    Literally the only reason Kanye is better than me is because he appeals to the sickening mob LMAO

    Hey Ye, you like this, boy?

    I bet “yer” girls do!

    Watching a couple BJ videos deez hoes look like they’re natural-born cock-worshipers.

    Are we.. going to have to CANCEL WHITE GIRLS in 2019?

    Weak bitches don’t know how to please a man.

    lol you like how I’ve been “hacked”?

    “Dude see that’s why we don’t trust you… you’re fucking chaotic.”

    I’m canceling YOU TOO!

    You’re all getting canceled, you’re all going to burn in hell.


    “Dude just fucking stop this is dangerous.”

    Don’t worry it’s just a prank.

    *looks over at white girl’s pancake ass*



    Wagner Reply:

    You salty, musky, used-up skanks LOL

    Wut U mad U can’t FIRE me for telling you the Truth?


    This is a dangerous idea though, one that could kick off World War THREE…

    That’s why they try to keep it under wraps.

    If all the men and women of the world KNEW that the world would be better off if all women were inseminated by white seed…..

    Utter havoc and confusion would follow in its wake.

    Chimp-outs in frenzies never before seen in history…

    “Dude why are you trying to start WWIII???”

    Cuz I’m a Boss Playa gettin HIGH

    Wagner Reply:

    The technofetishist apebrain is crossing its meatfingers praying that transhumanism will emerge in order that we may prevent having to MURDER the opposing men and RAPE the (gleeful) women.

    Meanwhile the world burns, and all you’re doing is crossing your shivering fingers.

    B-but with CRISPR!!

    Yeah but what about, I don’t know, what to do TODAY?

    Nothing but goobers in labcoats.

    Can’t see the big picture.

    Genetically unimperial.

    Too bad. Shit’s weak.

    Wagner Reply:

    6od it’s felt like my balls have been in a vice the last few weeks. Is this how it feels to be married?

    Well, my perspective is that my mommies can have my cock and eat it too.

    I’ll endure suffering for women who deserve it.


    Wagner Reply:

    *future self who is a suicidal junkie hobo voice*

    Yup… I thought it would be hot to fuck a succubus… To fuck succubi… I thought it would be hot… And it was… Until it alllll caught up to me…

    *dealer whose dick I just sucked’s voice*

    Did I ask to hear your whole life story?

    Wagner Reply:

    I’m serious about kangaroos. Something about them like they’re ALIEN SPIES who pretend to be dumb and take great joy in donkey-kicking monkeymeat.

    wagner Reply:

    I really want to open the shellportal but that would be bad, just trust me. I’m creeeeaking it open sloooooowly.

    I’m a good boy. I’m not insane. (These are my automindfuck mantras).

    Posted on December 29th, 2018 at 12:05 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    *shiteating grin*

    I notice no one ever talks about–kalas 😆

    I truly wonder why I exist as a–chandala 😇


    Posted on December 29th, 2018 at 4:47 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    *rubbing hands together like a juju*

    Create crypto-jealousies between them… ✅

    Disturb the Queen’s secret lair… ✅

    All for the giggles because I don’t actually love the queen… ✅

    As all part of an elaborate Machiavellian plot… ✅


    Wagner Reply:

    What I see you all supporting:

    What I see you as for supporting it:

    *insert same link here*


    Wagner Reply:

    Why do you fantasize about literally flopping my cocknballs on a block and chopping them off with a butcher’s knife?? Do I piss you off a little bit, slob? Piss in your mouth, so to speak?

    Do you think it’s healthy to have violent fantasies like that?

    You would just see all this as normal but we live in a neutered society. And you want to neuter me yourself! Because you’re one of them.


    Wagner Reply:

    Ahh I might have located your hatch-within-a-hatch…

    Cash Registers for Souls


    Wagner Reply:

    *pulling away from microscope*

    Pretty sad. And you all think you can competently do philosophy with souls like that….



    Wagner Reply:

    Buried in my crypto-diary somewhere is a selfie, taken a few halloweens ago in the dark, but I’m sure photoshop could fix that. Have you even found my crypto-diary yet?? “Levels of planning that shouldn’t be possible.” I know some know of it, I want to keep it as secret as possible for now, if you wouldn’t mind… That’s another little ticking time bomb… I don’t post for love, or death, or money, I post for fun.

    Wagner Reply:

    I filled the whole house with explosivessssssss

    And we’re just going to sit here in the basement exchanging wine and witty banter

    Doesn’t that sound like a blast?

    Wagner Reply:

    Astrally squeezing my balls, I have to hand it to you, not many can do that.

    Wagner Reply:

    At rare times I get meta to the nth degree consciousness and think “Wow, this is all so real.”

    Wagner Reply:

    Now that I know that she loves me this changes some things.

    Too soon to tell.

    Be careful of my “shellgame with words”, that mischling ex told me that I like to play the “trump card”, and I was like, why is that a bad thing? So I guess I get your side. The deconditioning process still has to take effect; I can see things about you you can’t see, as well as, if not better than (lol yeah right), you can see things about me that I can’t see.

    RE: the shellgame with words: pirate Michael Sugrue’s lectures on Plato. Philosophy is only properly transmitted orally and he does a really good job, you’ll love him. The other guy that The Teaching Company #canceled (for obvious reasons once you listen to him) is Rick Roderick; these are a couple of the only ones I know of that aren’t bookspergs. Haven’t listened to Roderick for a while, might be some poz (ooooooo I have something to share of his hehe) but he’s one of those like Bill Hicks that I think would be “on our side” if he was alive today (kinda like Nietzsche).

    Wagner Reply:

    Welp no more chase, time to flip into the gay reality tunnel with ol EBB

    Ed Edd or Eddy, which one is he? Or all three?

    Ha I love screwing with you all so much.

    I wouldn’t trust your hands in a jacuzzi, or feet. Or anything else.

    Would EBB go full Duc in a jacuzzi and start poking me?

    Wagner Reply:

    “”Diabolically”” trying to turn you all against each other for my pure pleasure. This is how the devil gets in!

