Cnut the Great

According to legend, at least, Cnut was the wisest of all kings, precisely because he ironized the attribution of sovereignty.

“Surely, Great King, you are ominipotent Fnargl himself!”
“Let us then test the claim, shall we?”

Modern macroeconomics is the systematized refusal to learn from this story. Sovereignty does not rise above the waves.

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  • Cnut the Great | Neoreactive Says:

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  • Mariani Says:

    I think that “reification” is the best single word to sum up the fragilista/technocrat types


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  • Skilluminati Says:

    The reaction to William R. Catton’s “Overshoot” spoke volumes: it was a book length study on the hard constraints on Earth’s carrying capacity. It was treated like a sci-fi dystopia from a reactionary crank.

    Catton’s conceptualization of The Problem involved a lot of wave metaphors. The following quote does not:

    “… our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. A cultural heritage can outlast the conditions that produced it. That carrying capacity surplus is gone now, eroded both by population increase and immense technological enlargement of per capita resource appetites and environmental impacts. Human life is now being lived in an era of deepening carrying capacity deficit. All of the familiar aspects of human societal life are under compelling pressure to change in this new era when the load increasingly exceeds the carrying capacities of many local regions—and of a finite planet. Social disorganization, friction, demoralization, and conflict will escalate.”

    Or, you know, positive thinking will counteract all that. Flip a coin until we find out.


    michael Reply:

    or we could cull a few


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  • EIC Says:

    It is the 1000 year Anniversary of his conquest of England. Boy, would he be surprised just how far the tide has come in.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Ironically macro is secretly easy. The ones who seized the economy don’t get rewarded if it improves, so they don’t even try, that’s all.

    Yeah legend!Cnut was the bomb. Cheers for legend!Cnut. I wonder what he was actually like.


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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    seeing moldbug posts from 2007 is like time traveling to an earlier time, to a place frozen in time where everyone is where they were but not moving.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    What really trips me out is watching the Berkeley poetry clips and then the Urbit presentations in sequence.


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  • Orthodox Says:

    Missed opportunity for a Hillary joke.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    “Sovereignty does not rise above the waves.” on another hand how deep it can go and how fast. what time can take complete decomposition of world systems. it have to be fast to prevent rebound. few hours?.


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  • AD Says:

    “Rhododendron is a nice flower
    Evergreen it last forever
    But it can’t beat strand power”


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  • Canuto, o Grande – Outlandish Says:

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