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XS has a few quibbles with this project, while nevertheless thinking it’s probably the most intelligent thing taking place on the right at the moment. (Some highly interesting chat here, or directly here.)

The reliance on personal discretion for ideological vetting is a sign of immaturity (as Pax seems to accept, since it’s intended to be temporary). Less protocol governance-oriented types will probably find this less of a needling issue than this blog does. In any case, the scheme is inclined towards trustlessness, which is the primary functional criterion for all 21st Century social technology.

A more intriguing quibble is that the “co-op grocery store” model runs directly contrary to basic NeoCam principles, since it deliberately offers a role in governance to customers. This could be the basis for an important conversation down the road.

Main positive, as always with Pax Dickinson initiatives, is that it aims (competently) to latch onto the grain of the Internet, and that of auto-catalytic social machinery more generally. Whenever the “What is to be Done?” question arises, this is the type of thing that needs pointing to. Pieces of the future manifestly drift back into it.

Here are the first three installments of the Counter.Fund Gentle Introduction (1, 2, 3). The first is written by Pax Dickinson, the next two co-written with Anthony Demarco.

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  • Wagner Says:

    “a selection process designed for organizational stability and longevity, as well as resistance to entryism from unfriendly persons.”

    You mean like entryists who use Moldbuggian language as a lure only to propose a co-op grocery store model in place of neocameralism?


    admin Reply:

    The best way to drive the discussion is to try stuff out. That should surely be appreciated, before opening the snark taps.


    collen ryan Reply:

    yes it might have flaws but you have to experiment obviously this springs from experience in his other project. im optimistic.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    How is this ‘anti-praxical’?


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  • collen ryan Says:

    Well well well I cant help but notice some reactionaries following my advice even if they didn’t reading it and came upon it independently, Im sure MM was in on this too.

    Haven’t I said dozens of times republicanism where only net taxpayers skin in the game taxpayers, have a vote for term limited non politicians is a type of change to democracy that could address its problems, And this effort being a private organization already has my rules that no money can be spent that isnt collected no fiat debt no other peoples money without fake money leftism dies of self interest its the illusion of infinite resources that breeds leftism..

    And they point out no dictator can stop the inevitable decline of his empire once hes gone so sustainable civilization is hard to do without some form of “democracy” yeah organization above the level of strongman require cooperation which requires shared power..Pretty sure I’ve said 20 x if ever that a good king is hard to find one who has an equally good son impossible.

    @wag Id bet my bottom dollar this was hashed out in moldbugs loft so dont wast effort defending his stupid idea of patchlords. i think co op healthfood store was a pretty bizarre choice of metaphor but realize these are all wealthy san francisco former liberals. But the actual idea might be pretty good its not fool proof but its expensive to attempt to pwn and you couldnt hold it for long the real threat will come from them calling themselves a political party and from lawsuits we dont live in a rule of law nation anymore so nothing is really safe you can not defend with violence so for now nothing right wing is safe.


    collen ryan Reply:

    I am guessing though that it could fall into an alt light ownership the milo crowd being bigger than the nrx or nazis. the language is in their as “compatible” not conformed, we will see how our new overlords interpret that.


    collen ryan Reply:

    His outline is quite a lot like a non profit i founded and ran for over ten years and is still going ten years since i left. You have this tension between needing new blood to have a sense of ownership to do good work and needing to maintain the original vision, I used what i called a steering committee which was possible to work into but impossible to do without actually understanding why things were done as they were i was trying to preserve what would normally be called institutional knowledge but in my case was actually my dictatorial knowledge since i had run it that way for several years and then quasi dictatorial until i thought it would outlast me.The threat is never from the proletariat its always the contenders to the throne and they always form alliances among themselves, the proletariat is always the kings allies in keeping the lords personal ambitions from destroying the realm. The key is culture culture culture lords must be raised up in under and through culture this is how they are formed into servants of the institution. they and those at all levels of service have to have the autonomy to do good work, this is safely delegated by clearly defining areas of responsibility as well as rights of authority, the clear definitions boundaries remove the personality the arbitrariness from oversight.


    Wagner Reply:

    “I am guessing though that it could fall into an alt light ownership the milo crowd being bigger than the nrx or nazis”

    Guessing??? (Not to mention that anonymous $progs$ can fund the proggiest shitlord).

    That’s besides the point anyway. The point is the alt right is already alt lite; what is referred to as alt lite is the alt lite lite. Fascion Sense Richie Spence, the housewife NEET mascot, et al are *cool*, but are they wise? Is Roosh a wiseguy or a wiseman? Are these influencers mob or counter-mob? In order to gain “influence” they must kowtow to the wisdom of American democracy. Americans, electrocutedly woke or otherwise, hardly can think outside of the horizon of American law and tradition–so what incentive would potential rulers have to if they want influence? Influence is ineluctably bound to body-counts, votes, which means to the parochial whims of les hommes vulgaires. The only Moldbuggian option for the alt right is to SUBMIT to philosopher-kings and eventually the mysterious Receiver. Emerson said men saw Napoleon as the combination of “the natural and the intellectual power, as if the sea and land had taken flesh and begun to cipher.” In the pre-neo-Napoleonic meantime we have many old books to concern ourselves with.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Yes but wag dont you see when a man submits to a king he is casting a vote, theres really no way around this problem, you cant scale the big man beyond clan level. You want me and VXXC to submit to fucking moldbug – not happening dude, have you ever actually seen moldbug.Now if you all want to submit to me Im ok with that it actually seems pretty natural to me at least. And say you all do and Im a effective ruler but my jew son not so much then what.Ill tell you what then youre all going to vote with your lives who you want to back for new king and after a few thousand years of that if youre smart white guys you will figure out that might not be the most efficient way to elect a king. Democracy has a shit ton of problems but its a step up from fighting it out. I really cant see why you guys dont seem to get democracy and meritocracy were developed together. The idea was to not elect to vote for the idiot son to avoid bloodshed or elect to kill each other to find a better candidate but rather to reason out who would be the best candidate. The only people who should be voting are those who would be fighting in other words those who were there no law would not be dead or subjugated. nigger races women children would either be dead or subjugated. when men who have standing skin in the game power to lend vote they do it judiciously. Maybe it seems inevitable that any democracy leads to universal suffrage it shouldnt.

