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Thinking through Exit (remember this). NIO thinks it’s been a little too quiet around here recently (recalling). The resilience of politics (plus, and double-plus). Burnham the prophet. Errors of altruism, and tolerance (plus). Lessons of reality TV. Ideological security (also). Spreading deviancy. Propaganda. Georgist epistemology. New blog of the week (make that two). Regular staples, Friday frags and the weeklyround.

President Sanders? (At last!) Enter the Trump popcorn wagon (more, and more, and more). Progressive Gothic (comprehended). A name that will live in infamy. A brief history of left libertarianism. Greekshit (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, it’s endless). America‘s Greece. The China crash.

A climate of unreality (plus 1, 2, 3).

“It makes a big difference where your immigrants come from.” Taleb and tribalism. Chinese privilege. Reddit is the worst (unless maybe for these folks). Questioning WN. The Left’s Nordic dream. Does racism exist? Racist computers. Taylor on Raspail.

The prospect of a neo-eugenic arms race. What inbreeding doesn’t mean. Race on the brain.

Lenin on Malthusianism. Philip on Malthus. The trouble with Social Darwinism. Some Druidic conclusions from Darwin. Constructor Theory. Death.

Luther and the origins of Modernity. A leftist homage to the Puritans. Yes, the Pope is a communist (and everyone knows it). An improbable path to Christendom.

On transhumanism (with the Nietzsche cut out).


Collective scams. Bent science.

Congratulations, you won. No one will help you.”

Futurisms. Political theory from the future (via). OIW on Anathem.

Zora Neale Hurston on Zombies.

Tests and diversions: text-based personality analyzer, political geometry, Reform insolence. (Relevant.)

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  • Chaos Patch (#71) | Neoreactive Says:

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  • Chris B Says:

    Orwell on Burnham –

    You might find this of interest especially –
    “When Burnham’s master, Machiavelli, was writing, class divisions were not only unavoidable, but desirable. So long as methods of production were primitive, the great mass of the people were necessarily tied down to dreary, exhausting manual labour: and a few people had to be set free from such labour, otherwise civilisation could not maintain itself, let alone make any progress. But since the arrival of the machine the whole pattern has altered. The justification for class distinctions, if there is a justification, is no longer the same, because there is no mechanical reason why the average human being should continue to be a drudge….The notion that the machine has altered human relationships, and that in consequence Machiavelli is out of date, is a very obvious one. If Burnham fails to deal with it, it can, I think, only be because his own power instinct leads him to brush aside any suggestion that the Machiavellian world of force, fraud, and tyranny may somehow come to an end. It is important to bear in mind what I said above: that Burnham’s theory is only a variant — an American variant, and interesting because of its comprehensiveness — of the power worship now so prevalent among intellectuals.”


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  • Chris B Says:

    Also this on exit from Turner’s Thesis which I keep seeing mentioned –
    “The next topic to which I ask your attention is the influence of the Ohio Valley in the promotion of democracy. On this I shall, by reason of lack of time, be obliged merely to point out that the powerful group of Ohio Valley States, which sprang out of the democracy of the backwoods, and which entered the Union one after the other with manhood suffrage, greatly recruited the effective forces of democracy in the Union. Not only did they add new recruits, but by their competitive pressure for population they forced the older States to break down their historic restraints upon the right of voting, unless they were to lose their people to the freer life of the West.”

    and the effect of expansion and exit on money –
    “The demand for an expansion of the currency has marked each area of Western advance. The greenback movement of Ohio and the eastern part of the Middle West grew into the fiat money, free silver, and land bank propositions of the Populists across the Mississippi. ”

    “Individualism in America has allowed a laxity in regard to governmental affairs which has rendered possible the spoils system and all the manifest evils that follow from the lack of a highly developed civic spirit. In this connection may be noted also the influence of frontier conditions in permitting lax business honor, inflated paper currency and wild-cat banking. The colonial and revolutionary frontier was the region whence emanated many of the worst forms of an evil currency.48 The West in the War of 1812 repeated the phenomenon on the frontier of that day, while the speculation and wild-cat banking of the period of the crisis of 1837 occurred on the new frontier belt of the next tier of States. Thus each one of the periods of lax financial integrity coincides with periods when a new set of frontier communities had arisen, and coincides in area with these successive frontiers for the most part. The recent Populist agitation is a case in point. Many a State that now declines any connection with the tenets of the Populists, itself adhered to such ideas in an earlier stage of the development of the State. A primitive society can hardly be expected to show the intelligent appreciation of the complexity of business interests in a developed society. The continual recurrence of these areas of paper-money agitation is another evidence that the frontier can be isolated and studied as a factor in American history of the highest importance. 49
    The East has always feared the result of an unregulated advance of the frontier, and has tried to check and guide it. The English authorities would have checked settlement at the headwaters of the Atlantic tributaries and allowed the “savages to enjoy their deserts in quiet lest the peltry trade should decrease.””

