AoS two days in a row, which is a sign that I like the place. It’s far smarter than it attempts to appear, which is always attractive, and it’s among the wittiest blogs I know (by which I mean painfully funny, quite often). There are also writers at AoS that I almost agree with, but when they’re reaching the line, or threshold of escape, and are just about to cross over into the open country beyond, something catches them — and you know it’s going to pull them back in. Conservatism has them hooked.

Ace is a comparative squish in his own house. Some of his comrades are considerably meaner, so they get out further. It’s one of Ace’s own pieces that triggers this, though.

Writing about the attempt by Mozilla employees to purge CEO Brendan Eich from the company he built, he notes that the only ‘ground’ floated for this effort is private, discreet political speech, in the form of a small donation made to the successful (anti-gay marriage) Proposition 8 campaign, six years ago. Their attack on Eich — conducted through Twitter — is a contrary type of political speech, more attuned to the PC Zeitgeist, but in every other way less defensible. If anyone is going to be fired, why shouldn’t it be the twitterati lynch mob? Ace muses. (Good question.)

The post concludes with the lucid observation:

The left has laid down the rule that their political rights shall never been infringed by an economic penalty, because McCarthyism. While they meanwhile demand the exact same sort of McCarthyism for everyone else.

So what could possibly be objectionable about that, from the perspective of the outer right? What’s objectionable — and in fact even maddening — about this insight is its conservatism, which it to say that, even after recognizing the relentlessly steepening leftist gradient in the dominant culture, the implicit message is only: carry on.

If the sole point is to say “this isn’t fair” it might be even more pointless than saying nothing at all. Keeping people in the ‘fairness’ frame is part of the captivity, and it’s why conservatives are never going to do anything but lose. This whole situation isn’t ‘unfair’ — it’s disastrous. It’s ruin. There’s not any kind of game happening here that could somehow be made ‘fair’. There’s a civilizational calamity in process which is intrinsically tilted and leads, with accelerating glacial inevitability, only in one direction.

Conservatives — even atheist conservatives — could be minimally expected to have held onto that “hate the sin, not the sinner” recommendation from their collapsed religious tradition. Even if they’re not going to hate leftists, they have no excuse for avoiding icy hatred of leftism, and that means never giving it the benefit of the doubt by implying, even for a moment, that it can pursue anything other than the total destruction of its enemies, by any means necessary. Leftism isn’t going to be shamed out of winning. It isn’t going to be taught a lesson. It isn’t going to recognize its internal contradictions. The only thing it’s ever going to do, is continue pushing civilization down the slope.

Conservatism is congenitally incapable of recognizing the true malignancy of its foe. It’s always looking for the next tactical edge, the next opportunity to slow down the calamity just a little, the next disastrous deal. It’s conservatism that allowed the relentless collapse to happen, by presenting a self-defeating alternative to the one thing that’s really needed — counter-revolution.

So now the brain-washed idiots at Mozilla are trying to purge their boss in pursuit of Cathedral spiritual purity, and they’re getting away with it. The answer to that isn’t to point out their hypocrisy, or the sad state of society in general, while hoping the GOP wins one. It’s to destroy the GOP and get real about defeating the left. That’s going to require a social order in which the left doesn’t necessarily win, or at least the end of the social order in which it always does. Sooner or later, conservatism has to move on.

ADDED: Some lessons from the Eich affair (from Henry Dampier).

ADDED: Handlean magnificence.

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  • say goodnight, gracie. Says:

    later that day ace almost gets it right on immigration and how it can’t possibly save the gop. hispanics arn’t conservative they are more votes for the donk machine. then he pulls back again and resigns himself to a non-white but “fair” future. ace is forever charlie brown tilting at footballs. it’s his schtick and it brings links and ad cash.


    ChevalierdeJohnstone Reply:

    “Hispanics arn”t (sic) conservative”

    Not true. Hispanics as a group are very conservative, they just don’t vote Republican. This ought to make us question the conservative credentials of the Republican party. In my experience hispanic families I know tend to care a lot more about local social issues to which local Democrats at least pay lip service. That this results in pulling the lever for Ds at the national level is evidence of a well-wrought political machine, not any particularly pro-Democrat feeling on the part of naturalized hispanic families.