    collen ryan Reply:

    Roosh isnt he a nigger? I do read hartiste as a guilty pleasure sometimes and have to say his evolution surprised me he went from pickup artist to a significant reactionary force though im not sure if he is read that way.
    Sure this thing mght blow up its interesting fucking anything but more blogging. I think in one of my comments i agree theres a lot of stuff going by alt right, I am usually for more because not everyone can make great leaps in thought most need a gentle introduction by a nice jew to become a nazi.
    But i get youre really into this anti demotist angle though I cant see how that doesnt lead to a right holiness spiral that leaves all humans outside which is where land finds himself. To get as far right as you want to go you will need mountains of baby arms which is aesthetically cool and all probably fun building but what are the slants doing while youre piling up prole baby parts

    Wagner Reply:

    “mountains of baby arms”

    Mountains? I was thinking more of frozen in boxes so they can be thawed and used as Negrofeed™.

    “You want me and VXXC to submit to fucking moldbug – not happening dude, have you ever actually seen moldbug.”

    What are the chances that whites would be careening through space right now if we didn’t have the throw-the-nerds-in-the-locker gene? Let’s cut the shit, Mike. If you were debating Moldbug or Land face to face you would very rapidly be dialectically cornered. Would you lash out, “chimp out”? Napoleon’s maxim that “You don’t reason with intellectuals. You shoot them.” has its place, granted, and there may be a time for that in the future. But for now the right is extremely incompetent. Moldbug said himself that it would (will) be very difficult to do better than the Cathedral (a symptomatically forgotten admission!) – the alt right can hardly abstain from the base pleasures of shitposting current politics and picking ticks off each other’s backs for solace from ZOG’s (YHWH’s) wrath. Nietzsche said that we should leave politics to the intellects of second-rank, those “newspaper-reading masses” – you listening, Land? Philosophy is prior to politics and political philosophy – the latter presuppose philosophy. The monkeys of the right presuppose the order of rank rather than grasp it metaphysically. In this sense they’re on par with leftists who presuppose equality rather than grasp it metaphysically and inferior to leftists who grasp equality metaphysically (hey, at least with the latter we’re not dealing with robots).

    “when a man submits to a king he is casting a vote, theres really no way around this problem”

    The population has to be *primed* to accept a king. If the population takes the “pugnacious potatohead” attitude often displayed by VXXC they’re not going to be in the receptive readiness that is required to submit to a superior (what did they teach VXXC in the military anyway? “Don’t ask, don’t tell”?) In order for people to be ready for greatness they must believe in the ideal of greatness, of aristocracy. If you operate on pure Realpolitik you relegate the Ideal and thereby lower the arete of the resulting regime. We can never not have ideals; realism is an ideal, an ideal that compromises with the ideal. Realists succeed at what they aim at but they don’t aim very high.

    This is the ideal:

    “Napoleon had managed to bully the Pope, Pius VII, to come to Paris to officiate in person and bestow the imperial crown on him at Notre Dame. Weary from his long journey, the Pope was obliged to descend from his carriage and stand in the mud to be received by Napoleon.” – Alistair Horne, The Age of Napoleon

    collen ryan Reply:

    ” Let’s cut the shit, Mike. If you were debating Moldbug or Land face to face you would very rapidly be dialectically cornered.”

    Now after watching the video of what me debating moldbug before i throw him in a locker would look like, I want you to think about the cost nerds like moldbug and trotsky have cost the world with their nerd schemes to redesign civilization based on their nerd view of reality then look up chuck yeager and ask yourself did he have the throw the nerds in the locker gene or the throw the kulaks in a locker spite. youre being taken in by another of their false choices. If not for the cost of diversity a nerd idea opposed consistently by we “jocks” (which is pretty funny because despite my size i was never a jock and always a nerd but whatever a late bloomer?) -If not for the diversity schemes of moldbug and co we could have brought mars into near earth orbit and terraformed it.Nerds need to be taken out of the lockers after sufficiently abased and put into cubicles and labs and told what to make, you dont let fucking nerds rule the world or you get utopia, new deals, soviet unions,great societies, jewish patchlords and AI robot overlords.

    well they are primed to accept a king and its probably going to come to that because the nerds as usual are failing at mapping another route. This is fine, a good war will reduce nerd and female status and prime the people for the jew baby arms and long march of the nigger races south, and that will have to come since the nerds have failed. But that doesn’t make a king a sustainable solution it will be a admittance of failure and transitory.eventually though the men who take back power from the nerds will share power with the new leader and this will be formalized as it always is among whites. I doubt we will let nerds women niggers or fags children anywhere near power for a very long time.Even when they dont remember the men are always sovereign there’s never been a king who didn’t forget this at his peril.