    The one major counter to this I can raise is that whereas the US expansion/exit mechanism operated in an environment in which the consumer was king (citizens were in demand) a modern exit based system would likely be the other way around, especially if things get bad.


    admin Reply:

    “… by their competitive pressure for population they forced the older States to break down their historic restraints upon the right of voting, unless they were to lose their people to the freer life of the West.” — This is indeed horrible, but it’s not easy to see the same pattern repeated in an epoch that has seen the democratic plague unleashed to its final degree, and which also has far less dependency upon the average yeomanry for its techno-economic performance.


    Chris B Reply:

    I would agree with that. The key is taking exit away from being merely an abstract principle, and thinking out the outlines of how an ownership – non-owner relationship would operate in regards to a patchwork system. A flip in this mechanism from the current dynamic would be a drastic and epoch making moment. But for this to happen you would need primary formalised ownership capable of coherent thinking. Anything less is subject to self destructive leftist agitation for the importation of the flotsom of the world’s worst populations as part of a natural power dynamic/ religious frenzy (as you noted The more violent, and thicker, they are, the better they are for leftism high-low.


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  • Chaos Patch (#71) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Erebus Says:

    That transhumanism article is either biased against its subject, or badly misunderstands it. The author starts by framing transhumanism as a popular left-liberal ideology — in fact as a sort of secular ersatz-religion — when nothing could be further from the truth. If our masses can be said to have any religion at all, it’s the official religion of the state: Hedonistic nihilism. This is the polar opposite of transhumanism. (One could note that contemporary mass-nihilism has much more in common with modern Catholicism’s insipid passivity and tolerance than it has in common with the striving of transhumanism.)

    All of the author’s answers to “what is transhumanism” are delivered with contempt. And this contempt blinds him to reality, as he is capable of delivering absurdities such as: “we are further from achieving [these things] than we were a few decades ago – as human capability dwindles and hype increases.” (!?)

    The truth is that the political implications of transhumanism depend solely on its manner of implementation. It is extremely unlikely that all people, across all social classes, will enjoy its highest benefits. (Meaningful anti-aging technologies, cognitive enhancement, etc.) It’s much more likely that these mighty gifts are spent exclusively on an elite class of people, or are simply unevenly distributed. Surely it’s obvious that this would be anathema to modern, secular Leftism. (It could, indeed, lead to a new sort of aristocracy of blood.)


    peter connor Reply:

    Transhumanism is being waved around like a magic wand, based on little or no scientific evidence that it is even feasible. It is similar to the miracles expected of gene therapy, which have not materialized….. The human body breaks down over time in a process that resembles entropy. The evidence that such processes can be reversed in any major way is lacking.
    But in any event, even if worthwhile techniques emerge, they will be risky and fantastically expensive…..just about the time civilization starts to collapse from debt and resource depletion….The proles will not be paying for such procedures, they will be slaughtering the elites.


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    The human body breaks down over time in a process that resembles entropy.

    Very true. More likely, people will start by IQ-enhancing their kids, probably on the same day they go on TV to talk about how IQ is irrelevant.


    Erebus Reply:

    I agree almost completely with your second paragraph. I only disagree where you say the proles will be slaughtering the elites — I think it’s more likely that they continue begging the elites for scraps and eking out vacuous and useless existences. There’s no fight in them any longer. They wouldn’t fight the elites, in any case — to me it looks much more likely that they would fight each other for opportunities to serve the elites. (Look at the University system these days, business schools in particular. What was once about truth and knowledge has become an industrial-scale feeder system into low-paying corporate and government jobs. And, instead of complaining, the masses love and venerate it more than ever.)

    As for your first paragraph… Well… I can’t help but utterly disagree. Tremendous strides are being made in genome editing, cognitive science, metabolic science, brain-computer interfacing, robotic exoskeletons and prosthetics, and many other relevant fields. The progress being made these days is in fact quite remarkable. If you look at chemistry (organic/analytical) — there have been no significant changes since R.B. Woodward’s day! I regularly read chemistry papers which are 40-50 years old, and sometimes even older than that. The information those papers contain is still current & helps me do my job. The situation in many other scientific fields — from materials science to linguistics — is similar. In contrast, to read a molecular biology paper published before 1999 would be rare and unusual… most of those “old” biology papers are already obsolete, or have been superseded.