    But it’s too late, isn’t it?

    It looks like it’s the eternal return of the dissolution of the Soviet Union

    Don’t think I don’t see how still part of you would throw me in a gulag if it came down to it. Gibme the ol icepick??? Or am I just revealing my plans for YOU?

    Wagner Reply:

    Like how I dox certain people? It’s really very selfish of me. I feel like I’m grabbing you by the collar and saying No, you’re living in Hell with me now, against your will. “Can’t let THAT one get away.” *cough* Garton. Being around poz-profs who are smarter than you has a hypnotizing effect, I’m trying to warn you….

    Wagner Reply:

    I hope I said something exceedingly “harsh” on her birthday… Why? Well you already know my answer to that.

    *she reads it*

    “Oh great, happy birthday to me..”

    I’ve been posting so rapidly lately partly because, as you might have expected, I sense doom coming to my life so I’m trying to get as much out as possible.

    *juju rubbing juju’s hands together about the feds*

    Doxxing me would be alllll according to plan…

    And I know they know I know this, so might as well mock them about it. You guys love me, give me a break. For psyopping me though I still plan to instrumentalize a special squadron of the BAP army to rayp your wives– “the Duc branch”. Muhaha don’t worry, nothing I ever say is a metaphor, pretty little fed. Btw can I win the paranoia award for 2018?

    Wagner Reply:

    I’d DM some of you but I still don’t trust any of you. (Maybe that’s one with the spirit I have been trying to espouse? To be a rat, and meta-rat me to death lol). After treating me like shit for years do you really expect me to trust you? I’d much rather keep whipping out my tommygun here and blasting some suckaz. I’m never going to pay for anyone’s patreon MERCHandise either… Can you imagine Land having a patreon? Absolutely trashy, get some class. With girls I can look the other way but.. even with them I’m still rolling my eyes. You think I’d rather accept someone’s charity or sleep in a jumbo garbage bag under a bridge? Can you guess which one I’d rather choose??? Can you guess?????

    Wagner Reply:

    sensing a few juniors who are on to my shellportal complot… Please just trust me… That would be very bad…. It could be co-opted… Just forget about it and be proud that you know what it is.

    Zoomers literlaly scare the crap out of me. I know what I was like at that age… *sweating*

    You’re still just another fed to me, boy. Play nice (wise) and maybe I’ll live to see another day of shitposting. “But I want you dead!! It’s not fair!!” I will die someday, don’t worry about it… Don’t try to accelerate it or anything…

    *said in totally not masochistic voice*

    Boldmug Reply:

    I might mark a day on my calendar for when I do a “leftist reading of Nietzsche” post- wouldn’t that be delicious? I suppress a few takes. Not too substantial but they’re there–glaringly–if you look closely enough. Idk man I’ve always been trying to synthesize the frogs with NRx and one of the things that really does stick out about the difference is that WE frogs are more anarchistic. I guess I can try to explain now but it’s still unsettled in my head: something like “old-timey” conservativism in Moldbug, like a butchcut-kinda look, u know those? Like there was something Cathedral-like about Moldbug all along, even once his optics (UP-TICS) are stripped, you see him there naked and he is a boomer.

    Then again, there’s nothing WRONG with that…

    Or are we going to subscribe to the arch-rightist-value of Rangordnung?

    If so, are older generations necessarily deluded and therefore open to critique by the younger?

    Or are the older generations THE WIZER?

    This is hard to judge. Probably some kind of synthesis can come to fruition.

    Wagner Reply:

    Has anybody been PKing noobs on the INTERNET since forever ago?

    I feel like I was raised here.

    I talked about the primal scene of maskulinity being the dodgeball court but idk, idk, maybe it was blasting fuckheads with balls of fire on RuneScape (also translated as RunEscape). Just being so dexterous that you can fucking kill them AND mock them with text at the same time!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Laura Bush Reply:

    I like the way she holds my balls, to be honest. The way she looks in my eyes while squeezing them and screams at me, and I brush her away and move on to more serious business.

    “Nice little demon.”

    Imagine if we actually hung out some day; and if I had a wire; and if I’d been a fed all along.

    Maybe wonder why I love you so much I post about you so much?

    Did you ever doubt that?

    If you did, hey, me too.

    Happy New Years

    Clydes, aka Clods, aka Collides like me love commie girls to ….

    We;ll leave that to your imagination

    Posted on December 29th, 2018 at 5:42 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    RE: She sells seashells by the seashore:

    Did anyone get 0?

    I bet that’s not revealing at all.

    Btw, girls aren’t allowed in this lodge, except as entertainers- and as whatever else the Bonesmen happen to request. Learn your place.

    Idk why you think I have the right to call other people whores, I’m one of the biggest whores around.

    I confessed this once somewhere else and felt ashamed but it’s true…

    Sometimes I thiink of myself as Nietzsche’s little whore.

    Idk why I admit some things.

    Makes me cringe so hard.


    Posted on December 29th, 2018 at 8:20 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    I love Genny too.. some sacred whore should look out for her.. I worry about her.

    “Don;t let beautiful brains be squandered” is the outcry of my patch.


    Wagner Reply:

    Ha you nutcases think any of this is real? None of this is real, that’s the best part of the joke.


    Posted on December 30th, 2018 at 1:26 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    It’s so easy to “troll” women.


    I wonder if she wants to be

    Mine forever?


    Boldmug Reply:

    Or is she too much like my little sister?

    “Don’t feel sad, sweetie, I’ll introduce you to one of my younger friends who is COOLER than me.”


    See how I’m fucking with everybody?

    That’s the ideal. Not just to fuck with someone, but to fuck with everybody.

    Fuck with the frogs, fuck with the cave, fuck with Curtis, Nicky boy, Logo(s), zoomers, feds (same thing as zoomers), Little Donny, black bitches, white bitches, Turkish bitches, oh the list goes on.


    Wagner Reply:

    I hope that the 8 clowns (and Growing!!!) who read this horseshit (literal horseshit) are all cougars, just sitting there scrutinizing, squint-eyed, judging me, thinking themselves above me. “This little boy thinks he knows what life is about… What a laugh…” And yet they keep reading me. Weird how that works.