    Im not super up on alt right and not sure its even possible to know who we are talking about but generally id say they are much more creative and building culture than NRX for a while now. I also think they may be stupider but they are nevertheless correct that the easiest surest path to power is going to be ethnic and since that is also going to be the most sustainable civilzation i root for them to the point Im mistaken for one which Im cool with triggering the likes of land and Yarvin

    Dark Psy-Ops Reply:

    “Dialectical cornering” is an inferior option to diagonal escape (secession). Dialectical contest between Zioreaction with an alt-right anti-Semite would go something like this:

    NRx: “it’s the puritans who did this”
    Alt-right: “no it was the Jews”
    NRx: “but what about all the Baizuo?”
    Alt-right: “they’ve been indoctrinated by the Jews”
    NRx: “Cathedral though”
    ALt-right: “Synagogue actually”
    NRx: “tech-secession bitchez”
    Alt-right: “nah white socialism expel the Jews”
    NRx: “technocratic micro-state don’t be foolish”
    Alt-right: “Jews won’t let us quit being naive”
    NRx: “forget the Baizuo they’re long-gone either way”
    Alt-right: “no way 1488 fire up the ovens”


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  • Uncle Saturday Says:

    Useless without implacable nonhuman enforcement.


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  • Rohme Giuliano Says:

    It is not a coincidence that Boole, who said the human mind trends toward monism, also birthed a computer science.


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  • Orthodox Says:

    “In any case, the scheme is inclined towards trustlessness, which is the primary functional criterion for all 21st Century social technology.”

    Third World problems.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    3d world problem indeed.

    Show me the trustlessness Wright Brothers, The Trustlessness airline you’d fly in…Trustlessness Shipping lines.

    White Star Titanic was pretty low trust…they left Belfast with a fire on board the fire fighter crews were battling below decks. It was “contained.” Wonder if that played into Capt Smith’s decision to haul ass to NYC and screw the icebergs. But not complete trustlessness…certainly they trusted the Belfast shipwrights. Who of course weren’t the problem. Problem was over optimized risk management.

    Now I need to clarify: let Pax et al build this. Let them build it lets not criticize Colleen BECAUSE we need any organization we can get. Also it’s unwise to get in the way of people building things Mike/Colleen.

    I learned get out of people’s way and let them work in the military. Among other things.

    Colleen let them build it WE NEED ALL THE ORGANIZATION we can GET.

    However will it be a universal solution? NO. But they’ll learn that.


    ANYTHING. I’m behind it 100% with my fucking life if we must.


    Rock on Pax.


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  • collen ryan Says:

    Before this was posted i was thinking today if i were looking at a price volume chart of alternative rught in the broadest longest term sense that would include from this post back say to the beginning of paleo Id have to say it would be looking very interesting about now.It would certainly have mostly tiny little price bars compared to leftism, but the volume under certain bars like trump brexit and certain words like redpill, cuck, would signal a certain inevitability. you cant yet say its going to be a hegemonic sea change but theres going to be an attempt a bear raid on leftism is cooked in.
    Watching the video linked above where one of the altright millennials of which there seem to be another dozen every week confirmed something else i notice, she seems to prolific enough to be a likely candidate for dickinsons new project yet while interviewing him reveals shes never heard of moldbug or his philosophy. This seems common, I noted on breitbart most commenters during the deplorables uproar thought they, breitbart commenters, which are essentially tea partiers were the altright hillary was referring to. This was of course complicated by the left not usually having a clue. but mostly by their being so many umbras and penumbras of alternative rightism borrowing from each other over the past two decades that without knowing the provenance of their newspeak, Breitbart’s can think that the actual alt righters in their comment section are not the real “alt right” if there be such an animal, but soros paid false flaggers attempting to discredit them by being racists.
    Dickenson did mention one critique of democracy i agree with but which actually still discredit moldbugs theort. He mentions no one gets much power. This in practice leads to a diffusion not of power but of perceived responsibility of power that the electorate become passive and resigned that no one can be held accountable, where a really bad king might be murdered n democracy everyone should so no one can be murdered. Of course this is an intentional delusion to allow those with the power to act in defiance of the electorate. for instance the latest study of how few western voters want immigration yet it happens


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  • Izak Says:

    The fact that the project sacrifices ideological and theoretical purity for realism and flexibility is exactly why it is smart.


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  • Mathias Says:

    Found a man to be leader (High Council) of

    Name is Boses Spool, but we call him “Double-aught Spool”. Man here’s a rocket scientist.

    Hurry up and order your Limited Edition Red Right Hand Logo shirts!

    Here’s Boses, speaking to the newly elected House of Lords:


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  • 1 Says:

    Very interesting. Not sure I understand it however this is clearly the next step. /biz/


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  • Claire Colebrook Says:

    The co-op grocery store model is not going to work unless they sell hundreds of metric tons of Zyklon B


    Wagner Reply:

    Land: “I’m innocent, I swear! There’s nothing about my thinking that facilitates nazi-esque thinking.”


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    I come here for cybernetics. Maybe I’m at the wrong website.


    Wagner Reply:

    *Rohme in the gulag train*

    “I was only interested in cybernetics! Please! Free me! Please! No!!!!”

    *Chooo chooooooo*

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Haha. This is extremely funny. I chortled.