    I believe wholeheartedly that meaningful human enhancement is feasible. It will likely start, within a decade or two, with relatively mundane treatments for cognitive enhancement and life-extension — and will likely end, sometime in the distant future, with the “production” of entities that are no longer recognizably human, being vastly superior in every meaningful respect. It’s the will of Gnon, supercharged. It’s not hyperbole to state that this is the most important issue of our era. It makes politics and economics look trivial.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    Transhumanism as a word seems to be used by many different groups to mean very different things. There is a contemptible contingent of hedonistic nihilists who loudly proclaim their narrow vision of transhumanism who are best described as being wireheads because they want permanent artificial bliss.The transhumanism talked about on this blog is inseparable from the hell-baked post. There is great truth in Matthew 5-5 Blessed are the meek/gentle, for they will inherit the earth. The Greek word used here translated as meek/gentle most closely resembles the context of humility, resignation and submission to the divine will, without murmuring or peevishness. Provided divine will is understood as the laws of universe along with the implications of such in hell-baked. Christians never claimed to accept the “fallen” laws the of universe, which is why they wait for a savior from outside the universe “restoring” a kinder/gentler set of laws including lions laying with lambs. Progressive transhumanists like their parent religion also seek to restore a tranquil bonobo condition with so called “post scarcity” economics and a genetically engineered baptism of man’s fallen nature.

    “The thing to recognize about Transhumanism is that it does not have any respect for human nature as it is – it sees nothing ‘sacred’ in humans as they are; indeed humans as they are are seen as on the one hand arbitrary, contingent products of natural selection – which could easily have been otherwise, and which are – anyway – simply optimized for average reproductive success under average ancestral conditions”

    This paragraph is a decent condemnation of leftist visions of transhumanism who don’t fear Gnon. Human nature is far from arbitrary, survival isn’t played out in a single generation, but is a long game. Interestingly though, it is the Christian who sees human nature as tainted by the fall and their successor religion of progressivism that wars against human nature is the likeliest culprit for rebelling against Gnon’s divine will and altering elements of human nature necessary for long term survival.

    Christians gravely misinterpret the meaning of being made in the image of god as an excuse to be in awe of themselves. Man was made in the image of Gnon. The surviving heirs of man shall bear an even more refined image of Gnon. This sort of succession is at the root of Gnon’s essence.


    Dark Psy-Ops Reply:

    Transhumanists follow the ‘Ancient Western Metaphysical Rationalist Tradition’, though they know it by other names. Admin’s shrewd, bracketed remark (‘with the Nietzsche cut out’) reveals an occult perception into an infamous rift in what is lazily, but nonetheless accurately, referred to as the ‘Western Philosophical Tradition’. It can be framed as a question about Socrates, and whether that loveable degenerate was a deluded fool or not. It’s fundamentally a question about the value of life. I don’t pretend to answer that question here, but merely to offer a limited investigation into the Puritan Hypothesis. For the sake of conceptual simplicity, we’ll break the camps into two groups denoting distinct notions of meaningful valuation. We’ll call them essentialists and existentialists. Here I defer to Nietzsche. Nietzsche in his early texts had already (begun to) delineate the essentialist procedure as instigated in the degenerate Hellene culture, penultimately in Socrates, and then complete in its highest form in Plato. He further tracked this cultural strain as it underwent mutation into a more virulent, pathological form in Christianity, first as adopted by a semitic slave caste, and then propagated as fully weaponised in the universalism of Saint Paul and the existentialism of Augustine Of Hippo. Augustine’s procedural ‘moral ordeal’ is ‘at heart’ an attempt to reconcile contradictions, and what’s more, though Augustine doesn’t get there, the principle of non-contradiction, of nondualism. Augustine’s theories, like Plato, attempt to locate the originate source of Good, or Divine Value. This is a moral absolution in the sacred affirmation of an Unnameable Power. What generates ‘holiness spirals’ is the (adaptive) Darwinian trait of a living system to absolutize its own values ( = Natural Law). A ‘Universal Darwinian Process’ is not the same as a ‘Universal Human Good’, the latter being a perversion of the former. Humans are not valued by the weight of their soul, which in any case equals zero. An existentialist values life very differently, they accumulate goods in a different way, they don’t mind looking at things from a new angle. An essentialist reifies figures into projective archetypes, and regards unobservable aspects of nature (power primarily) as an immoral aberration, to be finally consummated in some final solution (Judgement Day). Nietzsche, in contrast, numbers things by powers. This is the ‘antithesis’ of logical positivism, which in any case is just the same old entropic monotony of the Totalitarianism Of The Banal. This is already a long comment and I probably haven’t said anywhere near enough to even make my theories coherent, but it has very much to do a with a ‘transvaluation of values’ as the fatal damnation of the West. To resent life, to rebel and revolt against life, is not necessarily a bad survival strategy. It gives people meaning, pathos, an ethos of struggle, and a feeling of solidarity, predominantly negative. The idea that value is ‘capitalist’ (existential) and not ‘spiritual’ – i.e calculated on terms potentially ‘dissonant’ to a systems self-representation – is naturally repudiated by a rational pious intelligence. One could only winder that if they were a little bit smarter, and even a bit more pious, they wouldn’t repudiate it, but would embrace it, accelerate it… Anyway, too many threads, but I’ll be writing more on this topic in the near future. I’ll sum it up by saying the Puritan Hypothesis in its full conceptual extension is near inexhaustible in raw explanatory power, but as its contours shape an occult conspiracy, its usage can be expected to remain arcane.


