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This happened (sigh). Science and NRx. Pillars of NRx. Nostalgia for the future. The Idaho Project is still on. The weekly round, in doom.

Europe’s ominous migration crisis: video, welfare crash, and Raspail references (1, 2). Chaos in Germany and Sweden. Double-plus chaos in Paris (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), plus left responses (1, 2), thoughts, and reflections. Cultural diversity. The ways things could go.

Rough triangles in Syria. Beirut in the Islamic Vortex. Saudi goes for broke. ME futures. Burundi genocide watch.

Exit Tax. The deep state and secret war. Queer fascism.

Revolting students seek safe spaces (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), with additional right (plus) and left commentary. Gender sensitivities (sub-link). Victim conquerors. Nazi-Jew twins. Emoji microaggressions. Racism for kids. Leftist evil.

“The extraction of the humiliating public apology is one of the media‘s most powerful weapons. Someone becomes famous, we dig up dirt on the person, we rub it in his or her nose, and then we demand that the person get down on bended knee and beg forgiveness. … […] The subtext is always the same: If you want power in this country, you must accept the primacy of the press. It’s like paying the cover at the door of the world’s most exclusive club.”

Pilgrim heritage. Sola scriptura. The new church (full). Esoteric roots of Mormonism. Obscure French occultists. “… through Deleuze’s work we can gain insight into how, specifically, the simulacrum functions as part of the metastatic DNA of the anti-Christ.”

Junction boxes. Unstoppable Airbnb. Uber and urban governance.

Ritual epistemology. Master and slave. Lovecraft demoted (more). Feynman and the bomb. RIP Andre Glucksman.

Rat food. History of the human microbiome.

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  • Chaos Patch (#88) | Neoreactive Says:

    […] By admin […]

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  • Fyrdsman Says:

    Glad to see that the Warchief of the Potato People is alive and kicking. Hilarious how he’s gone from NRx bigwig to just a WN LARPer with funky ideas about governance (how many self-published books are there about a White nation in the northern Rockies, now?).


    michael Reply:

    I keep hearing snippets about this idaho thing but can never find them im curious because coincidentally i built a homestead in the northern rockies decades ago. And i can attest there is already a thriving white nation up there armed to the teeth and prayting for UN troops to make their day LOL. But they are good people and its the most beautiful pace on earth.


    Fyrdsman Reply:

    My family’s from all over that area. I actually had a convo with Anissimov in….late 2013, I think, regarding his plans for The Redoubt and a few ideas I had. Dude was trying to get a tract of undeveloped forest for cheap up in the Panhandle. I’m not sure if he’s made any physical progress whatsoever on the project, but he sounded pretty serious at the time.

    And I do agree that it’s a truly awesome, beautiful place, though I’ve never ran across any people actually prepping for the Black Helicopter Offensive out there. Hopefully that just means they’ve prepped well.


    Unknown128 Reply:

    PAH! you are all just narrow minded!

    Think about it, if the USA collapses in 20 years were will you be? Propably still writing coments on the internet!

    But (his imperial majesty) Michael I will be god emperor of his own (micro) empire! An empire which will be self suficient, armed and ready to fill the vacuum left behind by the rotten republic!

    Mark my words you will all be kneeling before Anissimov sooner or later!

    michael Reply:

    Im up in the handle north of sandpoint.its funny ive never heard anyone in 25 years refer to it as plain idaho its always north idaho.
    he wont find cheap land there anymore i bought the last of it in 92 and its been on a boom ever since. I do think conservatives ought to consider moving to places like that. To keep the progressives from taking over and keeping a place to retreat to if need be and lets face it its that time already. but things like the internet have made even the smallest towns quite hip.

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  • hamistan Says:

    It has reached the conclusion that the left suffers from a severe addiction disorder.

    When we talk about the true cure for addiction, we speak of something known as “codependency.”

    Codependency can roughly be defined as when one person uses another person to support their own dysfunctional identity and emotional issues.