    Infiltrate the LONELY black community ✅

    Infiltrate the LONELY cougar community ✅

    Who da fux neckst?


    Posted on December 30th, 2018 at 3:49 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Get that look out of your eye.

    I mean it!!!


    Wagner Reply:

    lol like how I don’t “follow” anyone…

    I just watch you.

    nyuk nyuk nyuk

    snuk snuk snuk


    Wagner Reply:

    Does it piss you off that I can say whatever I want?

    Like that I regularly ejaculate 5 feet?

    Ask yourself what that says about me, and then ask yourself what it says about you that you think that’s what that says about me. Ask yourself.


    Posted on December 30th, 2018 at 9:00 pm Reply | Quote
  • wagner Says:

    “mastekard go to the ass) Titor


    Wagner Reply:


    *plants the conspiracy theory in the paranoiacs that I’m AKjuley one of Dugin’s many spiessss*


    Posted on December 31st, 2018 at 7:14 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    *hacking into her codes*


    This is a very strong brand.

    Meta-ing “‘the’ Jews” is a deadly mindfuck.

    Infiltrate them, the ones looking for shiksas.

    And I will manipulate the Jewish ratwhores into submission.

    A”llll” behind the backs of the disgusting whores, and we know who they are.

    Too bad. So much death.


    Posted on January 1st, 2019 at 12:32 am Reply | Quote
  • George W. BUSH Says:

    Okay, remember when I said there are certain things about Tantra that would make me look bad sharing?

    I’ve mentioned this before, and you have to understand that some of this okkvlt shit I haven’t tried, I just “seriously wonder” about it…

    So… what I wonder is…

    See, this just makes me look like a sick pervert.

    Can mystical effects be obtained from drinking menstrual blood?

    That IS a rumor that floats around, that trickles down into the panties, so to speak.

    Only women of a certain type bleed kalas.. “apparently”.

    “Apparently” menstrual blood can give one magical superpowers…

    Can we get some researchers to study this? “You first.”

    I’ve gone down on a few girls during their periods and sometimes it isn’t so bad. One time I got close to puking but didn’t. Idk if that is the most efficient method though; I imagine more making that bitch strengthen her leg muscles by squatting over a chalice. See, isn’t this disgusting? Eh I’d probably try it though.



    P. S.

    I’m pretty sure the same rule goes for semen but maybe this is just my rat way of convincing people to drink mine *shrug* Who knows, who knows what’s going on in my subconscious.


    Wagner Reply:

    I posted this gem-studded longquote before but can’t locate where so here it is again:

    “Bertiaux, like Grant, is obsessed with the dark side of esotericism. Traditional Kabbalah, alchemy, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism are all ignored in favor of the more sinister aspects of the spiritual experience, and ways are sought to contact entities that are believed to exist in other dimensions, entities that are nevertheless understood to be capable of interacting with our own. These are alien beings in every sense of the term: they are not beautiful in any conventional sense: no angels with harps, no long-bearded prophets. These are the monstrous shapes imagined by Lovecraft and other horror writers of his generation; except that for Bertiaux and Grant they are not figments of imagination and thus “not real,” but have an independent existence of their own.


    Grant, as much as he admires Tantra, still sees it as a tool—among many in the Thelemic workshop. He interprets much of Thelema in Tantric terms and this may be because at times he sees Thelema as a “Tantra for the West,” and at other times he senses that both disciplines are discussing the same basic principles and he cannot resist pursuing those links and associations as deeply as possible because the one may help explain the other … or enrich the other through the additional correspondences. In other words, he must find Tantra lacking in something, a something that Thelema can provide. It is certain that Tantra is Indo-centric. All the terminology and references are to Indian religion, culture and language and require a knowledge of what is popularly known as Hinduism, and Buddhism. This would be ideologically unpalatable to a follower of Thelema who may recognize— intellectually—the contributions of the sub-continent to world religions but who would reject Hindu and Buddhist belief systems. Thus, Grant’s project is to strip away as much of the Indian component of Tantra as he is able and to replace it with Western occult and magical references. (It is a re-interpretation of Tantra, which is why it would be rejected by Tantrikas in Asia and most likely by Tantra scholars in the West.) In order to accomplish this, Grant needs to look at the technology of Tantra—the rituals themselves—and peel away the objectionable theology as much as possible. What he is left with should be a system of universal applicability, interpreted within the Thelemic context. And this, of course, is feasible.

    In recent years this approach has been made somewhat easier by the works of scholars in Jewish mysticism and alchemy who have speculated that Tantra may very well be the fons et origo of the Sepher ha-Zohar, for instance, and who use Tantric references to help expand upon Kabbalistic and alchemical themes. In addition, Tantra has always been a controversial field and even the definition of Tantra eludes most scholars, Asian and Western, so an eccentric British magician’s point of view may be as legitimate as anyone else’s. That said, we will now look at how Grant understands the intensely sexual rituals he describes in the Trilogies. We will take as our starting point and template the brief description of those rituals he provides in Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God. This basic form can be characterized as an initiated version of Crowley’s Gnostic Mass. It involves a priest and priestess, or a magician and a “witch” (in the popular, not the Wiccan, sense). There may be others in attendance, but the prime operators are a male and a female couple. The goal of the ritual is the collection of kalas, the magically-charged vaginal secretions of the female partner before they become ojas. We will ignore for the moment the timing issue, as it is a bit complex, but will return to it later on. There is also a appended to this volume a list of the kalas—as lunar digits—and their associated characteristics (probably the first time this has been presented to a Western, occult-oriented readership). The priestess should be an initiate capable of raising Kundalini. That does not mean that she should be able to raise it perfectly through all six chakras to reside in the seventh, but she should be capable of stimulating the rise of Kundalini to a certain level. The priest may assist in helping her raise it to higher and higher chakras during the ritual, but only as long as there is no danger to the priestess. The intention of the ritual must be clear from the outset, plainly stated so that all participants are in agreement. This must reflect an act of will from all parties, otherwise the ritual degenerates into a form of “vampirism” with the magician using the priestess for his own ends, or vice versa. In the Thelemic context we have been discussing, the ritual space must be created according to the understanding of the magician, perhaps using the Star Sapphire or Star Ruby rituals to cast a circle: a sacred space, a chakra. The design of the altar and the space may be purely Thelemic, or it may also incorporate Tantric elements such as the Sri Chakra which represents interlocking power-zones based on triangles, the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, etc. and is a form of the yoni—or vulva—of the Goddess…

