Trolls, don’t let the sun set on you here.

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  • Tentative Joiner Says:


    Somewhere in the vastness of the Internet, it is happening even now. It was once a well-kept garden of intelligent discussion, where knowledgeable and interested folk came, attracted by the high quality of speech they saw ongoing. But into this garden comes a fool, and the level of discussion drops a little–or more than a little, if the fool is very prolific in their posting. (It is worse if the fool is just articulate enough that the former inhabitants of the garden feel obliged to respond, and correct misapprehensions–for then the fool dominates conversations.)

    So the garden is tainted now, and it is less fun to play in; the old inhabitants, already invested there, will stay, but they are that much less likely to attract new blood. Or if there are new members, their quality also has gone down.

    Then another fool joins, and the two fools begin talking to each other, and at that point some of the old members, those with the highest standards and the best opportunities elsewhere, leave…

    But when the fools begin their invasion, some communities think themselves too good to use their banhammer for–gasp!–censorship.

    It is easy to be naive about the evils of censorship when you already live in a carefully kept garden. Just like it is easy to be naive about the universal virtue of unconditional nonviolent pacifism, when your country already has armed soldiers on the borders, and your city already has police. It costs you nothing to be righteous, so long as the police stay on their jobs.



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  • Nathan Cook Says:

    Invoking this? Well, he had his five minutes and then some.


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  • Zimriel Says:

    I don’t think I even read his comments.

    But for those who care, here’s a song:


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  • SVErshov Says:

    MS erased Tay and admin erased Cichlimbar in both cases action was the same but inclination very different


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    I used to believe in rules for forums. Now I just believe in editors.

    Remove any content that is less than useful.

    The only trolls who were entertaining died with the GNAA (RIP).


    admin Reply:

    Sadly, there are some who find it impossible to accept even the most basic limits unless they are dramatized by a public hanging.


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