    In chemical addiction, a father trains his family to become passive and even emotionally supportive of his dysfunctional disease (of both mind and body). The family members thus grow up feeling as though they have no identity, and tend to enter into relationships with people who are emotionally dysfunctional. They may overlook their own needs and have insane notions of emotional and psychological health due to their never being in a truly good and healthy relationship.

    The left wing suffers from severe codependency. It is my belief that the concept of “fairness” would be the only good thing about the left. There is this great delusion though that the left owns “fairness” and “equal opportunity” as a concept. Where this idea came about really needs to be investigated because frankly, that is the only reason anyone really cares about the left. The left has the image of being the one that cares about making sure that the rich don’t screw everyone over. And at times, I must admit, this does seem to be the case. But why?

    I think this may relate to codependency. For people who suffer from serious codependency, it is almost impossible to conceive of a middle ground or grey area. There is also a concept of psychological splitting that takes place where people tend to separate things due to this.

    I feel that these things are extremely relevant to working to combat the current psychopathy in the left wing. I feel it is blatant psychopathy and a result of severe emotional issues. The left has a personality disorder, more or less. I personally feel that all personality disorders can be brought back to the basic notion of addiction, or needing to do certain things in order to cope with trauma. Combine addiction concepts with various biological and environmental possibilities, and you get the personality disorders. Addiction can be defined in terms of chemicals, defense mechanisms, behaviors, belief systems, and ideas.

    It’s already exceptionally obvious that leftists today are addicted as hell to certain things. We must all admit that everyone can become addicted to their political views. Thinking about them, espousing them. It can become unhealthy.

    The left today seems to be carrying most of this weight.

    When your “job” is to support the dysfunctional emotional needs of a huge population by catering to their every whim, it is natural to become addicted. I think this is actually, frankly, a good theory. The question is why leftists are so much more codependent than right wingers.

    Leftists may see themselves as strong for fighting for fairness. This is the healthy mode, as far as I am concerned. I think anyone with a decent mindset is going to want there to be fairness.

    That’s not the problem. The problem is that there are people within the left who do not stop at that. They enter into codependent behavior and begin to pathologize this to the point that they become blind, and it becomes a way for them to play out their own early childhood relationships. They see the “minority” as their hopeless, helpless parent. They want to believe that they can “Save” the minority or “save” the group in question – though of course this is impossible.

    Just as an addict will work to save others who cannot be saved, the leftist works to save groups that cannot be saved. The cure for addiction is always to teach the leftist to draw boundaries for his own needs and to take care of himself. Part of that is accepting that he cannot “save” the other. A person must recognize that the dysfunctional emotions of the other must be solved by that person for themselves. The leftist cannot save the minority. He cannot solve their issues.

    The leftist thus has very poor boundaries. He cannot see the line at which the minority and his problems are no longer something the leftist can control. The leftist quite literally believes that he can CHANGE the person. This is something the leftist has to believe in order to deal with his own inner emotional pain.

    The leftist has to be made to confront his emotional pain and deep dive. We need psychologists in the right wing to conceive of ways to make this possible. I would like to do so. Of course, lives are on the line. If the right does not take responsibility, more and more lives will be lost. Thus it is our responsibility to take care of this.

    I can figure out ways to do it. I do not have time. If I am forced to work a job again, this will be absolutely impossible for me to think through. I have a major in something that does not pay – but is highly intellectual. I am therefor stuck doing horrible crap under idiots when my time is best spent working to create ideas that might actually be able to prevent further violence in the world.

    Anyway, codependency in leftists! And their resulting dysfunctional addictions: blaming others, hating the west, lashing out, emotional and psychological abuse, bullying, indulging in destructive emotions, turning off the brain, defense mechanisms, malignant narcissism, believing themselves to be the most moral and good people around, a total lack of self criticism, willingness to hurt others that go against their ideas, etc. Those are the behaviors that manifest. They have a horrible effect on society, don’t they? Completely dysfunctional.

    It is clear that the external and more complicated issues we face cannot be solved without FIRST totally dealing with this. This abusive psychology and codependency in our societies.

