Comment Odd*ty

As most have no doubt noticed, every instance of the lower case ‘i’ has mysteriously disappeared from the comments here.

They are still all there in the back-end, except for one NBS comment March 3rd, 2016 at 7:02 pm. I’m not picking on that as patient zero, just noting. (Sending that particular comment to the trash didn’t resolve the problem, so I fished it back out.)

I’ve absolutely no idea why this is happening. I guess if it’s some point being made about the elimination of the empirical ego it’s vaguely amusing in a profoundly irritating way.

If anybody has ever come across anything like this before, please let me know. Hints at a possible solution would, of course, be even more welcome.

ADDED: Thanks to TJEL for helping to get this sorted out. (Not an especially proud moment for WordPress, it turns out. Relieved it wasn’t a maniac hacker. Carry on.)

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