    Of course that’s no reason to ignore blatant law-breaking or fail to enforce border immigration protocols, and 95% of legal immigrants (not college-educated foreigners with visas, but real immigrants who work real jobs here) will agree completely and are even more put out by illegal immigration than most white Americans. However, both hispanic and asian immigrants tend to also care about their extended families and sending money home or bringing grandma here for a better life trumps political issues. This focus on family and community before state or national politics is of course a hallmark of real conservatism.


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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    Amen and amen, except for the part about destroying the GOP. The GOP can be ignored. It will destroy itself. If the Left can be cabined, the GOP will jump into the cabin with it.


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  • neovictorian23 Says:

    A conservative is a liberal who hasn’t been mugged hard enough by reality. A real economic depression, a couple of really BIG urban riots, some serious prison time for “hate speech”; it will take something like this to drive most of these admirable people to take that last step.

    Since the last step will eventually involve the application of force, some will shrink back, but as a long-time reader and admirer of AoS myself I suspect quite a few of them are persuadable, when the hammer hitting the head gets big enough.


    Contemplationist Reply:

    I actually find that the real stickler is the foreign policy debate. They hate Ron Paul. He’s the devil to them. It’s pretty easy to get from Ron Paul to NRxn in my opinion.


    Musson Reply:

    Big riots are coming as soon as a GOP president is elected. May begin with the GOP senate shift.

    Conservatives may feel like our country is being occupied by tyranical forces. But, we have been incredibly patient, working harder just to survive. But the Left will not accept losing power. There will be violence. Obama’s demonization of conservatives, white people and success has already set the stage.


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  • fotrkd Says:

    More Evil than you can possibly imagine…


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  • VXXC Says:

    Good post.

    Especially: “The answer to that isn’t to point out their hypocrisy, or the sad state of society in general, while hoping the GOP wins one. It’s to destroy the GOP and get real about defeating the left.”

    Hmm. Well. Food for thought. Please do have Frisson and Fusion [right, the point of Fission is actually Fusion if yer gonna progress the problem] please do have this wrapped up and steel forged by the time they’re ready to jump. I reserve the right to point out that ready to jump might be right now. And might not be later.

    I’ve seen the perfecting the perfect plan destroy a good one before. Like most American Army Alumni I’ve concluded the Perfect is the Deadly enemy of the Good. Most others do so far faster and farther than I do, they don’t plan past that day. I’m quite serious.

    So if the thousand fold Katana isn’t ready yet when it’s TIME kindly finish sharpening whatever you’ve got as best you can. Worked fine at say, Stalingrad Tank Factory. The workers drove the last tanks out themselves right into battle. I mean, shit. That impresses even a prole soldier like me.

    Minor point of pedantry your Honor: “While they meanwhile demand the exact same sort of McCarthyism for everyone else.”

    Well no they’re demanding the results of lynching without the rope and attendant risk, and dirty work.

    McCarthy was also a Senator holding Hearings, and probably the closest he got to harming innocents was when they [may have] dragged in FBI informants inadvertantly. Sure you know that but others might forget.


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  • MW Says:

    Once commonsense racism got thrown under the bus, it was only a matter of time until the rest of this stuff started happening. Respectable conservatives would rather have a Brazilified America with no sodomy as opposed to a racially homogeneous nation where consenting adults can do what they like in their free time. For their sins, they’ll get neither.


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  • nyan_sandwich Says:

    The difference between a reactionary and a conservative is that a conservative thinks you can negotiate with Cthulu.


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  • Ex-pat in Oz Says:

    This post exactly encapsulates why I no longer visit conservative destinations. I’m like the teacher listening to the student who works all the way through the problem… Then fails to get the right answer. Sultan knish drives me mental this way— a brilliant thinker on most points but refuses to take that last logical step into the… Dark (enlightenment)

    I no longer even consider the GOP an oppositional force. I don’t know what they are and care even less.


    VXXC Reply:


    The GOP is a captive opposition, the Kremlin would have paid anything or killed 10 million more for them in the old days. Stalin had a real opposition to worry about, the Trotskyites.

    Or as they are now know, NeoLiberals. 😉


    Musson Reply:

    It is not really GOP vs Dems. It is Ruling Class vs working class.