    Well, as long as theres gulasch at the gulag.. 🙂

    collen ryan Reply:

    so in the interview with dickinson the little twit immediately asks him about jewish influence and he says hes asked a jewish friend to chair the board that will own the patents and trademark, but that the influencers who we are to guess will be popular youtube altright types and reactionary bloggers will be the government and can after the first year change anything they want.Having founded a couple non profits i recognize the system you need an incorporated entity that owns the corporation and its assets like the domain etc to have bank accounts file taxes, but its always better to separate the areas of responsibility from the talent. Later he gets back to the JQ by assuring that you cant be kicked out for being too right ie racism sexism etc no enemies to the right and so he says since there will obviously be talent that is anti semetic they might indeed kick the jews out but he hopes not because he hopes they all see the importance of no enemies to the right until the left is defeated then they can splinter.

    so It is true on the outer-right the JQ keeps coming up, I too am now an instigator even if not committed, this phenomena is distressing to some, maybe most who do dont see it as central or a problem at all. This is understandable because it just seems from both perspectives to overshadow everything else, and that can be frustrating.Its such a fraught topic to us westerners its hard to determine if the nazis really do attempt to make everything about it or if the occasional mention triggers the shit out of the skeptics or if you really cant proceed to develop a genuinely outer right thought system without settling it.Lands last essay says its inevitable.I have sort of avoided looking into it because frankly ive become pretty fucking racist already looking into racial difference.So my somewhat sympathetic tolerance of both jews and anti jews is from living in and growing up in NYC and knowing a hell of a lot of jews.

    I have to admit from the snippets of anti semetic reading I have come across it seems to confirm my observations living in NYC, in short that it is fair to say at the least they are architects of leftism most morbid projects. communism and non white immigration. One problem with determining this is one is given the impression by the philosemites that there is no such thing as an accurate criticism of jewish influence on white nations, of course this is usually accompanied by a belief there is no such thing as a white nation. My assumption is the Macdonald is the closest thing to a balanced academic investigation. Does anyone from either side have an opinion on how one might investigate the topic as scientifically as possible. Is Macdonald the best source and who would be a fair rebuttal I have to admit the bits of Macdonald i have come across seem quite convincing. I downloaded culture of critique last night.And while he is full of footnotes and specifics it all just seems so yeah we all know this. In other words hes not really telling me anything a halfway informed person doesn’t already know that the jews have controlled half the power and wealth for over a hundred years and have used it to get and keep that power and wealth by building the cathedral that stupid fucking wasps either sold us out or were too stupid and weak to fight back- whats controversial? Obviously 35% of whites have been convinced they too are threatened by other whites and ought to partner with jews in this project.

    But assuming my anecdotal observation that jews have done that (yet again) proves true after an investigation, it still seems regarding the outer rights attempt to destroy this project the real JQ ought not be is there a JQ but rather can any jews be trusted to partner with the outer right given the insidious nature of the jewish project. It really doesnt sem like that should be at all controversial or insulting, any jew who purports to want to join the outer right ought to fully get that acknowledging what has gone before must be a prior condition to any semblance of trust, that attempts to isolate the anti semites from the outer right ought to be viewed with extreme suspicion. Because if whats asserted is true its really quite difficult to understand how any jew could conclude they ought to join the outer right or any non jew could ever trust a jew who said he wanted to. Because if the assertions are true and the left is overthrown the truth will be examined in great detail and jews will then be in a low status situation if i were a right wing jew toay i would conclude i should get a head start in Israel before the rush. And if I were an anti semite I would conclude whenever a jews mouth is moving hes lying even if hes telling the truth hes directing me in the wrong direction.

    Now Of course that paragraph assumes jewish power and wealth backed marxrism boasism frankfurtism globalism civil rights feminism atheism and all the rest, that they were behind wilson and stalin and lloyd george and fdr, and all the rest of the claims of the conspiracy theorists. The thing is its true or it isnt. And it seems to be true does it not. One can forgive them for acting in their own interests and indict ourselves for deluding ourselves that others could ever be trusted to act in our interest. To interrogate ourselves about this delusional propensity we have developed that we are so likeable,we can admire much of the jews achievement. We can even argue for some system where they may remain among us safely.

    So Im pretty sure I will find Macdonald only fills in the names and dates of what I already suppose. who would like to recommend something to read or has something to say i should consider in opposition to this view? Or am i wrong to think that Macdonald is a trustworthy source, if so why not , is there a a fair critic of jewish influence on the west


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  • Daniel Says:

    Gentle Introduction? Not a Gentile Introduction?


    G. Eiríksson Reply:



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  • Claire Colebrook Says:

    Pupil Mahood, repeat after me: Man is a higher mammal. I couldn’t. Always talking about mammals, in this (((menagerie))). Frankly, between ourselves, what could it matter that man was this, rather than that?

    What can you expect, they don’t know who they are either, nor where they are, nor what they are doing.

    So they build up hypotheses that collapse on top of one another, it’s human, a lobster couldn’t do it.

    Beckett (The Unnameable)


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  • Cryptael Says:

    Opportunity comes to men of action. Kinetic movement, forward motion, experimentation and attempts provide feedback, information on the current environment.

    At least Pax has read Moldbug. So if he becomes our Napolean, NRX will have a seat at the table.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Crytptael huh ?


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Let them build it we need all the organization we can get.

    It’s not 100% and that doesn’t matter. Movement and work is needed.

    pax is no Napoleon however he’s putting in the work, let him work.