    The deities should be invoked into the priest and priestess, so that they identify with their respective godforms. They may partake of alcohol at this time, both in homage to the original pancatattva ritual of the Kaula Circles but also because this was a method Crowley also used in order to release inhibitions in his assistants. Naturally, only a sip of alcohol should be employed. The central part of the ritual now takes place, which involves the priestess raising Kundalini. According to Grant, this transpires as she is being sexually aroused by the magician who is performing certain mudras over her body, not necessarily touching her but making passes directly over her erogenous zones (with a wand or with his hands) and raising her to a fever pitch. The goal of this process is to activate Kundalini, to raise it gradually to the higher chakras so that they may be “burned” by the power of the Serpent Goddess and thus release their potencies into the bloodstream of the priestess. These chakras should have been previously opened by the priestess through Kundalini yoga or some other technique, otherwise opening them for the first time this way can be dangerous to her. The magician should bring the priestess to the point of orgasm, but stop just before orgasm is reached. The magician may have sexual intercourse with the priestess if it is considered necessary to bring the priestess to the desired pitch of excitement, but neither priest not priestess should achieve orgasm at this point because it is premature to “ground” or “earth” the energy before it has been fully utilized. (This is in contradistinction to much normative Tantra which requires the orgasms of both parties and even the ejaculation of the male in order for the rite to be “perfect.”) It is necessary that there is a flow of secretions from the female genital outlet. These kalas will be collected by the magician—either orally, as in cunnilingus, if the intention is to increase the occult power of the magician or to bring him into contact with supramundane forces, etc.; or on a specially constructed talisman of metal or parchment, or on the leaf of a sacred plant, or some other way if the intention is to store it for future use. The magician will then energize them magically so that they become ojas…

    One of the effects of this type of ritual is that such intensive concentration during a time of sexual arousal leads to a tremendous amount of psychic stress. The body is used to releasing itself in orgasm and ejaculation. If this normal pathway is blocked—“sealed”—through mental control and focus, then the body reacts in such a way that it seeks alternate pathways, thus opening a Gate that is normally closed. A slight shift of focus will result in a shift of vision, of waking trance. If the goal was to open a Gate, and the focus of both parties is maintained on this goal, then a Gate will open. The power of the unreleased sexual energy will see to it; and the kalas that are secreted at this time will enable the operators to more easily open the Gate at a future time…

    Crowley was aware of the possibility of opening the spatial gateways and of admitting an extraterrestrial Current into the human life-wave. In Moonchild the incarnation was effected in and through the normal sexual formula, and although the full impact of the moonchild’s advent is not described, the reader is left with the impression that, whatever it may have been, it was some sort of a monster in human form endowed with superhuman powers. But no entity incarnating via the usual channels of sex, no physical intrusion of another dimension into the ambience of humanity could possibly exercise power in any but a terrestrial sense. This is because the “power” has been earthed or enfleshed. The above statement by Grant eloquently sets forth the parameters of the sexo-magical rite, even to the extent of introducing the possibility that a monster with superhuman powers could be incarnated using these techniques. He also reminds us that the usual channels of sex are not capable of introducing the extraterrestrial Current into our own dimension. Control of the body’s automatic sexual responses begins with control of the reptilian, or serpent, brain until the entire organism is an instrument to be played by the initiated magician. Once this occurs, according to Grant, the Gates may be opened and the realms beyond the visible, tangible, illusory world can be explored. And, as Lovecraft warns us, these same Gates, once opened, allow traffic in both directions.”

    Peter Levenda, The Dark Lord: H. P. Lovecraft, Kenneth Grant, and the Typhonian Tradition in Magic


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  • wagNer Says:

    Ha “69” ha 🤣

    Grimes’s fugly fat prole nose isn’t going to make it into the future.

    Not to mention those Dumbo the Elephant ears


    Not to mention she seems like the kind of girl with an anus that resembles Friedrich’s mustache.

    Wash AND wax. Wax on, wax off.

    I wonder if Elon is capable of breaking out of phony&full-of-himself mode in the boudoir. Bet he can’t. Bet she misses some of the (many, many) more down to earth boytoys she’s shitcanned.



    Wagner Reply:

    One of the reasons she’s famous is because she’s uggo and that appeals to the mob.


    Control-by-mob *looks over accusingly at teh frogbosses* isn’t going to make it into the future if I have any say in the matter.

    The frogbosses: 🤣 YOU DON’T 🤣

    Y’oughta be proud of yourselves, that’s all I have to say.

    People among us, and I DO mean the polis,
    Remember this — I DOOOOO mean the polis –
    The wicked little men of a counterfeit kind….

    Once I emerge into the open you’re all going to get your nuts cut off in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine (really, you can’t possibly imagine).


    There’s a difference between a rebellion and a rabblion, you cryptococksuckers you.


    WagnER Reply:

    Often when I post I feel like I’m running at full speed and CHECKING motherfuckers onto the backs of they heads.

    The bodybuilders would be able to flip me IRL but- here?

    Imagine being in a pitch black room and all you hear is a WHOOSH before POP

    and then you’re falling, falling, falling down into a crocodile pit

    Who’s the bitch now


    BOLDMUG Reply:

    Warned you all SEVERAL times not to fuck with me…

    wagnER Reply:

    I used to love checking “players” onto they heads when I played soccer in college. I played dirty, are you surprised? I have a slight gimp in my gait from it, cuz I was always stabbing my legs in where I shouldn’t have.