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  • Stirner (@heresiologist) Says:

    Ace just posted again on the Mozilla matter.

    The article he blockquiotes has some insight into prog moralizing, making the point that there is no possibility of detente in the culture wars.

    I think the way to get conservatives to wake up is that have have been the victims of a progressive long-con for decades (if not centuries). The point that needs to be conveyed to them is that the prog overreach and moral hysteria on gay marriage is exactly the same process of frame shifting that has been going on for years.

    The gay marriage activists wrap themselves of the moral superiority of the civil rights movement. What conservatives need to realize that this is not some rhetorical overreach, or an attempt by the gays to hijack the moral capital of the civil rights movement. It’s the progressive “fierce moral urgency of change” routine, just updated 50 years with a new victim group.

    It’s dangerous bullshit now.

    It was dangerous bullshit 50 years ago, during the civil rights “struggle”

    Is was dangerous bullshit 100 years ago, when the progressives expanded the franchise.

    It was dangerous bullshit 150 years ago, when abolitionists pushed for a fratricidal civil war.

    Alas, only a few are willing to go down that rabbit hole. The good news is, that rabbit hole now has a growing internet presence, and down the road will have a growing physical presence in many metro areas.


    Reader Reply:

    This sounds right. So, after they’ve finished using the homos to beat the rest of us over the head for the next 50 years, what oppressed group will they find next? It’s probably some group that we can’t presently seriously imagine they could take up the cause for. Could you imagine serious people 30 years ago thinking that by 2014 you would risk getting fired from your job for daring to oppose homosexuals getting “married”?

    It has to be some group that is “stigmatized” (for perfectly good reasons, in reality). I can’t think of any left that haven’t already been made into sanctified victim groups.


    RiverC Reply:



    Stirner (@heresiologist) Reply:


    Contemplationist Reply:

    Come on dude, don’t you read Steve Sailer?
    All the indications point to ‘transexuals’ as the next focus,
    or as Sailer calls it, ‘World War T.’


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    That’s already well under way. Trans is normal now.

    Lesser Bull Reply:

    That or pedophiles. I lean towards pedophiles.

    Peter A. Taylor Reply:



    spandrell Reply:


    That opens a whole new world of opportunity.


    Antisthenean Reply:

    It’s probably possible to model the function of each liberal ‘oppressed minority mascot’ mathematically.

    Take any demographic parameter and work out in a gross way which ones are ‘marginal’ and ‘underrepresented’ (e.g. [- WHITE], [-MALE] [-HETEROSEXUAL] [-ABLE-BODIED] [-MENTALLY STABLE], and so on). There are potentially infinitely many of these, as the invention of otherkins and the endless semantic variations on genderfluidity, genderqueer, and so on.

    Intersectionality compounds this narrow infinite set by concatenating the above evalutions to produce a wider infinite set with even greater social justice value. E.g., if you have [-WHITE] [-ABLE BODIED] (a handicapped black), summation means your experience of oppression cannot be called into question or commented upon by those with less social justice points, and reparations are due to you.

    I know this has been discussed as the Oppression Olympics, much more lucidly elsewhere on this site and in NRx, but the fact that it can be modelled formally is fascinating.


    RiverC Reply:

    It’s wonderful actually, because you can create a computer program to generate it. We may have steps towards palliative care for Progressivism (assuming it cannot be cured.) – start with Oculus Rift and architect a SGW simulator, using intersectionality algorithms to create an infinite fractal space of Social Justice Adventures and hook them up to a feeding tube.

    Spph Reply:

    Animal rights, obviously.


    Antisthenean Reply:

    [- HUMAN]

    Each right in question can be expected to bring its own crusade, animal marriage, abortion rights, animal property rights, animal voting rights, animal gay marriage rights… These crusades form an open class; for any VERB there is a function expressing RIGHT TO ‘(VERB, X), where X is the minority group in question.


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  • Ex-pat in Oz Says:

    @Ex-pat in Oz

    Truer words. I think of Klaus Kinski’s character in Dr. Zhivago– the anarchist– calling out the rest of the train passengers as cowards and slaves. I have more respect for the Trotskyites than any “rightwing Republicans”.