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  • Ryan C Says:

    Co-operatives work for small geographic areas where everyone already agrees on purpose and use.

    Although if you think money is voice, then there is no real exit?


    vxxc2014 Reply:


    Let ’em build it.

    Any organization is better than none.


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  • collen ryan Says:


    So do neoreactionaries believe that the euroman tendency toward individualism can be overcome?
    Or that his technological success is not derived from his individualistic tendencies?
    Or that more tribal groups are not a threat to this openness?
    Because it seems to me something is wrong in this equation-jusayin

    Because if the belief is that euroman can not succeed without the jews and the asians help or rather leadership and that the cost of subordination and reduction to nigger status in nigger neighborhoods is worthwhile then please explain the last two thousand years, and then explain why you insist on differentiating yourself from national review.


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  • collen ryan Says:

    @collen ryan

    Heres something Wag those stupid nazis who wont get to space had videophones in their airports in 1937, I think they also might have invented space ships but im sure youre right they just took the credit and the jew nerd they stuffed in the locker really invented the spaceships and video phones.And it was the stupid socialist nazi that invented multiculturalism and the meme that NASA was racist waste of money better spent on niggers._ shall I look up which stupid Nazi socialist invented that anti NASA meme Im sure it was a nazi not a nerd jew after all the nerd jew was stuffed in a locker inventing useful things like facebook and pornhub and how to turn welfare debt into rip your face off financial instruments for sucker whites to buy .


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    “In any case, the scheme is inclined towards trustlessness, which is the primary functional criterion for all 21st Century social technology.”

    We have the Jews now, we can just leave things as they are.
    Until we’re broke and chaos breaks out that is..

    yes dear, this is the “social technology” of the Levant and Middle East. Trustlessness.

    I’ve actually operated in low trust, high violence environments. The mid east for instance.
    You may want to rethink trustlessness….yes I know you mean the fucking blockchain but thats not enough..

    And if someone not to mention any nation in particular didn’t have EUROPEAN SCIENTIFIC METHODS not to mention the worlds leading industrial espionage service they wouldn’t be a “high tech powerhouse.”

    And don’t forget the “Hi Tech’ culture and entrepreneurs are coming from the IDF and yes the HIGH TECH is USA Red Empire. IOW the high tech boost comes from USA, before that France and yes even Jolly Old England.

    Now I see my name above so give me some time to digest all this..

    no trustlessness doesn’t work. no we don’t code our way out.
    and if we have to fight our way out then we must have trust.

    we didn’t get to the fucking airplane on trustlessness.

    and pax is right to trust personal vouching. it’s the platinum standard. above gold.


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  • VKR Says:

    So your influence is proportional to the money you contribute/raise?

    Jewish takeover in 3-2-1…


    collen ryan Reply:

    on that note here’s a nice graphic of how it’s really calvinists behind all the african exit.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    I’m still supporting any work done even if it fails, we learn.

    Rock on Pax.


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  • Gabriel M Says:

    Hint: understand a theory before you critique it. The puritan hypothesis is a theory of the genesis of ideas, not of personnel. If every Jew on earth was a universalist and every universalist on earth was a Jew that would require explanation, but would not in itself sink the theory.

    What would sink the theory is
    a) showing that the beliefs of modern universalists have less in common with early modern extreme Protestants than with some other group of contemporaries (good luck)
    b) showing that there is no historical link between the Early Modern extreme Protestants and modern universalists (good luck, Moldbug hardly invented this).

    Then, when you are done, you can explain the brilliant group evolutionary strategy of 70% miscegenation rates and breeding well below replacement levels.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    “The only people who should be voting are those who would be fighting in other words those who were there no law would not be dead or subjugated.”

    Well relax MikeColleen cuz our vote always wins whether it’s lever or gun.

    Having said that let them build it.

    you got to build yours.

    Look let them build ANYTHING. A fucking tree house.

    Unless they wise up and get ubermensch tough anyway they won’t be in charge…and they’ll learn everything Colleen says by doing and learn I’m right about war by doing war….which they’ll do whether they want to or not.

    We need organization. Pax gets my ‘vote’ to build on this.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    “What did they teach VXXC in the Military anyway?”

    Notice the military is some sort of school here….like college for war.
    Apparently to instill compliance. Sort of attack dog obedience school…




    We were never compliant. That’s why we volunteered for the military. Conscription is 1940-1973 which is when war became low status and unholy. That never left the institutions it entrenched in above all education. Disgrace and shame over spitting on Vietnam vets forced the Left to choke it back but from K-12 thru PhD the bias remains.

    My point is we’re rebels against the conditioning and the machine already when we raise our hands at 18.
    BTW some at 17 with parents permission < including National Guardsmen who take time off from college to go to war and then return.

    We're not compliant idiots we're rebels given training and war experience by Red Empire and we're the OG's against Blue Empire all along bitchez. You just got here.

    As to where we end fighting lets understand something: we had to put the work in somewhere.
    Work isn't theory.

    Napoleon's point about the intellectuals is well taken but you see great minds are needed to rule, etc…

    Dude Napoleon was a Tuscany 14th century Italian raised in Corsican mafiastan which is why he was wild and fit to rule – he grew up in the vendetta environment.

    As far as waiting for the Great Man you're missing it by quibbling – it's Trump.

    Until Greater comes. If ever.


    Posted on July 19th, 2017 at 10:46 am Reply | Quote
  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Collen et al,

    I’ve come to an evolution on voting.