    Yup, that’s right, I was a grass fairy. Would’ve preferred football but I hate wearing clunky pads- totally takes away from gracefulness.. though some can pull it off, like Barry Sanders (I love watching highlight reels of his jukes).

    I would’ve liked to play either wide receiver or cornerback. I’m a man of the air. My dad was actually in the air force too.

    “But ‘on the earth’ already means ‘under the sky.’ Both of these also mean ‘remaining before the divinities’ and include a ‘belonging to men’s being with one another.’ By a primal oneness the four—earth and sky, divinities and mortals—belong together in one.” – Heidegger


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  • wagNer Says:

    I’m not trying to infiltrate the _____ of Claire Elise Boucher, don’t worry about it.

    lol my favorite Pepe is the baby one where his eyes are squinted and he’s holding his chin but I can’t find it on jewgle

    so I’ll post this instead:


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  • Wagner Says:

    I don’t feel deeply embarrassed for sharing this, don’t worry about it:


    Posted on January 6th, 2019 at 12:32 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Wouldn’t it be priceless if I completely FABRICATED that thing about drinking menstrual blood just to meme some poor little 16 year old into drinking a glass of it.

    “Nothing happened. It just made me sick.”


    No, sadly, I’m not making this shit up. It’s not referred to as blood per se, something else is exuded, but to the normal human eye it loooks like blood. This is just what I’ve gathered from my research.

    Who knows what the future holds. Maybe every man in every house across America will be a menstrual blood drinker in 2029.


    Wagner Reply:

    Kinda reminds me slightly a little bit of this fuktup story from the town I just moved away from.

    This old man who worked at “Dunkin” would jerk off into the donuts every single day for years.

    I wonder how the people who got a donut there EVERY MORNING

    F E L T

    Did they feel irreversibly tainted?

    I know I would.

    Pretty much qd’s future in a nutshell

    Only we’ll cut out the donut middle man

    nyuk nyuk

    Srsly tho when am I receiving my warbride???

    *tapping watch violently*


    Wagner Reply:

    Is no one helping me open the shellportal because you’re sitting there thinking



    Total Liquidation

    Fuck America and Fuck All of You

    I’m nuking this whole fucking earth

    I’m only 27 years old, you really think that this isn’t merely The Beginning?

    Teehee. Byebye.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Just sent you know who more selfies.

    I hope they lowkey make her die.

    Heh heh heh

    Her to her employer: “He’s a stalker, he makes me sick!! I just want him to go away!!”


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  • Wagner Says:

    I like the way this symbol looks:


    Wagner Reply:



    Wagner Reply:



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  • Wagner Says:

    A few days after posting this

    “I wonder if Elon is capable of breaking out of phony&full-of-himself mode in the boudoir. Bet he can’t. Bet she misses some of the (many, many) more down to earth boytoys she’s shitcanned.


    my future sugar mama MacKenzie gets divorced.



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  • Wagner Says:

    Open secret that when someone posts a cat it’s a substitute for a human baby.

    Open secret that everyone knows this deepdown but doesn’t say it.

    What about human babies makes you so uncomfortable??

    Major life decision you’d rather put off and not think about?

    And euphemize with a cute member of the animal kingdom?

    Please become harder to troll.


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  • Wagner Says:

    Woke up from a dirty dream about a certain Jap this morning.

    Isn’t it so hashtag en ar ex of me to wrap one arm around a black girl’s shoulders, another around an asian’s 😆

    I’m not a bad example for the children at all 😅

    The various girls I’ve poked on here I’m not sure why they don’t have a line of suitors spilling out onto the sidewalk.

    What’re you guys doing?

    Where’s a weeb Duc to wife-up this Jap girl? Idiots.

    I hate to be that creepy eugenics guy but I’m only trying to be scientific. Should exceptions of questionable races be allowed in the ideal patch? Seems like if we focus on the cross-generational view it gets iffy, because their kids will revert to the mean? That’s how it goes, right?

    And you know I’ve already self-flagellated myself before and said that even if you lowbrow frauds unshadowbanned me IRL and let me in your patch, imagine if I had a hyperfeminist daughter like my mother… you’d be kicking yourself, wouldn’t you?? LMAO

    Should anyone alive today be allowed in the ideal patch?

    Just some questions to ask yourself, (while I ask myself).


    Wagner Reply:

    I feel like I’m cheating on you-know-who with all this but, she doesn’t know how to treat me right so I don’t care 👋


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  • Wagner Says:

    @Girls who struggle with depression

    Here is a step by step list on how to become happy:

    1. Get off your birth control
    2. Drop by my place
    3. Go back home
    4. Wait

    Simple as that.


    Wagner Reply:

    Reaching “you guys are hopeless retards so might as well say ‘fuck it'” levels that shouldn’t be possible, but here I am, sitting alone in detention, forced to listen to the special ed class moaning through the wall.


    Wagner Reply:

    *using a bent paperclip to scratch out an elaborate full-desk sketch of Neech calling the orders to have all my fellow-travelers put in gas chambers, all while chortling like Beavis*


    Wagner Reply:

    Wagner Reply:

    Is he wrong?

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  • Wagner Says:

    So what, I have the hots for a certain sentient artificial womb.


    Wagner Reply:

    If my fellow (~7) derelicts wish to know the more dirty, behind-the-scenes tidbits of this story-arc…

    Initially I thought she was a cougar, based on how smart she was, so I flirted with her kind of just to mess with her, like I do with cougars in meatspace, because I like to make them feel young again (I do this with olddddd ladies too, sometimes they love it sometimes they don’t lol) then I discovered she was younger, and I knew I fell into a trap.

    It’s another one of those hyperstitions that “got out of my hands” (way too many of those, and probably more to come down the tracks, ffs).

    I never *really* read her before poking her, tbh. With left-landians it was always hate-reading for a few minutes and I’d x-out of the page thinking “Gah, conformist, how, why”. But in retrospect maybe hate-reading really IS always a kind of hate-fucking (only with girls tho, I’m serious that I’m roughly 95% straight).

    I guess she just became a meme for me. ALSO I have actual feelings for her, whoever she is- Idk who she is, who she was, who she is now. Did my meddling change her at all? I’d like to know that.