    Dark Psy-Ops Reply:

    To clarify, Augustine is an ‘existentialist’ in some regard, with his faith-based moral salvationism, but he is an essentialist in that he follows the usual transcendent vanities. For example, Grace is an existential quality for Augustine, but it derives from the self-comprehension of a soul upon its own Christological redemption. Long story short, Gnon cuts Jesus out of the picture, and for Cultists of Gnon grace is the spontaneous creation of the Godhead or Archillect, or more accurately, arises from out of the interrelation of Gnon with Himself, and no longer from the Eucharist. This is why the Cult of Gnon could be considered hyper-Calvinist, but its heresy is more fundamental than that. What Land does, in a characteristic endeavor, is push through the puritan psychology until it comes out looking like Eternal Hell, as if (European) millennialism birthed Gnon as unintentional destiny. It’s a Second Coming cast under Nietzsche’s shadow at midday, when one becomes two, or when ‘the promise of heaven on earth’ is made double, as the vow to give hell. The Vow Of Gnon as Nietzsche’s Dawn At The End Of Time.

    Erebus Reply:


    Outstanding post.

    I would add that the progressive Transhumanists are typically Liberal-Jewish in that they subscribe wholeheartedly to “tikkun olam” — the belief that the world can be somehow transformed into a kinder and gentler place, and that it is their religious duty to try and bring that about. This is an extremely dangerous philosophy.

    In any case, what’s plain as day is that mass-implementation of human enhancement technologies is decades off, or will never happen at all. (Among other reasons, the FDA has no category for treatments or drugs that make people better-than-normal, so regulatory approval will probably take even longer than the usual 12 years.) The best-positioned people, therefore, are tech-pirates and the wealthy and well-connected who have access to experimental drugs and medical procedures. I wonder what the progs think of this situation, which further entrenches “privilege”, and which is inescapable.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Great list of links. I like the assault on “racism” as a concept: self-definition by exclusion (!) is a normal behavior of any species, thus what we see called “racism” is merely collisions brought on by pluralism.


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  • Henk Says:

    Nick B Steves post on Exit prompted me to read Wiki on the Amish ( where I found this:

    Petrol-powered farm equipment, such as tillers or mowers, may be pushed by a human or pulled by a horse. The reasoning is that Amish farmers will not be tempted to purchase more land to out-compete other farmers in their community, if they have to move the equipment manually.



    Alrenous Reply:

    The Amish can be pretty great.
    But it occurs to me that if they can make weird arbitrary rules like ‘push it yourself,’ they might as well make the weird, arbitrary rule, ‘don’t buy too much land.’


    Yvjrolu Reply:

    The second rule would probably, in practice, be easy to rationalize into meaninglessness.


    Henk Reply:

    I wasn’t surprised about seemingly arbitrary rules; I expect no less from religious rule systems. What surprised me was the rationale itself, whatever the rule it might have attached to.

    From what I previously knew about the Amish, they certainly ban the obvious vectors of progressive infection. Television? Check. State schooling? Check. Cults are known to do that, and we know that it works.

    But they also ban some less obvious vectors, game theoretic consequences of capitalistic structure, and the rationale quoted says they do it consciously. It betrays a level of insight/foresight I didn’t expect.

    Here’s another one. Free Northener:

    “There has been a campaign (intentional or not) to get you to stop helping your neighbours so that the atomization of society can continue.”


    “Amish rely on their church and community for support, and thus reject the concept of insurance.”