    Those who risk vote for any who command force. POTUS, Governor. Sheriff….any executive.
    Yes in America we vote for the sheriff. Risk/Violence earns vote for violence.
    State is violence.

    But what about money/taxes?

    They get the legislature. It’s stupid to tax people and then deny them influence.
    Power of the purse earned by contributions to the purse.

    Yes we’d have tiered elections. I think we can handle it.


    Posted on July 19th, 2017 at 10:52 am Reply | Quote
  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Why submission to minority elites however “brilliant” is unwise.

    Well we have our present predicament…and we have Mike and me warning you it ain’t happening.

    However me and Mike are 2 guys..

    How about History?

    the point being a broadly supported government is stronger than one not.

    1948: Arab dictatorships and kings of 5 Arab nations field less than half what Israel fields.

    Egypt Syria Lebanon especially Egypt wanted war, bitched for war and pushed the war on the Arabs …
    but kept their best troops at home afraid of coup.

    One Arab nation committed: Jordan. They sent it all, their well trained Army and the source of the monarchs power under Glubb Pasha [OG Reactionary BTW] no reserves. No Air Force either. Won by keeping West bank and Jerusalem – or old city at least. You see Jordan monarch had broad support in Trans Jordan esp among Bedu and rural emirs/villagers/shepherds. Jordan most stable arab country and all the trouble came from urban intellectuals.

    Who riot and bitch but don’t fight [Glubb pasha paraphrase].
    Jordan didn’t want war btw but they accepted it and only Arab army worth calling army.

    Read Glubb Pasha for his own merits BTW.

    Another example: Argentina in 1982 kept best troops on border with Chile not facing Brits in Falklands.

    Brits sent their best, Argentina had conscripts with 3 mos training facing Britains best. FAIL.


    HITLER: Because Hitler undermined himself with night of long knives shooting von Schleicher and wife.
    Army couldnt’ be trusted after that – so he diverts resources to Himmler with Waffen SS and even Goering with Luftwaffe ground divisions [a total waste]. He also can’t delagate because they’d depose him.

    But they would have had problems deposing him because he had broad democratic support esp in ranks.

    See how tough power is?


    Posted on July 19th, 2017 at 11:39 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    VXCC I too have been thinking that building is the thing and for all the alt right faults v nrx they do seem more focused on bulding than fact one of them took up an Idea i had independently. Looking into real estate investments i noticed the Eagles were sellling a bar they owned and i knew the elks had been in trouble with a golf course they owned.So when in north idaho last month going to the co op for some plumbing supplies I got hooked by some wives of the Lions to buy a lottery ticket I took the opportunity to interrogate them a bit. As I suspected these groups are in trouble young people are not interested, she used the analogy of a soccer parent having a dozen commitments with their kids every week which surprised me that that was such a thing in rural idaho. I thinbk its just fallen out of fashion. The thing is these institutions exist in every toen and small city my little town has about a dozen different organizations, they all own significant real estate at the least a clubhouse often with a licenced liquor facility dance and catering, as well as at least a campground, they also have a corporate entity or two and a ongoing charitable network. They are ripe for the taking by the new right.but more inportantly its what the new right ought to be doing; taking over the institutions built by their grandfathers and enjoying their use with their families and helping their communities through them.Obviously the right would have to be careful to not trigger the cucks within or the jews without by being fashy about it.
    So Im thinking about this and one of the nazis pens a piece that the masons should be taken over. I am in total agreement building is who inherits the west. and this pax thing is certainly worth tinkering with.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    Collen o mine…

    Mike I couldn’t agree more.
    and I’m stealing it to prove

    Right Youth should take over the institutions our Grandfathers built. Elks, Lions, Rotary, Masons, Bowling, Unions..all of it.

    As it happens if you get any resistance it will be from Leftists…old ones most likely.

    And the New Young Right loves a fight.


    collen ryan Reply:

    I think if it could be done by which i mean do we have that many people it ought to be done carefully because if possible its quite a coupe, As I commented on the nazi blog I think it was anglin that had the mason post, we oughtnt go at it like secret agents and immediately start bragging and using the organizations as WN recruitment , rather go at it like jews and make it a very long term project. Just simply join and use these facilities as our grandfathers did as places to fellowship with friends and family and to do good in our community. The best way to avoid entry and jew interference is to be simply boring white people. Thus when putting the idea out there put out the idea to be low key. There a lot at stake many of these local chapters have millins worth of realestate and the value of the institution is tremendous even though currently undervalued. We dont need to use them to push white nationalism or reactionary values they will serve both purposes as well and more safely doing what they were built for and being kept from being pwnd by the left. many of these institutions were in fact pwnd by the left or at least beat down by the left like the YMCA and boy scouts but the left has grown board because they so utterrly defeated them they have no value, as a soldier im sure youre thnking then they should have burned them to the ground before abandoning them. well they didnt they are sitting out there actually desperate for young men to get involved these lions collared me for 45 minutes trying to recruit me.It possible to revive these organizations ironically because whites are so economically and spiritually hopeless. If done carefully they will illicit a yawn from the left, most are in sleepy white towns anyway but they what members are left are likely do good whites and sadly today many are cucks but it wont matter we can use them as convenient fools while redplling those we can without givng away the game.Anglim of course fixated on the mason because of the secrecy angle but they all have private club status under the law and most are male by bylaw with a women auxilary.