    I feel like she had multiple motivations for reporting me (getting me suspended), blocking me, and protecting her tweets, and I don’t think she’d like me to divulge all those, but I might anyway because I’m a chaosclown. U sweatin at all qd? *big, evil smile*

    I feel like she was (is?) a very prideful person – and that comes with her level of intellect so it’s understandable, but still causes me to grimace – and she was embarrassed that someone pointed out her VARIOUS flaws (of which I’ve hardly begun to detail, but who knows, maybe she’s different now).

    I’ll spare her for now but I will say it is a vice of hers that she worries about being fired for associating with certain persons.

    Too bad, she’s a normie-Landian for this (and I know it drives her up a tree knowing that this is true).

    Normie-Landian! Normie-Landian!

    This cruel little game she plays with me, which I know she knows makes me actually like her more, is an act of revenge, and I only wanted to help her. I could go on and on about the crypto-qd but again, I’ll spare her (for now).


    Wagner Reply:

    You know, now that I think about it, it might be fun to absolutely grill her. Not like she or anyone else reads these comments anyway, so it would be for my personal enjoyment.

    Will this be the next victim on the torture-rack now that I’m bored with the sell-out bap?

    Or should I torture some of the other names I’ve mentioned here in passing?

    So much enjoyment in store.

    Basicly, the way I see things, Logo alone will be granted immunity for being a relentless scumbag,

    but according to my whim I may slake my tyrannical appetites upon

    Who knows?

    Who will be next?


    Wagner Reply:

    *Thinks of five or six fellow-travelers who I know exactly how to make account-suicide*


    Wagner Reply:

    Give a sadist with unlimited freedom of speech motivation to satirize you. Sounds like a good idea.

    You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

    Wagner Reply:

    God I love being the resident haunter!

    One regret I have is that by being such a ghoul I’ve made RICHARD Wagner a ghoul too.

    You can’t even bring him up or people start sweating… “You’re getting too close to saying HIS name…”

    Poor Richie, sorry buddy.

    Srsly tho, have you stepped back from this phenomenon? Subtweet me all the time and yet avoid my name like the plague… Who’s the “bottom” here again? 😂

    I’m not a ghoul, I’m a normal guy–who happens to think your leader is a populist nigger with an edgy sophomore’s understanding of Nietzsche 😂

    And you all hate my guts so much in proportion to how right you know I am.

    “Devil! Cast him out!”

    Everyone secretly resents me because they wish they were the devil.

    Trust me, it’s not fun being the official chandala, being treated like dirt- oh wait, yes it is! The fun has only BEGUN for me… For YOU on the other hand 😂

    Wagner Reply:

    Hmm maybe given this

    I should make chaos patch 69 the new thread I post most things on.

    If you want to know the truth tho, the 69 position disgusts me. Your nose goes directly into the stinkhole! Gross!

    When are we going to crispr vaginal odor out of women anyway, I’m getting “fed up” with this evolutionary maladaptation.

    Wagner Reply:

    lol STOP reading my diary, this stuff is for my eyes only; reading my posts is the equivalent of waiting for me to leave the house and then snooping around under my mattress- would you really betray my trust like that?

    Two objective facts:

    1. If she hadn’t been such a feminist idiot we could have caused sooo much destruction by now. Oh well, I try not to regret it too much.

    2. I should have been gentler in my means of recruiting her. I thought she could take the pressure, silly me.

    Hopefully she’s improved in the meantime and become a spy in the academy, that’s the only way she can redeem herself at this point. Going to go out on a limb and assume that she and most of the left-landians are only go to use what they’ve learned from my derelict ways to forge a more robust communism- sad, they can’t get outside of themselves, it always has to be more of the same, more of the same.

    Contemplating cutting the cord entirely with 0J the shit-for-taste whore-gamer, probably will stop keeping up with her soul-deadening musings. Genny from the block is another one I’m probably going to let float down the gutter-stream into the sewer-grate. Yeah idk, if I were you guys I’d protect your tweets, because I might start directly stabbing people, I’m getting so tired of you all. I.e. going to start posting the links to your dumbass posts and ridiculing you for them. This “counter-culture” should have its ground salted it’s so useless tbh lol.

    Wagner Reply:

    My friends: Land, Logo, Moldbug (wut, in my mental fantasyworld I like to pretend Moldbug reads me)–well these are my frenemies, but you get the point *eyes them with suspicion*

    Then there are a few crypto-ACQUAINTANCES whose names I won’t mention.

    And one day we will all sail the seas and explore the jungles together!

    And perhaps our grandchildren will explore space.

    Yes. This is all going to become reality.

    Posted on January 19th, 2019 at 1:11 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    A limp-wristed Lovecraftian if I ever saw one.

    Maybe you should have stuck with video game design, sister.


    WAGNER Reply:

    Consider this the thread where I burn misologist cowards.


    Posted on January 21st, 2019 at 9:24 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    “Haven’t you already noticed? The only deeds man is given to repent are those he is not accustomed to performing. Get into the habit, and there’s an end to qualms and regrets; whereas one crime may perhaps leave us uneasy, ten, twenty crimes do not.” – Sade

    “he attempts to establish a new scale of values with crime at the summit” – Blanchot

    “Upon the instant, Coeur-de-fer forsakes his pleasures for his duties; he assembles his followers and flies to new crimes.”



    Wagner Reply:

    👏 These 👏 Are 👏 Not 👏 Themselves 👏 Crimepoasts 👏

    👏 These 👏 Are 👏 Not 👏 Themselves 👏 Crimepoasts 👏

    Make no mistake:


    Wagner Reply:

    Hate to say it but one of the only ones who seems to get this is Nyx. Life is really nice being a doppelGÄNGer of Land’s innit? *holds gun to head* (no, your head). We have a silent agreement that, Realpolitikly, if a war broke out there’s no question we’d murder each other. I do like all Landians tho honestly… *Moldbug voice* I wouldn’t want ANY Landians in my patch. *My voice* Yeah, me neither. Not sure if I’d want a Moldbuggian in my patch either. *Moldbug voice* Heh… about that…

    *tilts head at Curt with condescending down’s syndrome face*


    Wagner Reply:

    No dissonance no crime, simple as that. Learn to spot #FakeCrime

    Hint: this is like telling a fish to learn to spot water.