    Eternal Apparatchik Reply:

    Like Yvjrolu and Henk already pointed out, it seems to me that rather than being arbitrary, the Amish have a very firm understanding of Natural Law. If the people at large, or, at the very least, a critical mass of the lot had maintained the same measure of wilful guidance in accord with their actual nature (instead of what they fancied man could/should be), we would probably have permanent settlements on the Moon and manned mission to Mars by now. I have littler and littler doubt about that the more I think about it.

    Point for the religious/traditionalist branch of the Deutschland?


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    Define “too much.” Do you measure by the smallest landhold in the area, or the average?


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  • peter connor Says:

    Regarding Darwin–The Amish and JMG share some conceits that will reduce their chances of survival drastically in the fairly near future. Both are advocates of paper money and non-violence, which from any historical perspective gives them a pretty small chance in any major systemic collapse–which JMG is actively predicting. There are obvious reasons why humans (men) are genetically violent–tribes that couldn’t defend themselves got wiped out, or pushed into less valuable territory….Also, Despite his advocacy of Darwin, JMG also doesn’t concern himself with mutation load, dysgenic breeding, and the obviously declining intelligence in the West. The Amish are highly inbred, and exhibit no concern about the obvious consequences of that fact–e.g.Pakistanis account for 30% of serious birth defects in the UK due to cousin marriage.
    All in all, traits and behaviors that are adaptive in today’s deranged and artificial society , but maladaptive in a more natural environment are being genetically perpetuated for now, but will not survive what is coming.


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  • Alan J. Perrick Says:

    Really enjoyed the links, thanks.



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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    All in all, traits and behaviors that are adaptive in today’s deranged and artificial society , but maladaptive in a more natural environment are being genetically perpetuated for now, but will not survive what is coming.

    Or, will produce the end result of all failed empires: third-world populations. This process does not require the importation of third-world peoples. As people get dumbed down and accustomed to more granular tasks, they will lose general intelligence, to the point where as institutions fail people will be unable to renew them. Fast forward a few generations, and it’s people living in mud huts and eating bush meat.


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    “The age of the shitlord cometh”
    Awake muses, provide a mic drop
    Water coming from a cup of piss
    Inspiration coming from hippity hop
    There’s no record left to scratch
    And no quiltwork left to patch
    A-10 roll with F-bombs nonstop

    Raise the roof, raze the big tent
    Bring in horrors of the machine
    Spitting dishonors for erry dime we spent
    Winning dollars like Charlie Sheen
    Wood bridges gotta burn
    Got nothin left to learn
    Get my smug mug on that magazine

    Give no quarter, be money as hell
    Spit shine my shoes with LSD
    Basis for your baseness ya might as well
    What ya want is just what you gonna see
    Image is king and queen today
    Black Swan comin’ whatever I say
    Shitlord out, workin’ twelve to three.


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  • E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Says:

    That was meant to be a comment to the thread in general, but somehow it managed to get itself attached to Brett’s. Sorry Brett, though I hope you enjoy the freestyle


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  • Chris B Says:

    @admin Part of me wants to implore you to spam complicated philosophical ruminations on time (I would really like you opinions on Eliades ‘Eternal Return’ and the issue of cyclical time in reaction), sovereignty, primary property and other serious issues which nRX isn’t even pretending to engage to drive the alt-right retards away. The other part of me wants to let you carry on with the social media psychosis concentration to see where it is going. In the vein of the second direction there is this interesting admission that social media is spinning out of control (also note “virtue signalling) –


    admin Reply:

    (My Bitcoin book is taking up a massive chunk of time — apologies if that means the popcorn factor tends to go cancerous elsewhere.)


    Peter A. Taylor Reply:

    I’d like to see more discussion about primary vs. secondary property, but I’m not particular about where I get my free ice cream.


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  • Chris B Says:

    @ Well, in line with the Disney thing, it might be important to direct what small free time you have to the whole ZEDE development in central USA. Beneath the human rights claims and other prog fluff, the underlying dynamics that are being aimed at seem deeply amicable to ideas pushed by people in nRX (given the flood of WN/ Identarian shit, I should really say people caught under the expanded nRX brand umbrella.) Dwarfs the Glen Beck and Disney thing.


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  • Trump Dynamics – Lessons from Media Criticism | moridinamael's notes Says:

    […] My essay on Neal Stephenson (focusing on Seveneves but ranging over many of his works) is our most popular article. This is a long-winded and ranging essay where I throw out mildly controversial political thoughts and use the words “Libertarian” and “Reactionary” several times. This article was Retweeted beyond my capacity to easily track, and was linked by Vox Day and by Xenosystems. […]

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