    Posted on July 19th, 2017 at 2:09 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    was just thinking even if you credit half the asians to the white 61% you still only get 63% with 100 IQ avg and 37% non whites with a supposedly 85 IQ. and this doesnt work out to the supposed usa avg of 98 IQ. I tried using 115 for the jews whole 3% and it barely moved the its not east asians or jews.

    So either the alleged average of 98 is wrong,or US whites are closer to 106, or US blacks and amerindians and jungle asians are closer to 95.

    What i have noticed over the past decade or two is new black and hispanic immigrants are and remain while courting here much less mixed race, therefore more likely to be pure african or little round indios so it seems unlikely the increase in non whites, is increasing the 85 average mixed africans and hispanics enjoy and more likely to be lowering it.

    On the other hand the bar for white entry seems to be constantly raised and so they might be moving the white needle up, while draining the world of white talent .

    If both were true and the US non whites are now less than 85 then the white jew east asian avg is even higher than 106 and since i cant get the 3% @ 115 to move the needle much that would mean its mostly US whites that are up there higher than thought. Now while that might be an IQ shredder from a euro anglosphere perspective, whites having higher fecundity in the US it might actually be a white world gain.

    I know you guys dont think much of my math skills so what am I doing wrong here.Or has where has this contradiction been accounted for. And of course my apologies for offending NRX sensibilities with such crude racial talk but I need the maths explained cause im just a dumb steamfitter.And art please dont tell me its the jungle asians cause i will have to hear it from a white man to believe it being a nazi and all.


    vxxc2014 Reply:

    IQ and math are a prog policy scam now, no shit.

    it’s like Maddoff they’ll get whatever results they want.

    And IQ ain’t shit in struggle, and outside academia ain’t shit in life.


    collen ryan Reply:

    Im kind of big on IQ except when I get around reactionaries who seem to think its all that matters. I think and my experience has shown you are correct there are other traits that also make us a success. This is why our intelectual betters want to live among us not attempt to try and outso us, they know they cant with brains alone.This is my problem with where reaction seems to be heading by refusing to admit the nazis are right if vulgar they are arguing for a multicultural meritocracy based on IQ alone, well thats what we have and it sucks, and one of the reasons its gone toxic is people that are too smart get really naive about life and should be stuffed in lockers to do calculations for the army or something not dreaming up schemes running the world..

    so Im curious if you know the guy in that video I posted and your thoughts on his geopolitics I suspect hes a spook plant but its a optimistic outcome for USA. Its hard to know who to trust on china russia etc so many spooks spinning so much BS


    AIHOWA Reply:

    Eyes shining bright with unspilt tears,
    Thinking about all these wasted years.
    Everything worth living for is gone,
    And brother, I find it hard to keep fighting on.
    Falling down towards the abyss,
    The reaper embraces me with his kiss;
    It makes me want to refuse to care,
    To watch this all unfold – too much to bear.

    If this is the way it ends –
    If this is the way my race ends
    If this is the way it ends – I can’t bear to witness

    Disease encroaching on all I hold dear,
    Somehow I gotta get my soul outta here.
    Heart of agony, faint burning hope,
    I’m finding it hard to try to cope

    Because liars own the world with conquering poise,
    In a wasteland of meaningless noise;
    We don’t stand a chance with dormant pride,
    The heroes of our race have already died

    If this is the way it ends – if this is the way my race ends
    If this is the way it ends – I can’t bear to witness

    To imagine it has all come down to this,
    Apathy and suicidal bliss

    It’s all over except for the cryin’,
    With a whimper instead of the roar of a lion

    The greatest race to ever walk the earth,
    Dying a slow death with insane mirth,
    The tomb has been prepared, our race betrayed,
    White man, fight the flight towards the grave

    If this is the way it ends – if this is the way my race ends
    If this is the way it ends – I can’t bear to witness
    If this is the way it ends – if this is the way my race ends
    If this is the way it ends – I can’t bear to witness

    Don’t let it end this way,
    Don’t let it end this way,
    Don’t let it end this way, I can’t bear to witness

    Posted on July 19th, 2017 at 3:14 pm Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    Here we have your future Patch Lords your captains of techno capitalism championing money for nothing and sex robots for free. what does that remind me of oh yeah the matrix. So lets recap techno ca[pitalists jews are building a soccap matrix are being championed by the acolytes another techno capitalist jew called moldbug as an anti matrix, and the advice they give to avoid this matrix is to do nothing lie back enjoy the decline all will be fine goy.


    Posted on July 19th, 2017 at 10:28 pm Reply | Quote
  • vxxc2014 Says:


    Lets focus on building. If Pax’s thing falls we learn and keep building.

    Are you following status451? The left learned to build organizations by doing it. They failed and fell apart many times.

    It’s not easy building.

    Lets focus on building not worrying whether the Jews or Left gets in or not. If they do we walk away.

    Mind you I should explain that if I had money I wouldn’t donate.

    80% of the bundling fundraiser goes to the influencer who raises it.
    Now they’re up front about ruthless market forces pick the House of Shitlords [yeah they call it that].

    still…good luck. My blessing, not my money.


    Wagner Reply:

    It will shat upon the shitlord good name in no time but I guess this is how patches *can* start. A democratic patch in origin will have its aspects that make one’s stomach turn but it could be pwned down the line by the psyops of trve embodiments of PoliSci. For that, “toughness” is small potatoes. If we want to win in the long run we’ll study the old ways for a long time.