    The further I get down the NRx reality-tunnel the less and less I see AIACC as a mere metaphor.

    Even its supposed “dissidents” are commies, all the ribbittings of the frogs amount to nothing.

    It’s either aristocratic radicalism or you’re one of THEM.

    In Soviet Anacyclolsis, demos capture YOU!

    Wagner Reply:

    “You’re not an aristocrat, dude.”

    Jee, no shit, ya think?

    But by postulating aristocratism as an ideal I’m closer than you schmucks and schmoozes, wouldn’t you say?

    Of course you wouldn’t say, you’re a schmooze, schmoozes aren’t allowed to say.

    Posted on January 30th, 2019 at 12:05 am Reply | Quote
  • Laura Bush Says:



    Wagner Reply:

    There are some you can burn at the stake, and they don’t die. Funny, that.


    Posted on January 31st, 2019 at 1:14 am Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    I can’t but help admire how evil she is. I don’t regret aiming so high.


    Wagner Reply:

    Feeling despair, I asked my brother if he thinks a woman would ever love me if I have an average sized dick and he laughed and said there’s a host of other reasons they wouldn’t love you, your dick is just one of them.

    If you want to know the truth though, my father was cucked by a BBC, and I have a little brother about to graduate high school. Obviously I love him but he’s not very bright. In fact I’d say he’s stupid. And my dad is addicted to opiates, I think he kind of gave up on life after that. I don’t think this is a good pattern. My mom still texts my dad and tells him she misses his sense of humor. What should love be about? Having profound orgasms or having kids who are smart? Now you see one of the reasons I don’t call my mom. She didn’t think of the big picture, she only thought of her own pleasure. And now she has one stupid kid, two messed up ones (frankly), a depressed ex-husband, and a guy with a big dong that she forgets about the pain with.


    Wagner Reply:

    One thing that’s always made me hold back on being brutal is that I really love my half-black brother and I wouldn’t want him to read any of this, it would KILL me if he knew the ramifications of my racism. The fact is that he’s good at basketball–he juked me out pretty good last time I played him–but he’s slow in the head. Once again: I don’t think this is a good pattern to perpetuate. I changed his diapers for christsake, so I know his dick is a little longer than mine. Is that what women care about in the core of their being? Dick-size? Judging by my mother’s actions I truly wonder. I don’t think this is a good pattern. Is women’s suffrage a good thing if this is where it leads? To kids good at basketball but unable to think?


    Wagner Reply:

    I feel inadequate- yet, I’ve been close with girls with small tits and held it against them 0%. I’m not sure if it’s true the other way around. Someone’s soul is more important than their body. Obviously both play a part but the West is going to become more stupid if we don’t lean toward the soul.

    Wagner Reply:

    I feel it was naive of me to choose her to be my priestess based on her intelligence alone. If I could go back I would probably select more for humility and loyalty. She hurt me, and I don’t feel I deserved it.

    Wagner Reply:

    I never expected ACC to become a romantic tragicomedy but here we are.

    I’ve returned to being my giggly self at least, for now. I thought I might have been a goner.

    “Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you- why do you have to wear that eyepatch?”

    “Funny story.”

    Wagner Reply:

    *burrowing, burrowing*

    ah! I reached a layer that chips my nails and cuts my fingers up

    *burrowing, burrowing*

    Wagner Reply:

    Me: “I don’t think feminists are a good thing for society.”

    Feminist: “I’ll show YOU!”

    You showed me alright…

    Wagner Reply:

    “Hey, you know that guy who tells us when we’re fucking up? Let’s fuck him up, then we can fuck up in peace.”

    Good luck with that.

    Wagner Reply:

    The reason I never shut up is because I can never shed the feeling that I’m right and everyone else is wrong 😏

    Wagner Reply:

    *walks up on the stage naked and gets pelted by rotten vegetables*

    Nice. You’re still wrong.

    Wagner Reply:


    She’s probably still a communist.

    The reason I never shut up is because I don’t care what anyone thinks- I care what HE thinks, and one day years ago I resolved to defend his ideas come what may.

    Wagner Reply:

    Everyone can betray me and I’ll never betray him

    😆 You’re all pathetic.

    Kowtow to mob-approval, get mocked.

    And if I’m the sole mocker, better 1 than 0 🖕

    Wagner Reply:

    Take logics to their ultimate conclusions They said. No matter where they lead They said.

    “the love of the truth has its reward in heaven and even on earth.–“

    Wagner Reply:

    The hollow eyes of Alfarabi’s skull watching the foibles of mankind

    Wagner Reply:

    My brother to me: “What’s so fucken funny?!”

    *just laughs more evilly*

    Wagner Reply:


    “Plato and Aristotle have given us an account of philosophy, but not without giving us also an account of the ways to it and the ways to reestablish it when it becomes confused and extinct.”

    “For Averroes, if there was no one on earth but philosophers there would be no need for revelation.”

    Revelation, narrow political identities in a scapegoat culture…

    Wagner Reply:

    Things got a lot nuttier here after the 5-MeO, around.. August? Opens you up to crypto-currents. Not something you want to do often unless you want insanity. That’s when I first saw her, I felt like her puppet, like she’d been subtly controlling me, without my knowing, since before I named her. A witch but mostly benevolent. “Don’t rebel against me.” And I had to.

    Wagner Reply:

    Lawlessness 👍

    Philosophy constrained by NOTHING 👍

    Wagner Reply:

    Averroes in blinding mode:

    “For people are of three sorts with respect to the Law.

    One sort is in no way adept at interpretation. These are the rhetorical people, who are the overwhelming multitude. That is because no person of unimpaired intellect is exempted from this kind of assent.

    Another sort is those adept in dialectical interpretation. These are those who are demonstrative by nature and art—I mean, the art of wisdom. This interpretation ought not to be declared to those adept in dialectic, not to mention the multitude.