    As victims of abuse from the left wing – from these new abusers – we have to be willing to cure OURSELVES. We have to draw those boundaries and remove the bullies and abusers from our lives – both personally and metaphorically. I am joyous to know that I am working to do so for myself in my own life, because I matter as a person. And so do you. So do we all.

    I am aware that serious addicts cannot really be saved by those who care about them. We see in movies when the addict goes to the house to ask for money, you have to tell the addict to go away. You have to set that boundary. There are leftists who are severe addicts. They are simply beyond saving, they are deep into their addiction.

    I do not really know much about intervention or how to work with severe addiction at this time. I have heard roughly though that it means letting go and letting that person figure things out for themselves. You can really never save an addict. You can only change society so that it understands the issue more and roughly is able to work with it (not very developed here).

    There are always going to be addicts. It is just an issue that we haven’t really been able to recognize left wing thinking as a symptom of addiction until now. I believe that our new understanding of these dysfunctional leftists will help to clarify the nature of the problems we are facing to the general public, making dealing with the issue much more fluid and humane. I do think it must start here in the alt-right within our own future society. We must work to recognize our own addiction and thus truly be prepared to heal addiction in others.

    Meaning that we have to be able to draw a distinction between a sort of “healthy” leftism – and that “thing” that we are actually trying to cure – or at least alleviate and deal with . I personally believe in a healthy left. What we have today is wildly unhealthy and it is CLEAR to me that it is not a joke. In fact it is a very, very serious problem and if we do not act now, it is going to get far worse.

    That means exposing the psychological dysfunctions and then counteracting them through intellectual therapeutic intervention.


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  • haishan Says:

    “Spencer himself, in a conversation with the late British nationalist Jonathan Bowden, indulged in pseudo-science about how sexual orientation is chosen by hormonal baths prenatally.”

    …I thought that was an acceptable leftist answer to “how did the gays get that way?” What do the fine folks at Anti-Fascist News think is the ideologically pure scientifically unquestionable origin of homosexuality?


    Fyrdsman Reply:

    “Sexuality is genetically determined, shitlord!”

    Oh. Wait.



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  • xheimlichkeit Says:

    Have you seen the “Mathesis” stuff — Deleuze from the 40s, even prior to the juvenilia in _Desert Islands_? It’s supposed to be relevant to Catholic occultism, although I haven’t been able to made sense of it.


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  • Chaos Patch (#88) | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    The Deep State. The Police State.


    The Deep State isn’t very deep. We could use a new one for this one very shallow.

    Also the “Police State” doesn’t like Police very much if you’ve missed it. BLM is agent for DOJ.

    They don’t like Soldiers or Spies either.


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  • Grotesque Body Says:

    “To depict tacos and burritos in emoji form is to recognize them as important to a global communication platform.”



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  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:

    What’s so great about this?


    spandrell Reply:

    That it sounds like Moldbug, in both style and content.

    Of course some people want to think Moldbug is a libertarian, and are kinda shocked by this.

    At any rate, the “North Korean model” as our host puts it is still attractive because **anything** is better than the status quo.


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    It’s going to be hard to justify that even if it’s Mencius unfortunately.


    admin Reply:

    Within five years of the Norks being switched back into the capital current, they’ll be the most hardcore laissez-faire oriented population in the world. Siege economies aren’t an alternative, they’re merely a holding pattern.


    Warg Franklin Reply:

    Right. A holding pattern while you get your nation back under control, and set up a new government. Like the letter to France proposed…

    admin Reply:

    Is that what you think the Norks are doing?

    Warg Franklin Reply:

    No, that’s not what the Norks are doing, but we’re talking about the Norks because you are criticizing the siege economy of the France Proposal. Criticizing it as “not an alternative, just a holding pattern” isn’t a useful criticism, when it was explicitly presented more or less as a holding pattern.

    admin Reply:

    Hey, let’s use a freaking femtosecond laser to shift to a degenerating holding pattern. (NRx: “Social Solutions ‘R’ Us”.)

    frank Reply:

    I’m pretty surprised that people find the piece MM-like. It’s either insulting to MM or their literary tastes.


    admin Reply:

    At the very least, it’s an impressive Moldbug parody.