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  • JPOutlook Says:

    “Pointing out the contradictions” isn’t done for the Alphas or leaders on either side, it is done for the Betas on either side. And, very few messages wake them up any more…

    Yes, conservatives are really pathetic, but they are here to stay. Pick off the ones who potentially can convert.



    JPOutlook Reply:

    *Betas who are trapped in the middle…


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  • RiverC Says:

    Old Progressivism: muh technlogies

    New Progressivism: muh pyres

    Still smug enough to declare that its US who want to go back a few centuries

    “This guy invented what? Javascript? Who cares about that, we’ve got jQuery now!”


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  • fotrkd Says:

    Keeping people in the ‘fairness’ frame is part of the captivity

    This last observation brings us to the first principle underlying our method as a whole: to speak is to fight, in the sense of playing, and speech acts fall within the domain of a general agonistics.


    [T]he trivial cybernetic version of information theory misses something of decisive importance, to which I have already called attention: the agonistic aspect of society. The atoms are placed at the crossroads of pragmatic relationships, but they are also displaced by the messages that traverse them, in perpetual motion. Each language partner, when a “move” pertaining to him is made, undergoes a “displacement,” an alteration of some kind that not only affects him in his capacity as addressee and referent, but also as sender. These “moves” necessarily provoke “countermoves” – and everyone knows that a countermove that is merely reactional is not a “good” move. Reactional countermoves are no more than programmed effects in the opponent’s strategy; they play into his hands and thus have no effect on the balance of power. That is why it is important to increase displacement in the games, and even to disorient it, in such a way as to make an unexpected “move” (a new statement). (Lyotard, The Postmodern Condition)

    Less Chess more Go? (I have a board, maybe I should learn how to use it…)


    survivingbabel Reply:

    I didn’t play my first game of Go until a couple of years ago, but I found it instantly more sensical and intuitive than Chess, with which I have grappled on and off for 25 years with no real success, and no burning desire to learn. If I had to make an analogy, Chess is like a food which may taste great, but whose texture is so off that I can never really enjoy it. Games have a “head-feel” the way food has a mouth-fell, and Chess feels wrong.

    Then again, I’ve spent lots of time playing various Japanese square-based puzzles (Sudoku, Heyawake, Nurikabe, Lights Out, etc.), which all seem to be generally derived from Go concepts, so I probably have a head start.


    RiverC Reply:

    When I was a child we played Pente, which I discovered later is derived from Go.


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  • Stirner (@heresiologist) Says:

    It would be great to troll them with a call for a repeal of the 13th amendment, to liberate the S/M community


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  • About the Eich Issue | Henry Dampier Says:

    […] I am not personally surprised by the Eich’s forced resignation. […]

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  • Scharlach Says:

    I like this story because it puts intelligence-optimization back into the center of things. Too often lately, IMO, neoreactionaries are getting dragged into silly culture-wars stuff, the surface-level symptoms of the deeper malaise of decline. Let’s not expand too much energy kvetching about the symptoms; NRx has gained attention because of its analysis of the disease. Lacking that deeper analysis, we’re no better than Rush Limbaugh.

    But this particular moment in the culture war (like several others in the recent past, I’ll admit) intersects both the symptom and the disease. The symptom: a purge over heretical beliefs about gays. But unlike the contraception case over at Hobby Lobby, this case involves someone who is clearly a civilization-builder, a man who epitomizes the old mantra “optimize for intelligence.” The guy created fucking Javascript. Do you have any idea how much that one language has helped propel online commerce and general internet usability?

    Eich isn’t some redneck who got lucky in dry goods. He’s a valuable, high-IQ asset who has proven himself to be among the best in his field. The fact that a company is so willing to throw this asset out the window in order to be morally pure . . . this is, in many ways, an epitome of the NRx critique.

    (I continue to be of the mind that gays should have been on our side. Christ’s sake, can you picture anything more elitist than a fop in a Dolce and Gabanna store? If the Right had said, from the beginning, Yeah, here’s your civil unions, comes with all the rights associated with marriage . . . if we had done that, this would never have turned into one of the fronts of the culture wars.)


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  • About the Eich Issue - Henry Dampier Says:

    […] I am not personally surprised by the Eich’s forced resignation. […]

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