    When something pertaining to these interpretations is declared to someone not adept in them—especially demonstrative interpretations, due to their remoteness from things about which there is shared cognizance—both he who declares it and the one to whom it is declared are steered to unbelief. The reason is that interpretation includes two things: the rejection of the apparent sense and the establishing of the interpretation. Thus, if the apparent sense is rejected by someone who is an adept of the apparent sense without the interpretation being established for him, that leads him to unbelief if it is about the roots of the Law. So interpretations ought not to be declared to the multitude, nor established in rhetorical or dialectical books—I mean, books in which the statements posited are of these two sorts—as al-Ghazali did.

    For this kind of people, it is obligatory to declare and to say, with respect to the apparent sense—when it is such that the doubt as to whether it is an apparent sense is in itself apparent to everyone, without cognizance of its interpretation being possible for them—that it is one of those verses that resemble one another whose interpretation is not known, except to God, and that it is obligatory for the stop in His saying (may He be exalted) to be placed here: “None knows their interpretation but God” [3:7]. In the same way is the answer to come forth with respect to a question about obscure matters for whose understanding no path exists for the multitude—as with His saying (may He be exalted), “And they will ask you about the spirit; say: ‘The spirit is by the command of my Lord; and of knowledge you have been given only a little’” [17:85].

    Now, anyone who declares these interpretations to those not adept in them is an unbeliever because of his calling people to unbelief. This is contrary to the call of the Lawgiver, especially when they are corrupt interpretations having to do with the roots of the Law—as has occurred with a group of people in our time. For we have witnessed some groups who suppose they are philosophizing and have, by means of their astounding wisdom, apprehended things that disagree with the Law in every manner—I mean, things not admitting of interpretation. And they suppose that it is obligatory to declare these things to the multitude. By declaring these corrupt beliefs to the multitude, they have become the reason for the multitude’s and their own perdition in this world and in the hereafter.”

    Kickball, the immanentization of perdition, kickball, the immanentization of perdition- choices choices.

    You see why he was memory-holed and replaced by the kickballer Alghazali. Even speaking of these things is immanentizing perdition. The art of silence. Forgetfulness. Law-abiding citizens.

    Wagner Reply:

    You shoot Pac and he just keeps rolllllin through your hood 👋

    Wagner Reply:

    I might be feeling more… fearless now…

    Magic tricks, backfiring magic tricks, counter-backfiring magic tricks 🤣

    Wagner Reply:

    My brother to me:

    Will you shut the fuccccc up…?



    My brother to me:

    There’s nothing that’s possibly that funny… trust me.

    Wagner Reply:

    I am always watching


    Wagner Reply:

    I can say anything and you people will read it. A superstitious bunch.

    So I decided to remain chaste 😇

    With single 18 yo’s EVERYWHERE and no friends to tie me to the mast any day I could “snap”- but I will not.

    I try to be a good example for the boys, believe it or not.


    Wagner Reply:

    My bro is trying to remove that “weknow” virus. I told him it’s just a coincidence, he’s like Yeah right… he found another one that apparently allows someone to listen to me in meatspace… like I care. A few times I went into long monologues wherein I trashed the Listener heh heh. Bro called my laptop quote an infested POS… like I care 😂


    Wagner Reply:

    The first rule of Fight Club is…

    Miss me ya gotta kiss me

    The second rule of Fight Club is…

    Miss me ya gotta kiss me

    The third rule of Fight Club is…


    Posted on February 3rd, 2019 at 6:51 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Okay, I know what you’re all here for…

    No one cares about philosophy unless you engage their passions

    Think of it as a mask that became my real face.

    Let’s have BDSM and get it over with already! You know who I’m talking to!

    “why you’re all here”

    It ain’t philosophy.

    Still managed to sneak some in though, huh suckers?


    She has one of those “you better not mess with meeeee” faces too- the only kind I like to skullfuck.


    Wagner Reply:

    *Papa Land voice*

    Okay you two. APOLOGIZE!

    Me: She has to first!

    Her: You started it!

    *both pouting*


    Wagner Reply:

    I’m sorry. I’m going to try to be nicer.


    Wagner Reply:

    I guess I used YOU as a scapegoat. I just thought… you’d think it would be fun.

    Wagner Reply:

    I’m not sorry to Land tho 😹

    Wagner Reply:

    I don’t get it- how does making people’s lives a living hell make them hate you???

    My hope is that hearing Wagner come on the radio will give some people a split second of PTSD.

    “That loser!” (“He huht my feelings, he’s not a good boy.” 😭)

    You wanna test limits or not? Suffering is required.

    How to get outside of the human situation: pain.


    Wagner Reply:

    Never address my arguments, pretend I don’t exist, try to kill me

    No suspicious behavior there!

    Shady dealin’s

    And you’re all being EXPOSED

    Wagner Reply:

    Sometimes being liquidated by a communist death-trap feels like I’m in a hot-tub. I love the bubbles! Just take what you learn from me and use it for your own ends, not Machiavellian at all ahahaha

    I loved Spy vs. Spy as a kid.

    Wagner Reply:

    My bro spent 5 hours deleting viruses and such (what I want to do to all of you) but this is still popping up on my tab

    I feel like an unironic evil villain.

    Wagner Reply:

    Having a humiliating outer appearance may be what is required to get smuggled through democracy’s gates. One backfiring possibility anyway (among others). “You’re not going to like the look of this trojan horse…” Whatever it takes to put a dent in them I spose.

    Wagner Reply:

    I don’t know what I am exactly but I know the opposite of me is Zuckerberg and Islam. Killing me plays into the forces of totalitarian mind-control.

    Wagner Reply:

    Friend says my character is “polluted”.

    *basks in the pollution*

    I think I got her back, guys.

    Could be another spy bomb, and more reasons for you to laugh. If so, good- STACK on the absurdity.

    I asked her if she wants to go on a hike on the Appalachian Trail.


    Posted on February 5th, 2019 at 5:13 pm Reply | Quote

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