    OLF Reply:

    Could it actually be Bryce Laliberte? Moldbug’s style is there, but propositions don’t seem very Moldbuggian. (Well, once someone told Murray Rothbard that he wasn’t a true Rothbardian, so what do I know?)

    admin Reply:

    Bryce was basically (maybe actually) AnCap.

    Erebus Reply:

    Moldbug has never written anything as inane. This prescription for France is downright laughable:

    “Without inquiring into the the affairs of the past, personal wealth of the rich must be declared and capped at the maximum needed to ensure a luxurious lifespan. Assets above the cap, deserved or not, are exchanged for titles of nobility. Thieves and traitors are relieved to escape with this small sacrifice; honest, patriotic businessmen understand the need for it.”

    …Laughable because (1) thieves and traitors are not exactly the sort of aristocrats a nation should want, (2) intangible assets and business assets are by no means simple to confiscate or exchange, (3) under the circumstances, it’s utterly impossible to determine where the wealth cap ought to be.

    But although the article is chock full of similarly stupid ideas, it gets one thing very right — and this one thing, it must be emphasized, is absolutely central to the survival of Western civilization. It is simply that the problem isn’t Islam. A cursory glance at history reveals that Islam is merely an opportunistic infection — it infects and destroys weak societies and cultures, but has always failed against the strong. The true problem is that the French have forgotten their culture, shun and disdain their past, have sold their future down the river, suppress any transcendental urges they might have, have allowed the institutions of their country to be led into ruin, and have abandoned themselves to a disgraceful thralldom in the service of Mammon/Dildolech which is hedonism at best… and black nihilism at worst.

    There’s an emptiness at the heart of French society. If it’s filled, the problems that beset France will disappear like shadows before the Sun. But I don’t think that a femtosecond pulse of a restoration, which results in a Le Pen government, would suffice. (The laser thing was a really stupid analogy, by the way.) It will start much more slowly, and with reeducation and rehabilitation, not power, as its first goals. Moldbug understood this, thus his emphasis on the Antiversity concept.

    Your “Paris” post was brilliant, by the way, and is quite relevant to this discussion.


    michael Reply:

    youre right that now the problem isnt Islam or mexicans or africans etc, But as we watch half a dozen universities in the US oust there presidents and senior professors for absolutely no reason but being white, the writing is on the wall. we are deep deep into the process of turning aver all power to non whites having spent the past 50 years working our way up from the bottom now we are turning over the highest offices. and while we could still turn this around which is why the problem is not islam it will not be long before the problem will be islam the problem will be whites are ruled by nonwhites steeped in marxist hatred, Whites can not conceive this can really happen just like they can not conceive they are really broke.Unfortunately broke is something you can get over.

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  • OLF Says:


    In the beginning he was an AnCap. Towards the end, he was leaning Distributist/Mutualist, advocated such things as guaranteed income and ban on usury. He said that he learned great deal from Das Kapital, and well, I honestly can’t imagine Moldbug ever saying “no one should have to be a 19th-century industrial robot,” because Moldbug certainly knows that industry makes everyone wealthier, not poorer. Plan outlined in The A Letter To France, would certainly make France independent, and decrease unemployment (laissez-faire would decrease unemployment even better than make-work jobs created by killing the industry, but OK), but it would also drastically, and I mean DRASTICALLY lower the standard of living (and then they would have to put additional “lock” on the borders, this one to keep people inside the country). Neoreaction won’t be appealing to anyone if its greatest promise is the standard of living of the 17th century Russian serf.


    admin Reply:

    Fortunately, its capacity to bleed support is constrained by the Planck limit.