    What needs to NOT HAPPEN is for us to do the same thing again. I’m not a proud American. Our Founding was founded on the summit of POZ. We need a new hierarchy of values, and hierarchy itself should be on the list. Equality should also be somewhere on the list, until we weed out our jew/cuck brothers (darkly hinting wink wink).


    Posted on July 20th, 2017 at 12:40 am Reply | Quote
  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    Racial struggle used to be tribal, now it’s (r)urban


    Posted on July 20th, 2017 at 3:10 pm Reply | Quote
  • Wagner Says:

    Land from a recent interview: “You must be getting bored of me saying this, because it’s something I’ve been basically repeating as mantra, but I really feel devoid of any authoritative subject position in relation to this turbulent complicated process. Both big threads of process, the NRx and the accelerationist one, are being massively driven by all kinds of forces. Accelerationism was reignited by the Left Accelerationism hype. It happened after The Dark Enlightenment, which is why this weaving of time pattern is rather complex. From a certain position, it seems that accelerationism came first and after that you got NRx, which implies a sort of synchronic process, but from my perspective it’s much more helical and interweaving. The separation of blogs and Twitter accounts is—rather than an implementation of some deliberate coherent strategy—more a set of resources that I can use to try to avoid being just sucked into certain kinds of integration, which would lose the fascination of the fact that the dynamics of these two threads are not at all predictable from each other or even predictable in general. To simply smash together a kind of Right Accelerationism and NRx synthesis, which is obviously inescapable in a certain respect, would ultimately destroy a lot of experimenting capacity and a lot of space for dynamic development on both of those threads.”

    He repeats that as a mantra to distract from our concluding that he is consciously a crypto-marxist. Don’t smash em together else you’ll realize you’re accelerating rightism to its doom.


    collen ryan Reply:

    He brings a lot of shit down by being cryptic, silent and ambivalent.
    I would like to hear him elaborate on the comment from his last jacobite post concerning the inevitability of the JQ. Hes been the one throwing JQ out on this blog every month or so for years Id never even heard the phrase let alone entertained it as a serious avenue of inquiry until then, of course like all racial issues I was not naive even a natural race realist even now i downloaded macdonald last week but dont really know how much weight to give culture of critique to an eighth grader it seems academic and it certainly rings very true with my experience and historical knowledge, its also fucking devastating, I mean it seems to confirm the worst of the nazi conspiracists claims. which really makes one wonder why nrx has not began with this and then proceeded of course it might have something to do with dear leader moldbugs heritage.But it neednt one could accept the truth and still accept the smaller truth that some jews are race traitors to their tribe then argue how to test that sincerity


    Wagner Reply:

    Let us desecrate the Hermes of popular mythology and rectify the names of chad and NEET. These are better phrased as priest and beast. Warrior “virtues” have their place in a regime situated among other regimes when war is probable but outside of that they are eventually vestigial. Priests and beasts will be vestigial eventually… If we fuse the will to full communism with the will to eugenics we could will a full aristocracy… though, the ladder of the order of rank likely goes infinitely upwards, so there will always be a few uberubermenschen caring for their ubermensch sheep.


    collen ryan Reply:

    I dont think any whites are into full communism outside a few teenagers jews dont count.eugenics i think is inevitable unless the jews stop that.war i think is quite possible as pessimistic as i was five yeaRS AGO its really starting to look like a sea change may be under wayeven five years ago i did find it strange to be at the end of history . they almost have the technology to do that but i think they may be just a day late and a dollar short we shall see.

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  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    ▬» In fact, time is the only physical variable that is ‘inherited’ by the brain from the external world,” »


    Posted on July 20th, 2017 at 9:05 pm Reply | Quote
  • SVErshov Says:

    “battery-charging stations for humans”

    A lot of really ‘nice’ things can be accomplished actually. Cant see why some one would refuse to dwell in such human battery charger.


    Posted on July 21st, 2017 at 1:13 am Reply | Quote
  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    The great beast is arriving


    G. Eiríksson Reply:



    Posted on July 21st, 2017 at 11:44 am Reply | Quote
  • collen ryan Says:

    trump shale eubanking geopolitics ffos demographics china russia military interesting


    Wagner Reply:

    “Ad notam: modern ornithologists have proven that the twittering of the songbirds sounds more beautiful when they sing without any reason—and therefore, when they are not in heat and not fighting over territory.”

    Ernst Jünger, Approaches


    collen ryan Reply:

    land say spontaneous order not arising Im shocked shocked, Im sure he just dropped a decimal point and he will find it


    collen ryan Reply:

    These praxis of evil bitches just need a little yeoman yankee shock and awe on they asses- then stuffed in a locker of course

    Wagner Reply:

    Spontaneous order has arisen, it has just marked him as disorderful.

    Wagner Reply:

    His Sinophilia is complicit with Cathedralism. He uses IQ points to obscure the brute fact that most men of thought have been of European stock. Land is a progressive and I don’t think he realizes it himself. You want to talk about dark, about horror? How about the life of someone who believes he is an outsider when he is really an insider all along?

    collen ryan Reply:

    Jims just spent the last three days arguing for marrying 10 year olds which is a step down from the last few months arguing its impossible to rape women because theyre animal whores or something. This is definitely not my grandfather’s reaction.Of course when its birthed by a red diaper jew what can one expect.


    collen ryan Reply:

    THe sinophilia is just semite philia transferance the slants will pose all the same problems except people will be able to see it more clearly because they are not white looking.and theyre not funny lol

    Posted on July 21st, 2017 at 3:09 pm Reply | Quote

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