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  • michael Says:

    There actually a series of Feynman lectures on film that demonstrate his style of scientific vision well you can actually sit through them and learn physics and laugh a lot at the same time. Its funny how he and Einstein are both known for not being math guys which just seems absurd to someone like me. But i think whats true about that is really they didnt need math they could see it. A math guy is trying to put a jigsaw together in the dark, a visionary has an advantage.but there are some visionary math guys by grandfather was one of those rain man types, not retarded he was an engineer but he could do any math calculation quickly in his head.Maybe thats the best of both worlds sadly i didnt inherit that ability so i couldn’t say, ilean more towards no math visualization. I think we are starting to understand how the brain architecture of these individuals works and this may lead to an actual singularity which might nip any ai singularity in the bud.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    When Feynman was still in his teens his academic results in mathematics were mind-bogglingly superlative. If I’m not mistake there was certain high-level exam he took in which he broke records. Einstein was also immensely mathematically gifted.

    I wouldn’t say it was so much that they weren’t ‘math guys’ as they were able to pursue approaches that could dispense with math here and there, and they didn’t fetishise math or rely on it as a crutch. A comparison might be made with Picasso, who was after all a superb artist and a master in the technical sense, but in his later work had other priorities leading him to produce work that sometimes seem technically naive. It’s not ‘no math visualization’ but more like ‘math as servant, not master’.

    As to your other point, we’re a long way away from understanding the brain architecture of any individuals.


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  • Little Hans Says:

    It looks like Admin has become a non-person as far as The Guardian are concerned – wiped from the historical record.

    “But back in the 1990s, Goodman was a PhD student at the University of Warwick, where he became involved with the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit. A now-legendary secessionist movement within the department of philosophy, its associates included Kodwo Eshun of Turner prize-nominated duo the Otolith Group; Mark Fisher, author of Capitalist Realism; and Anna Greenspan, now a specialist in Sino-modernism. CCRU members disavowed the leftist pieties of their peers and fused cybernetics, metallurgy, bacteriology, chaos theory, science-fiction and the occult to explore, often in deliriously opaque language, what it meant to be alive in an age of hypercapitalism.”


    nydwracu Reply:

    Everyone, comrade, is on the same page.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Thank you for including us as always. Some interesting points this week, although I wasn’t in town to check them out. Here’s one thing I think people should pay more attention to:

    The extraction of the humiliating public apology is one of the media‘s most powerful weapons.

    It’s not just media. Apologies have always been used by authority figures to cuck the non-conforming, after which point they are broken and can be molded. That is what control does: break and mold people.

    Pull out his eyes,
    Pull out his eyes.

    From “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man,” Chapter 1.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    “History of the human microbiome.”

    implication of these bacterial changes, may be not limited to human intestines only, but include blood as well. I have cultured large number human serum samples. Serum obtained by cenrifugation of whole blood and I have not seen ONE single blood sample which were sterile and free from bacterial contamination. Blood collection was done aseptically, all manipulations performed in sterile environment. Our blood suppose to be sterile, but it isn’t.

    would be interesting to see if blood of “The Hadza, one of the last remaining hunter-gatherers on Earth” any better.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Closing off France’s foreign trade is both necessary and impossible. With it, it will remain entangled in communism. Without it, the price system will be fucked, which means it will get entangled in Communism.

    As I’ve been saying, Western culture is irredeemable. The only question is whether it will die quickly or slowly.

    I would appreciate it if you guys could stop obsessing over every gyration the sinking ship makes. “This week it points due East.” That’s wonderful, I don’t care. Just get off it.


    SVErshov Reply:

    France lost billions of Russian business because of sanctions. now they are losing tourism money and planing to go to war. good luck


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  • Alrenous Says:

    A shorter response to the France plan:

    Sulla tried that already. Remember how that worked out?


    Posted on November 17th, 2015 at 8:26 am Reply | Quote
  • What the hell happened to neoreaction? | reactionaryfuture Says:

    […] the “Letter to France” generated in the comments sections which was furthered in the comments here. We in effect go from neoreaction claiming to be derived from someone who wrote […]

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